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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
??? ??? CXW  New Year's Girl (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Red Hope NightFall Once Again
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Little Mac Nearest Distant Shore (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick C. N. Winters November 29, 1942
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Shalon Her Name
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick raistlyn NightCandle
Dana/Grace Ex-con computer genius / doctor [SciFi] Jules Mills Nano series [1-8]
8 is incomplete
??? ??? Drools Mills Carrot Cake Cycle (The)
Kate/Danny Ex-lovers meet a social gathering [90's] Vivian Darkbloom  Narcoleptic's Guide to Romance (A) (1)
Vivian Darkbloom  Lexicon for the Sunday Morning Sleeper (A) (2)
Vivian Darkbloom  Partita (3)
Jessie/Morgan Programmer / club owner [90's] Wolfie Nation
Sasha/Barbara Security guard / art reviewer [90s] Insane Englishwoman Nature of the Beast (The)
Xena/Gabrielle Fairy tale characters Cecily Hawkins Naughty Bard Tales
Cullen/Jamie Car pileup and two women help each other [90's] Meghan O'Brien Near Miss
Morgan/Kathryn Profiler / architect [90's] Little Mac Nearest Distant Shore (The) (1)
Little Mac Swimming for Shore (2)
??? PWP D Jordan Redhawk Need A Lift?
Chiara/? Biker race [2000's] K Need for Speed
Jessica/Laura Customer service rep/ teacher [90's] Frotu Needing Her
??? Romantic gesture goes awry. Troubleshooter Ne'er
Nancy/Bess Photographer/ unemployed woman [90's] Julie Baker Negative Reaction
Audrey/Lou Erotica in a bar scene Angelrad Nepenthe
Torrence/ Quinne Prank amongst neighbors [90s] Allyson Scott Neighbors, Capers and Heroic Type Things
Nikki Jealous lover exacts revenge [90s] Jane Fletcher Never Leave Me
Sybil/Clio Metro riders [90's] Moonlightdancer Never Say 'Bitch' to an Amazon Queen
Brooke/ Cooper High school reunion brings happiness [90s] Ambrosia Never Too Late
Cassidy/Jordan Police lieutenant and cadet [90's] Marion D. Tuttle New Beginning (A)
Fiona/Bailey Mothers of 1st time students [90's] Mavis Applewater New Beginnings
Alex/Julia Camerawoman / TV Journalist [90's] BlackGabby New Beginnings No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy
Gina/Gabrielle Marine and Navy officers forestall nuclear Armageddon [90's] Ernie Whiting New Adventures of XENA: Warrior Princess series [1-13]
Group of women Meet on a Friday [90's] Creme Brulee Neo-Classical Fridays
Christie/Mary Paramedic/ cultural anthropologist [90's] Ri New Day Dawns (A)
??? PWP [Fantasy] Nessa New Direction on an Old Road
Tala/Gabrielle Native American/ time traveler [Time Travel] Kodi Wolf New Gaia
Roxie/Candy Hockey goalie/ spectator [90's] Ri New Goal in Life... (A)
Danny/Emma horseman/rancher's wife [1850s] A.K. Naten New Life
Shelley/Frances Woman finds love in all the right places [90's] KG MacGregor New Lover Lust
Taylor/Sarah Doctor/ abuse victim [90's] Stoley New Paths I & II (1)
Stoley Journey's Path (2)
Jenny/Joie Hockey player meets enigmatic woman [90's] Kim (KP) Pritekel New Season (The) (1)
Kim (KP) Pritekel New Season (The): Joie's Story (2)
??? email connects women [90's] Lessa New Year, New Beginnings (1)
Lessa First Look (2)
Alison/Grace International reporter hosts a childhood friend [90's] Sunflower New Year (A), a New Life (1)
Sunflower Starting Again (2)
Torrance/Helen Fashion photographer/ math teacher & model Alex Tryst New York series [1-4]
Blake/Georgia Attorney/ school teacher
Jamie/Sarah Actresses working on movie are attracted [90's] Alex Tryst Love in Photographs
Alex Tryst Georgia on My Mind
Alex Tryst Stick to the Script
Alex Tryst Vows of the Heart
Torrance/Helen Torrance/Helen Interlude Alex Tryst Vampires and Angels
Amanda/Callie Bar patron / single mother [90's] Collaboration Newsflash
??? clones Bongo Bear NEWSFLASH!
