Extended Family

Part 4

by Ri

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        Kane approached the small home with some surprise. It was such a modest place on Beverly Drive not the palatial palace he expected a movie star to live in. He knocked on the door and a tall elegant man answered it. He looked like a perfect butler right out of central casting. He was dressed in a simply cut business suit and elegant gray tie. He had on loafers and his hair was slicked back in the style of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

        He looked at the older man with a questioning gaze and asked, “Yes sir, Can I help you?”

        “I'm suppose to meet Miss Julie…”

        “Ah yes sir, Madam is expecting you. This way Mr. Kane.” The tall man led the publisher to a small living room where the movie star was lounging seductively on a black velvet sofa. The room was elegant but simply furnished in black and gray. Julie's cocktail dress looked like it was painted on it fitted so perfectly to every curve of her beautiful long body. Her long hair was pulled back by a wide headband of midnight blue that made her eyes appear bigger and she was once again wearing Egyptian style make up which gave her an exotic look. She looked at Joe and nodded her head Joe took the hint and with drew with a nod toward the older man.

        “Mr. Kane,” She purred and gestured toward a large comfortable looking armchair across from her. “Won't you sit down.”

        Kane sat down in the chair and crossed his arms across the chest. He had a look of confusion on his face. Then leaned back his eyes narrowed and he asked the young woman across from him in a voice suddenly all business, “So when are you going to dump Pete and come under contract to me?”

        Julie lifted an eyebrow and tilted her head slightly as she smiled seductively, “I only said that I would discuss it I never said that it was a given, Mr. Kane.”

        “I do hold a few aces up my sleeve.”

        “No, not really. I am not easily intimidated. I came up the hard way on the streets. Unlike you I had to earn everything I have. I do not bow my head to power or money like most in this town would. That is not the way to seduce me.”

        His eyebrows shot up at the word seduce. He cleared his throat and asked in menacing voice, “Scandal doesn't scare you?”

        “I am in a committed relationship with someone I love very dearly. I am raising a child in a loving home and earning an honest living. I am no different then any other American. You on the other hand live by threats and blackmail. You have both a wife and a mistress. Who is the good honest person and who is courting scandal in this room?”

        “The big difference is I am not having a relationship with someone of the same sex…”

        “Love is love. I don't understand how the fact the person I happen to be in love with is a woman makes any difference. As long as we aren't flaunting it or hurting anyone it is purely my personal business.”

        “That is very free thinking of you. You must be a member of that movement from your New York days. However you live in a puritan country. Most American's are not so open minded as that strange creative circle in Manhattan. They would think you are perverted and that you were trying to poison the minds of their children. And believe me I wouldn't hesitate to play that slant up in all of my papers.”

        Fucking sick old pervert of an asshole I just bet you fucking wouldn't. Julie thought violently in her mind. Her face reflected nothing though she learned how to maintain a poker face when she worked for Mickey this man was nothing compared to the scum who she once had to go one on one with.

        “Yes, you could indeed do just that. But where would be your profit in that? Also did you consider that if you went that route you would never win my contract because all hope of negotiating with me would disappear? And believe me you wouldn't want to miss out on negotiating with me. “She purred at him looking at him steadily as she sipped her martini.

        Kane's face turned bright red and then white as sheet as he reacted to her words, her voice and her body. “Yes, I am most definitely open to negotiation.”

        I just bet you are you creep I would rather make mad passionate love to a toad. Julie thought as she sipped her drink praying that Joe would get in here and announce dinner so she could get away from the sick creep. As if in answer to her prayers the tall handsome man appeared at the door and said, “Dinner is served.” In a very butler sounding voice.

        Julie had to stop herself from rolling her eyes at her old friend. Oh Joe this is not the time to go over the top. I do not need you eating the damn scenery. She thought as she gave him a look and then smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you Joe. Mr. Kane if you would follow me please.” Julie gracefully got up and glided across the room leaving the older man breathless as he watched the beautiful woman lead him toward the dining room.

  ***   ***   ***   ***

        Diana was in the kitchen supervising Sandy and Joe. Joe had just returned from the dinning room with a huge smile on his face. He was tossing the salad as he casually said to his friends, “You should see Jules out there she has got that old boys motor running all right.”

        Diana frowned as she started to work on plates to display the main course when Sandy was done preparing it,” I hope she can stall that engine, Joe.” She grumbled as she placed the plates by the chef one at a time. Joe looked over her head at Sandy gave him a look and then took the salads into the dining room.

        Sandy stopped her by putting his arm around her shoulders and said, “Don't worry, Sweetheart. You know Jules can take care of herself. Now take a deep breath and go get me some milk out of the Ice box.” Diana smiled and squeezed his hand. Then she crossed to the Icebox to follow the chef's instructions.

        “Joe I have Mr. Ego's drink all ready for him, are free to deliver it.”

        Joe had just come back in the kitchen. He leaned against the doorway and smiled at his friend. His eyes twinkled with mischief as he replied, “Oh yes indeedy it will my great pleasure to give it to him.”

