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May 29th, 2009

Added part 25 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

Added part 2 of Infamia by Vivian Darkbloom

May 26th, 2009

We would like to welcome a new bard at the Academy, Jazemine Heard

The Best Kind of Revenge by Jazemine Heard [Uber/Alt/Complete]
Two hostile coworkers find that rumors and office gossip can blur the thin line between love and hate.

Added part 2 of Tin Soldier by Insane Englishwoman

Added part 6 of Innocent Catch by Weebod

May 23rd, 2009

Announcement from KG MacGregor

June 4-7, Bella Books & Spinsters Ink are hooking up with the womYn of the Denver area to read, build & party. Join us -- KG MacGregor, Karin Kallmaker, Ruth Perkinson, Tracey Richardson, Rose Pry & Kenna White -- for 4 days of events, including book signings, Q&A and the largest monthly lesbian party in the nation -- 1500 strong! We'll even strap on ... er, our tool belts to take part in Women's Build for the Denver Metro Habitat for Humanity. See all the details at our website, www.BellaYTour.com. Oh, and crank up your speakers. ;-)

May 22nd, 2009

Announcement from L-Book

New L-Book Release (audio) :
Solaria by Fran Heckrotte – Futuristic - Audio L-Book includes FREE eBook, all formats . Play on any device that can play mp3 music. Listening time 8 hours, 46 tracks, 10 minutes per track, L-Book total file size 337 MB.
Available at http://L-Book.com

L-Book Who We Are and Where We're Going
L-Book ePublisher is and always will be a publisher of eBooks, Audio eBooks and the newest future media for books. Often we are asked why we use a computer generated voice instead of the better sounding recorded professional actor for the Audio Books?

L-Book started with the concept of Samantha, a computer generated voice, a number of years ago. She was designed to read literature thus eliminating expensive live actors and studio production. L-Book was created to meet the needs of a variety of listeners, especially those with special needs. We offer quality Audio eBooks that are both affordable and accessible to dyslexic, sight, and physically impaired individuals giving them access to lesbian literature, to which otherwise they would have no access.

Many publishers, especially niche publishers, cannot invest in expensive audio productions of Lesbian Fiction. The cost is too prohibitive. L-Book has provided an alternative solution.

Our Audio L-Book pricing is on par with paperbacks, are available at affordable prices for immediate download without shipping costs or delay, and will play on any mp3 device, including the Daisy devices for the blind. As more sell we will continue to lower the prices.

We have received numerous emails from our listeners thanking us for Audio L-Books. Without the Audio eBook many listeners would not have access to lesbian literature. We also get great feedback from another very strong group of listeners. Younger people, who have grown up listening to computer voices, say Samantha's voice is the best they have ever heard and enjoy listening to her narrations once they get accustom to her voice.

Will L-Book ever use real actors? The answer is no. As indicated before it is too cost-prohibitive, and would disenfranchise the group of special needs we designed Samantha for. Samantha's voice may be inferior to many real actors but if you match her to other computer generated voices she continues to be the best in the industry and she will continue to grow and improve on her skills. L-Book will grow with her and continue to publish Audio eBooks, (audio electronic voices) now, and into the future of new technology. We thank all of our listeners, readers, and authors for seeing the future that merging books with technology makes possible.

Thank You,
Roxanne Jones
Cross post, ok.

May 21st, 2009

Added part 24 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

May 18th, 2009

Added part 23 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

May 16th, 2009

Welcome the the Academy, Lj R

A Sentimental Journey by LjR [Mel and Janice/Alt/Complete]
Janice comes home from her last day of the semester. Mel is in the kitchen, making dinner. A lot of happy loving ensues, and very little else.

Added chapter 4 of Taming the Wolf by Sammet

Greener Pastures Two: A Horse’s Tale End by IseQween [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Argo reviews the highs and lows of her life with the humans she adopted in 'Greener Pastures: A Horse’s Tale.'

