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January 21, 2020


ReRelease of Hope's Path - Carrie Carr

After twenty years with a publisher, I've gotten the rights back to my books. I plan on releasing the via Amazon Kindle and KindleUnlimited, so that I can get them out to people who can't afford $9.99 per ebook. It's a long process, but I've released the first three books in the Somerville Series (featuring Lex & Amanda), and I plan on releasing all my books this way. After that, I've got a couple of books started, including a new Lex & Amanda.  --- Carrie

Book Three in the Somerville Series
(Featuring Lex & Amanda)

Available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99, and free with KindleUnlimited!

Rancher Lex Walters and realtor Amanda Cauble have settled into life together on the Rocking W Ranch. Unfortunately, someone is determined to break them apart - one way or another. After the ranch is vandalized and Lex is attacked, their future and that of the ranch has never been in more jeopardy.

While they try to find whoever is responsible, Lex and Amanda must also navigate through the stress of hosting their families on their first holiday together.

Will their love be strong enough to keep them together after they find out who's responsible for their recent troubles?

January 13, 2020


New Releases from Desert Palm Press

Taming the Wind

(Warrior Class – Book 2)


S.L. Kassidy

This sequel to Warrior Class – Sky Cutter finds Princess Nakia Lysand has been returned to her homeland and Queen Ashni Akshay has her tribute, enough money to conquer the West. They should both be happy, but they are miserable. Nakia has a forced marriage to worry about and Ashni's mind isn't on her dream anymore. All Ashni wants to do is get Nakia back and all Nakia wants is to return to Ashni. Can they find each other again?

Available at:

Desert Palm Press website, Smashwords, Amazon, and soon at Bella Books


New Releases from Desert Palm Press

A Quantum Singularity

(Nexus Trilogy – Book 3)


C.A. Farlow

In this, the conclusion to the Nexus Trilogy, Lauren and Alex’s return from Earth reality is interrupted by the exiled traitor Gwenhywfach, Chief of Clan Cador. The traitor grabs Alex out of the quantum tubula connecting realities and spirits her away on the Dubh Mogairle, Clan Cador's Black Orchid; leaving the Terran solar system for parts unknown. Lauren and the companions are devastated by her kidnapping.

Lauren and Alex’s soulmate bond is stretched to the limit, as the Cador ship streaks across the galaxy. Lauren and the companions race to retrieve their Queen. But first, Lauren must fight the Terran Council for her right to rule in Alex’s stead. They must get Alex back. To do this, they must: travel faster, traverse less distance, take less time to overtake the Dubh Mogairle. TO accomplish this, Lauren must recover existing Terran technologies or discover new ones. Along the way, they make new friends and form new alliances could strengthen Terra and her history.

Available at:

Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Amazon, and soon at Bella Books


Publication Announcement:

The RV Ranch

Ebook available at 

$7.99 and on Kindle Unlimited 

Physically and emotionally hurt during her last tour in Afghanistan, Joelle (Jo) McCallister returned home. When neither her military accolades nor the exploits of her new Bohemian lifestyle fill the void in her life, she takes to the road in her RV in search of purpose and meaning to her life. An early blizzard leaves her stranded in the middle of Wyoming, where she meets Kate Nolan. 

After her career dreams were crushed, Kate Nolan returned home to find her grandmother (Grams) ill, and her ranch falling apart. Her plans to rebuild go up in flames when a fire destroys the newly built cabins. Matters get worse when the bank manager shows up with default papers to repossess the property, and when bullets fly because outsiders with an interest in the ranch try to take it by force. When all seems lost, Jo asks Kate for the one thing that is most difficult for her to give, her trust. Jo calls her Army buddies to help solve the mysterious circumstances happening at the ranch.

Grams thinks Jo is the person who can restore Kate’s ability to trust again, and Kate the person who can heal Jo’s hurts and bring purpose to her life. Have the forces of nature conjured a plan to bring these women together to heal their wounds, save each other, and the ranch? Was Grams’ right about Kate and Jo? Or will the appearance of an ex-girlfriend and would be lovers ruin their chance for love?

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