Young At Heart

Part V




Monday morning was finally here and Tegan was starting to get nervous. It was her first day in a new school and luckily she had been put into the same form as Sophie so she at least knew someone. Jamie had agreed to take Sophie and Tegan to school, because her mother had a staff meeting, that started an hour before school did and Sophie didn't fancy being in school that early. Beside it was the first day of Jamie's week in the school with Sarah.

Tegan was more or less living at Jamie's now anyway so it was just as easy for Jamie to take Tegan as well. Even though over the weekend they had agreed that after Tegan had started back to school, she was going to stay at her apartment at night. She had Jamie's phone number if she needed to get hold of her, but while Tegan still wasn't ready for a physical relationship they were both finding it difficult to just keep it as simple as it was.  They decided that having Tegan staying at Jamie's apartment was just tempting fate, that and the fact that Tegan would have to concentrate on her school work from now on.

That fact hadn't exactly thrilled either of them, but they both knew how important the GCSE's were and Tegan didn't want to fail them, anymore than Jamie wanted her to fail them.

As they pulled up outside the school Sophie smiled and waved at some of her friends. "They still can't believe you have a nice car like this," she waved to a few as they walked over to the gate waiting for Sophie to get out of the car. "So you looking forward to this now Tegan?" Sophie got out of the car and made a point of waiting for Tegan to get out of the car as well. She had figured that Tegan and Jamie were a couple now and see wanted to make sure Tegan felt comfortable in the school.

"I guess in a way I am." Tegan admitted, it was going to be fun starting a new school, meeting new people and forgetting everything she learned back in River's End. This was the beginning of a new life. A life which included friends who cared about her and someone who loved her. The school was even busier now than it had been when she came in to see Mr. Jones. With it being first thing in the morning everyone was staying outside as long as possible, even though it was totally freezing.

The meeting with the teachers had gone well on Friday, she had met most of her teachers except two who had been busy. She had been pleased when she found out that Anne would be her English teacher. It was a good thing to have friends whose parents were teachers, especially when you were new. The only teachers she hadn't met were her social studies teacher and her history teacher. Social studies hadn't been one of her options. It was a lesson  everyone had to take. Tegan was in Sophie's group for English and Maths and Social Studies and that was it.

"I'll see you later." Jamie said, as they came to a stop in front of C block. She had to go and find Sarah now before the lesson started just to tell her she was there.

"Can we meet for lunch?" Tegan looked worried about the thought of having to spend lunch on her own.

"Of course we can." Jamie smiled, Tegan looked so sweet when she was worried and embarrassed. It was a sight that was forever in her mind. Well almost as much as the feeling of Tegan in her arms. She shook her head to clear her thoughts before turning her attention back to Tegan. "Let's have a look at your timetable." Tegan held it out and showed her. "Ok you have social studies third and that is in T block so how about meeting outside there?"

"Sure I think I can manage that." Tegan smiled.

"Good." Jamie smiled back. "I have to go, so I'll see you ten past twelve outside T. block."

"Ok." With that Jamie turned and left Tegan with Sophie. It wasn't long before the bell went and Sophie was leading Tegan to her registration room.

* * * * *

Jamie walked away from Tegan and towards the staff room, where she was supposed to meet Sarah. She shook her head again at how plain the walls were in this part of the school. There were a couple of pictures on the walls done by students towards the one wall nearest the art rooms but that was it. It was just drab and depressing. A typical school really. There was nothing eye catching or interesting in the whole corridor.

The staff room door was shut as Jamie reached it, so she reached out and knocked. It wasn't long before Sarah answered it. "Oh good you made it." she smiled as she motioned for Jamie to enter. The smell of coffee, after shave and perfume assaulted her senses as soon as she walked in. She had a look around at the staff room and noticed that even that hadn't changed in the four years since she had been there. The teachers pigeon holes lined the one wall. With a sofa against another and a couple of chairs set around in a cosy set-up. Nearest the door was a sort of kitchen with a microwave and kettle. Then set by the window was a table and four chairs. Which were at the moment occupied with teachers setting the schedule of their lessons and teachers marking work.

When she entered she was surrounded by teachers who knew her. Asking how she was doing and what she was doing now. Then the teachers that knew Jamie introduced her to the teachers that didn't and they spent about five minutes boasting her ego by telling the others that she was the best student that had ever had. Jamie just shook her head. Finally Sarah looked at her weekly assistant and noticed how embarrassed she was. "Come on let's get you out of here."

They were just about to leave when Anne walked in. She smiled when she spotted her eldest daughter "Good morning Jamie" Jamie nodded in greeting "Did Sophie and Tegan get in ok?"

"Yes Mother." Jamie shook her head. Anne always treated her children the same, even if they were in school. Sometimes that could be really embarrassing. "I brought them in."

"Exactly" Anne smiled and turned around to check for messages in her pigeon hole. There wasn't any there but she waited until she could no longer feel Jamie's eyes on her before chuckling and turning back around. Jamie and Sarah had gone.

"Still teaching her like a student then are you, Anne?" One of the female teachers smiled. She had seen how Anne treated Sophie and Jamie in the school and at home and she knew there was hardly any difference. It was something she respected about Anne. She wasn't the sort of teacher who showed favouritism, basically she treated every student like she treated her own family. 'That is something all of us should do.' She thought to herself as she collected her books and went to her class.

* * * * *

"You are going to do fine." Sophie told Tegan, as they waited outside the classroom for their teacher to come up.

Tegan smiled at her in agreement, "I can't believe I'm nervous now." She admitted. "I was fine earlier."

"It's just because now you are actually here." Sophie said. Sophie was refusing to tell her who she had for Social Studies today. She wanted that to be a surprise. 'Hopefully a nice one', she thought to herself. She turned then and spotted Mr. Hughes, their form teacher walking up the stairs. "Here he is." she nodded towards the stairs.

Tegan turned around and noticed the man she was introduced to on Friday. He looked a lot like you would expect a teacher to look. He wore gold rimmed glasses, his grey hair stood out on his head, and he wore a goatee proudly. Dressed in shirt, tie and braces.

He noticed her and smiled. He had been informed of her condition and he was told by Anne to keep a close eye on her. She knew it was going to be hard going through a pregnancy at 16 years old and she was going to make sure that nothing happened to her. She knew that Tegan and Jamie were a couple, they hadn't told her yet, but she knew. Just like a mother knew when one of her children was sick, she knew.

"Good morning, Tegan." He smiled as he stopped in front of her.

"Morning Mr. Hughes." She greeted him, shyly. 'This won't be so bad'. She thought to herself, as Mr. Hughes opened the door and let everyone in.

Sophie took her by the arm and led her to the table nearest the window. "You can sit at our table," she told her, as she pointed to a seat next to hers.

Tegan was glad that Sophie was making the effort to include her in it all for today because she was still a bit nervous about being around other people. She knew most of the people at the club and she knew all of Jamie's family so she wasn't nervous around them anymore, but in this group there were about twenty nine people she didn't know and that frightened her a bit.

So much had changed that the night of Scott's attack, some for the better, but most of them not. She made the effort now to make sure she knew where everyone was in the room. That was a good thing, it never hurt to keep your eyes open. If any male she didn't know walked towards her, she had to mentally slap herself and force her body to remain still. That was not a good thing. She was still able to trust the men that she knew, which really surprised her, because she had been told before her attack that female rape victims had a hard time trusting men after the attack. She felt none of that towards the men that she knew now through Jamie. Like Ollie and Darren, even Scott had become a friend over the last couple of days. In a way she felt she moving on from this, but in a way she felt she'd never be able to move on. The nightmares of the attacks were still disturbing her dreams. Jamie was the only way to stop them.  Going back to her own apartment, for what seemed like the first time in ages, tonight was going to be difficult. There would be no-one there to calm the nightmares.

Tegan stopped daydreaming just as Mr. Hughes started to tell the whole class that Tegan was a new student. Mr. Jones and she had agreed that for her sake, she would use her mother's maiden name in school, so the Press wouldn't find out she was going here. 'It was surprising what the Press will find, when there's a story in it,' Mr. Jones had said. 'That is too true,' she had agreed. So officially, in school anyway, she was Tegan Llewellyn. She just had to get used to answering to that name now.

