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September 25, 2020

Announcement from Stein Willard:

The 1st Book in my Regency series, titled The Discreet Servant. Available on Amazon

Back of the book: Married life was sheer torture for Jane. She never wanted a husband in the first place—especially, not so soon after the loss of her beloved parents. However, social norms in nineteenth century England dictated that a young, beautiful heiress needed to have a handsome, successful man by her side. That was the picture perfect depiction of 19th century England.  

Hirsh has acted out many personas in her life, but the one of loyal, discreet servant was by far the toughest act she ever had to portray. It might’ve been easier had she not been head over heels in love with the tragic, young woman, who also happened to be her employer. For survival’s sake, she donned the cloak of discretion and submission, even though her very nature rebelled violently against the injustice playing out before her eyes. 

 Read an extract from Chapter 1.

September 16, 2020

A Goddess's Secrets by Ashleth [Classic/Gen/Complete] - removed for editing

Faced with a heartbroken Gabrielle post-"A Friend in Need," Aphrodite comes clean about the large part she played in the bard's life behind the scenes.

September 11, 2020

The Betrayer by Ashleth [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Gabrielle's untold experience during “The Deliverer.”

Academy Announcement

Calling all Bards! Brush off the keyboard and sharpen your quill! The Royal Academy Of Bards Halloween Special is coming up soon and we’d like you to submit your writing. 

  • They can be of any genre (general or alternative) and any fandom.
  • Please add which genre, which fandom and the pairing in the email subject line every time you submit a story to us.
  • We do not accept real people fiction/stories.
  • The characters in the stories must be of legal age of consent if adult sexual relationships are involved. FYI: It doesn't matter what state/country your story is set in...the legal age of consent is 17 years old for characters in stories archived at the Academy. 
Please submit your work to: by midnight, October 29th of your time zone. That will give the Munchkins time to get the stories ready for our audience.

Please send any questions to the submissions list, too. We look forward to seeing you!

Announcement - Given the changes to Yahoo policies, the Academy Submissions group has moved to

You will not need to subscribe to the list - just send an email with your announcement or your attached story to

We will then receive and process your work. Easy!

The Academy 411 Yahoo group has moved to! If you want to meet up with other folks looking for stories, subscribe. If you are on the Academy 411 Yahoo Groups list, please sub in as soon as possible if you want to stay on the 411 list. If you snooze, you lose! Publishers and authors..this list is perfect for hyping your new stories/books.

To subscribe, email to:


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