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April 30, 2020

The Orion Spur, Book 3: Across The Great Divide by Harpy & HkdonXetG [Original/Alt/Complete]

Ambra ap Lentol has seized control of The Kalenth Hegemony and is ruthlessly consolidating her power over those who supported her, while those who stood against her have fled into hiding. 

Kikola ap Karthen, a disgraced military officer living in exile on Trengos, is asked by those who drove her into exile to return to the Hegemony and lead the opposition against Ambra. 

With Tehvay Veilan, the woman she loves, and her spirited friend, Rikana Lardis, Kikola must not only overcome Ambra's tyranny, but also the prejudice of the society for whom she is fighting.

To stop Ambra's reign and bring her to justice will require all of Kikola's leadership skills, some luck, and help from an unlikely ally. 

April 10, 2020

The Beauty of Truth by JS Stephens [Star Trek/Alt/Complete]

Dr. Miranda Jone, blind since birth, sees for the first time through a link to Spocks's eyes. She sees Lt. Uhura and knows beauty. Based on the Star Trek Original Series episode, "Is There Truth In No Beauty?"


New Releases from Desert Palm Press

Redemption's Road

(Five Points – Book 3)


CJ Murphy

My name is Rhebekka Deklan, and I'm one of the most unconventional pastors you'll ever meet. I'm covered in tattoos and frequently can be found on a sawhorse at the local brewery with a 1956 Gibson on my knee. Grandpa taught me to play, and I use those gifts to share God's grace at my non-denominational church, House of the Rising Son. From the stage of an old opera house in Thomas West Virginia, this retired rock star turned spiritual leader, tries my best to imitate the pastoral style of my former lover, Naomi Layman. Years ago, when we were together, I broke her heart during a night I can't remember. Sometimes, it's hard to teach lessons of grace when I can't find a way to forgive myself for the biggest mistake of my life. Until then, my life is helping others find their path, while I wage war inside myself to balance the saint within the sinner as I make my way down Redemption's Road.

Available at:

Desert Palm Press website, Smashwords, Amazon, and Bella Books

April 1, 2020

Harrison-Starr's April Day Chuckle Pack by Norsebard [Uber/Alt/Complete]

To celebrate April Fools' day, here's a compilation of some of the funnier moments from the Harrison-Starr Detective Agency-series. Relive what happens when the mop-topped firebrand Stella Starr and her business associate slash main squeeze Regina Harrison get mixed up in all sorts of wacky situations with all the usual elements - zaniness, rapid-fire banter and tons of sweet lovin'. It might look dangerous, but don't worry… they know what they're doing!

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