I know the graphic says 2007 on it but this is the last "What's New?" graphic that Michelle de la Rosa made for us before she got too sick last year. I wanted to take the time to remember her. We still miss you, Michelle.
~ steph


2008 Valentine Special

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March 31st, 2008

Added Parts 3-9 of Destiny's Choice by Karen Hockemeyer

Added part 3 (conclusion) of Birdie’s Song VIII  Talus by Onesockbard

March 30th, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Academy!

-from Jo Fothergill

Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards

A reminder to all that the current nomination period is due to close in at the end of the month. If you haven't put your nominations in yet please login to the website http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LesbianFictionReadersChoiceAwards enter them into the database. As always if you prefer you can email them directly to me ... dragonsinger57@gmail.com

Thanks to all of you who have already nominated books and authors.

>From Bedazzled Ink

Rogue Books is slinking out of a musty well-hidden back room of Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company with an exciting new project, The Xenaverse Scrolls. We want to document the Xenaverse phenomenon before memories fade about its origins and history. Call us crazy but we want everyone to know about the wonderful phenomenon of the Xenaverse. So Xenites of the world unite! Be as crazy as we are and help us capture this amazing world created by the fans of Xena: Warrior Princess and preserve it for present and future generations to view with awe and envy, and for scholars to study and analyze and write scroll upon scroll of scholarly prose.

This series of scrolls, converted to the convenient book format, will contain personal stories and well-researched, in-depth essays covering all aspects of the Xenaverse. Join us in this celebration of the Xenaverse. Become of a part of the Xenaverse history.

We are currently looking for contributions for the following volumes:

I Sing a Song of Xena: The Bardic Voice in the Xenaverse A collection of essays that explore Xena fan fiction and the bards who write it. Deadline for proposals: May 1, 2008.

The Five Dinars' Tour of the Xenaverse A guidebook to the important destinations, way stations, and landmarks in the cyberworld created by the fans of Xena: Warrior Princess. Deadline for proposals: May 1, 2008.

Fifteen Candlemarks of Fame: Celebrities from the Xenaverse A celebration of the special individuals whose unique talents and personalities has captured the highest respect of their fellow Xenites. Deadline for proposals: May 1, 2008.

Herding Cats With Melissa Good: A Celebration of a Reluctant Merwolf A collection of essays about Melissa Good's life, work, and influences. Deadline for proposals: June 1, 2008.

Beyond the Xenaverse: The Uber Phenomenon A collection of essays that explore Uber-dom and the bards who write Uber fiction. Deadline for proposals: June 1, 2008.

If you're interested in participating, read the submission guidelines for each book and put together a brief proposal of the topic you want to write about. Remember, except for broad overviews, the narrower the scope of the topic, the better. We're looking for well-researched in depth explorations of whatever you choose to write about.

Visit http://www.bedazzledink.com/roguebooks for the complete descriptions and guidelines for each book.

Thank you and we look forward to your proposal ideas. The Minions at Bedazzled Ink Publishing

March 29th, 2008

PD Publishing Announcement:
Barb and I are so happy that Mickey Minner has signed another wonderful book with us at PD. This book, Ghost-Towning, to be published in Summer 2009, focuses on the characters from Fast Break and some surprises from Rolling Thunder. For more information about this or any other PD title, please go to www.pdpublishing.com. Thanks for supporting all our authors. ~ Linda

The Strongest Tree by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
In this first-season story, which takes place shortly after the episode HOOVES AND HARLOTS, Xena and Gabrielle meet two girls who help the companions deal with the recently crowned Amazon Princess’ new fighting skills.

March 28th, 2008

The Homemaker’s Journal Featuring Articles on Pruning The Family Tree, Getting Rid Of Unwanted Cat Hair And Fixing Leaking Lavatories by Aurelia [über (humor)/alt/complete]

The fifth story in the Priory/Jacey series.

You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. An unexpected visit from a pushy relative throws the McAllister household into turmoil. Within two hours she has taken over the house and Dylan decides enough is enough. The battle lines are drawn.