May 15th, 2009

Added part 15 of Badges and Needles By Warriorangel

Announcement from Geonn Cannon
The third story in the Riley Parra stories is now available for download from my website now!
LOSING MY RELIGION: Following the threat from Marchosias and a harrowing incident in the morgue, Riley and Priest decide to take the fight to the demons with dire consequences. The story can be downloaded as a free PDF from my website:
http://www.geonncan non.com/riley_ parra.html

May 14th, 2009

Added Section II chapter 7 of The Renegade Lady Sheriff by B. Soiree

Added Section II chapter 8 of The Renegade Lady Sheriff by B. Soiree

The Unnamed Maid - Part 1 The Beginnings of a Plan by Gabrixena2007 [The Tudors TV Series/Alt/Incomplete]

Added part 21 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

Added part 22 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

May 11th, 2009

Added part 5 of Innocent Catch by Weebod

May 10th, 2009

Announcement from Jo Fothergill

The LESBIAN FICTION READERS CHOICE AWARDS were started in 2007 to provide the readers of lesbian fiction a voice. We are extremely proud to say that the readers continue to respond. In our third award period, our members nominated 76 books representing 67 writers.

We are very pleased to announce the results of the 2008 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards.

In alphabetical order, the Readers' Favorites are:

2008 Favorite Writer:
L-J Baker
Gerri Hill
KG MacGregor
Ali Vali

2008 Favorite Speculative Fiction/Science Fiction/Fantasy Book:
Adijan and Her Genie - L-J Baker
On Azrael's Wings - D. Jordan Redhawk
Shadow of the Knife - Jane Fletcher
Storm - Kim Pritekel
Truth Behind the Mask - Lesley Davis

2008 Favorite Romance Book:
Blessed Twice - Lynn Galli
Deal with the Devil - Ali Vali
Fast Break - Mickey Minner
Night Call - Radclyffe
The Kiss That Counted - Karin Kallmaker
The Lonely Hearts Club - Radclyffe

2008 Favorite Humor/Comedy Book:
Dresses and Other Catastrophes - Dani O'Connor
Made For You - Geneva St James
Once - L.T. Smith

2008 Favorite Erotica Book:
Blood and Mint Chocolates - Adrienne Brennan
In Deep Waters 2: Cruising the Strip - Radclyffe/Karin Kallmaker
Lipstick on Her Collar - Sacchi Green/Rakelle Valencia
Periphery: Erotic Lesbian Futures - Lynne Jamneck (editor)
Thirteen Hours - Meghan O'Brien

2008 Favorite Anthology:
A Little Book of Big Christmas Tales - Anne Azel
Best Lesbian Love Stories 2009 - Simone Thorne (editor)
Chilling Tales of Terror and the Supernatural - Patty G. Henderson (editor)
Island Girls - Simone Thorne (editor)
Toe to Toe: Standing Tall and Proud - C Tierney (editor)
Wetter - Nicole Foster (editor)

2008 Favorite Mystery Book:
Calling the Dead - Ali Vali
Hotel Liaison - JLee Meyer
Land of Entrapment - Andi Marquette
Partners - Gerri Hill
Secrets So Deep - KG MacGregor

2008 Favorite Adventure Book:
A Pirate's Heart - Catherine Friend
Branded Ann - Merry Shannon
Lethal Affairs - Kim Baldwin/Xenia Alexiou
Fast Break - Mickey Minner
The Sea Captain and The Lady - Vada Foster
To Hold Forever - Carrie Carr

The LESBIAN FICTION READERS CHOICE AWARDS are not just about awards. Activities are planned year-round to provide readers a voice. Regular features will include Reader Interviews and Rate That Book polls. The LFRCA is open to any reader of Lesbian Fiction and joining is easy. For more information on the LFRCA or to join in the fun, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LesbianFictionReadersChoiceAwards/

Thank you.

Jo Fothergill
LFRCA Administrator

Added Living in the Past, Book 2: Chapter 6 by Xenamungrrr

Added part 10 of Just Breathe by S. Lynne

May 9th, 2009

Announcement from Claudia Wilde
It's time for people to write more books Amazon will want to de-rank. Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company is especially proud to announce the publication of Lavender Ink -- Writing and Selling Lesbian Fiction by Fran Walker and a few of her friends.

At last, a resource for writers, novice and veteran, interested in writing lesbian fiction. In chapters by Fran Walker, L-J Baker, Nann Dunne, Sacchi Green, and Andi Marquette you'll learn . . .
--how to create vivid characters and realistic dialogue
--what an editor looks for in a well-crafted story
--tips on researching publishers of lesbian fiction
--how to work with an editor
--how to write query letters and synopses
--how the publishing industry works
--how to read a book contract clause by clause
--marketing strategies for your book

Illustrated with examples from real query letters, synopses, novels, and short stories, Lavender Ink has something for everyone interested in writing and selling great lesbian fiction.

