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May 10, 2021


New Release from Desert Palm Press

The Road to Kalazad
(Kalazad – Book 1)


K.L. Mitchell

Revka and her centaur girlfriend Iyarra are wandering adventurers almost as good at getting out of trouble as they are at getting into it. But when a mysterious duke shanghais them and forces them to go galloping cross-kingdom to steal an ancient artifact, can they deliver the goods before time – and their luck – runs out?
Join the two adventurers as they go from one misadventure to another, encountering dragons, gangsters, highly suspect wizards, and a nonstop parade of monsters and miscreants in a fantasy kingdom that’s unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Amazon, and soon at Bella Books

(**DPP has continued it’s 10% discount on the entire catalogue.)

May 8, 2021

Trite Tales of a Knight in Rusty Armor, Tale I: How It All Began by Sam Pagan [Uber/Alt/Complete]

Rhian, a person-at-arms, shares her story about how she started down that path with Ellery, her enthusiastic fan.

May 7, 2021

The Fateful Truths by Kim Attridge [Original/Alt/Complete]

The Second Book and final book of Pines Falls.

Two years has passed since Katelyn Jensen's untimely departure from the Pines. She'd finally built a life for herself in Boston. Finally able to leave Sami Wilson behind her, she's able to breathe easier with each passing day, thanks to a little help from a new woman in her life Quinn Kenney. That is until her father Arthur Jensen pleads for her to visit home. Katelyn is quickly plunged back into the life she tried so desperately to leave behind. Even though she's elated to be around her family and loved ones, once more the tension between her and Sami has never been higher. With new obstacles arising around every turn Katelyn now has to chose between her new life in Boston or returning to the place she once called home.

May 5, 2021

Mel & Janice: The Dirty Game by Norsebard [Uber/Alt/Complete]

Action!  Adventure!  Danger!  Excitement!  Janice Covington and Mel Pappas return to the page in an explosive tale of counter-insurgence, double-crosses, lethal foes and secret agents with dubious pasts. When Mel and Janice are roped into carrying out the dirty work for a top-secret intelligence agency operating in post-war Germany, they find themselves in the firing line in a conflict they want nothing to do with. As the Cold War threatens to flare up, it soon becomes clear why the world of international espionage is known as... THE DIRTY GAME!

The Hidden Scrolls by D.C. Parker

Just some little scenes and thoughts that occurred to me while watching the show, that might have happened before, inbetween, or after the named episode. Enjoy!!!

5. The Price [Classic/Gen/Complete]


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