"So I would like you all the say hello to Tegan Llewellyn." Mr. Hughes announced as he looked towards her and so did everyone else. She smiled and then shyly turned her attention to her hands. She didn't like being the centre of attention and she knew that she was.

Mr. Hughes went through some announcements before taking the attendance register. When that was done, he told the group to talk quietly among themselves for a few minutes before the bell went.

* * * * *

Jamie and Sarah slipped out of the staff room and walked towards Sarah's form room. They discussed the things they would be discussing today and when would be the best time to tell in her groups that Jamie was gay. Sarah didn't want to tell them straight away because she wanted them to see Jamie as she was before putting her sexuality into play, but she knew that the students knew there was something different about Jamie so would they treat her different before they even knew her. It was confusing sometimes. Last week she didn't need to tell everyone why her visitor was different because it was obvious. This time it wasn't. In the end she figured just to let them students know straight away. It was simpler that way. Sarah opened the door for the class to go in. When the last one was in she followed.

Jamie looked around and smiled at the memories she had of this room. It had been her social studies room when she was here. Sarah hadn't been her teacher but her teacher Mrs. Simpkin had retired the same year she had left. The classroom looked exactly the same as it did then. All the walls were covered with social issue posters and quotes from famous "different" people. The only thing that had changed was the smell. Before the smell was of Mrs. Simpkin's perfume, which always reminded Jamie of Lavender, that was now substituted by the smell of Sarah's perfume, Jamie took in a deep breath and recognised the smell of Charlie. Her favourite perfume was Charlie Red, but Charlie was close behind.

"Good Morning, everyone." Everyone was sitting quietly as Sarah spoke. They were all watching Jamie, who could see their brains working, trying to figure out what was different about her. Sarah also noticed it. 'I figured they'd act like this' she sighed before addressing the class again "I would like you all to meet Jamie Phillips. She is a former student of this school and she is going to spend the next week getting to know you. So the first thing I'm going to ask you to think about, while I'm taking the register, is how is Jamie different. See what you can come up with." With that she started on the register.

Everyone looked at Jamie, trying to figure it out. She looked just like anyone of them. Dressed in blue jeans, denim shirt and black boots. She looked completely normal.

Jamie could feel their eyes on her and she felt strange. She didn't like being the centre of attention and it was obvious that she was. It wasn't anything that she hadn't experienced before but she still never got used to it. She tried to keep her body relaxed but with all the curious stares her shoulders automatically tensed, as if waiting for an attack.

When Sarah was finished with the register, she turned to the class again. "So have you figured it out yet?" she asked them, looking for anyone that might say yes. She was surprised when not one person volunteered an answer. "No one has any idea?" She was surprised she didn't get any stupid answers like she normally did. "Well everyone knows what a lesbian is. Right?" Everyone agreed and understanding dawned on their faces. "Well Jamie is a lesbian." She told them.

"She doesn't look like a lesbian." One of the children said, shyly. The group of pupils were about 11 years old and they only saw lesbians the stereotypical way. Butch and definitely not as pretty as the one stood in front of them.

Sarah smiled at the answer of the young girl. "Ok Sam. What do you think a lesbian should look like?" She already knew but she needed to get everything out in the open. She didn't expect all of her classes to be like this.

"Well you know," Sam said, quietly. "Short hair, muscles and she doesn't look like a man."

Jamie had to struggle to keep her face straight. It was so funny listening to them talking about lesbians that she just wanted to laugh but that wasn't fair to young girl.

"And she doesn't look like the devil." A young boy said.

That got Jamie's attention and Sarah's, who looked to see if Jamie wanted to answer that. Jamie nodded her head and then turned to the young boy. "No I don't not look like the devil and neither do any of the other gays or lesbians I know. We are all like you. We just have different tastes. Some people think what we are is wrong because we are different. People think that we influence children and other's, but we are just trying to live our lives like everyone else. We are no more of an influence on you, than a book you've never read," Jamie explained. "They just think that because they are afraid of what we are."

"Does that mean that you aren't all those things that my mother said you are?" The young boy asked.

Jamie smiled at him. "What did your mother say?"

He smiled shyly at her before answering. "She said that you do dirty things and that I shouldn't hang around with your type because I might become one and it was against God's wishes, and that you would be punished by God." He hoped that wasn't true because although he had only known this woman a few minutes he liked her already.

"Some people think that, but one thing God says is that love is the greatest power in the universe. There is nothing wrong with loving someone. So why should it be any different for us. We love people just like you do. The only difference is I like girls instead of boys" Jamie looked around and she was surprised to see the children smiling at her. It was nice. Just then another girl but her hand in the air and Jamie smiled at her, to go ahead.

"Is it hard being a lesbian?" She asked, nervously.

"Sometimes it can be. We have to suffer a lot of abuse from people who don't like what we do." Jamie admitted. "Sometimes you wish you had the ability to tell your heart that what you are doing is wrong. But it doesn't work like that."

"Do you have a girlfriend?" The young girl asked.

"Yes as I matter of fact I do and see I've only known her for a couple of weeks but I'm in love with her. And if at anytime I feel like everything I am isn't worth the effort it takes to protect myself from the abuse I get from people, all I have to do is look at her and everything is ok again." Jamie admitted, feeling for the first time, like a medical subject. She was lying open on the medical table showing herself to these people for the better of everyone.

"Wow." came a soft sound from the back of the room, just as the bell went for the official beginning of school.

"Ok guys," Sarah said to them all. "You can see Jamie in an hours time when you are back here, but you have another lesson to get to first." She ushered everyone out of the classroom before turning back to Jamie. "Well that was easier than I expected. They took to you quite nicely."

Jamie smiled. "Yeah they did."

* * * * *

Tegan and Sophie made their way to their first lesson quietly. Tegan was feeling pretty vulnerable at the moment. All the eyes of her new classmates had been on her during registration, she even heard some boys saying how pretty she was. She felt pretty embarrassed by that and knowing that they were all looking at her made her skin crawl. 'Maybe coming back to school wasn't a good idea,' she thought to herself for the second time in ten minutes, even though she knew it was just a itsy bit of her that didn't want to do this.

She had English first lesson, so she was with Sophie for that and Anne was the teacher, 'that shouldn't be too bad,' she thought as they arrived at the room. Anne was writing some stuff on the board, when Sophie knocked on the door.

"Come in." Anne smiled at her daughter and her eldest daughter's lover. As they walked into the room Sophie, again, grabbed Tegan's arm and pulled her to sit next to her. Now everything was over and she was here, Tegan knew that she was going to be ok.

Chapter 21

It wasn't a morning for Jamie or Tegan, both of them enjoyed the experience of being in school. Tegan was pleased she had come back again. It was nice to be making more friends. She was already pretty popular with everyone in the group and had been asked out twice. She just politely turned them down and went on with her work. Everyone seemed completely different here than in River's End. Everyone was friendly no matter what you looked like or who you were.

Jamie was also having fun talking to the younger students about her sexuality and helping them with their work. Sarah was actually surprised with how Jamie settled in. She even mentioned that Jamie should think about being a teacher. She was patient with the students and helpful and most of all she was friendly.

At break time Tegan went with Sophie, Shane and a group of other friends, while Jamie spent it in the staff room talking to all the teachers. Anne was pleased that Jamie was doing well. She hoped that maybe it would help Jamie decide to go to University, which was something Anne still wanted for her daughter. She refused to push her too hard though. It was, at the end of the day, Jamie's choice.

When the bell went for the end of the break Sarah and Jamie walked back to the classroom. Jamie was looking forward to this lesson. She knew they would be having some of Sophie's friends, but she didn't know who exactly.

"Are you doing anything for dinner?" Sarah asked, as they reached the classroom.

"I'm meeting my girl....a friend." Jamie tried to cover herself. She wasn't ashamed off her relationship with Tegan, but she didn't know how Tegan would react if everyone knew they were actually a couple. 'She was quick enough telling Mr. Jones,' she reminded herself.