For more information visit http://nuancebooks.wordpress.com/books/lavender-ink-writing-and-selling-lesbian-fiction/

Lavender Ink is also available as an ebook at the Bedazzled Book Peddler -- http://www.bedazzledink.com/bookpeddler. If you use the redemption code MAYFLOWERS for during the month of May, you'll get 10% off all your orders.


Claudia Wilde



May 8th, 2009

Announcement from Antonia Matheson
Antonia Matheson seeks her beta Jen to email her asap regarding her new email address so she can post the next part of GTGND please. If you're out there Jen, I need you. Otherwise anyone else who has beta experience and is up to speed with the story, feel free to contact me: antoniamatheson@ writeme.co. uk
Thanks ladies, an apologies to all who have been mailing me regarding the wait, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, I assure you.

A World of Change by JM Dragon [Original/Alt/Complete]

Rainy Days by Sean Ambrosie [Uber/Alt/Complete]

May 7th, 2009

Added part 20 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

May 6th, 2009

Added part 14 of Badges and Needles By Warriorangel

Added Chapter 3 of Taming the Wolf By Sammet

Book Announcement – from KG MacGregor
The 3rd book in the Shaken Series – Small Packages – is now available for pre-order from Bella Books
( http://www.bellabooks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=bella&Product_Code=b-mk1-smapac).
Order now from Bella and it will ship directly to you the moment it's released on May 18th.
In Without Warning , they fell in love. In Aftershock , their love was tested and reaffirmed. Now Anna and Lily Kaklis face questions about family and future when a homeless woman is killed in San Francisco, leaving a four-year-old who happens to be Lily's nephew in foster care.
Longtime Academy readers will notice lots of fresh scenes in this story, scenes that lead to an all-new outcome. This story concludes the online and previously published saga of Anna & Lily, but you'll discover I left the door wide open for more adventures with the Kaklis family. Check out Chapter 1 at http://www.kgmacgregor.com, and as always, thanks for reading.

May 5th, 2009

Added part 18 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan
Are you tired of being ignored, bullied and laughed at by successful men and women your age that you know aren't fit to shine your shoes?
Do classmates now have high paying jobs which should have been yours?
Is the economic crises hurting you in so many ways that you just want to scream, KILL THEM ALL!!!
If you said yes to any of these questions, then you're probably well on your way to becoming a homicidal maniac just like thousands of American just like you!
What's the answer?
Read When In Rome, chapter18
Yes When In Rome, chapter 18 soothes that runny nose and lifts your spirits. Chapter 18's fluffy love scene and humour will unclog your bowels and let the sunshine into it and your life.
So why take the chance that you could be under a bridge and chewing on bones of recently killed strangers or passersby? Read When In Rome Chapter 18
Innocent strangers will be grateful.

May 4th, 2009

Announcement from Blayne Cooper
My new book is available! You can find it here:
or here

Missing by IseQween [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Xena's return to life "pure" at the end of the Season Five opener FALLEN ANGEL forces her and others to grapple with personal issues beyond their mission to prevent the war gods Ares and Kal from getting their hands on the "light" chakram in the follow-up episode. This story also makes reference to the later SEEDS OF FAITH.

Added part 19 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

May 3rd, 2009

Welcome to the Royal Academy of Bards, Sean Ambrosie

Dreams of you by Sean Ambrosie [Uber/Alt/Complete]

May 2nd, 2009

Double Is Trouble But Triple Will Cripple by Aurelia [Alt/Modern/Complete]
Imagine…. Three identical sets of couples come together in the one place, confusing not only strangers but themselves as well.

Riley Parra: Open and Shut, No. 1 - Shades of Gray by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
Due to the response of people who have read my Riley Parra stories, I decided that I would give them something to read between "episodes." The main stories in the series will be posted a month apart, as planned, but to help make the wait easier, I will occasionally write a shorter story in the Riley Parra universe. It won't always involve Riley as a main character (and sometimes she won't appear at all), but it should help make the wait easier. The shorter stories will be posted under the "Open and Shut" marquee, so people know what they're getting when they click. Enjoy, and look for the next full-length Riley Parra story on May 14!

RILEY PARRA: Open and Shut, No. 1
SHADES OF GRAY - Shortly after "No Use Crying," Riley and Priest investigate a home invasion gone very wrong, but Riley soon finds reasons to dig deeper.


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