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November 26, 2015

The King's Favour by Barbara Davies [Uber/Alt/Complete]
1664. After the long, grey years of Cromwell's Protectorate, Charles II's restoration has brought back colour and flamboyance. Treading the boards of London's playhouses are the first professional English actresses, among them Nan Shelton. When she encounters apothecary's daughter Phebe Bonnick outside the King's Playhouse, it's the start of a new Act. But Fate hasn't finished with England, and the appearance of a comet in London's skies heralds calamitous times.

November 13, 2015

H M S Halcyon’s Voyage by Phineas Redux [Uber/Alt/Complete]
This is an Uberfic set in Great Britain in 1943. Flying Officers Zena Mathews and Gabrielle Parker—members of SOE, Special Operations Executive,—take a sea voyage in order to sink a U-boat.

November 5, 2015

The Academy of Bards would like to welcome a new bard today. Hello Inanna!

Demeter's Daughter by Inanna [Conqueror/Gen/Complete]
The pastoral lives of the residents of Potedeia are irrevocably shattered by the arrival of a dark-haired, dark-souled Warrior Princess. Stolen from the ashes of her village the young Gabrielle must learn to survive in this battle-scarred realm, must find the courage to confront the Conqueror and the strength to unchain even the most irredeemable heart.

A Card Game: A Tale of Red Neck, Arizona by Phineas Redux [Original/Alt/Complete]
Henrietta ‘Harry' Knappe and Calamity Jane save Wild Bill Hickock's life while visiting Red Neck, Arizona; then immediately get on his wrong side.


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