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August 31, 2020

Changes on the Horizon by JS Stephens [Original/Alt/Complete]

Cassandra "Sandy" Marcus has come to Wheatley, Texas, to take over as manager of the newest location of Jenkins Home Improvement Stores. Little does she know what is in store for her when she gets to know Amanda Jenkins, who worked there for her father before the family sold the store to Jenkins. (Story originally started in 2016, completed in 2020 (and pretending COVID-19 never hit…))

August 13, 2020


New Releases from Desert Palm Press

Traumatic Love


Ellen Hoil

Dr. Nydia Rogers was stripped of her future long before she had one, she now lives day to day. Her life focused on being a trauma doctor and saving others, not herself. Jo Powers, a cop doing her best to make a difference, is a survivor of domestic violence because of someone she thought was her protector. Chance brings them together, but will real life keep them apart?For the first time in her life, Jo will use every bit of charm and romance to gain the trust of Nydia to soothe both their wounds. Will it be enough to win the heart of the emotionally scarred doctor? Traumatic Love includes themes of surviving domestic violence, abuse, and bullying and is recommended for mature readers.

Available at:

Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Amazon, and Bella Books


Flight to Paradise


Gail Newman

Sara Burton had dreams of being a writer. A fateful meeting with the glamourous Claire Elliot derailed those dreams and has sent Sara on an adventure into the world of movie making. Joining her on the way is her best friend and sidekick Chole. Sara’s content in her role as assistant to Claire. That is, until a series of unexplained events and secrets cause Sara to question whether she is involved in a movie plot of her own. What parts do Claire’s insufferable agent, Abby and the mysterious French actress Claudine Monet play? More importantly, for Sara, what role does she play in all of this.

Available at:

Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Amazon, and Bella Books


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