"Oh that's good," Sarah nodded her head, and pretended to miss Jamie's slip. "I am going to have lunch with my boyfriend."

It wasn't long before the first students arrived. So Sarah and Jamie took their placed by Sarah's desk and waited until everyone had arrived. Well nearly everyone. Sarah was about to start when there was a knock on the door and Sophie walked in with a smile on her face. "Sorry we're late Miss. Jenkins," she moved out of the way to introduce Tegan to her teacher.

Jamie didn't know what to do when she spotted Tegan standing in front of her. She wanted to smile at her and wrapped her arms around her and tell she'd missed her that morning, but she couldn't. She just tried to remain out of the way, without making Tegan think she was ignoring her.

Tegan spotted Jamie immediately and the breath caught in her throat, as it always did, at the sight of her partner. She smiled shyly at her before turning her attention back to the young teacher, who spotted the look that past between Tegan and Jamie.

"It's nice to meet you, Tegan." Sarah held out her hand. "I'm Miss Jenkins and I'm going to be your Social Studies teacher until you leave. Why don't you take a seat and we can get on with the lesson."

So Tegan and Sophie went to sit down. Sarah explained who Jamie was and that she would be in the school for the next week. As expected nearly everyone in the group knew Jamie and what she was. So it didn't surprise Sarah when they started asking Jamie questions about her love life.

"Jamie, have you had any problems with Catherine lately?" One of the boys asked.

Jamie looked at Sarah and when she nodded her head, telling her to answer, Jamie addressed the boy honestly. "Actually Sam, yes, I have had a few in the last couple of weeks."

"She is a stupid mousse anyway." Another boy said, truthfully.

"I agree totally." Sophie spoke in agreement. Smiling at her sister and then at Tegan. "Not that that bothers you though, hey Jamie?"

Sarah looked at Jamie with a smile, the she noticed another look past between Jamie and Tegan, and she noticed Tegan blushing at the last comment made by Sophie. 'Mmm interesting' Sarah thought to herself. 'Time to do some spying,' she thought with a smile. So she decided to see who Jamie went to lunch with. If it was Tegan then her suspicions were confirmed.

* * * * *

The rest of the lesson went pretty much to plan. Everyone loved Jamie. She got on with them all and they were all asking Sarah if she could come in and help out once a week until they finished. It had surprised Sarah really, she hadn't expected Jamie to be this much of a hit with her students and she was seriously considering asking Jamie to come in once a week to help her with the class. 'Would Jamie agree though?' she asked herself, as she closed the door behind her and Jamie.

Sarah turned around and spotted Tegan waiting at the top of the stairs, Jamie smiled at her. "I'll see you later, Sarah," then she walked over to Tegan, leaving a smiling Sarah behind with a knowing look in her eyes.

"Hey." Jamie reached Tegan and had to remind herself not to put her arms around her. That wouldn't exactly go down well on Tegan's first day in school.

"Hey." Tegan smiled back, having to remind herself of the same thing. 'Why is it so difficult to keep my hands off her,' she thought with a giggle.

"What are you giggling about?" Jamie asked, as she started moving towards the steps.

"I was just thinking about how difficult it is to keep my hands off you." Tegan admitted quietly, so only Jamie could hear her.


"Yeah what I really want to do is put my arms around you and not care about what anyone will say." Tegan looked into pale blue eyes that reflected her feelings. "We can't do that though." This was one of the things she knew she wouldn't be able to do. While heterosexual couples walked around holding hands and hugging and kissing in public, Tegan had to remind herself that she couldn't do that because being a homosexual was different.

Jamie smiled and just put her arm around Tegan for a second in a friendly hug. 'They can read that anyway they want to,' she thought to herself. Then the two of them went down to the town centre for food.

* * * * *

As they walked back to their home rooms Jamie had agreed to pick Tegan up at the end of the day because she was going straight to the club after school finished. Their lunch time had gone pretty quickly really. It had been a pleasant break and neither of them had really wanted it to end.

* * * * *

The rest of the day went pretty quickly for both of them. They both enjoyed what they were doing. Tegan was complimented on how smart she was by a few of the teachers, which made her feel good.

Sarah couldn't fault Jamie, she was the best assistant teacher she had ever worked with. It was definitely not obvious that she wasn't a teacher. Sarah managed to corner Jamie just before she left "Jamie can I speak with you a minute?" She asked, as she cleared the blackboard.

Jamie stopped and walked back to her. "Sure."

"Well I have had a few requests of the students today." Sarah admitted, looking into the sky blue eyes of the tall woman in front of her. "Especially Sophie's group and they were wondering if you could come in, maybe once every week until the end of the school year."

Jamie looked shocked, she hadn't expected that at all. "Um... well I guess it depends on what day it is." Jamie really liked the idea but she couldn't expect her father to sort the club out every Monday if that was when she wanted her in.

"What ever day is convenient for you." Sarah smiled, she figured Jamie would agree. 'Especially if it means spending and hour with Tegan,' Sarah thought. "I have the same classes on Wednesday that I did today. My form group first, then the second year, Tegan's group after break and then the same groups in the afternoon."

Jamie smiled at the teacher, then asked with a grin. "Are you trying to insinuate that the only reason I would come in once a week is because Tegan is here?"

"Absolutely," Sarah chuckled. "I take it you two are either mad about each other or you are a couple?" she received a raised eyebrow for that. "It was pretty obvious."

"Well actually I think it is the two of them," Jamie admitted, with a smile. "We are mad about each other and we are a couple."

"Great." Another raised eyebrow, but Sarah carried on. "Go on I bet Tegan is waiting by your car for you as we speak."

Jamie grinned in agreement. "I hope so," and then she turned and left. She walked to her car smiling as she pictured the lovely red head, hopefully, waiting for her. It was a very pleasant thought. As her car came into view she spotted her vision and she had to admit, the real thing was much better.

Chapter 22

Tegan opened her eyes and slammed them shut again as the sun blinded her. She turned her head and cautiously opened her eyes again then looked at the clock. 10.30 am. She silently thanked whoever was listening for it being Saturday morning. Which meant she could have a lay in. She knew it couldn't last for long because she had her first appointment with the midwife later on. Dr. Andrews had phoned two days before and told her to come down early on Saturday so she could have a check up before her regular appointments started.

She was a bit nervous about going today but she was glad Jamie was coming with her. She had heard all about the things that happen at the first appointment, most of it didn't seem to bad. The only thing she wasn't looking forward to was the Internal Examination. 'At least the midwife is female,' she thought again as she cringed at the thought of someone's fingers being inside her.

She was just about to turn away from the sun and close her eyes when she heard the front door open. She gave a little smile to herself and closed her eyes. She had given Jamie permission to come into the apartment when ever she wanted to and in return Jamie had given her the key to her apartment, in case she ever needed it.

It was about two minutes later, she heard the footsteps coming towards the bedroom and she feigned sleep.

* * * * *

It had surprised Jamie when Tegan had changed the key code on her door and given her permission to come in whenever she wanted to. It brought a smile to her face as she remembered it though.

Her and Tegan had been sitting on the sofa in Tegan's apartment watching the tv.

"Jamie, how do you change the key code for the door?" She had asked, snuggling into the warmth of the body settled around her.

"Come and I'll show you." Jamie said, extracting herself from Tegan's grip and pulling the younger woman up with her, then they walked towards the door. On the inside of the door was a small box that was attached to the code box out side. Jamie had opened the box and pressed the change code button "What do you want your new code to be?"

"11-15-99." Tegan saw Jamie's frown and smiled sheepishly "That's the day we got together."

"Oh." Jamie smiled and saw the absolutely wonderful smile that came from her partner. It made her feel really good.

Then Tegan's gaze turned nervous. "I wanted to tell you that you have permission to come into my apartment whenever you want to without knocking ok. I can't exactly give you the key because their isn't one and you have to know my key code, so I thought that was the best thing to do." She looked at the blue eyes above her and she saw the smile that transformed Jamie's face into that of an angel.

