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June 30, 2005

Added part 15 of Coward by Phair

More of the 'Between the Lines' series by Linda Crist

1.8 - Of Gods & Thunderbolts (post "Prometheus")
1.9 - One for Death the Hard Way (post "Death in Chains")
1.10 - Fit for a Queen (post "Hooves & Harlots")
1.11 - Influence (post "The Black Wolf")

June 29th, 2005

Added part 19 of PhantomBard's In an Age Before

Added part 3 of Greek Warrior's Loose Ends

June 28th, 2005

Added part 6 of Twilight by Kim Pritekel

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New Titles Available:

Amicus Humani Generis by S.B. Zarben
Coming Home, 2nd edition by Lois Cloarec Hart
The Magic in Your Touch by Sara Bell
Our Reunion by Jenah Watson
Current Titles:

Assorted Flavours : A Collection of Lesbian Short Stories by Lois Cloarec Hart
Life's Little Edge by Roselle Graskey
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Barb and Linda
PD Publishing, Inc.


June 26th, 2005

Added part 6 of Redhawk's Untitled (working title - Iditarod)

June 25th, 2005

Sausage Sizzler by Weebod [alt/Über/unfinished]
The boss of a local community centre bites of more than she can chew when she falls for a mysterious blonde.

Added part 2 of Loose Ends by Greek Warrior (Joan)

June 24th, 2005

Added part 7 of Hindsight by Lois Kay

June 23rd, 2005

Second Chances by M.E. Tudor [alt/original/complete]
Casey Durham decided to retire from pro basketball and finish pursuing her plans to become an orthopedic surgeon. Casey was looking forward to going back to her ala matre, Vanderbilt University to begin her residency when she got the phone call that her mother had disappeared. Fearing that her abusive father had done something horrible to her mother, Casey postponed her moving from Memphis plans to go home to find out what had happened to her mother. Little did Casey know that she was getting ready to be face to face with the one woman she had hoped she would never see again.

-from PD Publishing

P.D. Publishing is proud to announce that we will be publishing the following books: 
Threads of Destiny by J.P. Mercer, available in the Winter of 2006. 
Castle Walls, 2nd edition by D. Jordan Redhawk, available in the Summer of 2006. 
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June 22nd, 2005

Loose Ends-part one by Greek Warrior (Joan) [über/alt/unfinished]
Cody Lawson's early life was a series of unpleasant events. Amanda Norris was the one that bothered her the most. Can a chance encounter between the two women allow Cody to tie up at least one loose end that has haunted her for the past 20 years? (The story is finished and one part will be posted every three or four days. Four parts total.)

Added part 18 of In An Age Before by PhantomBard

June 21st, 2005

Added part 5 of Redhawk's Untitled (working title - Iditarod)

June reviews added to the Staff Review page:

Daughter of Egypt by Shadowriter
Wild by Kim Pritekel
Between the Lines by Linda Crist
Most Cherished Dreams by D
Still Life by Devize

June 20th, 2005

Welcome to a new bard at the Academy, CHERYL A.C !
Dirty Bloody Cops [original/alt/PWP]
She walked home alone most nights as nothing much happened. That is until late one evening a cop car pulled her over, this was the night she'd learn to stay on the wrong side of the law.

Added parts 4 (revised) to 7 of Double Play by Cruise

June 19th, 2005

A message from Ladyhawke:
THANK YOU. I cannot express in words my thanks to all the reader's who voted for me.... I am totaly blown away by the fact I won. Also a thank you for the kindness that is shown in feedback for my work, the comments and opinions keep me writing.

I would also like to say a thank you to the other bards who entered the competition. First for their talent and letting us all enjoy their work and second for giving me a run for my money. You all keep my bard on her toes.... Grin.

Thank you also to Oz and the rest of the gang for their time and commitment, that just keeps our academey up and running.

Ok I think I have gushed enough.... I really am speechless here.... So <Bows>..... THANK YOU ALL..

Ladyhawke :)

Added part 2 of Third Time's the Charm by B.Soiree

June 18th, 2005

Whew! The Bard Challenge is over and it apparently was a toughie. Only six chefs..ummm...Bards took on the challenge and sent in their entrees...entries.

