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April 28, 2023

The Longer Journey Begins part 4 by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Gabrielle protects King Umayyad's caravan on its way to the east. She then joins another caravan with the same promise of protection. Finally she arrives at the house of S'uu Ma. But she is told that news of her coming has reached Japa, and fearing she has come to steal the spirit of Xena, leaving the 40,000 souls to be forever damned, she will be killed if she is discovered there.

April 18, 2023

The Longer Journey Begins part 3 by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Gabrielle works as a deckhand to help pay for her passage to Cyprus, and then on to what one day would be Lebanon.  She then agrees to protect a caravan heading across the desert to India.

April 11, 2023

Morning at the Baths by Phineas Redux [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Gabrielle leads Xena a merry dance through the largest Sports and Pleasure complex in the known world – The Baths of Trajan in Rome. Beware - there are multiple scenes of full nudity of both sexes throughout this story, though nothing unsavoury and all done in the best possible taste.

The Longer Journey Begins part 2 by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Gabrielle visits Amphipolis one more time before continuing on to Japa.  She  meets a mysterious stranger who buys her horse for more than it is worth so she can book passage on a ship. 


We have been very busy at Desert Palm Press. Here are the April releases. Remember to use the code 10DPP at checkout to get 10% off.

Ink Stains & Ill-Fated Lies
Kellie Doherty

No scribe has ever returned from the Sunglade. It’s a continent of burning sunlight and terrifying suncreatures, and the home of the worshippers of Ponuriah, the evil sun goddess. When Adaris Kavari, a disgraced wandering scribe with a lame leg, finds herself following her curiosity too far and gets captured by those worshippers, she’s forced to record their side of history in order to survive. Much to the worshippers’ glee, Adaris is also a Divus—a race whose crafting is used mainly to heal, and sometimes to hurt—and a terrifying young researcher immediately latches onto her because of it.

But Adaris isn’t the only prisoner here. She meets an attractive and snarky painter named Rhonwen with an unfortunate link to Adaris’ past. Wanting to save them both, Adaris conforms to the sun goddess worshippers’ ways while looking for an escape. She knows that once she’s free, she’ll have recorded a keystone story that would help restore her tarnished reputation and might even turn the tide of the upcoming war.

The sun goddess worshippers’ influence is strong, especially with the new elements of crafting Adaris encounters—elements that could turn her pitiful crafting into something new and powerful—and her scribe’s curiosity twists into something even she didn’t anticipate. As a scribe, she’s recorded many heroes’ adventures. Now, it’s her turn to become the hero—by any means necessary.

Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Bella Books, and Amazon


Riding the Storm
Franci McMahon

Kate Duncan can't remember a time when she felt in control. She can't control her father's drinking or find or erase the dark place in his past that makes him fix horse races. Someday she wants to take over the racehorse training ranch, but that desire dims from the harsh glare of reality. She has averted disaster one too many times. After her Mother leaves, taking Kate's little sister with her, she understands what a heavy weight will rest on her shoulders. At least Chogan is there to share the load.

Chogan Hungry Horse, Blackfoot and two-spirit, is the ranch jockey, and the person who leads Kate gently in opening her eyes. For the first time Kate has someone in her life who hears and sees her. Chogan gives her a language to speak about the pain in her family and opens a place in her heart. Danger grows in the beauty of Montana compelling them to discover the driving force.

Trigger warning: Riding The Storm contains references to alcohol consumption and family dynamics concerning this issue

Available at:
Desert Palm Press, Smashwords, Bella Books, and Amazon

April 6, 2023

The Longer Journey Begins by David Milligan [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Gabrielle begins her journey back to Japa, when she realizes she should tell Meg and Virgil about Xena's death.

When Hearts Collide Part 18 of The Guardian series by TheGuardian [Classic/Alt/Complete]

The time has come to celebrate Exl’s cousin Nali’s first anniversary as Queen, and Exl, Xena and Gabrielle wouldn’t miss it for anything. However, a person from Exl’s past stirs things up and forces Exl to face some tough things she had left behind.

Pranks & Cranks by Norsebard [Uber/Alt/Complete]

While a prankster has Sheriff Mandy Jalinski and her squad of deputies running ragged all over Goldsboro to keep up with a torrent of prank emergency calls, 'The Last Original Cowpoke' Wynne Donohue prepares for a day in court to protest the charge of reckless driving brought against her by the increasingly cranky Beatrice Reilly. Will the gals be able to overcome their problems and return to calmer waters, or will their frustrations get the better of them and cause even choppier seas?


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