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Paully Adams

Last Updated:  9/30/2017

Angel In My Eyes   ebook version available

It is a love story told from Gabrielle's point of view.

The Beginning

After Xena is brought back to life, the Warrior and Bard travel through Eastern Europe and arrive in the town of Ardeal. The town is being terrorized by creatures very similar to Bacchai. This story tells the TRUE origins of vampires.

The Deal   ebook  version available

In an alt-time period, the "Twillight" is about to happen. Xena and Gabrielle ask Ares to help them. He will... for the right price.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

How Am I Suppose To Live Without You   ebook version available

Joxer gets an invitation to a special wedding which causes him to deal with his feelings about Gabrielle.

Image Isn't Everything

Aphrodite orders Sophia to go home to Athena after the young woman is plagued with headaches and fits of temper. After discovering what is causing the problem, Athena has to ask Ares to help their child.


After Xena's death, Gabrielle muses about their relationship.

Kissing You   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle's wedding day in Amazonia. Joxer gives a gift of song ot the couple. Another sappy, romantic piece of fluff.

Lost Innocence

What if Xena and Gabrielle never went to Britannia? Instead, Xena and Gabrielle decide to retire to Amazonia.

Part 1  Part 2

Love The Way You Love Me   ebook version available

Xena, during the early morning hours, takes a moment and thinks about the way she feels about her Bard. A feel good, romantic piece of fluff.

My Immortal

A grief-stricken Gabrielle ponders her life since Xena's death. Inspired by the song "My Immortal."

My Heart Will Go On

Gabrielle learns how to live and love again thanks to an old friend.

Not a Day Goes By

Gabrielle returns to Greece to fulfill a promise and thinks about why she continues to fight for the Greater Good


After Xena's death, Ares finds comfort in familiar arms.

Somewhere Down The Line   ebook version available

A post-FIN tale that tells relates the tale of Gabrielle's death. Nothing violent and overly sad in this tale.

Sophia's Family

Sophia's Choice

Sophia meets up once again with Xena and Gabrielle. But this time she's has an ulterative motive: hoping to help the pair unlock the secret that is buried in their hearts.

The Return of the Queen   [Incomplete]

Xena's death has taken a toll on Gabrielle. After a close call, Xena urges Gabrielle to visit the Amazons. There, she learns to heal and become the queen that she was meant to be.

Part 1 

Sins Of The Father Series

Nightmares From The Past   ebook version available

After two years, Sophia, Gabrielle and Xena are reunited once again. This time to deal with a dark secret that the Bard has kept hidden from her soulmate. WARNING: This story focuses on child abuse: physical, sexually and mental. As my beta reader Virginia said "[The stories] were intense but not so that a reader would be squeamish." If you think you would have trouble with this story or that this story will cause you discomfort, please find something else to read. I've suffered enough discomfort writing this for the both of us.

Pain Of The Present

The trio confronts Gabrielle's family, never expecting the violence and pain that awaits them.

Healing For The Future

The long healing process begins as Gabrielle and Xena deal with the trauma. Will this present darkness prove to be the one thing that tears them apart?

Beginning Again

In this final part of the "Sins of the Father" series, secrets from the past finally make it to the light as Hecuba tries to rebuild her relationship with Gabrielle. The truth "may set one free," but in this case, it make destroy everything that Hecuba is wishing for.

Beginning Again Series

Follows the "Sins of the Father Series"

Fitting In

After the events of "Sins of the Father," Lila has to gain the respect of the Nation by passing her Rite. But to do so, she has to rely on a not-so-friendly Amazon.


Gabrielle learns about her new powers from Apollo. This story takes place around the same time frame as "Fitting In."

Love Contest

Cupid challenges Sophia in a contest of hearts. Which is stronger: Cupid's arrows or love between soulmates

Family Ties

In the 4th story, Sophia interferes in the plans of a minor god and gets zapped--forcing her to speak the truth only. It is during this time, she tells Ares the truth about family ties that they share.

Wedding Story   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle head back to Amazonia to get married, but first Xena has to pass a test that Lila picked out. Comedy and chaos ensues.

Rising Phoenixa   ebook version available


After the events of "Rising Phoenixa," it seems that Gabrielle is seeing Najara's ghost. However, when this 'ghost' attacks Gabrielle, Xena and the Bard must travel to the Land of the Dead to defeat Najara. A nasty surprise awaits them.

Love's Sacrifice

Dahok is back, and it is up to Gabrielle to stop him by giving up her life. Xena, however has other ideas.

Star Wars Series

Edge of Darkness

A few months after the Rebels' victory, a new Republic is born. However, this new realm still has strong ties to the past, especially for Leia, Luke, Han and the rest of the republic. Old and new friends come to help the trio as they deal with an old enemy who have found a way to come back. And Leia, will have to make choices that will affect them all AU.

Dark Force Ascension

The continuation of the Saga that started in paullya's version of the story. Luke continues his training, Han is fulfilling his duties with the Republic and Leia tries to focus on her Senate duties, as a young man strong in the Force crosses paths with her. The Emperor is not done with any of them as he continues to plot to find new apprentices.