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January 25, 2023

Part 4 Gabrielle, Goddess of Healing by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Thanks to Salmoneus, Gabrielle discovers her true calling as the Goddess of Healing.


Debut novel from Desert Palm Press
Two Lives, One Heart
Barbara Lynn Murphy

When techie Josie Molina is volunteered by her boss to visit an elementary school to discuss careers in Technology, she reluctantly agrees. Her reluctance vanishes when she meets and befriends teacher Trish McCann. Josie, an unapologetic lesbian, tries to ignore her attraction to Trish because getting involved with a straight woman is always a bad idea. For her part, Trish realizes that what she thought she knew about her sexuality is all wrong, and she allows herself to give in to her attraction to Josie. Once Trish is sure of her feelings, she knows she must break the news to her mother, Marilyn. In doing so, she learns of a long-buried family secret involving her grandmother Anna and her decades-long affair with her best friend Mary.
Anna O’Brien is a typical 1920s housewife with a husband and two small children. When she meets her new neighbor Mary Monahan, her world is turned upside down when they fall deeply in love. In a time when such a relationship was considered both taboo and immoral, Anna struggles to keep her family intact as she navigates her overpowering feelings for Mary.
This story traverses both past and present to depict the lives of Anna and Trish as they discover their true, authentic selves.

Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Amazon and Bella Books.

January 23, 2023

Lioness at Rest by Maniacalshen [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Gabrielle's injured, and Xena's been run ragged. It's time for bed! Takes place after the Season 1 finale, "Is There a Doctor in the House?" Fluffy hurt/comfort.

Coda by Maniacalshen [Classic/Alt/Complete]

After their visit to Illusia, Xena and Gabrielle really should go check in with the Amazons. But it’s probably going to be awkward. Takes place immediately after the end of S3E12, “The Bitter Suite.” Gabrielle/Xena, Humor/Romance/Angst.

SCROLL 1: THE NEW ORDER  ("THE PRINCESS AND THE QUEEN" series) by True T 159 [Classic/Alt/Complete]

When Xena and Gabrielle help a group of amazons fleeing from slavers, they're invited to the women's village. Where they soon learn that their new friends live in a secluded, secret village that has been hidden from the outside world for centuries. But when the slavers later capture some of the women, Xena and Gabrielle soon learn the serious danger of what might happen if the wrong people in outside world were to ever learn the secrets that the hidden land holds. With fears over her safety, Gabrielle struggles to be seen as someone capable of not only taking care of herself but her people as well. It soon falls on Xena, Gabrielle and their allies to protect the village and it's occupants from a threat where the consequences of their failure could drastically change the balance of the whole world.

Part 3 Gabrielle, Goddess of Indecision by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Gabrielle, at Xena's suggestion, teleports both of them to Mt. Olympus to talk with Ares and  Aphrodite to try to determine what kind of goddess she is, or should be.

January 16, 2023

Part 2 Gabrielle, Goddess of... by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Gabrielle is discovering her new  powers as a goddess, and still doesn't know what kind of goddess she wants to be.

January 13, 2023

Gabrielle, New Goddess in Town by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Gabrielle gives a dying woman the last of her water, and the woman returns the favor with a cup of wine  But Gabrielle discovers the cup contains the Essence of Ambrosia and becomes a goddess, much to her trepidation.

January 4, 2023

Gabrielle Dreams by David E. Milligan [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Gabrielle dreams about a wonderful warrior woman named Xena.  About the Amazons. About an evil woman named Callisto and  Perdicus.   She tells her dreams to Lila.

From Ashes: The Eternal Flame of the Phoenix by True T 159 [Classic/Alt/Complete]

The story of Gabrielle's journey after Xena dies in the Xena Warrior Princess series finale "A Friend In Need" as she carries on traveling around helping people who need it. A number of years go by, the whole time she never forgets Xena. As she travels Gabrielle comes across people who claim that Xena has come back from the dead and is alive. Gabrielle wonders how this can be possible and decides not to believe it. But when more strange things begin to happen that point to that possibility. Gabrielle can't help but get her hopes up. She begins searching for answers. When she hears rumors that the resurrected Xena has gone back to her warlord ways, Refusing to believe that Xena would do that and knowing that everything about the whole situation is very suspicious, Gabrielle sets out to uncover the whatever is really going on and to find the truth behind the mysterious circumstances surrounding the supposedly dead Xena.

My apologies to these bards for not getting their stories out before Christmas! - PT

Miss Jenkins’ Holiday by Phineas Redux [Uber/Alt/Complete]

Miss Emily Jenkins takes a holiday from her duties as an assistant behind a shop counter in Tarron Bay, Devon, and goes on a day-trip eventually encompassing further reaches of Fantasy, including several earlier incarnations of herself, than she had ever imagined possible, or indeed could afterwards recall.

Rudolph Redo by The Bard of New Mexico [Original/Gen/Complete] 

This is the story of how Rudolph actually got his red nose.


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