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2007 Valentine's Day Special
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April 30th, 2007

Added part 6 (conclusion) of A Moment in Time by Mickey Minner

April 29th, 2007

Candid Conversations by Bobbie Stewart [classic/alt/complete]
Gabrielle is upset at something. Its only been a few days since Xena took an arrow and was forced to stay with Darius and his children. And Xena wonders if maybe the young woman is upset at the choice she made or something else. So she does a very un-Xena-like thing and tries to talk to her about it.

April 28th, 2007

Spoilt by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
The spirit Tataka gets more than she bargained for when she takes possession of Gabrielle in the fourth season episode DEVI.

My Dance With the Devil by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Reflections based on a pivotal scene from the sixth season’s HEART OF DARKNES, with reference to events throughout the series.

Added part 4 of Echoes of the Past by J. M. Dragon and Erin O'Rielly

April 27th, 2007

Snowball Effect by Kim Pritekel [alt/original/complete]
What happens when you're snowed in at work during a blizzard with a gorgeous woman you can't stand?

Added part 5 of Cage Undone by Roselle Graskey

Added part 4 of Birdie III - The Nightmare by Onesockbard

April 26th, 2007

Welcome to the Academy, Fanofthehearts!

Imperfect by Fanofthehearts [complete/classic/alt]
Takes place right after the camera fades in Past Imperfect. Very short fic about what we didn't see.

April 25th, 2007

Mac's Trail by powerbab [original/alt/complete]
Macadrian is a hard working “cowboy” just trying to survive in the mid-west in the late 1800's. Never thinking about friendship, much less companionship, she quickly becomes fascinated by a new-comer, card dealer, Elaina Montgomery.

Added Part 9 of Breathless by Lois Kay

April 24th, 2007

Added Part 3 of Missing by M.E. Tudor

April 23rd, 2007

New Fire by Mary Ann Brown [original/alt/complete]
Joanna had moved to town after her parents died. Her father had willed her the home she was now living in. She had been unaware that her parents had this place. The land was beautiful and was perfect for the horses she had. The barn was spacious and had room for more horses, if she chose to get more. Joanna had been walking around the place, getting a good look at her new surroundings, when she had discovered the cabin.

The cabin would become Jo's place of refuge when the rest of the world was too much to deal with. Jo spent many hours in the cabin. She would spend the time thinking, not about anything specific, just random thoughts. She spent much of the time thinking about her parents and why she was alone. She wondered if she would ever meet someone that she wanted to devote her life to. Ordinarily, it would have been easy for Jo to go to a club and pick up someone, except Jo was a lesbian and hadn't found a place to pick anyone up at.

She had adopted a puppy and kitten, but hadn't named them yet. They gave her someone to love and they loved Jo in return. Was Jo doomed to a life of being alone? Would she ever meet that special someone that could give her life the change that she felt was needed? Jo was content with being alone, but, like everyone else, she wanted to find that one true love. Jo had no idea that when she met the woman of her dreams, her life would turn into a nightmare.

Lisa had lost her husband and stopped living. She did what she had to in order to survive, but she had lost the will to live, it seemed. Many men had tried to win her affections, but none had succeeded. Lisa had gotten used to a life alone and had decided that she didn't want to be involved with anyone ever again. The pain of losing her husband, her only love, had taught her that being alone was better than being hurt. She had decided that the pain of heartache wasn't worth it.

Lisa was a member of the local fire department and was used to getting calls for all types of fires. This day, when she responded to a fire, she would discover a fire that could be put out and one that would only simmer until it erupted into flames that could never be put out, forever changing her life in a desperate attempt to tame it....

Added part 3 of Echoes of the Past by J. M. Dragon and Erin O'Rielly

Added part 8, part 9 and part 10 of Path of Thorns by Annemaart

April 22nd, 2007

A Different World by Melissa [classic/alt/unfinished]
Xena and Gabrielle cross paths with a mysterious woman named Selene who says she is from another timeline, she is running from something.....desperately searching for the man she loves...and as events begin to unfold they begin to realise that the thing she is running from may have followed her into their world...

April 21st, 2007

A Family Repair by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Gabrielle and Xena aren’t the only ones dealing with the aftermath of the fourth season’s A FAMILY AFFAIR.

When Xena Was More Than Herself by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Gabrielle's wry “inside view” of what it was really like traveling with a pregnant Warrior Princess during the first half of season five.

April 20th, 2007

Added part 3 of Birdie III by One Sock Bard

Added part 12 of The Message by JA Breeze

Added part 6 of The Last Good Day by Amy Boatman

April 17th, 2007

Added part 3 of Two Part Harmony by Colleen

April 16th, 2007

Added part 2 of Echoes of the Past by J. M. Dragon and Erin O'Rielly

April 15th, 2007

Added part 2 of Birdie III - The Nightmare by Onesockbard

April 14th, 2007

Credit Deux by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Xena and Gabrielle work through some post-obsession issues following Aphrodite’s mischief in the third season episode FINS, FEMMES AND GEMS.

My Mother's Eyes by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Solan reflects on his lineage, beginning with ORPHAN OF WAR, through MATERNAL INSTINCTS and at the end of THE BITTER SUITE.

April 13th, 2007

Added part 3 of Extended Intensions by Jynaki

April 12th, 2007

Anastasia's Destiny by DJ Belt [Mel&Janice/alt/complete]
A desperate secret from Mel's past thrusts her and Jan into a swirl of intrigue where present and past are blurred, dispossessed Greek gods thrive, and sinister intent abounds. This is, I think, number 12 in the series, after "The Treasure of the Amazons".

