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Winners of the Academy of Bards Challenges

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Challenge 23

Take me out to the Bard game

Winner Category 1 - Best Story: Home is the Sailor by Insane Englishwoman

Winner Category 2 - Best Story: A Howling Success by Aurelia

Winner Category 3 - Best Story: Unnamed by Meretsegar

Winner Category 4 - Best Story: Unnamed by Ladyhawke

Winner Category 5 - Best Story 1: If a Tree falls in the Amazon Forest by Del Robertson

Winner Category 5 - Best Story 2: Unnamed by Ladyhawke

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Challenge 22

Baby, it's CODE outside

Winner - Best Story: Clause And Effect by Del Robertson

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Challenge 21


Winner - Best Story: Are We There Yet by Del Robertson

Honorable Mention: Crisitunity by Geonn Cannon

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Challenge 20

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Winner - Best Story: Requiem by Cheyne

Honorable Mention: Cold Nose, Warm Heart by McFluffy

Honorable Mention: All I Want For Christmas Is... by Spheeris1

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Challenge 19

Personally Yours

Winner - Best Story: Everything Personal by jaeygatsby

Honorable Mention - One Two Oh by AC Henley

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Challenge 18

Holiday Classics

Winner - Best Story: Walking Around in Warrior's Underwear by Del Robertson

Honorable Mention - 'It came upon a midnight clear.' by Ladyhawke

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Challenge 17


Winner - Most Pairings Used: Once in a Lifetime by Akiela Xal

Best Story - Disconnect by Sassette

Honorable Mention - Star Light, Star Bright, Is There a Chakram in the Sky Tonight? by Aurelia

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Challenge 16

Solstice Bard Challenge - Solstice from A to XE

Co-Winners - Most Words Used:
A Baby for Christmas by Mary Urban
A Better Path by The Bard of New Mexico
A Meaning by AC Henley
A Bard's Trekkie Flight from Maine to Ohio by Red Hope
Daydreaming by Helene

Honorable Mention - Most Words Used ~ OZ's Special Merit: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Christmas by Phantom Quill

Best Story - Amazons, Speed and Weed by Aurelia

Honorable Mention/Runner-Up - Best Story - Merry Christmas to You, Officer Greca by Meretseger

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Challenge 15

Survivor: Greece

Best Story - I'm a Hero, get me out of here!" by Ladyhawke

Second Place - Best Story - Xena Ain't No Dolly, She's an Action Figure! by Aurelia

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Challenge 14

Solstice Bard Challenge - I WANT CANDY!

Co-Winners - Most Candy Names Used:
All I Want For Solstice by Chris
The Most Special Christmas by Annie (Bard of New Mexico)

Honorable Mention - Most Candies - Fly Me To The Moon by Len

Best Story - Lee Lee's Diner by S. Lynne

Second Place - Best Story - Candy Is Dandy by Aurelia

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Challenge 13

Now You're Cookin'!

Most Food Words Used - Once Upon a Time by Sarkel

Best Story - How Many Amazons does it take to Catch a Quail? by Ladyhawke

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Challenge 12

Who in the The %$#@*&# World Made Up This %$#@*&# List of Words!

Most Words Used - You're It by Chelle

Best Story (tie) - Sand Angels by Ladyhawke and Fire and Water by S. Lynne

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Challenge 11

Where Am I?

Bardcon Attendee Winner - Solari by Lynn Ames

Non-Con Goers Winner - Amarice by Phantombard

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Challenge 10

Holiday Challenge - Do You Hear What I Hear?

Best Story - A Moment Like This by Nalysia

Honorable Mentions Best Story:
Noel, Noel by Dabkey
In The Eyes Of A Child by Trish Kocialski

Most Song Titles - A Moment Like This by Nalysia

Honorable Mentions Most Song Titles:
Do They Know It's Christmas by sHayCh
Noel, Noel by Dabkey

Graphic Winner - Joan

Oz's Special Recognition (aka I Have Many Skills) Award - Ordered Chaos by Rab Donald

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Challenge 9

Must Xe-T.V.

The Shows

The GabVengers
by Nene Adams
*winner 3 bardies*
MizXena's Navy
by Bill the Semi-Bard
*winner 3 bardies*
Amphipolisly Frivolous
by Jane Fletcher
*winner 2 bardies*
Little House on the Grecian Prairie
by Goesome
The Odd Couple
by K Darblyne
The Tonight Show
by KG MacGregor
In Search Of...The BGSB
by Zuke
  Auto's Angels
by Patty S.

The Commercials

Miracle Gro
*honorable mention*
XWP Mouthwash
*honorable mention*

The Graphics

Gabrielle as Lucy - Michelle de la Rosa
*big winner!*

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Challenge 8

101 Story Premises or Premise, Premise Everywhere And Not A One Complete or Whole Lotto Stories Going On

Non-Con Goers Winners
Three way tie!
War Zone by Goesome
The Sister 2
by Zuke
The Cruise by Anais and Idryth

Bardcon Attendee Winners
The Sea Captain and the Lady by Vada Foster
Fear Masters by Trish Kocialski
Legends in Time by K. Darblyne
Cheeseburger in Paradise by ZeeAmy


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The Bubble Wrap Challenge

Bubble Wrap Attack by TaraKerry


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Holiday Havoc Challenge 2002 - Part VII (because there is no number six!)

Holiday Havoc Story Winner - Hand in Hand part 1 by Zuke

Holiday Havoc Graphic Winner - Gerry Clanton

Overall Runner up - Sissy

2nd Runner up - Anne Brisk and SX Meagher

Honorable Mentions
Patty S
Pat D

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Summer Lovin' Challenge 2002 - Part V

How I Spent My Summer Vacation category - The Partner Trap

The Perfect Date category - Love, Amazon Style by Idryth and Anais

Graphic category - Cie

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Pulp Fiction Challenge 2002 - Part IV

Based on those suggestive, offbeat, irreverent (cheese-filled) postcard type images that graces the covers of paperbacks from the thirties to the seventies

Read the Stories  -  Pulp Fiction Stories - First Place Winner  Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill, Kill by Creme Brulee

View the Graphics -   Pulp Graphics - First Place Winner  Bad and Beautiful by Geraldine Clanton

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Challenge 2001 - Part III

Yes, Amphipolis, There Is A Xena Claus.
Write a solstice/Holiday story or Design the Solstice/Holiday card and write the inside sentiment that any character(s) in the  Xenaverse would send.

First Place Winner - Premise 1 A Xena Scroll by Anon2

First Place Winner - Premise 2 - The Right Thing by S.X. Meagher

First Place Winner - Graphics Category -  Art by Blitzgal

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Challenge 2001 - Part II

Write an episode for a beloved syndicated show about a kick ass Warrior and her faithful Bard.

First Place Winner - Synopsis - Intervention from the Divine Ms. A by Scully

First Place Winner - Script - Hi No Tori by Quatorz

First Place Winner - Epic - The Heart of the Matter by Friend

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Challenge 2001 - Part I

An interview with...Xena: Warrior Princess and/or Gabrielle: Battling Bard of Potaedia.

First Place Winner - The Right Question by Fanatic

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