"Well in that case then," Jamie pulled out something from her pocket "I was wondering when would be the best time to give you this." She handed it over in a clenched fist and Tegan opened her hand to receive it. When she opened her eyes when she felt the coldness in her hand and saw the silver key. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Instead she threw her arms around Jamie and held her tight.

She couldn't for the life of her decide why it was so important because after all, it was only a key. But this meant the trust between them had increased and she knew that there was no-one in the world she trusted more than Jamie.

It had been wonderful for both of them that day. Both realizing that the relationship was moving along nicely. They still had not consummated their relationship, but it didn't really bother Jamie. Like she had told Tegan, the sex didn't matter. She loved Tegan and she wanted to be with her, even if it took a decade for Tegan to be ready for that Jamie would wait.

Jamie noticed that the apartment was still quiet and everything was peaceful, so she figured Tegan was still in bed. She quietly walked over to the bedroom, with letters in her hand. The one she thought Tegan would be pleased to read on top.

Jamie opened the door to the bedroom and noticed Tegan sleeping, so she quietly walked over to the bed and placed the letter on the side table. She almost jumped a mile when a hand came from out from under the covers and grabbed her wrist. She lifted her eyes and spotted the green eyes sparkling with mischief. "You scared me to death then." She admitted, trying to calm her beating heart.

Tegan noticed the rapid breathing of her partner and was surprised when she realized she had actually frightened her. She felt slightly guilty as she pulled Jamie to her. "I'm sorry," she said quietly. Then she felt the silent chuckles coming from Jamie. So she pulled her up so she could see her.

"Nothing has scared me that much, since I was about three years old." Jamie admitted, between chuckles. She felt stupid that it had frightened her so much and she covered that by laughing at herself. Before long she was laughing hysterically and Tegan was laughing at her, laughing at herself. Once they had settled down again, Jamie pulled Tegan out of bed. "Here I picked this up on the way up." she handed Tegan the letter.

"It's from Jenny." Tegan practically ripped the letter open. She hadn't heard from Jenny since she moved which was eight weeks now and she was beginning to think she wouldn't here from her.

Jamie just smiled, she leaned over and kissed Tegan on the head. "I'm going to put the kettle on." leaving Tegan with some privacy to read her sister's letter.

Dear Tegan,

Hi, I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to write sooner, Dad has been practically standing over my shoulder since your friend came to visit. Of course he didn't know she was a friend of yours but I think he suspected something. I have to write this letter at the library. Can you believe it at the flipping library?

Anyway how are you? I take it you are pregnant or you would have come home by now. Well looking at your friend that came here to deliver your letter and address I am not surprised you haven't come home. She was one beautiful woman Tegan. If I was gay I think I would fall for her too. Dad is convinced that when you have had the baby you are going to put it up for adoption and then you are going to come home. What are you going to do? I can't see you just giving up the baby. No matter who the father is that child is still a part of you and I know that you will still love that child as if it was the product of a wonderful relationship. I just want you to know that I will be proud of you whatever you decide to do.

Dad has been worse since you left. He beat mother really bad last week. She went to hospital with a broken arm. They were going to report him for domestic abuse but he somehow managed to pay the doctor off and he kept his mouth shut. I am in two minds about whether to go to the police myself. I can't let him keep getting away with this. I don't know what to do. Mother loves him so much and it would destroy her if he was arrested. If you could help me decide with that I would be really appreciative. It's not fair to burden you with this I know but you're the only one that knows how bad it is here and you're the only one I can talk to. I have cancelled my trip to London for this weekend because I can't leave her alone with him.

Anyway that's enough about the crap that is happening here. How is everything going there? I'm glad you have found some friends. Jamie seems really nice, she told me that you are living above a gay bar. I bet that is interesting huh. How are you coping? I know it couldn't have been easy for you and I really wish I could have been there, but if I had followed you, He would have kicked me out of the family and that would have left mother on her own. She couldn't handle that on her own.

Scott was arrested for raping another girl a couple of days after you, but he got away with it. It makes me sick. Everyone is asking about you. Mary told me to tell you she misses you. She was not amused when I told her you had gone to Seaview to finish the year. That is what Dad is telling everyone. Maybe you could write to Mary and tell her how you are.

Anyway I have to go. Let me know if I can do anything for you and let me know how everything is going. You should receive this letter on Saturday so I will go down to Jamie's Uncles next Saturday to see if you have written to me. I love you Tegan. Please remember that.

See you soon.


Tegan looked at the letter again and smiled. Jenny hadn't forgotten about her. Not that she really thought she had. It upset her to think of her mother going through all that though. Even though there was nothing she could do about. Yet. She raised an eyebrow as an idea came to her. "I will do something about it. Soon." She said to herself, as she went out to join Jamie in the kitchen.

She explained everything that had happened in River's End to Jamie over a cup of tea before she went to get ready for her appointment.  Trying to decide which was the best way to get her father back for the hell he had put her and her mother and sister through. She would get him and it would be good.

* * * * *

The appointment with the midwife went well. She was a really nice lady named Susan. She was in her late forties and she was really helpful. As soon as she saw Jamie, she had practically thrown herself at the taller woman. Susan was the midwife that had delivered Jamie. She had been her first delivery and one that she would always remember.

They had spoken about their familles and how everything was going for a couple of minutes before they had started on with the reason they were there in the first place. Susan spent sometime getting to know Tegan. She also knew now, that Tegan wanted Jamie with her when she had the baby, whether they were still a couple or just friends. Susan knew that Jamie was a lesbian and she knew they were lovers because Anne had told her that Jamie had met a sweet young girl, who was pregnant and she put two and two together. It had been Anne who arranged for it to be Susan that saw Tegan. She had trusted Susan with three births, she knew what she was doing.

Tegan was pleased overall with the way the examination had gone. Even the internal examination hadn't been too bad. Having Jamie there holding her hand made it a lot easier though. There were times when Tegan felt really stupid for having such a dependence on Jamie. She didn't want Jamie to think that that was the reason she like her so much, because that didn't have anything to do with it. She didn't want Jamie thinking it was hero-worship that drew her to the taller woman. Jamie had been there when Tegan needed someone to lean on, that much was true, but Tegan knew that if they had met before she had been attacked, the feelings would still be the same.

When Tegan and Jamie arrived back at the club, Jamie went to her office to start on some work, while Tegan went to her apartment to start on the letter to her sister.

Dear Jenny,

I was so pleased to get your letter today. I thought for a while I wasn't going to get one. I am fine really. I miss you and Mother, but it's just something I have to live with now. I have made some really nice friends here in Seaview and Jamie has really been there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on. I was ok for the first couple of days after the attack but then I saw the picture of Scott on the front of the paper and then it hit me. I think I frightened Jamie to death though. I hadn't told her what had happened and she could see I was upset about something. So she put her hands on my shoulder and well I can't remember anything after that. Jamie said I just screamed and curled into a ball in the corner of the room. It was good to be able to talk to someone about it all.

It is interesting that I live above a gay bar indeed. I met Jamie the first day I arrived and boy did I fall in love with her straight away. It was weird. I know some people say that after being raped usually the victim closes up and doesn't let themselves be near people they don't know. But with Jamie it was like I knew her.  I remember Grandma saying a few years ago, that one day in your life you will find the other half of your soul and you'll most probably be meeting that someone for the first time, but you'll feel like you've known them forever. Well that was how I felt when I met Jamie. She felt the same about me. Although nothing happened between us really for about a month but we finally admitted that we really liked each other and I guess you could say we've been a couple ever since. We haven't done anything, except kiss and cuddle yet because I don't feel ready to do anything else. We've been a couple for a month and she hasn't tried to pressure me into anything and I really appreciate that.

I'm sorry about everything that has happened at home. I hope Mother doesn't have to much trouble with her arm. You know, sometimes I really wish we could do something about him but I don't know what to do. I know you can't leave home and Mother won't leave him so there isn't really much we can do.

