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2006 Hall of Fame
Story - Destiny series

2007 Hall of Fame


Along Came Sally

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Amazon Easter   [Holiday Havoc Challenge]

Xena and Gabrielle join the Amazons for an Easter celebration.

Amy's Eyes

Assembly Of Souls

The Boar's Head Inn   [Academy Halloween 2007]

A Christmas Fantasy   [Academy Christmas Challenge]   ebook version available

A scruffy dog who reunites two women.

The Christmas Tree

Death Is Just The Beginning

The consequences of a chance meeting between Millicent Packer and Violet Reed are far reaching and lasting. Join them in this uproarious who done it.

Earthbound - with Erin O'Rielly

Amanda Lawson's life fell apart when a cement truck, killing her partner of eight years, hit the car Amanda was driving. Not only did she lose the love of her life but was critically injured leaving her with limited use of her legs. For Amanda, being alive was the cruelest thing life offered her. For two years, she lived alone downing prescription drugs to relieve pain that was both emotional and physical.

Twice she found a 1999 phone book that seemingly appeared from out of nowhere, opened to a page for spiritual healers. Believing that her lover, Gwen, was sending her a message, she dialed the number of Luminitsa whose ad read let me heal you with the light.

The visit to the spiritualist's home brought Amanda face to face with Luminitsa and her beautiful and mysterious granddaughter, Raphaela. A thread of light beckons her to a new life if only she believes. Will Amanda abandon the comfort and oblivion her pills afford? If she does, will it be the rescue she is looking for or just another nightmare to haunt her dreams.

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Incantations - with Erin O'Rielly

Witches, black and white form an alliance to outwit the darkness that intends to devour both orders and the human race. The story begins with Sarah and Abigail along with Sarah's daughter, Dorcas, residing in a small town to watch for the forces of evil to appear. The witches, one inept, one uptight and one a prodigy living together, facing serious and hilarious situations as they bond together as a family.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

It Started with a Kiss

Dr. Susan Ricardo's life is defined by what happen to her in her early years. A bitter mother insisted that Susan see life through her eyes. She gained notoriety as an outstanding physician but her life is devoid of anything other than work. Will she let circumstances change her world or will she doggedly cling to what she knows?


What if you found out that someone you once knew has carried a torch for you over the years? When they came back into your life would you recognize their love? Kirsten Van De Pelt is about to find out first hand in this romantic short story

Letting Go  

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Lost Kingdom

With little regard for their safety, Princess Seera of the planet Corinthian sets her small shuttle on a course of destruction by insisting on the creation of a wormhole. That arrogance sets the backdrop for Princess Seera and her entourage in a journey of passion, unrequited love and treachery. Once they've landed on the planet Earth they find that survival isn't the only thing they must contend with.

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Paradox of Love - with Erin O'Rielly

Parker Davisís car limped its way into Portsmouth. It was just another city in a long line of places sheíd traveled never to settle down. The major repairs and debt caused by her vehicle, forced her to stay in the city and find employment with the local police department.

Olivia Santos lived for her work as a police officer, following a family tradition that she was proud of. The only thing that she would place above her police work was the love she had for her only living relative-her brother an undercover cop. When Parker and Olivia meet at a social function, there is an immediate attraction, which starts them on a road of passionate, unquenchable love. Their relationship binds them together in ways neither of them understand until a tragedy threatens the very fabric of their life together and their love. What happens will reflect on their future like an indelible stain forever.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 

A Quest Ridden On Behalf Of Love - with Erin O'Rielly

Lena and Kate are brought together in a story set in the thoroughbred horse racing circuit. The two women attracted to each other yet afraid to make the first move. Lena's past plays comes visiting and brings havoc to the budding relationship.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 