March 27th, 2008

From Linda Crist

Linda Crist's last extra copy of The Bluest Eyes in Texas is up for auction at AUSXIP, proceeds to go to the Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. There are a couple of surprise bonus items she will be sending to the winner, along with the book, that Xena fans might like (one item Gab fans especially might like). Check it out here:

March 25th, 2008

Unchained Hearts by Lucy Winchester [classic/alt/complete]
This story follows Xena and Gabrielle on a relaxing camping trip as they recover from the previous month’s events. The trip contains among other things fishing, a festival, an unexpected meeting & of course a lot of love.

March 22nd, 2008

Added part 4 of Fortress at the Edge of the World by Mickey Minner

March 21st, 2008

Added part 4 (conclusion) of Letting Go by JM Dragon

March 20th, 2008

Welcome to the Academy, Xensissmart!

Chakram - The Untold Story [classic/general/complete]
This is a background story of how Xena got her original chakram. It takes place in Etruria, in the temple of Kal, Etruscan god of war, referred to in the 5th Season episode, “Chakram." The time is after Xena’s adventures in the Norse-land (6th season “The Rheingold,” “The Ring”, “The Return of the Valkyrie”) and takes place 6 months before we meet her in the Hercules episode, “The Warrior Princess.”

Added part 12 of Colleen's Two-Part Harmony

Added part 2 of Prophecy of Death by Gabrixena 2007

March 19th, 2008

I'm really excited to announce this update!

Added part 8 of The Nano Series - Illumination by Jules Mills. This is the final chapter in the Nano series.

March 16th, 2008

P.D. Publishing Announcement:
Barb and I are happy to announce that Mickey Minner's book Fast Break is now available for purchase through your favorite bookstore. Also, we have signed Mickey's Fireweed, the third release of the Jesse and Jennifer Branson saga, to be published in late 2008. For more information, please check out our website at www.pdpublishing.com.

Thanks for supporting all our authors! ~ Linda

March 15th, 2008

Suspicion by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Shortly after the Season One episode A FISTFUL OF DINARS, Gabrielle meets a man from Xena’s past who teaches the companions a lesson about keeping secrets from each other.

March 14th, 2008

Added part 3 of Letting Go by JM Dragon

-from Intaglio Publications

Intaglio Publications, Inc. is proud to announce the release of An Affair of Love by S. Anne Gardner
Available through www.bellabooks.com, www.scp-inc.biz, and your local book stores.

From a dark past, a forbidden love, a secret comes.

Among the confusion and the chaos of an unwanted reality, two women find something they neither want nor can deny.

Blayne Aston-Carlyle is aloof, self-sufficient, and used to damage control. She is at the top of her game, has always contained herself, and has never come up against any contention she could not handle.

Gabriella Matheson is a sculptor. The perfect daughter, she appears to have the ideal marriage, complete with two lovely children. A shocking revelation is approaching with a vengeance, and all that stands in its way will be eradicated.

Both women are on a collision course to a passion they cannot fight, to a love they cannot ignore, to an ending that will change everything.

March 13th, 2008

Welcome to the Academy, Karen Hockemeyer!

Destiny's Choice [alt/über-original/unfinished]
Destiny's Choice is an original work of fiction, a science fiction thriller of novel length with uber qualities. The plot is layered with romance, political intrigue, sex, and violence. At times the drama can be intense. Enjoy.

March 10th, 2008

Welcome to the Academy, Green Heron!
The Spirit Unwilling [postFIN/alt/complete]
Things did not go as planned for anyone after Friend in Need. The world now faces its biggest threat and the land crying out for a hero, may be crying in vain.

Wouldn't Change a Thing by Jo Baynes[alt/über/complete]
RJ shows Whitney how far a best friend's love can go and doesn't regret a moment of it.

Added part 3 of Fortress at the Edge of the World by Mickey Minner

March 9th, 2008

P.D. Publishing Announcement:
Barb and I are very happy to announce that Anne Azel has signed with us to have her futuristic story, Iron Rose Bleeding, published in Spring 2009. Go to Anne's page at http://www.pdpublishing.com/azel.html to see more about that and her other titles. ~Linda

Added part 3 of Helix by Kim Pritekel

March 7th, 2008

The Birth of Lord Jesse by KW Jordan []
This is the tale of Lady Jessen, heir to a throne she's torn between despising and loving. To be continued in the sequel, "Sweet Salvation".

