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March 31, 2020

The Fateful Truths by Kim Attridge [Original/Alt/Complete]

The Second Book and final book of Pines Falls.

Two years has passed since Katelyn Jensen's untimely departure from the Pines. She'd finally built a life for herself in Boston. Finally able to leave Sami Wilson behind her, she's able to breathe easier with each passing day, thanks to a little help from a new woman in her life Quinn Kenney. That is until her father Arthur Jensen pleads for her to visit home. Katelyn is quickly plunged back into the life she tried so desperately to leave behind. Even though she's elated to be around her family and loved ones, once more the tension between her and Sami has never been higher. With new obstacles arising around every turn Katelyn now has to chose between her new life in Boston or returning to the place she once called home.


This is S.Derkins, author of the Mother Earth Series. I decided to sell the series the first three short stories as one book on Amazon. The link is And a Door Opened: The Mother Earth Series 1-3 Kindle Edition

And a Door Opened: The Mother Earth Series 1-3 by [Derkins, S] Plot? Talk to the Muse cuz it is outta my hands --SDerkins

March 21, 2020


Free and discounted ebook at Bedazzled Ink Book Peddler


Bedazzled Ink is offering great deals during this time of uncertainty [plus I'm going crazy here in CA]. All of our first book of a series are FREE and special prices for selected ebooks.  Other stock is 25% off. Check it out here- . They are listed under "Free and Special Discounts" on the sidebar.

Jody Klaire's final chapter to her Above and Beyond series is being edited so now's the time to start the series with Empath. We have great YA and children's books for all those at home students. Stay safe and wash your hands! Don't hoard paper products...but hoard our ebooks!!

Take care!


March 4, 2020


Carrie Carr <>

Hi again! I've just re-released book #4 in the Somerville Series (featuring Lex & Amanda), Love's Journey. It's available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 and free on Kindle Unlimited. Just a few more to put out before I can get back to work on the newest one - yay!

Although Amanda Cauble has forgiven her father, she still must come to terms with the actions of her mother, who is in hiding after Amanda nearly died from the poisoning meant for her lover.

Lexington Walters is fighting her own battles, as her father returns from the rodeo circuit with a secret that nearly destroys Lex. His revelation is almost more than she can bear, and she acts out in anger and mistrust.

When Amanda's mother, Elizabeth, returns, she's hell-bent on taking Amanda away from Lex, no matter the cost. Her one-track mind will set in motion a wave of destruction that could cost Lex her lover...and her life.

Amazon UK -


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