To confirm your suspicions, yes I am pregnant. I don't know what I am going to do yet. I want to keep the baby. I know that but what can I offer it. Nothing. Well maybe that isn't right.  I can offer it the thing we needed most but didn't get. Love. That is the only thing I can offer it. Is that enough? I don't have money and I would need to get a job which means I would have to put off going to college until I can afford to keep the baby and go to school. Is that the type of life a child needs? This baby needs more than that. I'm finishing the last year of school here so I guess he wasn't lying about that. Which means that I am living on the five hundred pounds that he gave me. I am going to leave it until a little later on in the pregnancy before I decide what I want to do. I'll let you know as soon as I decide on anything.

Anyway I have to go. See you soon. If you can come to Seaview one day let me know. Or go and see Grandma because I am hoping to go and see her and maybe we could meet up there. Let me know.

I love you Jenny and I miss you too.


She checked the letter through before sticking it in a envelope and addressing the envelope. Then she walked down to Jamie's office.

"Hello." Jamie spoke into the phone as Tegan poke her head around the door. Jamie smiled when she saw her and motioned for her to come in. Tegan walked in quietly and sat in the chair opposite her.

"I really don't care what he said, you tell him Jamie Phillips is on the phone and I want to speak to him now." Jamie sounded annoyed as she stood up and paced the floor, thankful once again for cordless phones.

Jamie had just received the monthly audit on the River's End taxi service and she wasn't amused. According to the papers there was two hundred pounds missing. She was determined to sort it out and if she had to go back to River's End to sort it out she would. She had been in a bad mood before and she had just been told by the manager's secretary that he was too busy to talk to her, which just added alcohol to an already burning fire.

"Hello." Came the voice from the other side of the phone.

'Finally,' she thought to herself. "I thought you were too busy to speak to me." She snapped at the manager.

"Hello Miss Phillips." He sounded nervous. It was never good when the boss phoned "How may I help you today?"

"I have just received the audit for this month, Mr. Thompson." She told him. "Why are you missing two hundred pounds?"

"Excuse me?" Mr. Thompson sounded shocked, he had no knowledge of any missing money.

"Yes my thoughts exactly," Jamie agreed. "Now are you going to tell me what happened to it?"

"Miss Phillips I assure you I have no idea what happened to it. Do you honestly think if I had known there was money missing, I wouldn't have replaced it before the audit?" He sounded reasonable, and Jamie had to agree it was a good point.

"I want it found Mr. Thompson before the next audit. If it isn't, you can start looking for another job." Jamie promised him and then she hung up the phone. "Ugh men, who needs them," she sighed returning to her seat.

"Not me." Tegan admitted with a smile, getting a smile out of her partner.

Jamie started to relax again as she saw the smile from Tegan. "So what can I do for you?"

Tegan handed her the letter. "Can you post this for me?" She asked. Jamie had a lot of stuff to post and it was just as easy to post it all together.

"Of course I can." Jamie took the letter off her and added it to the pile of letters she had to post. "So what are you planning on doing today?"

"Well actually I was wondering if you needed a hand. I've got no stuff to do unless when you have five minutes you can help me do some revision." Tegan said. She needed to do revision but when she was studying on her own she never took it in. When she was with Jamie, Jamie always made it interesting and she would ask her questions and usually Tegan got them all right.

"Sure." Jamie agreed. "I'd be glad to help you revise. Tell you what, are you planning on doing anything tomorrow?"

"Not really." Tegan admitted, she didn't know anyone else really well enough to go out with them.

"Well how about me, you, Sophie, Shane is she wants to ask him and Robin go to Legends Pass tomorrow," Jamie suggested "I know you won't be able to go on the roller coasters or anything, but there are other rides to go on that are safe for you."

Tegan thought about that for a minute. She had been to Legends Pass once before and she had enjoyed it. She wasn't really into roller coasters or anything like that but she thought it would be fun "I'd like that." she smiled at Jamie who couldn't help but smile back. Something about Tegan just made you want to smile.

"Great," Jamie said. "I'll ask Robin and Sophie when I get home and then we'll head out about noon. That'll give you a chance to wake up."

"Great." Tegan was pleased. She enjoyed spending time with Robin and Sophie. They had come to mean almost as much to her as Jamie had in the last two months and she was glad she had some good friends. "Well I'll let you get on with your work. I have some stuff to sort out. Come on up when you are ready to help with my revision."

Jamie nodded her head. "I will," she smiled, slyly.

Tegan rolled her eyes. "You should be ashamed of yourself Miss Phillips. You've got a one track mind," then chuckling she turned and left Jamie to get on with her work.

* * * * *

The following day came pretty quickly for both of them. Jamie had spent the night at Tegan's because it had been a late night at the club. She had arranged with Sophie and Robin to pick them up about 11.30, so by the time she got back to the club to pick up Shane and Tegan they would be right on time.

They were all excited about going to the theme park. It was like a family day out. Tegan still didn't realise that John owned the Legends Pass, and she had no idea just how much money Jamie was worth.

The trip to Legends Pass was pretty quiet really. Everyone except for Robin were in their own worlds thinking about different things. 'So this is Jamie's new lover.' Shane thought to himself as he eyed up Tegan. He was one of the people that was about worried about being around gay people. Sometimes he thought that a gay bloke was looking him up and it gave him the creeps. He never said a word to Sophie though because he didn't want to offend her. He kept his thoughts to himself.

When they arrived at the Park, Tegan had a look at it as they passed. "It's massive," and it was. Everyone said that Euro Disney had been big but this was bigger than it. 'It must take you at least two days to walk all around that,' she thought to herself. Luckily they had heard of a monorail, she could see that from where she was in the car.

After Jamie had parked the car they all made their way to the toll booth. "I'll go and get us in." Jamie told them, making her way over to the booth.

"Ok." Sophie and Shane sat down, while Tegan and Robin went with Jamie. Jamie stopped outside a booth where one of her friends were working.

"Hey Jamie," The woman smiled at all of them. "Hi Robin."

"Hi Jackie," Jamie and Robin said together, before Jamie continued on. "Can I have five tickets to get in please? Four adult and one child."

"Sure." Jackie reached into the drawer and pulled out the tickets and handed them over. "Here you go."

"Thanks." Jamie held out the money, annoyed when Jackie refused to take it.

"You know I can't take that off you, Jamie." Jackie told her. She knew how much Jamie hated getting anything for free, even getting into her own Theme Park.

Hearing this Tegan gave Jamie a curious and confused look. 'Why can't she take the money?' she asked herself. Jamie gave her a flushed look before turning back to Jackie.

"Come on Jackie," Jamie pleaded. "Let me pay my way."

"Jamie, I can't. If anyone finds out I'll get fired," Jackie reminded her "I need this job. I've got camera's on me all the time and I can't risk it."

"Well if Tegan pays will you take it then." Jamie sounded slightly exasperated.

Jackie shook her head "I'm sorry, Jamie. I'm not going to risk it"

"Fine." annoyed Jamie turned around and called Sophie and Shane.

"What's the matter with you?" Sophie asked, when they caught up with her.

"Jackie wouldn't let her pay." Robin chuckled, he thought it was pretty funny really.

"And that's a problem because?" Shane frowned, he couldn't see a problem with that, anything that saved him money was a good thing.

"Shane, you know Jamie doesn't like it when people treat her differently." Sophie reminded him, she totally agreed with Jamie though. She hated it when everyone knew who she was and treated her differently because she came from a rich family.

"Don't think I'm prying but why was she so afraid to charge you?" Tegan asked.

When it was obvious that Jamie wasn't going to answer that Sophie took the liberty. "Well see our father owns this place and anyone who knows us, refuses to charge." Sophie told her. "It annoys Jamie because she likes to pay her own way."

"Your father owns this?" Tegan repeated, totally shocked.

"Yeah, our father started this one a couple of years ago and  now he's starting on another in Scotland. They are also planning on building one in America." Sophie admitted.

Jamie just carried on walking quietly, she hated people knowing she was from a rich background. They always treated them differently when they knew.

"So where to first?" Shane asked, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

"Well I want to go to terror mountain but I know Jamie doesn't like that place much." Sophie said "And Tegan can't go on any of the rides there anyway."

"Where do you want to go T.?" Jamie asked.

"Terror Mountain, that's all the white knuckle rides isn't it?" Tegan asked, sheepishly. She felt stupid for not knowing that.

