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October 31, 2015

The Royal Academy of Bards is delighted to present this year's Halloween Invitational.

Please, please, please, if you read 'em, feed 'em! Oh, heck, feed 'em even if you don't read 'em. Don't want those Bards going hungry.
This year's offerings:

Verrath - Who's Jack?

Texbard - Tricks

Silverwriter01 - Murders Of The One Hundred

Del Robertson - All The Ghouls I've Loved

Norsebard - Subliminal

Norsebard - The Final Hour

Mickey Minner - A Step Into The Past

Lariel - The Whispering

KMorgan - My Halloween Treat

Fingersmith - Attic Space

Colleen - Zoo Boo

CaseyROCKS - S'More Or Less

Geonn Cannon - Hear The Sirens Singing

D. J. Belt - The Strange Case Of Charity Bartlett

Aurelia - A Dire Dilemma

October 30, 2015

Sail to Apollo by Rysler [Person of Interest/Alt/Complete]
Captain Shaw is a feared pirate in the 17 th century just trying to make a living. A mysterious woman called Nous boards her ship in the middle of the ocean, speaking of a quest to save the world. Shaw thinks Nous is crazy, but that doesn't mean she's wrong…

October 25, 2015

Armageddon's Arrival by Schawnyboi [Conqueror/Alt/Complete]

October 23, 2015

Her Hero by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
Micah Boselli has always had a fascination with superheroes, an interest that evolved into a fantasy. As she grew up, she mostly forgot about the fantasy of a superhero swooping in to save the day... until she was trapped in the basement of a collapsed building and a sexy female firefighter came to her rescue. (A prequel to my novel featuring Kelly Lake, "Into the Furnace," available November 1!)

Announcement from Q. Kelly
At long last, “Woman Behind the Mask” is out! Below is a list of places you can find it. It will be out in print soon.
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon DE:
Amazon CA:
There are still about three days left in the giveaway; I'm giving away two free ebook copies (any format) to two winners selected at random. Plenty of time to jump in on the action! :) More on the giveaway at the end of this post.
For an excerpt , check out the beginning of the novella at the various retailers or follow this link (perhaps not exactly safe for work):
Blurb of “Woman Behind the Mask”: For Annie Hardesty, Zorro is a figure shrouded in the mists of fantasy. Whatever Annie does, from getting kidnapped on a cruise to adventuring in search of the Holy Grail, Zorro is in the picture. When Annie sees Zorro in the flesh at a Halloween party, she decides to make fantasy become reality.
Except Zorro turns out to be a woman.
Surprise doesn't stop Annie for long, and she sets up a sexual liaison at a cemetery. While Zorro, a.k.a. a lesbian named Hayden, is nervous as hell, she's game. The night doesn't go exactly as planned, but it's enough for Annie and Hayden to realize they have a genuine connection. Can they overcome obstacles such as Annie's boyfriend and Hayden's ex-girlfriend to discover who they can be together?
Giveaway details: What/who is your favorite Halloween creature, and why? Respond on Facebook, PM me, email me, attempt ESP, whatever...I'm flexible! ;) Deadline about noon Oct. 25 (I won't sweat exact times because we're all over the world).

October 20, 2015

A new bard joins the Academy today. Please welcome Schawnyboi!

Vengeance of the Destroyer by Schawnyboi [Conqueror/Alt/Complete]
Xena has her hands full attempting to conquer Greece while dealing with treachery and deceit from within the ranks of her army. Haunted nightly by visions of a young village girl she met long ago, Xena struggles to discover the meaning of her dreams, and to find the girl named Gabrielle.

Timeline of this story is after the events of “Armageddon's Arrival”, the first in the trilogy of stories. Part one of this story is the second installment of the series. I recommend you read the first story.

This is a Xena Conqueror Story, the plot is dark.

Fait Accompli by Geonn Cannon [Person of Interest/Alt/Complete]
The team gets Shaw back, but one person isn't at the reunion. (Root/Shaw, Season 4 AU, spoilers beyond If-Then-Else ).

The Fashion House Incident by Phineas Redux [Uber/Alt/Complete]
( Story 11 of the ‘ Drever and Cartwright ' series)Fiona ‘Fay' Cartwright & Alice ‘Al' Drever are private detectives in an East Coast American city, in the 1930's. They are asked to investigate a case of business theft at an international fashion house.

October 16, 2015

Xena and the Kraken by Phineas Redux [Classic/Alt/Complete]
(4th of the Xena Exploits-Series) Xena and Gabrielle, with help from some Viking friends, seek out and fight a legendary sea monster off the coast of Norway.

Added Part 7 - Chapter 9 of Earth in Turmoil by Psyche_b [Andromeda/Alt/Incomplete]

October 10, 2015

Announcement from the Academy of Bards
One of our long-term authors and cornerstones of the Xenaverse, Nene Adams passed away on October 3rd with her partner, Corrie, at her side. Our condolences are extended to them.

Announcement from the Geonn Cannon
Since 2007, I've been writing stories about a small group of women who live in Squire's Isle, Washington. It started with my novel “On the Air” and just exploded from there. In addition to other novels set on or featuring the island (Gemini, World on Fire, The Following Sea, etc), I've also written over 130 short stories following the residents of the island. Since the first story, there have been marriages, break-ups, mayor elections, a baby, and so much more. There were events planned well in advance (the baby) and surprises even I didn't see coming (one couple becoming polyamorous). Now every story has been collected in chronological order, and you can get them for free ! Two volumes, over 300 pages each, and both are available for download right now.

So if you've missed any and want to catch up, or if you want to start from the beginning, or if you just want to have a copy of the stories living on your e-reader, this is your chance! Stories feature Nadine and Miranda Powell, Jill and Patricia Hood-Colby, Alex Crawford, Rachel Tom, Amy and Kate and Nicole, Molly, Shane, Cheryl, Kira… far too many to name them all. Get your copy here: and, while you're on the site, take a look around and see what else is going on. It's been a busy few years in the real world, too. <g>

It's a great little town, and I hope you enjoy visiting.

October 3, 2015

Dr. Duncan Goes to Washington by Ernie Whiting [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Dr. Gabriella Duncan flies to Washington DC to testify before a Congressional Committee. Naturally, the potty-mouthed Navy doctor winds up getting herself into trouble by stirring up a political hornet's nest of controversy.

Added Part 6 - Chapter 8 of Earth in Turmoil by Psyche_b [Andromeda/Alt/Incomplete]
Andromeda and her crew are safely home, but their lives and the lives of all citizens are at risk. This is the continuing story of the officers of Andromeda.

Announcement from Desert Palm Press
New Release from Desert Palm Press

Starless Nights

(Dark Horizons Book 2)


Rae D. Madgon & Michelle Magly

In this sequel to Dark Horizons Taylor and Maia did not know where they would go when they fled Earth. They trusted Akton to take them somewhere safe. Leaving behind a wake of chaos and disorder, Coalition soldier Rachel is left to deal with the backlash of Taylor's actions, and soon finds herself chasing after the runaways. Rachel quickly learns the final frontier is not a forgiving place for humans, but her chances for survival are better out there than back on Earth. Meanwhile, Taylor and Maia find themselves living off the generosity of rebel leader Sorra, an ikthian living a double life for the sake of the rebellion. With Maia's research in hand, Sorra believes they can deliver a fatal blow against the Dominion.

Available at:

Smashwords , CreateSpace , Amazon , and soon at Bella Books


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