Added part 2 of Letting Go by JM Dragon
Added synopsis:With her grandmother gravelly ill, Stella Hawke ends her army career to take care of the woman in her last weeks. Little does she know that an old army comrade, socialite Reggie Stockton, whose family owns the local newspaper, lives in Ashville too. A failed relationship puts Stella's life on the brink of chaos. Will she allow herself to accept Reggie's help to turn her life around and let go of the past? This is a journey where both women re-evaluate what they want out of life. Will that path lead to happiness?

Memento Mori by Lexx23 [classic/alt/complete]
POST-FIN II, Gabrielle is haunted by her memories of Xena's death and Aphrodite can't stand to watch her friend suffer. Together they travel to the temple of Mnemosyne where Gabrielle makes a life changing decision.

March 6th 2008

Bet On Madison by Lady D[alt/über/complete]
Sydney Rush was the most popular student at Freedmont High. She was class president, head of student council and the star basketball player. There is just one flaw, she believes a life without commitment and love is suitable. However, an insensitive bet on a small blonde turns her life upside down. Will this jock find love in an unexpected place?

Syd's Choice by Lady D[alt/über/complete]
The bet …that’s what brought two opposites together during their senior year at Freedmont High. Who would have thought something so deameaning and self righteous could turn into an event that would change two people’s lives forever? In this charming sequel, Syd and Madison discover that no matter what happens between them...their love is endless.


The Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards are now accepting nominations from lesbian fiction readers for our 2007 Favorite Book and 2007 Favorite Writer Awards.

To nominate you need only be a reader of lesbian fiction and a member of the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards. There is no form to fill out, no nomination fees to pay, and no book copies to provide. The award recipients are nominated and chosen by the members.

If you aren't already a member, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LesbianFictionReadersChoiceAwards/

Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards book categories are: Favorite Romance; Favorite Speculative/Sci-Fi/Fantasy; Favorite Adventure; Favorite Mystery; Favorite Anthology/Short Story Collection; Favorite Erotica; and Favorite Humor/Comedy.

For a book to be nominated for the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards, it must have been released between January 1 and December 31, 2007. And it must have 2 main characters that are lesbian.

Nominations will be accepted until March 31st.

Please join the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards where the readers' voices are heard.

Jo Fothergill

March 4th, 2008

Added part 2 of Helix by Kim Pritekel

Added part 2 of Fortress at the Edge of the World by Mickey Minner

- from Khimairal Ink

Good news for our Khimairal Ink fans.
(http://www.bedazzledink.com/khimairal-ink/) Due to our overflowing stockpile of well written short stories, we're putting out four issues this year (January, April, July, October) to accommodate them all. Thank you, everyone, for making Khimairal Ink a huge success!

Khimairal Ink is a labor of love for us and we want to pay our authors and artists and keep it free for you to read. If you'd like to help support Khimairal Ink, join us in our Painless Donation Campaign.

The next time you want to place an order with Star-Crossed Productions or Amazon (any kind of order, it doesn't have to be a book) visit http://www.bedazzledink.com/khimairal-ink/ and use our Painless Donations links. It's painless for you because the donations come from Star-Crossed and Amazon just for ordering through our links.

Thanks in advance for your support. See you for our April 1st issue--the stories will make you smile... no foolin'! <g>


-from L-Book.com

L-Book.com New Releases

Mobipocket ª format is NOW available for all titles.