        Diana watched the tall man leave with the drink she smiled at Sandy and left down the back hall to help Chrissie with her preparations.

  ***   ***   ***   ***

        Two very tired sleepy women entered the mansion on Sunset Blvd. They went straight to the second floor to their son's room. Sean was sleeping peacefully and they smiled at him and then each other. Each mother gently kissed their angel on his head and then they went to their own room.

        Julie put her arm around Diana's shoulders as she guided her little one toward the bathroom so they could prepare to go to bed.


        Diana stood at the end of her bed watching Julie as she took off her make up with some cold cream as she had a thousand times before. She was always amazed at how good Julie was with make up she could make herself look like anything. Julie noticed the green eyes watching her every move and smiled at her.
        “I'm almost done. Why don't you get in bed it a little chilly tonight.”

        Diana smiled and nodded; She crawled into bed and sat up against the pillow as she waited for Julie to finish. Julie got up went to the bathroom washed every tiny bit of make up off so she looked like a clean well scrubbed child as she came out of the bathroom. She was wearing her usual man's nightshirt and smiled at her love in her sweet looking pink nightgown. She slipped under the covers and cuddled up close against the smaller woman's back. They were both too tired to do anything other then cuddle so Julie brought the smaller woman as close to her as she could and settled them both so they could sleep.

        Diana turned so she faced the taller woman and looked up into the warm blue eyes above her kissing her love with all the affection and love she felt, Julie returned the kiss with equal love and need. Then they settled into their usual comfortable positions and were quiet for a few minutes. Diana's voice suddenly floated up to the almost asleep Julie's ears;

        “Do you feel guilty?”


        “Good. Neither do I.”

        “Diana?” Julie was surprised and now wide-awake again.

        Diana shrugged and looked into the concerned blue eyes with out any hesitation she said, “He deserves it after threatening our family like that.”

        Julie pulled Diana into a deep passionate kiss, then she pulled back and looked deeply into those beloved green eyes as she replied quietly, “Yes he does. I hope he enjoys his morning.”

        “Oh so do I.”

        They smirked at each other then Julie rubbed her nose against Diana's and said, “I love you my little one.”

        “I love you too Jules with all my heart” They kissed again and then settled into each others arms to get some well deserved rest.

    ***   ***   ***   ***

        Kane was lying in a large bed in the center of an empty room with out curtains or any other furniture. All the pictures, nick nacks and normal house hold goods seemed to have disappeared from the small room he remembered when the tall woman had given him a tour of the house. He shrugged his shoulders and sat up in bed. The house was very, very still. His head was killing him and he groaned as he started to get up from the sudden movement. When he pulled back the covers he was surprised to find he was completely naked. He looked around the bedroom and saw that his clothes were neatly hung on hanger in the closet. There was nothing else in the closet but his own clothes.

        He went to the bathroom holding his head and stomach groaning from the pain of the hang over he felt infect his tired body. The small room had a small window so he didn't have to suffer the pain of too much light. He saw there was nothing in the bathroom except a clean toothbrush as small envelope of tooth powder and a small bar of soap. He brushed his teeth and washed his face and hands. He didn't see anything other then a small towel so he would get a shower when he got back to his hotel.

        He then got dressed and went search of the owner of the house. He smiled to himself as started to look around pretty sure he had slept with the beautiful woman last night. For the life of him he couldn't remember any of it which he thought was a shame. How often does a beautiful lesbian seduce one? He asked himself with a huge lecherous smile on his face.

        He searched every room in the house and he was becoming panicked. Not only wasn't there anyone in the house but there was no furniture. Not even anything in the Icebox. He went back to the bedroom where he found his wallet and money all in tact. Then he sat down for a minute on the bed.

        “What the hell happened? Where the hell is everyone?” He asked himself out loud trying very hard to remember the evening. All he could remember was a very enjoyable dinner. They avoided talking about her contract but there was nothing bad or uncomfortable about the evening. The food was good so was the wine and the scotch. “So what happened?” He asked again.

        He got up and left the house to his relieve he found his car and driver still parked outside. Perkins was fast asleep with a silly smile on his face. Beside the sleeping man on the passenger seat was a large envelope. He picked it up and then sat down in the back seat of the car. He closed the door and stared at it for a couple of minutes. He slowly opened it up and pulled out some gravely 8X10's. On top of them was a typed note, which said simply; “I thought I'd return the favor” It was unsigned.

        He then looked at each picture one by one and turned paler by the minute. In each picture he was prominently featured with tall naked man. The man's face was never seen but Kane was pretty sure that it was the butler. He stared at one photo for a long time it was picture of him kissing the man his hand grabbing the other man's buttocks. He felt faint, this one picture alone could destroy him, If all of them together were given to his competition they would bury him. He looked over at the sleeping driver and shook his head closing his eyes and leaning back in the seat in complete shock.

        “Very clever young lady. You're very clever indeed.”

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