Extended Family

Part 3

by Ri

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Julie was conformably seated on the sofa in the living room with her son nestled in her arms. She was staring into the flames of fireplace as she absently stroked her son's hair. Diana entered the room and leaned against the doorway smiling at the beautiful picture. It warmed her heart, she knew that Sean was soothing Julie's soul and she also knew how badly she needed their son's gentle influence at the moment.

        “Is the baby making you feel a little better?” She asked her love in soft whisper.

        Startled blue eyes looked up into loving green. Julie smiled at Diana and nodded. “Yes, Its strange, Diana. Just holding him soothes me. Its like when we were kids and I came home from being the terror of the streets, Just the sight of you soothed my soul. I know it was different then, but I loved you so, It was a pure innocent love that made me feel whole. It kept me from getting into real trouble I could never endanger you or Auntie so I could never follow my anger all the way. Your love saved me.”

        “I think I knew that, We loved each other as sister's then. I really worried about you when you went out with the gang, I was always so happy when you came home safe and sound…I…um…the deeper love didn't come till I moved in with you in New York.”

        Julie nodded and rubbed her cheek in Sean's soft hair, “Yes that's how it happened with me too. I think I realized it about a week after you moved in. It scared the hell out of me. I mean I always loved you and felt protective of you. But suddenly I was confronted with this beautiful young woman. I think I saw that you were all grown up and…well…I couldn't help….”

        “I know, I think it started for me when I watched you work out every night in our small room. You were so sexy to me, I was mesmerized by how you moved so beautifully,” Diana sat down next to Julie and Sean smiling at her love. Julie smiled back and reached an arm out so she could pull the smaller woman closer to her, embracing her. She now held two of the most important people in her life and she felt at peace again. Julie rubbed Diana's arm and said, “It started for me watching you on your bed reading. You just looked so cute that I had this deep desire to kiss you. It was one of the hardest periods of my life. I was so scared I was afraid I was going to lose my best friend.”

        “Me too.”

        “I guess that train ride was well timed, huh?

        “Thank God for us being alone in that tiny compartment, “Replied Diana with a smile as she snuggled her head against Julie's shoulder and caressed her son's cheek gently. ”Don't you think we should put our baby to bed for the night?”

        Julie nodded and disentangled herself from Diana standing up. Then she reached out and took her loves hand leading the way upstairs to Sean's bedroom. After they put the baby to sleep they cuddled together in bed, They had just made love and they were floating on a cloud of love and contentment. Julie looked into sleepy green eyes and said with a huge smile on her face.

        “I really love trains.”

        “So do I my love, So do I…”She never finished the statement because her lips were captured in a tender kiss and she felt hands slowly caress parts of her body that she didn't even know she wanted to be caressed.

  ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

        Julie was pacing in her home office like a caged panther when Christine came to the doorway. She watched the beautiful girl pacing fretfully for a few minutes till she could stand it no longer and asked, “Can I help?”

        Julie stopped mid-stride and looked across the room at her Godmother she smiled grimly and answered, “Not yet, Auntie. I have to plan this out carefully what we will do if Pete's call doesn't work. He should be calling the Son of a Bitch any minute. Where is Sean and the Squirt?”

        Christine smiled and shook her head at Julie's nickname for her daughter. It amused her greatly that Julie continued to call Diana that even though they were practically married to each other. It was sweet and strange at the same time. “She is in the kitchen feeding him. She is as nervous as a cat too.”

        Julie nodded and sat down in her desk chair, “Auntie, We're about to go against the most powerful man in America. Its natural to be nervous.”

        “I know that, Sweetheart. I have confidence in the two of you. You are right and he is wrong.”

        “Oh Auntie, I really wish it was that simple. Sometimes being right isn't enough. Power does destroy things that are right; I just have to plot this very carefully. He is no fool.”

        “I do know all that, Sweetheart. Your mind is powerful enough to overcome anything that man can throw at you. You are a brilliant strategist. He is not an evil man but he certainly is corrupt, He is not a good man. You my darling girl are not an angel that is for certain, but you are very, very good. I have known you all your life and you have won every challenge that life has ever thrown at you. You will prevail this time too. I know it.”