New Book Release:

Fran Heckrotte continues her Illusionist series with Lilith, the sequel to Bloodlust.
Yemaya, the Illusionist, and her journalist partner, Dakota, find themselves embroiled in a search for the person responsible for the rape and torture of a young Carpi woman attending a university in the States. When they decide to visit a local nightclub for Òwomen onlyÓ, they find the owner and her employees unusual. Dakota feels mysteriously attracted to one of the clientele while Yemaya recognizes a kindred spirit in Lilith, the club's owner. Spiritual ancestors, missing whores, a sadistic exporter and new acquaintances lead the two lovers into an adventure of biblical proportion.
Lilith, She was a demoness, as old as humanity itself. Now the owner of a women's only nightclub and part owner of the Sisterhood, a small group of whores who have banned together to create a better life for themselves, it was her job to protect those women who were putting so much trust in her. When a pimp, decides to eliminate his competition Lilith and her two demon partners want revenge-and no one knows better how to exact it than demons. This is a revelation of the past, the present, and the events that forever changed the course of human history.

Signing of New Authors and New Books:

Rrrose Carbinela has joined L-Book ePublisher. Her romantic anthology, Mild to Wild, is scheduled for eBook release in April 2008 and L-Book release May 2008.

Of mixed Arab/Latino descent, late-blooming Rrrose finally accepted her sexuality after fifty trips around the sun, and she's loving it. Twice graduated from a Mid-Atlantic University, once as a Spanish major and later as a Psych major, she is still crazy about languages. Her other interests include writing, reading, photography, motorcycling, shooting pool, dancing, and women, not necessarily in that order. She firmly believes that sunrise is worth waiting up for. Write her at carbinela@lebarican.com.

Romance: Mild to Wild
From the sweet first blush of blossoming romance to the wild erotic adventures of exotic women, this volume will present you with a set of fourteen varied stories about women and the women they love. Come on a quick tour of Ancient Greece, the Caribbean of the late 1700's, and Modern America to discover a world of Lesbian Love.

Fran Heckrotte has just signed her new standalone book Solaria and is scheduled for release May of 2008.

The first awareness of existence was a chaotic flash of colors, meaningless and yet in an odd way logical; why, she wasn't sure. Birth is the most significant event in life, and yet it is never memorable; at least not for the newborn; but then she really wasn't a newborn, even though it was the first day of her life. She was 1A526, the first of her kind, an artificially intelligent blend of technology and bio-mechanics. Created to serve humans, Solaria and her AI programmer, Carley, soon discover the company funding the Hubot Project had more sinister motives. If Solaria were to fulfill the hopes of the woman who had given her existence meaning, she would have to become the human her programmer had dreamed of and take down Future Dynamicon, the company that created her.

Fran Heckrotte has extended her relationship with L-Book, publishing her fourth and fifth books of the continuing Illusionist series. Saira and Warrior Demoness are scheduled for release in the fall of 2008.

Call for Submissions - L-Book ePublisher wants original lesbian fiction only, will consider online stories. Please see our guidelines before submitting at http://L-Book.com/authors.html

March 3rd, 2008

Gabrielle Warrior Bard: Prophecy of Death by Gabrixena2007 [classic/alt/unfinished]
An encounter with an Oracle about the fate of her Warrior Queen and a nightmare of her own death lead a young warrioress on a perilous journey to seek out the help of a girl with a chakram.

March 1, 2008

Welcome to the Academy, GravityStar!
Desires in the Dark [classic/alt/complete]
During the episode ‘Heart of Darkness’ Xena and Gabrielle realise their desire for each other can no longer be held in check, especially in the aftermath of the dance. They decide to do something about it…

The Village Blacksmith (revised) by Brigid Armstrong [classic/alt/complete]
This is set the time between Hercules, "Unchained Heart" and X:WP "Sins of the Past"

Avalon (revised) by Calliopenjo [Über/alt/complete]
On a forgotten island, far to the north in the cold waters that border Russia is a kingdom that is ruled by a sovereign eager to explore and to form an alliance with an American President. This is her story as she prepares to leave home many adventures await her. Read along as she tells her tale and finds an unexpected treasure.

Shadow in the Sun by IseQween [classic/alt/complete]
Shortly after Season One’s THE PATH NOT TAKEN, Xena becomes the topic of conversation in a tavern where she’s waiting for Gabrielle.

Amends by Maclay [classic/alt/complete]
An alternative ending to 'The Reckoning': Xena is overwhelmed with guilt, and Gabrielle has some overwhelming feelings of her own...

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