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Last Updated:  09/19/2006

All In The Family   ebook version available Removed at Author's Request (pending publication)

This story has it all: Intrigue, murder, love, heartache... The story of two families that are joined in marriage, facing challenges and crises. Last but not least, love blossoms for our two favorite gals. Will either last, the love and/or the marriage?

Leave Well Enough Alone

A fortune-teller gives up her trade because of a terrifying occurrence. She's learned her lesson... or has she? She must confront her own fate when her granddaughter discovers evil.

Love On The Lam   ebook version available

In this "unbelievably unconventional love story" Bailey and Etain meet in a most unusual way. They go on the lam from the law and who knows what else!

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The Odd Couple   Removed at Author's Request (pending publication)

Morrisey is finally moving on with her life after a horrible experience when the unexpected and unwelcome appearance of Charlene, a woman she wishes would stay away, throws plans out of whack.

Once Upon A Time   [Academy Cooking Contest 2005]   **  winner  **