        Tears suddenly sprung to Julie's eyes at the confidence that her Godmother and mother in law had in her. She ran to her and gathered the older woman in her arms saying, “Thank you, Auntie. That means everything to me.”

        Christine stroked Julie's beautiful thick short hair as she soothingly said, “Your my God daughter and my daughter in Law, I love you so dearly. You mean everything to me.”

        Julie hugged Christine tighter and kissed her cheek, “Your the only mother I have ever known. It was because of the love you and Diana gave me that I retained any goodness.”

        “Thank you Sweetheart. I do think your Dad had a little something to do with that too…”

        “Yes, Daddy did but he left me so young. When he died he couldn't really save me from the grief at his death. You two did that. I was so very wild at that time that if it wasn't for you and my Diana I would of become an animal of the streets,” Replied Julie crying into her God mother's shoulder.

        “Shhh, It didn't happen and you're a good girl. Everything will be all right.”

        Julie's eyes tightened, as did her hug, God, please ensure that she is right, I can't live with out these people, She prayed desperately within her own mind.

    ***   ****   ***     ****

        After the emotional scene with Christine, Julie really needed Diana. She needed her right that moment no matter what she was doing Julie was determined to sweep her away from it and hold her. She found her all dressed in a pretty navy dress for work brushing her beautiful golden hair at the dressing table. Julie took the brush from the little hands taking over the beloved chore, She just loved brushing Diana's hair, and the feel of it soothed her as it always did. Diana closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of her love brushing her tresses and asked quietly, “Why have you been crying?”

        The brush stopped for a fraction of instant and then continued as the soft voice replied, “How did you know?”

        “Red eyes, Good clue, huh?”

        Julie smiled and kissed the crown of Diana's head and then continued to brush the hair replying, “My little detective. I was discussing the situation with Auntie and I got all emotional. We were remembering how you two helped me through my misspent youth…Sweetheart, Our baby is never, ever going to be like that is he?”

        “No, I don't think so. Don't worry so, Jules. Our little one is so very loved. I don't think he will suffer the kind of losses that you did that led you astray. He will be fine because he will have us as long as he needs us, Till he becomes a man and starts a life of his own. I really believe that.”

        Julie had tears glistening in her eyes as she nodded, “I do too. I find it hard already to think of our baby being all grown up…”

        Diana turned and caressed a beloved cheek, “Sean is still a baby, He won't be grown up for a very long time. I just know his future will be bright, I feel it in my heart.”

        Julie nodded and kissed Diana's nose then turned her head and continued brushing, “I trust your heart so I know it will be so.”

        They were silent for few minutes and then Diana looked at Julie through the mirror as she asked quietly, “Honey, are we really going to go against the most powerful man in America?”

        Julie put the brush down and sat down next to Diana on the dressing table bench drawing her love close to her in her strong protective arms. “I sincerely hope not. I hope he will listen to Pete and be reasonable…But I think we may have to. Will you be able to do that love? This whole plot of mine kind of goes against your character.”

        Diana leaned closer and put her head on Julie's comforting shoulder as she replied quietly, “Yes, I can do this. I have a deep need to protect you and my loved ones too. I can do it Julie. Are we all set?”

        Julie nodded and kissed Diana deeply, she deftly unzipped the pretty dress her love was wearing in the process, “Yes,” she whispered throatily as she removed each of her loves undergarments, “We are just waiting for word from Pete.” She picked up the smaller woman as she felt her work shirt being unbuttoned by nimble little fingers and brought them both on to the bed with a well-placed jump. Julie felt the cold air as she kissed down Diana's sweet neck and knew that her shirt was removed and since she had no bra on she felt those beloved fingers caressing the flesh of her breast.

        “I guess we have something to keep us busy till he calls us, huh?” Asked Diana breathily as she worked on getting Julie's jeans off with her free hand.

        “Uh, huh,” Julie replied as whisked the offending garments off of her body so her love could reach the goal that would make them both happy. With loving hands the small woman made the love of her life forget the troubles that confronted them. Gently and with love they both floated off on a sea of sensual happiness.