"Yeah," Jamie nodded. "I've never really been a fan of those rides."

"How about we go to the Haunted Canyon." Robin suggested, he loved the haunted house, he thought it was the best ride there.

"Sure." Tegan agreed, she also remembered the haunted house.

"Ok well tell you what then, meet us back at the cafe about three o clock" Sophie said.

"Ok" Jamie said and they split up. None of them seeing the angry eyes that followed them.

Chapter 23

As Jamie, Robin and Tegan walked around the theme park looking at the different rides and everyone having fun riding on the train and the rides themselves. It was nice to see the families together and enjoying themselves. It had been so different for Tegan when she came with her family. They had been here so the press could film Mayor Rhys doing family stuff, not because he wanted to be here.

"Do you two fancy a drink or something?" Jamie asked, as they came to a drink vendor.

"Sure." Robin and Tegan said together. So Jamie walked over to the vendor and asked for three cokes. Her back stiffened as she felt someone watching her, she turned around and spotted no-one. So she turned back to the vendor, thinking it was just her overactive imagination. The feeling of those eyes watching her never vanished as she turned and made her way back to Tegan and Robin.

"Do you feel like you're being watched?" Jamie handed them their drinks.

"No." They both admitted, as they started on their drinks. "Why? Do you?" Tegan continued on.

Jamie nodded, "I get the feeling that someone is watching me but I can't see anyone." She admitted. "It must be my body playing up again."

"Well Jamie, when your body is trying to tell you something. It usually helps to listen." Tegan told her, looking around to see if she could spot someone. But in a crowd as big as the one they were in now, you couldn't really say you weren't being looked at.

Jamie dismissed it and they all carried on walking. She didn't want to ruin her day by feeling suspicious of everyone and everything the saw. That wasn't what today was about. She intended to give Robin and Tegan some fun. Even though, as they walked, the feeling never left her. Before long she was starting to get worried. She wasn't used to this. She had been watched before but it had never been like this. It was more worrying for her that she could never see who it was and it wasn't before long that she was ready to go home, but she refused to cut the day short for Tegan and Robin, they were enjoying themselves.

"I need to go to the ladies room." Tegan said quietly, after about an hour.

"Come on then." Jamie said, moving in the direction of the toilets. Tegan and Robin following behind.

Tegan could see the stiff tension in Jamie's shoulders and she knew that she was starting to get worried about being watched. If it had been bothering Jamie this long, she figured there must be someone watching her. Jamie had good instincts, that weren't very often wrong and if her instincts were telling her to get out of here, then Tegan figured they should do it. "Jamie, how about after this, we go to the cafe and then go home," she suggested, as they arrived at the toilets. "I'm starting to get a little tired" She lied. She knew that Jamie wouldn't go home if she thought she was cutting the day short, but if Tegan said she was tired, that gave Jamie an excuse to leave and not worry about it.

"Oh?" Jamie was surprised, Tegan seemed fine. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, maybe we can come here after the baby is born." Tegan smiled, then realized what she had said. She had just admitted thinking about staying in Seaview after the baby was born. Not only had she admitted it to Jamie, but more importantly, she had admitted it to herself.

"Ok then." Jamie smiled, her heart feeling lighter now, knowing that Tegan was considering staying in Seaview. She couldn't stand the thought of her going back to River's End. "Is that ok with you Robin?"

Robin smiled at his sister and then at Tegan. "That's fine," he chuckled and then Tegan went into the toilet.

Jamie and Robin waited outside and for the first time since they arrived Jamie didn't feel like someone was watching her. She didn't know whether to feel relieved about that or not. She was relieved because they weren't watching her anymore, but nervous because Tegan was gone and no-one was watching her. Then something happened, she had never experienced before, she felt a panic in her that wasn't hers, inside her head was a mental scream, a scream that came from.....

* * * * *

As Tegan made her way out of the toilet she wondered who would have been following Jamie. She knew that it was really bothering her and that was why she had decided to go back to the cafe. At least there Jamie could see everyone and maybe she would lose the feeling of being watched. She was washing her hands and failed to hear the footsteps coming up behind her until it was too late. She felt herself violently pushed up against the wall, only just managing to use her arms to protect her stomach from going straight into the sink. She turned around quickly and saw Catherine standing in front of her.

'It was you.' She thought to herself. "What do you want?" she tried not to sound as worried as she was.

"I couldn't break you two up, so now I'm going to have to tear you apart. The only way to do that is the death of one of you. I can't kill Jamie because I love her. I guess that only leaves you." Catherine hissed, sticking her hand in a pocket and pulling out a knife.

'Oh God.' Tegan shouted feeling the panic mounting inside her. "You won't get away with this."

"I already have." Catherine snickered, advancing on her dangerously.

'Jamie.' Tegan mentally screamed, just before the knife began it's descent. 'I love you, Jamie,' was Tegan's thought as she closed her eyes and waited for the knife to hit. It never did.

* * * * *

Jamie bolted around the corner just in time to see Catherine flashing a knife at Tegan. Without even thinking about it, she jumped in between Tegan and the knife. Catherine, who had already starting the knife's descent towards Tegan, couldn't stop it and before anyone knew what had happened the knife was planted up to the hilt in Jamie's stomach. Jamie looked down at the knife embedded in her stomach in shock. It sent a pain through her entire being that she had also never experienced before and then she fell to her knees doubled over in pain, before collapsing in a pool of blood.

Tegan fell to her knees next to Jamie and pulled her into her arms before shouting for help. Catherine, realizing that if help came she was going to be in trouble, bolted. She wasn't going to be there when... well she never made it that far. She trip over Robin, who was coming around the corner to see what had happened. She hit her head on the wall and lay unconscious on the floor. Robin seeing his sister laying on the floor covered in blood ran to her, where Tegan was crying.

"Jamie, come on open your eyes, please." She cried holding onto Jamie with everything she was worth. Luckily at that moment three women in their early thirties came around the corner. When they saw Jamie lying there, one of them went to get help. The other two tried to calm Tegan and Robin down, who were both crying hysterically. Then Jamie's phone rang. Robin picked it up and answered it.

"Hello." He sobbed into the phone.

"Robin, is that you, what's wrong?" Sophie voice came down the line.

"It's Jamie," Robin cried. "She's dead."

One of the women looked at Robin and put her arms around him. "No she isn't. She's going to be fine." she told him, hoping to God she was right. She took the phone off him. "Hello, who is this?"

"What is going on, what's wrong with my sister." Came the frantic voice on the other end.

"I take it this is your sister's phone?" The woman asked.

"Yes it is, now what is the matter with my sister?" Sophie repeated the question.

"Your sister has been stabbed in the stomach." The woman told her. "She is unconscious at the moment, but she is still alive." She assured her.

"Where is she?" Sophie asked, trying to calm herself down, it wasn't working.

"In the Legends Pass." The woman told her, trying to sooth Robin who was still crying into her shoulder.

"I know that. I'm there too. Where?" Sophie asked.

"In the toilets down in the Haunted Canyon." The woman said.

"Ok I'll be there shortly. Did they get the person who did it?" Sophie looked towards Shane who was making his way towards her, he saw the panic on her face and ran.

"Hold on." The woman said, before turning to Tegan, while pointing at Catherine. "Is that the one who did it?"

Tegan nodded her head before dropping her eyes to the pale face of her partner and carried on quietly mumbling to her.

"Yes they have." She told the worried sister.

"I'll be there shortly." Sophie hung up the phone just as Shane reached her.

"What's wrong?" He had seen Sophie panicked before but never like this.

"Jamie's been stabbed." She told him before running straight back the way they had walked and towards the Haunted Canyon.

* * * * *

"Come on, Jamie please, hold on." Tegan was whispering quietly to her, as she held her tight, not daring to let her go. "You can't leave me please," she watched the woman carefully holding a now blood covered jumper over the wound in Jamie's stomach, trying to slow the blood, but it wasn't working.

The woman put her hand over Tegan's, when she saw the worried green eyes looked at the blood covered cloth. "She's lost a lot of blood, I know, but she's going to be fine."