Leah ??? Lani Radack Nice Perk (A)
Kai/Pierson Doctor / museum curator [90's] JuneBug Night and Day
Jess /Cait Stormy nite & flat tire [90's] Shalon Night Angel
Merlin/Morrigan Christmas is rewarding [90's] Taleweaver Night Before (The): A Merlin and Morrigan Christmas Tale
??? Kidnap victim Maderlin Bidmead Night Blooming
Eleni/Selene Starship Doctor/ nurse [SciFi] Miri Night Fall [aka Destiny's Game]
Xena/Gabrielle Dog owners seek quality time [90's] McFluffy Night Max
Oz/Niessa Ex-con & bouncer/ exotic dancer [90's] T. Harley [aka Harlequin] Night Moves
??? Strangers have sex [90's] BooDoo Night of the Storm (The)
Chris/Theresa Two women enjoy night cruise [90's] Wolfsword Night on the River
Mia/Kate Women have sexy fun at a club [90's] Fantasy Bard Night Out (A): Stage One (1)
    Fantasy Bard Night In (A): Paradise (2)
Nick/Beth Cabbie/ fare [90's] Dee Night Pickup (The)
??? PWP ricersanfriscotreat Night to Remember (A)
Julia/Shelly Rock singer/ merchandiser [90's] MikkiDee Night (A) To Remember or A Little Romance Never Hurt Anyone
McKenzie/ Jeanne Friends meet at concert [90's] Mavis Applewater Night We Almost Met Madonna (The)
Zafirah/Dae Ruler / slave [fantasy] Amber Nights of Silk and Sapphire
??? Woman laments [90's] Scarlet Nightmare
Bren/Tay Trapped on a spaceport [SciFi] archaeobard No Clear Path
Mariel/Gabs A woman's ghost comes to life [90's] Janice Nightmare on Cherry Lane
Corrie/Joan Momentary scare has an impact [90's] Loic Cloarec Hart Nine Minutes
Sheila PWP JL Nicky / HoneyBakedHam Nipple Factory (The)
Abby/Lucinda PWP Greek Warrior No Guarantees (1)
Greek Warrior (Joan) My Dilemma (2)
??? Trucker helps young girl [90's] Zuke No Kissing No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
??? PWP FJ Davey No Men on the Island
???/ Sharon Death collects passengers Susan Smith No Pain
Tori/Mallorie Woman is given another chance at love [90's] Idryth No Regrets
Viola Down on luck funeral director Lariel No Rest for the Wicked
Janice/Syndey Older woman hesitates with new love [90's] Sarah No Return
Lee/Missy When you can't [90's] Janice NO WAY, Period!
??? PWP Alix Nocturne In Red And Gold
Taylor/Sylvia Lovers get child for Christmas [90's] Treesqueek Noel's First Christmas
Sarah/Steph Kids provide common ground for moms [90's] Dabkey Noel, Noel
Noemi/Terri Pregnant painter appeals to exec. [90']s Katia N. Ruiz Noem  (1)
Katia N. Ruiz It's Our Anniversary (2)
Taylor/Torrie Artist/writer [80's - 90's] L. J. Maas (deceased) None So Blind 
Karen/Sam Evening dialogue Kam Caddall Normal Bedtime Conversation (A)
Emily/Julie Commander/ Observer [Sci Fi] Wind Star North Star (1) 
Wind Star Southern Cross (2) 
Gwen/Amber Commuters [90's] Whymz Northbound Love Tolls
Carrie/Danielle Jill-of-trades/camp store manager [90s] Elle Carey Northern Love: Journal of a Lesbian Summer Romance
Alex/Michelle Confederate sharpshooter/ relay operator [1860's] Wolfdragon Northern Peace and Perils
???/Amy Friend's discuss Valentine's gifts [90's] L A Tucker Not a Romantic Bone
??? PWP Amy van Dyke Not a Stalker
Xena Vampire [90's] T. Novan Not As Long As I'm Around
Tory/Keara Women fight then make up [90's] Phair1 Not Just Another Day No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Chris Computer tech provides service [90's] Texas Hottie Not So Typical Monday (A)
Mike/Gillian Cabby / fare [90']s Zuke Nothing Special
???/ Benton Woman in bar [90's] Jude Nothing Small About My World
Rusy/Katherine Sister-in-law attracts Wolfvee Now And Forever
Jamie/Jenny Werewolf/ programmer [90's] Elena Beltran Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (1)
Elena Beltran Shall We Go A-Shearing? (2)
Elena Beltran I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep (3)
Lona/Tashalia Time warped woman finds mate on another planet [SciFi] S. Derkins Now What (1)
S. Derkins Fallen (The) (2)
S. Derkins Reining in the Belle (3)