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Alex Tryst

Last Updated:  3/15/2012

The Adventures of Super Dyke

Emily Parker was dared by her friends to place a wanted ad looking for love, or at least sex in the Big Apple, but the woman who answers may be more than she can handle. Erin Mahoney is looking to stay as far away from love as possible, and she doesn't want to alter her current relationship with Emily. However her persistent lust for the other woman clouds her judgement, and their ensuing sexual romp changes everything for both of them, possibly forever as they are forced to face their fears and desires for true love.

Blue Eyes

A night on the town for Dylan turns into an unexpected evening as a mysterious woman requests her company. Unable to resist those blue eyes, they journey through a night of discovery. A one night stand or a new beginning for two women searching for more?

The Rhythm of a Broken Heart

After their uncharacteristic one-night stand, what becomes of Dylan and her mystery lady? Both are desperately seeking solace, but will they find it together? Will they be able to accept each other as they are? When pasts are revealed, a newfound relationship is put to the test

Darkest Desires

A tale of two women so caught up in their careers and family, they have forgotten what it is like to be lovers, at least until one of them decides to do something about it. Plotting a night of seduction, Carrie takes Jess on a journey of previously unexpressed desires, proving that even after a decade of marriage, there can still be some surprises.

The Dyke And The Debutante

Two different worlds come together in this story about the senior year of college. Old friends reunite, but will there be more? Will the Homecoming queen fall for the charming all-star softball catcher? And will they even survive to make it to graduation? Crossover with "Legally Blond".

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Georgia On My Mind

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Love In Photographs   ebook version available

Two lives collide with a chance meeting at a photo shoot. When the photographer falls in love with her model, will she dare try to make her move, or will she adore her from afar? Find out in this romantic drama about finding your soul mate and realizing your destiny.

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Vampires And Angels   [Academy Halloween 2003]

Torrance and Helen dress up for a Halloween party and have fun with their roles.

The One   ebook version available

Two friends reunite after several years apart to find that they are both searching for that special someone. Setting out on a cross country road trip, the friends soon realize that love sometimes is in the most unlikely place, but will either of them take a chance?

Persistence   ebook version available

Two women trying to find their place in the world while longing for love, and one blonde's determination not to give up on the love she has for her hero.

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Time: Clock Of The Heart   ebook version available

This is the sequel to Persistence. Just when Drew and Lola are supposed to live happily ever after, their relationship is put to the ultimate test. Will they survive it, or will Lola lose her hero?

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Queen Of My Country, Queen Of My Heart

With her father ailing, Princess Alexa is on a mission to find a bride to sit beside her on the throne. Her parents demand she marry the woman they have chosen for her, but an unexpected entrance of a charming lady changes everything as Alexa falls in love for the first time. Will she follow her heart or her designed destiny? Does she have what it takes to be the great leader to her nation in its time of need? And will she win the affections of the woman she loves? WARNING: Angst Alert. You need a full box of tissues for this story.

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Queen Of My Country, Queen Of My Heart II: A New Era of Queens

Princess Alexa is enjoying her life as the country's most eligible singleton. However, her mother the queen insists the time has arrived for her to become a responsible heir-in-waiting and carry on the family line. As Alexa comes to understand what love truly entails for the first time, family discord leads her to ponder life without the throne. What will ultimately win the battle for Alexa's life? The forbidden love or a her duty to her country?

Queen Of My Country, Queen Of My Heart III: The People's Princess

Alexa and Lauren's girls are growing up in the public eye. As first in line for the throne, Anastasia, a recent college graduate, is focused on enjoying life to its fullest while making a name of her own. Ever her mother's daughter, enjoying the company of women tops her list, but fate has something else in store for the young heir. Love, faith, and war test the eldest princess as she prepares for her time on the throne.

Stick To The Script   ebook version available

Dashing and mysterious Hollywood newcomer Jamie Dean gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work with her favorite actress. Sarah Talbot, America's Sweetheart, wants to stretch her abilities in hopes of winning her first Oscar after years in the business. Together they venture through a suspense thriller, but what happens when the cameras aren't rolling? Is their chemistry only affected, or does the homebody win the heart of the latest ladies' woman? Appearances from the characters of Love In Photographs and Georgia On My Mind included.

Sugar Daddy

A gender bender PWP for anyone with a cheerleader fantasy. When the game is on, lustful naughtiness ensues. Sunday night football has never been so much fun!

Vows of the Heart

Follow the lives of your favorite women from "Love in Photographs," "Georgia on My Mind," and "Stick to the Script." Careers, marriage, and children have these six ladies living on a rollercoaster. Will marriages last? Will careers be sacrificed? Will the vows of the heart withstand the tests of life?