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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Carol Hansen Under The Stars
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Amazon Moon Uber-Adventures (The)
Sam/Coyote state senator/biker phair Unexpected
Nadia/Cory   Superheroes  J. A. Zollicoffer Unbroken
None archetype Beth Gaynor Uber in a Nutshell
Sarah/??? Blind date for ubers [90's] Celine Uber Is As Uber Does
Xima/Ariel Matchups of dark and light [90's] ksp Uber Uberalles Ubers
Abby/Dena Ex-con/ waitress [90's] Amazon Moon Uber-Adventures (The)
Xero/Rielle Hacker/ cybercop [SciFi] Bat Morda UberMadness - The Battle For The Third Age
Dana Cory UberMadness- The Lost Episode
Raven/Blondie gorgeous women [parody] J Falconer Ultimate Uber (The)
Alex/Casey Talk at a carnival Shalon Unanswered Prayers
Mare Solange/ Keeley Woman recounts her life thru journals and narratives [90s] Leslaureate (deceased) Unanswered Prayers The Autobiography of Solange Boas
Chris/Renee High school teens LaRecha Cummings Uber
Mo/Phyllis Sensitive talk Elena Drake Ultimate Lesbian Erotica
Jacie/Nina/Gwen/Audrey/Katie 5 friends over time [90's] Blayne Cooper (Advocate) Unbreakable
Brooke/ Samantha Ex-drummer/ music history student [90's] Carrie Ryan / K. Darblyne Unbroken series [1-20] No Longer Available -- contact the Authors
Carrie Ryan / K. Darblyne Unbroken: Wedding Bell Blues series [1- 2]
Jenna/Devon Space marine takes on private transport [SciFi] At3sparky Uncertain Twilight
Alexandria/ Stephanie Singer/ admirer [90's] Sylensure Unchained Melody
Tayce/Catherin Pirate/ young woman [1700's] KR Brendan Uncharted Waters No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Addison/Megan Space Renegade/ Journalist [SciFi] B. Iraca Smith Uncharted Galaxies No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy
Jess/Robin Jr. law partner/ associate [90's] KM Undeniable (1)
KM Considerable Appeal (2)
KM Intuition (3)
Ty/Brianna Bounty hunter/ farm girl [1880's] Patsbard Under A Colorado Sky
Kate/Serena Wildlife filmmaker/ TV Chef [90's] Portia Richardson Under The Kenyan Sky: A Romance
Mariel/Savannah Client/ Dog walker [90's] Mavis Applewater Under The Mistletoe
Shelley/Brook Loss of lover  Roki Storm Under The Stars/The First Day/And On We Go
??? PWP WolfSprite Under The Stars
Drew/Regan Married businesswoman / private investigator [90's] Mavis Applewater Undercover (1)
Mavis Applewater Stakeout (2)
??? Women quarrel [90's] Dani Unexpected
Betty/Kathy Suicidee / funeral director [90's] Ri Unexpected
Mary/Max Trapper/ soldier [Amer. Revolution] WarriorKat Unexpected Detour (An)
Jane/Liadin Firefighter/princess [SciFi] Leslie Ann Miller Unexpected Hero
Dina/Colleen Travel agents and adventure [90's] Ri Unexpected Pleasure Trip (An)
Alex Starship officer [SciFi] de Bonheur Unfinished Affair (An)
??? Chance encounter & passion CherylAC Unfinished Business
Katherine/  Michele Women flirt [90's] J. S. Stephens Unforeseen Chance (The)
Maria/Danielle Spanish swordswoman/ French Princess [1700's] Deb Kern Uninvited
Jordan/Tara Gang leader/ Criminal pyschologist [90's] Wolfsword Unions in the Night
Sindy/Sherry Betrayal ruins an anniversary [90s] Koda Graystone Unjust Surprise
Darcy/Wilder Friend of a barmaid trade favors [90's] Cephalgia / MJ Unlimited Sexual Favors (1)
Cephalgia / MJ More Unlimited Sexual Favours (2)
Cephalgia / MJ Return of Unlimited Sexual Favours (3)
Alex/Angela Woman's journal recalls lost love [90's] M. E. Greska Unmasked
??? PWP FJ Davey Unnatural Selection (An) - A Love Story
??? Passion in a bar [90's] SL Bowers UnRaveling No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
??? Woman laments Summer Lynn Forester Unsent Letter
Rachel Researcher wonders about a fellow library user [90s] fingersmith Unspoken
??? Woman remembers past loona Unspoken
Jo/Claire Daughter of ailing man meets neighbor [90s] A.K. Naten Unspoken Question
Kat/Haley Spy/ author [2000] Trigar Unsuspecting Target
Drew/Stephanie Ranch hand/ owner [90's] Daydreamer Untamed Heart
Andi/CJ Grad Assist./ college basketball player [90's] indigal Until Soon
Hunter/Nicole Miner helps a young store clerk [Western[ Ri Until There Was You
Dee Mom helps find driver that hit her daughter [90's] Extra Untitled
Frankie/Kelly ??? Mickey Minner Untitled Valentine
Nyx/Billie Survivors struggle to survive alien invasion [SciFi] Sarah Untouchable No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Alex/Rhonnie Detective/ friend's sister Sam Ruskin Up The River
??? PWP Barrudaki Upon The Steely Gray Clouds