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February 24, 2023

Part 10, Gabrielle Goddess of War by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

When an evil hell goddess attacks Poteidaia and almost kills Xena, Gabrielle goes to war.

February 20, 2023

Part 9, Gabrielle Goddess of Death by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Gabrielle, after healing the same soldiers over and over in battle, has to decide when enough is enough and  if, or when, she should  let them die.


After the events of the first story the village must deal with the fallout that follows. All seems calm until Gabrielle gets word about some of the other tribes have heard about the village and the events that happened there. The various tribes state that they're holding a summit between all the village's and request for Gabrielle to come as queen and bring some emissaries from the newly discovered secret Sapphire Snow Owl Tribe to explain some of the rumors that have been going around. But during the summit tensions between the different groups there escalate. As queen, Gabrielle tries to restore order before things get out of hand. But after a tragic event happens during the summit, the various tribes blame another. This sparks an all out war amung the whole amazon nation. It's up to Gabrielle, Xena and their amazon allies who oppose the war, to put an end to the violence and bloodshed before it completely destroys the Amazon's for good.


Chasing Liberty
Crash, bang, romance!
by bestselling author - Isabella

Available at:  Sapphire Books    Amazon  

Lesbian Suspense, Intrigue and Romance

Liberty “Libby” Chase’s name an explosion of patriotism from her military father and her yuppie, free-loving mother. Her name emerged from a drug-induced haze her parents floated through the night she was conceived. Life threw her a curve ball when she was born with fiery red hair and a too-tall gene, striking an intimidating figure. It’s perfect, however, for her personality and for her line of work: a hard-nosed cop with a wicked sense of humor.

Morgan Pierce is a corporate lawyer who has mapped out the path her life will take. So far, it’s working out as planned, and she is on track to make partner in her firm. That all-but-certain end is called into question when an unexpected revelation rocks her world off its axis. Perhaps it was inevitable, but now she must come to terms with a lifestyle change that will upend everything—and everyone—in her world.

When a fatal car crash with suspicious origins makes it clear that Morgan’s life is in danger, these two women from different worlds must work together to figure out who wants Morgan dead…and why.

She Who Would be King
by bestselling author – Kim Pritekel

Available at:  Sapphire Books    Amazon

She Who Would be King The lie will set you free by [Kim Pritekel]

Lesbian historical romance 

Cateline is the seventeen-year-old daughter of a nobleman in fourteenth-century France. It's a time when children aren't seen as those to be loved and cherished, but instead are used as pawns and bargaining chips on the chessboard of control and privilege.

She is married off to a prince in the country of Sursha, a Gaelic-speaking island nation near Ireland. Fergus, her betrothed, is next in line to take over once beloved King Carthac dies. Or is he? 

Fallon, the youngest royal child and only girl, has been raised as one of the king's sons her entire life, for reasons she has never fully understood. A natural fighter, she was raised to be a warrior and head the Crown's Elite Guard assigned to protect her boorish brother Fergus. 

Forced to fill in for her brother in an unexpected way, an instant attraction between Fallon and Cateline forms. In a game of thrones filled with deception and betrayal, even the most secret love can mean death.

February 15, 2023

Family Obligations by ManiacalShen [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Things are almost back to normal after Callisto’s second rampage and subsequent body swap. But there’s one thing Gabrielle must go back to Potidaea to do, and this time Xena’s coming along. Takes place after S2E08, “Ten Little Warlords.”

Part 8, Gabrielle and Aphrodite's Night on the Town by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

While Xena is having a long overdue visit with Eve, Gabrielle and Aphrodite decide to sample Athens' nightlife.



New Release from Desert Palm Press
House of Refuge (Five Points – Book 5)
CJ Murphy

Rhebekka and Naomi Deklan have built a life with family and friends surrounding them and their ministry. Their message offers the marginalized an understanding of grace often withheld within the confines of mainstream religion. A documentary on Rhebekka’s former religion unearths buried incidents of abuse. Rhebekka is determined to unseal the special blue envelopes and bring justice to the victims preyed upon by those in power.
The Deklans will make room for old and new family members at their crowded table. Faith will be the rock on which their house of refuge will be built, while walls of love and acceptance will shelter them from the wind and tides of an ever-shifting world.

Available at: Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Amazon, and Bella Books


February 10, 2023

Death Takes a Holiday by Phineas Redux [Uber/Alt/Complete]

A mixed bag of tourists, travelers, feckless itinerants, and idle wasters visit an English village for a variety of reasons: believe the motivations or origins of any of them at your peril!

Part 7, Gabrielle, Goddess of Love by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

When Gabrielle has two older and lonely people fall in love, Aphrodite is not happy with Gabrielle doing her job.

February 7, 2023

Part 5, Gabrielle, Goddess of Frustration by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Gabrielle must decide who to save - kidnapped children who are in danger or Xena's  life.