It must have been a toughie for the readers to decide too. 3 Bards battled it out from the start with the eventual winner pulling away in the last part of the voting period.

Our winners are:

Category 1:
Most Food References (cleverly worked into the story)--
Once Upon A Time
by Sarkel

Category 2:
Best Story (as voted by you the readers)--
How Many Amazons does it take to Catch a Quail?
by Ladyhawke.

That makes back to back challenge wins for this Bard.

Can she make it three in a row...something no one else has done? You'll have to wait and see. The next Bard Challenge will be our annual Solstice Challenge.

Thank you to everyone who participated either by writing or reading. :o)


If the winners would please contact me privately with your mailing info, I would be ever so appreciative. Addressing your prize packets to: Bard (insert name), Universe has a tendency to tick off the Postal Service. Thank you. :o)

Blow the House Down by Ciarán Llachlan Leavitt
The sequel to 'Glass Houses'...

Added part 5 of Twilight by Kim Pritekel

June 17th, 2005

Added part 6 of Hindsight by Lois Kay

Added part 4 of Daonnan by Tara Cullen

June 16th, 2005

Added part 10 of Second Son by A.K. Naten


Bard Challenge #13 is over.

Thank you to the 6 Bard Chefs who wrote the stories and to everyone who read the stories and cast their votes.

We'll be announcing the winner this weekend. I have to go back and recount the votes...(I am a Floridian afterall). <.g.>

Actually, Yahoo occasionally forgets to send postings to my mailbox, so I want to double check the vote counts via the list site. We had a three way duel going on for a good portion of the voting period.

Stay tuned.


June 15th, 2005

It's the last day to vote in the What's Cooking challenge. Make sure to get your vote counted!

Added part 9 of Even Heroes by PsiDraconis

Added part 4 of When We Met by B.Soiree

June 14th, 2005

Added part 4 of Redhawk's untitled story known as Iditarod

Added part 5 of Damek Keep by Sandra Barret

June 13th, 2005

Added part 17 of In an Age Before by PhantomBard

Added part 6 of The Persian Encounter by Patricia Wiseroostr and Xanjaa [X&G/alt/unfinished]

Added part 23 of Dance with the Devil by Harley

June 12th, 2005

The Awakening by Moon Dancer
Two souls, two fires, one flame. The Awakening is a story about definitive love, ultimate trust, and the purest form of devotion. Read with an open mind, a hungry, curious soul, and there you will find innocence beyond measure and pleasure beyond any realm. My intent in penning this was to enlighten my reader, entertain the mind, and bring a smile to someone's glorious soul. The darker side of love deals with pure intensity, not pain, nor loss of control as so many would assume. I do hope you enjoy my words, and they leave you with a sense of inner peace and tranquility as they did for me.

June 11th, 2005

A revised version of House Shopping by Anne Laughlin

Added part 5 of Hindsight by Lois Kay

June 10th, 2005

Welcome to the Academy, Anne Laughlin! A first time poster!!!

House Shopping [original/alt/complete]
Allison Mitchell runs a successful Chicago real estate brokerage and leads a happy, full life. She didn't even know that anything was missing until the day Peg Ryan stopped in front of her office and walked into her life. The tall and gorgeous Peg has just moved to Chicago, unencumbered by anything but her dangerous and mysterious past. This is a stand alone story about these two smart and capable women getting together, and is also the starting off point for a planned series of interconnected stories about the characters. Please send your much appreciated feedback to

June 8th, 2005


Robin Alexander returns June 3rd with her second published novel, "Murky Waters," a sexy thriller with an unforgettable twist.
Claire Murray thought she was leaving her problems behind when she accepted a new position within Suarez Travel and relocated to Baton Rouge. Her excitement quickly diminishes when her mysterious stalker makes it known that there is no place Claire can hide. She is instantly attracted to the enigmatic Tristan Delacroix, who becomes more of a mystery to her every time they meet. Claire is thrust into a world of fear, confusion, and passion that will ultimately shake the foundations of all she once believed.
Alexander has greatly expanded on her Web version, adding more scenes chock full of suspense and her signature humor.
Order your copy today at StarCrossed Productions