Added part 3 of The Tightest Knot by Maderlin Bidmead

April 11th, 2007

Added part 77 of In an Age Before by Phantombard

April 10th, 2007

Added part 14 of Nwyn by PsiDraconis

-from Intaglio Publishing

Intaglio Publications is proud to announce the release of Tara Wentz’s

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Sergeant Ryan Thomas thinks a traffic stop is nothing more than the mundane routine that fills her isolated life. In truth, this particular traffic stop is actually a moment in time that will change the course of her life.

Dr. Tobi Drexler, comfortable in her stable life as a Radiologist, suddenly finds her life about to take a different road, which will ultimately will lead both women into an adventure that will test them as never before.

Amidst the beginnings of their new relationship, there is a malevolent force that is determined at all costs to exact revenge. He has an agenda, and one of them will pay, and pay dearly.

From beginning to end, you will meet a myriad of unforgettable people; people whose lives mingle and intersect. Will one of them be responsible for the turmoil and danger surrounding Ryan and Tobi? Will they find the answer before it’s too late?

Behind this drama and suspense is a blossoming romance that will capture your heart and leave you wanting more!

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April 9th, 2007

Marvelous Light - An Easter Story by Alcandre [Über/alt/complete]
Galila was different from others. One of her best friends, Zilla, was also very different. And the love that they shared was one of the things that set them apart from others. But their best friend taught them both that their love was what made them wonderful.

Here We Are Again by Adam Chiron [original/alt/unfinished]
Cassandra Kaine has spent the last eight years in jail. But even with her release she is not granted freedom. Indebted to the man she failed those years ago, she must work for him or face lethal consequences. Night terrors, post traumatic stress and a dangerous but lovely young woman plague her as she tries her best to undo her past mistakes and win her freedom in truth. And when she sees a strange artifact in the possession of her employer , it sets her on a path that may not only alter her future but bring her face to face with a brutal and uncompromising past.

Added part 18, part 19 and the epilogue of Geonn Cannon's Ghost Light

Added part 5 of A Moment in Time by Mickey Minner

Added part 5 of Her Story by Xena's Girl

Added Part 8 of Breathless by Lois Kay

Added Part 5 of The Last Good Day by Amy Boatman

Added Part 2 of The Tightest Knot by Maderlin Bidmead

April 8th, 2007

PD Publishing have several announcements to make today.  For further information, please go to our website and/or check out these specific pages.  www.pdpublishing.com

We have TWO new books signed for future publication:

Hidden Enemies by Trish Kocialski to be published in Winter 2008
Renegade by Cheyne Curry to be published in Summer 2008
    ALSO, the following books are NOW available for purchase from your favorite book sellers!
Freshman Pledge by Larry Coles
Turning Point by Lara Zielinsky
Adeptus Major, 2nd edition by Alex Mykals
From our previous announcement that many of you didn't receive (sorry for any repetition):
PD is pleased to announce that Mickey Minner has signed her story, Rolling Thunder, to be published in Summer 2007.
PD is also proud to announce that J.P. Mercer's Talon and Anne Azel's Gold Mountain are finalists in the 2007 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards! Congratulations and good luck to both authors.
We at PD are continually thankful and appreciative of the support you readers give our talented authors.  We recently (Feb) celebrated our second anniversary of the release of our very first title (Roselle Graskey's Life's Little Edge, still our best seller) and now PD has 28 books in print.  This would not be possible without the readers supporting our authors or without the confidence the authors have shown Barb and me. 
To each author, we are very honored for your belief in us. 
To each reader, we are thankful for your support and kind emails. 
Keep looking for the many PD titles to be released in the near future!
Linda Daniel
P.D. Publishing, Inc.

Birdie III - The Nightmare by Onesockbard [classic/alt/unfinished]
Birdie is the young adolescent daughter of our favorite warrior and bard . She has many of the talents and the flaws of her parents and a few interesting characteristics of her own. Thanks for keeping her aflight .

Echoes of the Past by J. M. Dragon and Erin O'Rielly [original/alt/unfinished]
J. M. Dragon has collaborated with E. O'Rielly to write Echoes of the Past which is the third story in J.M. Dragon's storyline When Heaven Meets Hell and Fatal Hesitation. Olivia and Amelia are living together in a platonic relationship when an old love asks for Olivia's help. Will the old feelings Olivia had for her first love reemerge or will she stay with Amelia? This fast moving story has twists and turns and some you won't see coming.

Added part 15, part 16 and part 17 of Geonn Cannon's Ghost Light

April 7th, 2007

Scrrritch Scratch by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Imagines Xena and Gabrielle in their “golden years,” wondering what might be missing or worth preserving in their lives. Continued in “Everywhere, One and Eternal.”

Everywhere, One and Eternal by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
This sequel records from a variety of viewpoints the adventure a semi-retired Xena and Gabrielle prepared to embark on at the end of IseQween's story "Scrrritch Scratch.”

Added part 13 and part 14 of Geonn Cannon's Ghost Light

Added part 5 of A Stranger in My Family by Red Hope

April 6th, 2007

Added part 11 and part 12 of Geonn Cannon's Ghost Light

April 5th, 2007

Chicken by MBInc [original/alt/complete]
A voice, sweaty hands, and a phone number.

Added part 2 of Extended Intentions by Jynaki

April 4th, 2007

Solving a mystery with her...again by ScribingBard52 [alt/über/complete]
This is the sixth story in the Alex and Ellie Wallace series. The Wallaces of Applecross must solve a 2000 year old mystery to protect their lives...both present and future.

Added part 9 and part 10 of Ghost Light by Geonn Cannon

April 3rd, 2007

Added part 4 of Cage Undone by Roselle Graskey

April 2nd, 2007

Added part 7 and part 8 of Ghost Light by Geonn Cannon

April 1st, 2007

Added Part 4 of The Last Good Day by Amy Boatman

Added part 5 and part 6 of Ghost Light by Geonn Cannon

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