"I can't lose her," Tegan sobbed. "Not now."

It wasn't long before there was a siren and the third woman came around the corner with two paramedics. "Right excuse me everyone, let me get in here please" The male paramedic addressed the situation as they moved out of the way. Everyone, except for Tegan who stayed were she was, holding Jamie. The paramedics didn't say anything to her because he could see it was senseless in trying to talk her into moving. He could see what he needed to with her there anyway.

He checked for a pulse and was pleased to still find one. As they worked, the female paramedic, explained to Tegan what was happening, just before she noticed the pale face. "Hey isn't this Jamie Phillips." she nudged the man beside her who looked at the face of the injured woman.

"Yes it is." He recognized his boss's daughter.

The paramedics worked quickly to stabilize Jamie, before attempting to move her to the ambulance. She was being placed in the ambulance just as Sophie and Shane reached them. "Is she going to be ok?" Sophie asked as she spotted Tegan and Robin comforting each other.

"She should be." The male paramedic said, before getting into the ambulance. The ambulance pulled away just as the police pulled up. Catherine had been checked out by the paramedics and they agreed that she was going to be fine. So she was being guarded by some of the Legends staff until the police came and then she was arrested immediately.

Sophie dialled her father's office thanking God that he was at the Pass that day, she explained the situation to him and he was down there like a shot and he drove them all to the hospital. On the way Sophie phoned her mother and told her what had happened and she arranged to meet them at the hospital.

* * * * *

As they pulled up to the hospital they watched them take Jamie out of the ambulance and wheel her into A&E.  They all got out of the car and met Anne on by the entrance. then they all walked into casualty. A&E was a typical Emergency Room. Cubicles all over the place doctors running around and the smell of.... well hospitals. Anne walked over to the reception and told them that Jamie was just brought in and she wanted to know how she was.

They waited for a while before a nurse came out to speak to them. "Mr and Mrs Phillips?" he asked as he came to a stop in front of them.

"Yes?" Anne looked at him with worried eyes. She had only ever been in A&E once and that was when Jamie broke her arm. They hadn't really figured out what had happened because Tegan and Robin were too busy crying silently in the back and they couldn't say what happened. All they knew was that Jamie was stabbed in the stomach by Catherine and she had lost a lot of blood. That they could tell by looking at Tegan's clothes which were covered in it. "How is she?"

"The Doctor has asked me to put you in the relatives room and he'll be with you shortly." The nurse said, directing them to the room. He saw the worried looks he was getting from them. "She is still alive." he assured them.

They all went into the family room and waited until the Doctor came in. The family room wasn't a cheerful room really. It was a room with a sofa and two chairs and a plastic chair for the Doctor. The room itself was painted a hospital blue. About five minutes later the Doctor arrived. "Mr. and Mrs Phillips." She acknowledged the parents in the room.

"How is she?" Anne asked again, even though the nurse said she was still alive, that didn't say how she was and she was still worried.

"I'll be honest with you. Jamie is very lucky to be alive. It was a bad wound and she lost a lot of blood. We've stitched the wound now though and we'll take her up to a ward as soon as a bed is available" The Doctor explained. The knife had just missed Jamie's intestines and had it been half an inch lower, it could very well have killed her.

"Can we see her please?" Tegan asked, unwilling to wait anymore.

The Doctor looked at her and then at the rest of the family. "I'm sorry immediately family only," she looked into the wet green eyes of the young girl in front of her.

"That is my partner in there and don't you dare tell me that I can't see her," Tegan snapped. "I have her blood all over me and I'm going to see her with or without your permission and you can't stop me"

The Doctor was shocked, she hadn't expected that attitude from the little red head. She seemed so innocent and you would never have expected that temper to come from her. "I could call security." The Doctor warned her.

"Um Doctor, can we just see my daughter please?" Anne asked. She didn't want to wait around her while they argued. Tegan was obviously of the same mind, because before the Doctor could say anything more she was gone.

The rest of the family just followed.

It didn't take long for Tegan to find the room with Jamie in. She was attached to an I.V and she was still out, but she looked she peaceful. Tegan just stood looking at her, before the tears started again. This time they were tears of relief. It wasn't long before she felt an arm circle her shoulder and Anne was telling her everything was going to be ok. She wrapped her arm around the waist of her lover's mother and cried.

Everyone was relieved that Jamie was going to be ok. The Doctor explained to them that she was going to be out for a while because they had to stick her under anaesthetic will they checked everything out and stitched her up. About half an hour later there was a bed made available in one of the wards and Jamie was taken up there. So John took Sophie, Robin and Shane home while Tegan and Anne stayed there with Jamie.

Tegan knew she couldn't stay here all night but she wanted to be there when Jamie woke up.

* * * * *

Just as Tegan and Anne were about to leave the hospital ward Jamie made a little movement and Tegan was by her side instantly. Jamie opened her eyes and looked into extremely grateful and worried green eyes. "Hey?" She managed to croak from her dry mouth.

"Hi." Tegan smiled with relief, refusing to let herself cry again.

Anne moved into her daughter's line of sight. "Hi," she leaned over and kissed her on the head. "Don't you ever scare us like that again," she whispered into her ear.

A small smile crossed Jamie's face as she looked between her mother and partner. "I won't. Can I have some water please. My throat feels like I swallowed a desert."

Anne looked at the sign above Jamie's head that said, 'liquids only,' and she moved to the other side of the bed and poured her a drop of water. When she finished that Tegan and Anne were asked to leave by the ward nurse. So they both kissed Jamie good night, differently of course, but they kissed her and then they left, with the promise that they would be back tomorrow.

"So what happened to you?" The nurse asked, she she fluffed Jamie's pillow.

"A jealous ex-girlfriend." Jamie said, waiting to see the nurse reaction before carrying on. When she saw nothing only understanding and sympathy she carried on. "She was going to stab my girlfriend and I got in the way."

"I take it the young woman that just left is the current girlfriend." The nurse observed, laying Jamie back on the bed.

"Yep and she was more than worth the pain I'm in now." Jamie admitted, as her eyes grew heavy again and before the nurse could say anything to her, Jamie was asleep.

Shaking her head, she smiled and walked away.

* * * * *

Back in the car on the way home, Tegan started to relax for the first time in what seemed like hours. Until she had seen Jamie awake she kept seeing the pale face as she lay practically dead in her lap. Now she had a much nicer image now.

"How about you staying at our house tonight Tegan." Anne looked over at the tired young woman and she could tell that she was struggling to keep her eyes open.

"I liked that," Tegan smiled. "You know I've never been more scared as I was tonight." she admitted "Not even when Scott was attacking me."

"Well I'm glad you are feeling better now." Anne admitted, she was also more relieved that she was letting on. Her heart had been in her throat nearly all afternoon, from the time she had gotten the phone call from Sophie.

When they arrived at home Anne watched Tegan as she walked up the stairs to Jamie's apartment before going to join her husband in the living room.

Chapter 24

When Tegan woke up the following morning she took a deep breath and was surprised to have Jamie's scent surrounding her, she was also surprised to find she couldn't feel the sun on her face, like she normally could when she woke up. So she opened her eyes and realised she was in Jamie's bed. She looked around at the room before remembering the events of the day before. She was relieved that everything had worked out well. She had come so close to losing Jamie and that was something she knew she couldn't handle again. Those couple of hours had been the worst hours of her life and she didn't want to go through them again.

She sank into the covers a bit more, feeling the warmth of them, like Jamie's arms wrapped around her. Then she looked at the clock and almost jumped out of bed when she realised she was late for school. 'That's what you get for not setting the alarm clock,' she told herself, angrily. She got out of bed and made her way to the kettle and made herself a cup of tea. She drank that quickly then got changed and walked downstairs, surprised to see Robin and John sitting in the living room.

"Morning Tegan." Robin smiled as she walked in.

Tegan frowned. "Haven't you got school today?" She asked the young boy.

"No. Mom said to stay home and we could go and see Jamie this afternoon." Robin said, cheerfully "That was why we didn't wake you."

