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Last Updated:  11/20/2009

Arena   [Incomplete]

As Empress of Greece, Xena has a lot on her hands - two wars to fight at the same time, peasants on the verge of revolting and impertinent noblemen constantly trying to outsmart her. Fearing a slave revolt on top of everything else, Xena finds the solution to at least one of her problems in a blonde slave with angry green eyes.

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Darkwood   [Incomplete]

On her monthly visit to her favourite S/M club, Alex witnesses a young slave being sold by auction. On a whim she buys her and soon has to discover that the small blonde is more than she seems.

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Taming the Wolf   [Incomplete]

Being a globetrotter, as well as a vampire, Lauren Gabriel is used to unpleasant encounters with vampire hunters and has no qualms about killing them. So when visiting her clan, she is happy to help her friends raid the local Hunters' base. What she didn't expect there, was to find a young vampire who had been captured by the Hunters and seems to have lost her mind. Despite her friends' protest, Gabriel is determined to save her.

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