June 7th, 2005


Orlando BardCon has opened registration and posted info/links for hotel reservations and ticket information of all related events. BardCon 2005 will be held at Coronado Springs Resort in Walt Disney World on October 21-23, 2005. Check us out:


Added part 16 of In an Age Before by PhantomBard

Linda Crist's Between the Lines series--

Xena: Warrior Princess ended its six-season run in June 2001, and has been released on DVD. I am re-watching the entire series, and after each episode, writing a short story, usually told in the first person from the viewpoint of one or more characters. The stories may focus on what happened during the episode, or they may reveal thoughts and events that take place between episodes.

While you can probably enjoy these without re-watching the corresponding episodes, to get the most from these stories, I strongly suggest you do re-watch them, or perhaps go read the transcript or synopsis for them. One good source is the Episode Guide at Whoosh <> .

1.1 - Looking for Trouble (post "Sins of the Past")

1.2 - Finding Trees (post "Chariots of War")

1.3 - Stones in the Pond (post "Dreamworker")

1.4 - Teamwork (post "Cradle of Hope")

1.5 - My Friend (post "The Path Not Taken")

1.6 - Until Next Time (post "The Reckoning")

1.7 - The Virgin Goddess (post "The Titans")

June 6th, 2005

Added part 3 of Iditarod by D Jordan Redhawk

Added part 4 of Twilight by Kim Pritekel

Added part 4 of Damek Keep by Sandra Barret

June 4th, 2005

The Academy of Bards is proud and thrilled to provide the following announcement: Gillery's Little Secret Update As most of you may know, Ali Vali started working with Liquid Film Works on a short film project about two years ago entitled "Gillery's Little Secret" based on a short story she wrote "Calumet." The great news is, the film has wrapped as far as filming and is being edited. If you want a sneak peak you can visit and see the trailer as well as other pictures and information about the film. T.M. Scorzafava and her crew did a wonderful job bringing this story to the screen so enjoy.Added part 3 of When We Met by bsoiree Added part 9 of Second Son by A.K. Naten

June 3rd, 2005

Added part 4 of Hindsight by Lois Kay

June 2nd, 2005

Pre-order two books from StarCrossed being released tomorrow! Take my word, both stories are fantastic!!! Misplaced People by CG Devize
On duty at a London hospital, American loner Striker West is drawn to an unknown woman, who, after being savagely attacked, is on the verge of death. Moved by a compassion she cannot explain, Striker spends her off time at the bedside of the comatose patient, reading and willing her to recover. Still trying to conquer her own demons which have taken her so far from home, Striker is drawn deeper into the web of intrigue that surrounds this woman. Together they are taken on a dark journey, on the run from London gangsters, leading them into a tidal wave of deception, mystery and ultimately murder, that will change their lives forever. Mulligan by KG MacGregor
The days are long and lonely for Louise Stevens, whose retirement dreams were shattered by the sudden loss of her partner. All of that changes when she meets Marty Beck, a flirtatious, fun-loving, and infuriating golf pro who pushes her buttons, including one button she thought didn't work anymore!
Marty is intrigued by the pretty Louise, a newcomer to the Pine Island Golf Club with a beautiful swing, but a disposition that needs work. Certain they can eventually be friends, she's stymied when her good-humored overtures are rejected.
Love can come along at any time, even in the golden years, and even for two women who don't expect it at all. Though a shaky start nearly dooms their romance, something tells Marty and Lou that this one might be worth a Mulligan.

June 1st, 2005

Reposted part 1 and part 2 of Capture My Heart by PatsBard [story unlikely to be finished] AnnouncementXena Artist Contest

Attention Xena Artists
June's contest over at THE XENA SCROLLS has been posted and the theme is simple, send in your favorite piece of classic Xena artwork. The name of the contest is Clash of the Titans. So all you Titans get to thinking and send in your best piece.
Go to the link below for further details

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