Academy Author Index


Last Updated:  11/4/2005

Body Heat

A first time story in which the warrior gets her bard all heated up.

Courting The Amazon Queen

A first time story in which the Warrior has to stay ahead of the competition. Not very explicit.

Courting The Amazon Queen And Her Lover

Sequel to Courting The Amazon Queen, in which both Gabrielle and Xena are at the mercy of the Amazons and some of the Gods.

Cyrene ex Machina

The two women, who can handle almost anything together, need the help of a mother in this first time story.

The G-Scrolls

'The G-Scrolls' (XWP alt) is a first time story about a certain bard that writes down her most intimate fantasies.

Getting Rid Of Joxer

'Getting Rid Of Joxer' (XWP alt) is a first time story in which Gabrielle tries to get a message across to both her friends about her feelings towards them. Not very explicit.

Giving Birth

'Giving Birth' (XWP alt) is a story about the loving couple having a baby.

Many Happy Returns   ebook version available

A first time story about a special birthday gift the bard has in mind for the warrior, who hates surprises.

Out In The Open

'Out In The Open' (XWP alt) is a first time vignette in which the bard struggles to voice her feelings for a certain beautiful warrior princess. Not very explicit.

Playing With Fire

A first time story about a (not so) naïve village girl that wants to learn everything a certain warrior knows.


A first time story that takes place after the Abyss, in which the Warrior Princess faces her greatest fear.