The Radicals

Torn Deep

Susan Callahan's life as an archeologist who specialized in ancient history ticked along without diversion. When hired to consult on the authenticity of works of art she knew where housed in the Smithsonian her life took a dramatic turn. Kidnapped and tossed over the side of a boat to drown, Susan finds herself rescued by a woman named Zea. Because she lost her glasses during the kidnapping she can't see the woman clearly but nevertheless feels drawn to her. After she returned to her safe existence, Susan fanaticizes about her rescuer and longs to see her again and tell her how she feels. After five years of letters and messages that lead nowhere she still held the mysterious woman up as her dream lover. A chance encounter at a museum has Susan beginning to let Zea go and move on.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

Waterfalls, Rainbows and Secrets

Carolyn Black, a brilliant academic who prides herself on her factual appreciation of the world has a chance meeting with a young woman far removed from her way of life. Jennifer Finch has a mission in life, revolving around a fictional novel that she perceives to be fact. Her quest includes finding her presumably deceased grandfather who vanished twenty years earlier. The ensuing adventure has Carolyn embroiled up to her superior intellect in a situation that could only be described as fiction. The two women soon find themselves in a land that seems lost in the annals of time and steeped in mystery. Is this merely a dream of a fictional place and time or is it reality?

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When Hell Meets Heaven

Dr. Amelia West, a noted psychologist, is asked by her childhood priest, Father Johansson, to visit a cloistered order of nuns and speak with one of the nuns. The father also asks a former cop turned private detective, Olivia Santos, to aid Amelia in solving the mystery of Sister Marie Clarise-Benoite. Hell meets heaven when the two women form a tentative bond in their search for the truth.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 

Fatal Hesitation

Olivia and Amelia are now partners in a business called When Heaven Meets Hell. True to form, the relationship is full of electricity as each woman keeps her true emotions in check when dealing with the other. Olivia is on the hunt for a predator who is harassing her newest client, Sharon Agnew. Amelia has taken a six month leave from the convent and must make a decision soon - either go back to the safety of the convent or continue on as Olivia's business partner. A vacation with her parents brings a new light to her situation.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 

Echoes Of the Past   - with Erin O'Rielly

Olivia and Amelia are living together in a platonic relationship when an old love asks for Olivia's help. Will the old feelings Olivia had for her first love reemerge or will she stay with Amelia? This fast moving story has twists and turns and some you won't see coming.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13 

Destiny Series   ebook version available

Tragedy, hatred, jealousy had all reared their ugly head, but had been over powered by the greater emotions of caring, compassion, happiness and love.

Define Destiny (removed at author's request - published)

Catherine thought she was leaving trouble behind her when she deserted her Publishing Empire for a ranch in New Zealand. However, she soon succumbs to Beautiful Jace's charms and embraces. She cannot resist the young woman's invasion of her heart.

Haunting Shadows (removed at author's request - published)

This sequel is a riveting story of murder, kidnapping, jealousy, sadness, haunting shadows of the past and ends with a deep intense fulfilling love of Catherine and Jace triumphing over all the misfortunes.

In Pursuit Of Dreams (removed at author's request - published)

The third story in the Destiny saga again features the characters Catherine and Jace. You will find, Weddings, Christmas, Valentine's and a honeymoon all involving our regular characters. Simply a love story.

Actions And Consequences (removed at author's request - published)

Fourth story in the Destiny Saga: Old and new enemies plot the downfall of the bearers of the name Xianthos and their families. Despair, hope, compassion, forgiveness, love and tragedy are powerful mixes that tests the cornerstones of Catherine and Jace's commitment to each other and those they love.

All Our Tomorrows (removed at author's request - published)

Fifth story in the Destiny saga: Will all the events that transpired in 'Actions and Consequences' be overturned and provide the bridge back to happiness for the troubled, but loving lives of Catherine, Jace and their growing family?

Two Steps Forward, One Back (removed at author's request - published)

Catherine and Jace are back! The twins are on their way, family problems and old questions are answered. This story follows All Our Tomorrows and will be the last of the Define Destiny series... well maybe.

A World of Change

Seventh story in the Define Destiny arc: Fifteen years later the two women are still together raising their five children while trying to juggle the demands of their busy lives. Situations occur that test their love and the bond between them. Will Jace and Catherine's love be enough to survive what lies before them?