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Rab Donald

Last Updated:  11/4/2010

The Angry Man   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with an angry Spartan soldier.

Another One Of Those Nights   ebook version available

Astarte In Your Life   ebook version available

The Big Fight

Xena becomes involved in a contest that worries Gabrielle... the bard's intervention may prove telling.

Bonding   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle exchange some rather revealing little stories from their younger days.

A Conversation In The Elysian Fields

The Day Of The Warrior   ebook version available

With the bard away, the warrior spends a challenging day at an inn missing her partner.

Documentary Evidence   ebook version available

Adopting the role of 'storyteller' in an affluent, peaceful town, Xena revives hidden emotions. The effects on both her and Gabrielle will be far reaching...


Xena and the bard learn there are more appropriate ways of testing their compatibility than a questionnaire.

Gift Horses   ebook version available

Some things are too good to be true, others just too good to miss... a simple tale of love.

Gone Fishin'

Instead of a synopsis, we have reviews of the story -

   "A poignant tale of love" - The Amphipolis Gazette.
   "Based on actual parchments... this early love story of Xena and Gabrielle is a real page-turner." - The Pyros Times.
   "An OK story but not nearly enough fish" - Angling Weekly

Having It All    [Academy Halloween 2010]

Part 1  Part 2 

In Beer Veritas    [Academy Solstice 2004]

Initiation   [Academy Cookin' Contest 2005]

Just Maybe   [Academy Valentines 2004]

Love comes in unexpected places.

Location, Location, Location

I had a 'conversation' with Steph earlier in which she suggested I make a pratfall exit. Presumably rhetorical (can I extricate myself any other way?) it horribly prompted me to write a *genuine* experience I had many years ago.

Losing Touch, Gaining Touches

The warrior and bard teach others tolerance and in the process end up learning about themselves.

Meleager   [Academy Where in World Challenge 2004]

The Outback Tracker   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

Hard-hitting journalist, Sydney is given a 'fluff' piece and she's less than happy with the assignment of interviewing an Aussie Outback Tracker until she gets a good, long look at the gorgeous woman.

Quincy - The Path   [Academy Must-Xe TV Challenge 2003]

Reflections of a Vampire   [Academy Halloween 2003]  ebook version available

A successful journalist takes on a surly teen as her personal assistant who grows into her position and on her boss.

Same Life, Different Day

graphic with coarse language.

The Scroll

Gabrielle writes what she believes is her final scroll dedicating her thoughts to Xena.

Signals   ebook version available

Parted from the warrior to enter a bards contest, Gabrielle meets an older, wiser woman who's advice becomes invaluable in helping our two heroes form a more 'intimate' bond.

Situation   ebook version available

A desperate gambler in need of funds prompts the warrior and bard to face feelings they've kept buried.

Someone To Watch Over You   (Crossover)

More 'Uber' than cross-over, two modern day incarnations of the warrior and bard are aided in forgeing their relationship by the intervention of Xe and Gab who can view them from the bliss of their eternal rest and relaxation in Elysia.

Spirt of the Moon   [Academy Halloween 2005]

The Strongest Thread

Following a surprise ambush and a stupid argument, Gabrielle leaves Xena but soon regrets her decision. Meanwhile, a bewildered Xena is guided by some 'invisible force' that will surely re-unite them both on a more certain path.

To Look For America

A story and a 'puzzle' rolled into one! The story is set in sixties London, the puzzle is to find other hidden locations...please read, it took me *bloody ages* to write :)

Tough Luck   ebook version available

A soldier seeking vengeance discovers tough luck may be better than no luck at all...

Valentine Tale   [Holiday Havoc Challenge]

Roxy has moved into her new apartment and meets her quirky neighbor, Gabby.

Visions   ebook version available

This tale is set in the aftermath of the ep. "Return of Callisto" A still shaken Gabrielle decides to return home alone and is given help by a mysterious stranger. However the kindness of strangers hides an ulterior motive and soon Gabrielle is given a stark decision to make. (Graphic sex scene between Xe and Gab)

The Wager   ebook version available

A first-time story. Amusing little story that has the Warrior Princess making a VERY sure bet. Some fun mind games in here.

When The Cat's Away   ebook version available

Xena picks up a 'stranger' in a bar.