Impulse: Book Two


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Two in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID, you might want to start there."


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The rest of the evening was spent enjoying family, friends, and words of support. All and all, everyone was happy that Brett and Tori were dating. Gordon and Janice gave Tori and Brett their blessing and, as expected, Gordon just beamed with joy at finally being able to welcome Tori into his family. Diane and Paul gave Brett a warm welcome as well and made Tori and Brett promise that they would come over for dinner soon. The only one left was Tori's father, Richard.

Leaving Tori to talk with her brothers and sisters, Brett went outside to get some air. Hearing footsteps, she turned to find Tori's father making his way toward her.

"Hi Uncle Richard." She turned and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

"MmmÖit sure is beautiful out here tonight." He returned the hug and took in a deep cleansing breath of crisp cool air. He let go and placed his hands on top of the cement railing that surrounded the veranda.

"Yes it is. I love nights like this. The sky is so clear and the air feels so clean. It's been a great winter." Brett loved Tori's Dad. He had an ease about him that made everyone feel comfortable.

"Yes it has. So I've heard the latest book is going well." Richard loved Brett. When she was younger her and Tori would sneak into his office and they would sit on his lap while he tried to work. Her green eyes would always look at him with such curiosity. He'd always end up playing on the floor with them, leaving his work behind so he could enjoy their exuberance while they played.

"Yeah it is. I'm going to have to go on a book tour in March during spring break. I'm glad that people like them as much as they do. I get e-mails from people all over the world telling me how my writing has affected them. It's very satisfying." Brett just beamed when she talked about her work.

"I'm sure it is. We don't get to see each other too often do we? I don't know where the years go. I remember watching you and Tori run around, chasing each other over every inch of this place. I'll never forget the day your parent's brought you home. Tori was so enthralled with you. You were both so adorable. We all watched as you and Tori seemed to have this connection even then. Some things you just can't question. They just are." Richard glanced up as a plane passed overhead.

"Uncle Richard? Do you believe in fate?" Brett turned to look at Richard's profile. He was a very good-looking man and so were his children. They couldn't possibly have come out any other way. Dominique Hull was stunning and Richard Hull was equally as handsome. Some men just got better with age. He was definitely one of them.

"I never used to. Until the day I saw you and Tori together. It was like the both of you had already known each other. Like you had known each other before and were meeting again in a different time. I had never seen anything like it." Richard turned so he could look at Brett. "I know that you and Tori have been through a lot these past few years. It can't have been easy for either of you. You never know what the future may hold. What fate has in store for you. All I know is if you live each day to the fullest, you'll never have to question fate. You'll never have to face regret. You'll never have to wish for more. Because you will be able to look back and know that you lived well no matter what fate threw your way." Brett looked up at Tori's Dad and saw in his eyes the understanding that she had seen in Tori's eyes so many times before. Leaning over, she gave him another heart felt embrace.

"Thank you, Uncle RichardÖ I've never had life explained to me quite like that. Tori is so much like you and she's so very lucky to have you as a father. I really love her a lot Uncle Richard. Whatever fate has in store for us, I promise to live each day to the fullest for however long fate gives us." Brett was no sooner finished her sentence, when they heard someone clear their throat behind them.

Turning their heads, the two found Tori standing there with a smug look on her face and her arms crossed. Brett and Richard were still locked in an embrace.

"Well nowÖÖ.. is this something I have to worry about?" Tori loved that her Dad loved Brett as much as she did. It was very important to her that her family approved of her choice in partners.

"What do you think, Brett? Does Tori have anything to worry about?" Richard looked down at Brett and waited for her reply.

"Oh yeah. Definitely. How could a girl resist a gorgeous, debonair, sophisticated, intelligent, warm, funny, not to mention richÖ" Brett intended on pulling out every adjective in the book.

"Alright I get the picture. I don't care if you are my father. You can't have her. She's mine." Tori took a defiant stance.

"I'm sorry Uncle Richard. I'm a sucker for the dark brooding type." Brett went to Tori and willingly fell into Tori's possessive arms.

"Women." He exclaimed shaking his head. "Only another woman could understand them." He went over to his daughter, kissed her on the forehead, and did the same to Brett. "Seeing you together makes me very happy. Take care of my little girl Brett. She's a handful at times, but she's worth every bit of the effort." Tori rolled her eyes and they both watched as Richard went to go back inside. Before he went in he yelled one last time, "You should come in soon before it gets too cold. Not that you'd notice with the heat that you two give off." With that, he waved, opened one of the French doors, and went inside.

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Impulse: Book Two