Part 6, Gabrielle, Goddess of the Unknown by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Mysterious lights in the sky, cattle mutilations, crop circles, and unexplained human abductions.

Sally Swackhamer, P.I.: Lucky Thirteenth by Norsebard [Uber/Alt/Complete]

For Sally Swackhamer, Private Investigator, and her secretary Vicky Prince, a four-day stretch in September 1947 turns into one of the most challenging periods of their professional lives. Sally is pushed from all sides when she's blackmailed into helping a crime boss recover something of great value to the Family, employed by a retired US Marine Corps General to find his runaway daughter and harassed by a shady police Lieutenant who's far too interested in what she's doing - but her opponents all forget the old saying that Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Throwin' Lead!


* Bedazzled Ink:

It's Publication Day! In Bus Driver Brice, Book 1 of The Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, we left our hero sinking into a vat of toxic waste . . . Never fear, Book 2 is here! [and the conclusion, Book 3, later this year with another great cover by Trish Ellis.]

In Unemployed Brice by A.L. Conner, [ You might know her as silverwriter01] Brice wakes up in the hospital after Virus drops her into a vat of toxic waste. She's not dead, but something's not quite right. In fact, nothing is quite right. Everything and everyone are the opposite of who they should be, like superheroes and supervillains keep themselves hidden from the public and, to her horror, her bus driving job doesn't exist. She loves her job as a bus driver! Brice finally figures out how to get everything back to normal. Too normal when she realizes her plunge into the toxic waste did not create a mutation to give her a superpower, and yet, the supervillains still are chasing her—with a vengeance. Fearing for her children's safety, Judy Watson wants Greer and John to move out of Brice's home. Then, in a final blow, the superhero committee strips Brice of her job because being the target of supervillains endangers her students.
Now unemployed and heartbroken Brice chooses the one option that totally erases her existence but protects her loved ones.

Find out more and buy a copy:

Haven't read Book 1? 
Brice Johnson is just an ordinary person. She spends way too much time on the internet, spoils her pets rotten, and hates washing the dishes. One of the few things odd about her is she loves her job as a bus driver.

Brice comes from a long line of superheroes. Everyone she interacts with on a daily basis has some type of superpower. Brice herself is what they call a baron in the world of superheroes—meaning she’s someone who should have special powers but doesn’t. In other words, just an ordinary person with an ordinary bus driving job for the International High School for Gifted Students.

Brice has lived twenty-seven years perfectly content with her unexciting life—her greatest challenge has been to find a girlfriend who doesn’t dump her. Like Bilbo Baggins, she views adventures as nasty, uncomfortable things that makes you late for dinner. An urgent middle-of-the-night call from Noel, an old friend with the ability to create ice from thin air, flips her contented life upside down as she reluctantly agrees to embark on an adventure to save the International High School from a nefarious group of supervillains.

Little does Brice know that once you start adventuring, life has a way of flinging adventures at you from every angle. 

Here it is with a new cover:

Get the ebook for 20% at the Bedazzled Book Peddler. Just use the Coupon Code: READERS20

* Stein Willard

My new book in the Supernaturals series, titled Feral, is available on Amazon.

Feral by Stein Willard image is a Panther face

The smallest disturbance within the supernatural realm could easily expose their closely guarded existence to humans with potentially devastating consequences. It is with this threat looming that the vampires and witches were carefully monitoring the turmoil brewing amongst the wolves.

Billionaire playgirl and business tycoon, Myer Olex, was the darling of the media and the Alpha of the biggest, most influential wolf pack in the country. No one but her is aware of the utter chaos that was her private life as she embarks upon a drastic new phase in her life whilst at the same time dreading the imminent implosion of her race.

Gillian Smith was happy with her uneventful life until she accepted a seemingly innocent lunch date which set her on a turbulent path of self-discovery.

* Debut novel from Desert Palm Press

Two Lives, One Heart


Barbara Lynn Murphy

When techie Josie Molina is volunteered by her boss to visit an elementary school to discuss careers in Technology, she reluctantly agrees. Her reluctance vanishes when she meets and befriends teacher Trish McCann. Josie, an unapologetic lesbian, tries to ignore her attraction to Trish because getting involved with a straight woman is always a bad idea. For her part, Trish realizes that what she thought she knew about her sexuality is all wrong, and she allows herself to give in to her attraction to Josie. Once Trish is sure of her feelings, she knows she must break the news to her mother, Marilyn. In doing so, she learns of a long-buried family secret involving her grandmother Anna and her decades-long affair with her best friend Mary.

Anna O’Brien is a typical 1920s housewife with a husband and two small children. When she meets her new neighbor Mary Monahan, her world is turned upside down when they fall deeply in love. In a time when such a relationship was considered both taboo and immoral, Anna struggles to keep her family intact as she navigates her overpowering feelings for Mary.

This story traverses both past and present to depict the lives of Anna and Trish as they discover their true, authentic selves.

Available at:

Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Amazon and Bella Books.


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