    ***   ***   ***   ****

        Julie was sitting in her chair on the set of her latest film. They were between scenes waiting for the sound people to finish the work that was being done in the tiny sound booth just off to the side of the set. People were scurrying around the set so Julie hid behind her script knowing that no one would dare interrupt the star as she studied her lines. Julie had already committed her lines to memory she was just trying to get her role straight for later that day when she confronted the most powerful man in America.

        The phone call with Pete was not successful. The man felt he held all the aces. So Julie now put her con into play with a series of calls from home and the rest being followed up by Diana in Julie's dressing room. I hope the Son of a Bitch takes the bait. I think he will, the man has an ego the size of the Grand Canyon, Thought Julie to herself sighing as she took a sip from her iced tea.

        The only person who would ever interrupt the star as she studied her lines gently put a small hand on Julie's shoulder, Julie leaned into the caress not looking up at the blonde yet as she continued to study her script, “Are all the players ready, Squirt?”


        “Good girl, Off you go then, “Said Julie now meeting determined green eyes. ”Be careful, Love” Said Julie quietly.

        “Always,” Said Diana with a smile and wink as she headed off toward Pete's office.

        Julie smirked at her loves confidence. She shook her head and went to her dressing room to get ready for her part in her own plan. She went to the director to ask for a delay in shooting, but to her amazement Pete had already called down and delayed the shoot for today. That man never ceases to amaze me, She thought to herself as she started pulling out the clothes she would use for the con.

  ***   ***   ***   ***

        Kane was pacing angrily in Pete's outer office glowering every chance he had at the little blonde secretary that wasn't at all impressed by Kane or his power. This annoyed him greatly, as he was use to scaring little girls like this. She must be from old money too by her attitude; Damn I hate that, He thought grimly to himself as he waited to be ushered in to see the producer. He was determined that this new star be his property. He had seen her last two films and she not only got better as an actress she seemed to grow more popular with each film. She may soon rival Mary Pickford and he wanted that sort of star under contract to him.

        “Sir, Please have a seat you look terribly uncomfortable,” Said Diana sweetly. She was highly amused; she seemed to be getting under his skin by just acting like he was yet another appointment for Pete. Julie was right. He expects us to jump through hoops because of who he is, She knew that this would unnerve him thoroughly. She thought as she watched the man continue to pace and ignore her suggestion. With all the man's knowledge and research of Julie he didn't seem to recognize her and that is good because it released her to do her part of the con with out detection though she would have to be careful the man was not stupid. I guess one blotchy photo of us was not enough for him to put two plus two together. Good. Her thoughts were interrupted as the big man stood in front of her desk and asked in a demanding voice.

        “Young lady, Do you know who I am? I do not have all day!” He bellowed at her.

        “Of course sir, I announced you to Pete and he should be with you any moment.” Replied Diana inwardly smiling at how frustrated the powerful man was getting; it was all apart of Julie's plan.

        “Pete, Young lady you actually call your employer by his first name? Why I…”

        “Yes, Mr. Kane all my employees do, I prefer that.” Said Pete quietly from his door. He had not been busy but he was waiting for his cue. It was just he couldn't stand the man yelling at his beloved friend any longer so he called him about 10 minutes early.

        Diana was a little surprised but she nodded yes as Pete instructed her, ”No calls.” She then proceeded to pick up the phone and call Julie's dressing room phone. When the anxious woman picked up the line Diana said, “The cats in the cradle”

        “I'll be right there, Sweetheart,” Julie replied quietly as she headed toward the executive offices with a determined look on her beautiful face.

  ***   ***   ***     ****

        “Either you give me her God Damned contract you idiot or I will expose…”

        “Exposing your self is illegal in the state of California, “ Interrupted a low purring voice from the doorway.

        Kane turned and his eyes bulged, his hateful reply to her comment stuck in his throat in pure reaction to the seductive beauty that stood before him in the doorway. His heart was beating wildly in his throat, he had never seen anything more seductive and mesmerizing in his life as the woman framed perfectly in the doorway to Pete's office.

        She was wearing a tight blue fringe dress her short hair had a beautiful silver bead headdress through the raven locks. She was wearing the Cleopatra style make up created for the movie that was very popular at the moment and made her blue eyes even more seductive then they naturally were. She was leaning against the closed door with an almost animalistic look on her face that seemed to have captured the powerful man. Julie had the man in her grasp and she wasn't going to let him go. This was her advantage.