Tegan couldn't help but smile. "Oh," she was pleased she didn't have to go today, she would have been to worried about Jamie anyway.

"Anne said she'll tell Mr. Hughes why you aren't in." John told her, as she sat down next to Robin, smiling when he snuggled up to her.

John also noticed this with a smile. Robin had taken a real liking to Tegan and he treated her like a sister. He knew her and Jamie were together and this just increased his acceptance of her. When Jamie had quietly told Robin that Tegan was pregnant he had asked if that meant he was going to have a brother or another sister. Jamie hadn't really known what to say to that. So she had just said maybe. Robin had been satisfied with that.

As Tegan sat in the living room watching the t.v with John and Robin, she once again marvelled at how close the whole family was. The only people in her family that she was close to were Jenny and her grandmother. Seeing the Phillips family together made her realize just how much she had missed and she grieved for her loss.

After a while the peaceful quiet of the house was disturb when Robin decided he couldn't wait anymore. "Are we going to see Jamie now?"

"Oh well," John smiled. "I suppose we could. What do you think Tegan?"

"Oh I don't know. It might be better for us to stay here and not go and see Jamie at all." Inside she was shouting. 'It's about time too.'

"Pleeaasse." Robin pleaded, he wanted to see his sister.

John started chuckling as he stood up and walked over  and picked up the car keys. "I'll just go and get the car out." and then he was gone.

Tegan and Robin got ready to go and they were waiting for John on the path by the door. He stopped in front of them and they got in. "Come on then." Robin urged him on.

They were just about to pull out when a Police car pulled into the drive behind them and a male and female officer got out of the car. So John got out of the car to see what they wanted. They wanted to have a statement off Tegan about what had happened the day before. Tegan explained what had happened and was surprised to find that Catherine had told the police that Jamie had attack her first and she was just defending herself.

"What is going to happen to Catherine now?" John asked, as he showed the police to the door.

"Well we have to speak to your daughter and see what her side of the story is. There were no other witnesses so at the end of the day it is her word against yours."

"I sort of saw what happened." Robin told them enthusiatically, he wanted to be able to help too.

The female officer smiled and knelt down in front of the young boy. "And what did you see?" She asked him.

"It wasn't a lot really." He admitted but carried on with his story anyway. "Tegan needed to use the ladies room, so me and Jamie waited out the front for her. Jamie thought someone was watching her, she had thought that practically since we got there. She kept looking around without making it look like she was looking and anyway, me and Jamie were waiting for Tegan when all of a sudden Jamie bolted around the wall into the toilets. The next thing I heard was Tegan screaming for help.I came running around and Catherine bumped into me and knocked her head when she fell."

"Jamie thought she was being watched?" The female looked at Tegan for confirmation of this.

Tegan nodded her head. "Jamie had just bought us all some drinks and she came back and asked if we felt like we were being watched. We both said no. Jamie got really tense after that and she never relaxed afterwards. Catherine told me that she was looking for the best time to get me, I went to the toilet on my own and it was the best opportunity"

"Can I ask one more question?" The male officer spoke to Tegan next.

"Sure." Tegan nodded her head, hoping they would hurry up because she wanted to see Jamie.

"Why was Catherine after you?" The officer asked, he had suspected this wasn't a random attack but after getting the statements of Tegan, he couldn't imagine why anyone would want to go after her.

"Oh, well... um see, Catherine is Jamie's ex-girlfriend." She paused waiting for their reaction, seeing nothing she continued. "Well she got jealous and came after me. She said that is she couldn't split us up, she was going to tear us apart instead."

"So you are Jamie are lovers?" The female asked, that had surprised her. Tegan didn't look gay.

Tegan nodded her head. "Yes."

The male nodded is head in return. "Well thanks for your help, Miss Rhys," he held out his hand, which Tegan took and shook. "We'll be by sometime later to see Jamie ok."

"Ok" John said, and then they all followed the police out and got into the car.

Shaking his head, John just pulled out of the drive and started his trip to the hospital.

* * * * *

It had been an interesting day in school so far for Sophie and Anne. Sophie got sick and tired of telling everyone what had happened to Jamie. She had explained to Sarah the social studies teacher what had happened and that Tegan was with Jamie in the hospital. She accepted this and said in Tegan's position she would have been there aswell. Sophie had told everyone else that Tegan wasn't feeling to good. Sarah knew they were lovers so it was only fair that she knew the real reason. Tegan had kept quiet about her relationship with Jamie though. Not wanting to go through the hell that could come along with people knowing she was gay. Sophie knew this and she respected the privacy of her sister and her new friend.

Anne was told by Mr. Jones that she should have had the day on because family was more important than her job and she should be with Jamie. Anne refused, saying that Tegan, Robin and John were with Jamie and her and Sophie could go and see her later on. Mr. Jones had reluctantly accepted this and let her get on with her job.

* * * * *

When John, Robin and Tegan walked into the ward, Tegan spotted Jamie immediately and she trotted over to see her. Jamie was half sitting in bed and she spotted her family walking in. "Hey?" Tegan smiled as she reached the bed, not caring about where they were, she leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Jamie's head.

"Hi." Jamie smiled, pleased to see them. "Hey Squirt" Robin jumped onto the bed and hugged his older sister. "How are you doing?"

"Ok." Jamie admitted, with a groan. "I'm not allowed out of bed, but other than that I guess I'm good." The doctor had been to see her this morning and she had been told she had to stay in bed for two days before she could start walking to the toilet. He didn't want her to break her stitches. She wasn't pleased that she would have to stay in hospital for a week. She explained this to her partner as well..

"A week?" Tegan was shocked, she hadn't been expecting that. They had never kept any of her friends in hospital that long unless it was a really serious injury. "Why that long?"

"They have to be careful because it's a stomach wound and they don't want it torn apart." Jamie explained to her. She had watched the news the night before and it had been all over the news that there had been a stabbing at Legends Pass, her name had come up twice. "Do you know what happened to Catherine?" She was still waiting for a visit off the police. They had apparently come by last night, but the nurses had told them that Jamie needed her sleep.

"Only what the police told Tegan when they came to get her statement this morning," John told them. "I think they have enough though."

"Enough for what. To send her to a juvy? Great. She's mental, she should be put away but she won't be because she's too young." Jamie was disgusted. It was something that annoyed her. If she had been a couple of months older, Catherine would have been tried as an adult, but because she was still only 17, she was still treated as a child and would be tried as such.

"Hey don't worry about it, Jamie." Tegan patted her on the arm, trying to calm her down a bit.

"Don't worry about it, Tegan!" Jamie exclaimed. "She came after you."

"Yeah, but she didn't get me." Tegan reminded her, she was just as annoyed that Catherine would only get a couple of months in a juvenile detention center. "She didn't get me, she got you. Don't you think I know how you feel?" She knew she shouldn't be angry at Jamie but the older woman could be so insensitive to everything, except herself at times.

Jamie thought about that for a while. "Yeah, I guess you do." She smiled sheepishly, still finding it hard to believe that she had found someone to love, who felt the same way about her. It was nice. "So why aren't you two in school today?"

"Mom let me have the day off so we could come and see you, and we let Tegan sleep late." Robin told her, excitely. He had only had the day off school a couple of times and that was only when he was really sick or he had a appointment with the doctor, dentist or something like that.

"Yeah, I slept at your place last night. By the time we left the hospital it was late and well your mother suggested I stay with your family." Tegan told her. She had slept much better last night being in Jamie's bed, but she wasn't going to tell her that yet.

Jamie, Tegan, John and Robin spent the next couple of hours talking about different things and just enjoying the company of each other. Their conversation was only interrupted twice. Once by the doctor coming to check on Jamie and then the second time was when the police came to get her statement. She told them exactly the same story as Tegan had told them and when they were satisfied they left. Leaving the family alone once again. About 3pm John told them they had to go, so they all said goodbye to Jamie and then they left. With the promise of coming back to see her later on with Anne and Sophie.

Jamie watched them leave with a smile on her face. Watching her family leave hit something in her that she hadn't felt for a long time. A happiness that was so profound she wanted to cry. There was nothing better than that.


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