        Pete had to shake his head and sit down. He knew this was all a part of the plan but to see his friend act like this with a man she despised showed just what a great actress his protégé really is; he was amazed and proud of her.

        “I believe you were discussing my contract and I'm sure Pete has advised you that the only one that can make any decisions on that is myself. So if you want to discuss it I'm afraid it will have to be with me.” Julie said in a voice as seductive as her appearance.

        Kane couldn't respond for a whole minute, “I would indeed like to discuss it.”

        “Then you may have dinner at my place at 8PM. And be on time, “Said Julie as she swept out of the room leaving a stunned man in her wake.

        Kane turned to Pete and asked incredulously, “Where the hell does she live?”

    ***   ***   ***   ***

        The rented house on Beverly Boulevard was carefully set up for the con by Diana. She went to each room making sure it appeared perfect. Once they were finished every single thing in the house would have to accounted for and returned to the prop department at the studio. She wanted to make sure everything appeared normal and lived in so it would be one less worry for Julie who was due to arrive at any minute.

        Julie arrived with in minutes and immediately went through the house looking for Diana. She needed to be near her love as much as possible since she really needed the support right now. Julie was sure that Diana needed her presence as well, since they were each other's lifelines. She found her in the kitchen helping her personal chef make the dinner for tonight. Julie smiled at the pretty picture of Diana in that secretary's dress they picked out with a cute apron on it. Mmm, That may be an interesting game for later. The boss and her secretary discussing dictation…She thought wickedly to herself as she watched her Chef explaining and demonstrating how his famous soufflé was made to his interested helper. Julie had decided to rent this place since she didn't want the Son of Bitch anywhere near their home.

        “All set, Squirt?”

        “Yep, Shouldn't you be getting dressed for dinner now?”

        Julie shrugged and gave Diana her lopsided grin, “Not much to change into. I suppose I should get ready though…Um, would you help me….I need help with the hidden buttons on that dress?”

        Diana understood and smiled at Julie she glanced up at the tall handsome man and asked, “Are you ok, Sandy?”

        “Yep, go on scoot,” Said the chef as he started to prepare the pan for the soufflé.

        The two women walked hand in hand to the bedroom. Julie started to remove her slacks and shirt as Diana watched from the bed.

“Um, Jules I think I'll watch from the kitchen and stay out of sight most of the night. I know you will be acting but I don't think I could stand to see him putting his hands on you at all…”

        “Don't worry, Sweetheart. He won't be getting very far I despise him so much I can't stand the thought of him shaking my hand. If he tries to kiss me he may find a knee not so gently connected to his balls…” a cascade of giggles interrupted her from the bed. Julie did that on purpose she wanted to make sure Diana understood she took no pleasure in doing this and wanted it to be over as much as she did. “That's a pretty picture.”
        “Yeah, Ain't it just?” Asked Julie as she stood in her black slip and black net stockings. She held out her arms for Diana to come into,” One good kiss for the road please?” Diana came within her arms and Julie proceeded to practically devour her love with loving kisses. She was overwhelmed with the need to demonstrate how much she loved Diana. Diana enjoyed the on slought but she kept her head about her and said as soon as she had the chance, “Get dressed ,Love. We can continue this discussion tonight alone at our own place.”

        Julie got in one more deep passionate kiss and then reluctantly let go and nodded her head. She stepped into the slinky, shiny very skimpy cocktail dress she was going to wear that night as she asked, “Is Chrissy and Joe here yet?”

        “Joe was here but Sandy sent him up the road for some better wine he's probably back in the kitchen by now. Chrissy should be here any minute.”

        “Oh, I know she will be, she is such an important part of this plan that I wouldn't have hired her if I didn't trust her. She will probably be here any time now.”

        Diana nodded and said, “I'll go wait for her, I told her to come through the alley.”

        “Good thinking, Squirt”

        “Thanks, Good luck, Jules.”

        Julie nodded her eyes were once again all business as she watched Diana leave the room as she went to the dressing table to finish getting ready. “To us all.” Said Julie to the face in the mirror as she prepared herself for the most important acting job of her life.

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