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August 31st, 2005

Added part 3 of Sausage Sizzler by Weebod

Added part 28 of In an Age Before by Phantombard

August 30th, 2005

Added part 15 of Untitled (working title Iditarod) by Redhawk

August 29th, 2005

Added part 5 of Organi by Mickey Minner

Added part 6 and part 7 of Spring Break by Lady J

August 28th, 2005

Announcement #1
from Mickey Minner

I am very happy and thrilled to announce that my stories Sweetwater and Bannack will be published by Regal Crest under the title Sweetwater in 2006. I'm looking forward to seeing my first book in print and want to say a big THANK YOU to all the readers who have enjoyed my stories and encouraged me to keep writing.

Mickey Minner
Author of Sweetwater
to be published by Regal Crest Enterprises

Added part 3 (conclusion) of Along Came Sally by JM Dragon

August 27th, 2005

-from KG MacGregor

I have some very exciting news to share. My next novel, Just This Once, will be published in May 2006 by BELLA BOOKS. I'm absolutely thrilled to have Bella as my new publisher, and I look forward to a long and productive partnership.

Over the next couple of years, Bella also plans to publish new editions of my first four books, Shaken, Malicious Pursuit, The House on Sandstone, and the just-released Mulligan. That means the current editions are GOING OUT OF PRINT!!! If you hurry, you can snatch up one of the last few copies at Starcrossed (, and you might even save a few bucks. I'm holding back a few copies of each title for Orlando Bardcon in October, but once those are gone, that's all she wrote…for now, anyway. If you're coming to Orlando and you'd like me to reserve something for you, please drop me a note.

Best to all,

Added part 10 (conclusion) of Modern Crusaders: Even Heroes... by PsiDraconis

August 26th, 2005

The Diary by BlueMoonWriter [short story/alt/complete]
summary pending

August 24th, 2005

Tales of Grass and Woe by Robin Alexander [unfinished/original]
This is a new series of short stories that allow me to pick on my favorite authors and friends. The story centers around two rival lawn care companies. The customers are a colorful group that I'm sure most of you will recognize.

Added part 12 of Hindsight by Lois Kay

Added part 8 of Persian Encounter by Patricia Wiseroostr and Xanjaa

Added part 27 of PhantomBard's In an Age Before

-from Denise

For those of you who have considered coming to Orlando BardCon but kept putting it off, this would be the year to choose to come as this will be the final year for Orlando BardCon in its present incarnation. Due to personal commitments outside of this venue and time constraints that no longer allow us to dedicate the time necessary to make this event what you have come to expect from us, we have reached the decision to make 2005 our final year. However, we are going all out to insure that this year's con will be one to remember and we hope you will make plans to join us and make this a gala final year.

You can still register at last year's price of $75. After August 31, the price increases $10 on each event. Final cut off date is September 30. And per our contract with Disney - WE DO NOT SELL TICKETS AT THE DOOR.

Orlando BardCon – October 21-23,2005 <>

August 23rd, 2005

Added part 4 of Organi by Mickey Minner

August 22nd, 2005

Added part 2 of Along Came Sally by JM Dragon

Added part 14 of Untitled (working title, Iditarod) by Redhawk

-from Ali Vali

Hey guys,

It's a wrap!

I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. It's been awhile since my last update but Tina just dropped me a line and told me the film is complete.
First I want to thank everyone who wrote and told me how much they enjoyed watching the trailer, then begged me to send them the story. I wish I could but I'm pretty sure Tina would hire someone to kill me if I gave away the plot ahead of time.
If you're interested in seeing it and are nowhere near Sundance or other film festival, she said to write to and they'll send you some information on how to purchase a DVD. That will include the film, director and producer commentary, trailer, and cast interviews. They should be ready to start distribution in about 2-3 months.
Thanks again for the continued interest in this project. It means so much not only to me but all the people who were involved in the production.

-from Peggy

Please let everyone know that they are voting for the best tv show of all time at - Angel is winning so far. Let people know how much we love Xena. thanks peggy

August 21st, 2005

Learning Curve by Ri
The fourth part of the Ghost series. Veba and Rickie and family go to college and trouble finds them.

A Solstice Surprise by Ri
The fourth part of Wishing for a Warrior series. Tabitha gets to see her favorite Warrior and Bard but this time its back in Ancient Greece thanks to accidental bit of time travel.

August 20th, 2005

The Resurrection of Molly Footes by DJBelt [original/alt/complete]
Shy, introverted Molly decides that her life is out of balance and calls upon her "spirit guide" for help to set things straight. That's when the chaos really begins.

August 19th, 2005

Sorrowful Pride by Evecho
Continuation of the Ordinary Day Series that began in The Importance Of Being Ordinary

Unfinished Business by CherylAC [über/alt/complete]
A chance encounter on a crowded street leads to a night of passion. But what will this night bring for our two female protagonists? A one night stand or is there unfinished business?

7 Days in Pompeii (zipped PDF) by DJWP
Added a compiled PDF version of the whole story zipped for faster downloading (3.81 MB)

August 17th, 2005

Reflected Passion by Aurelia [Uber/Alt/Complete]
Dale Wincott likes restoring old furniture. In fact, one could say she has a passion for it, spending many long hours scouring the flea markets and second hand furniture shops in search of long-forgotten treasures. During one such search, she finds an old battered mirror and falls in love with it immediately. Little did Dale know what effect such a discovery would have on her life. Are the secret whisperings at night coming from the mirror, or is it all in her lonely, frustrated mind?

Added part 13 of Untitled (working title Iditarod) by Redhawk

Added part 26 of In an Age Before by PhantomBard

August 16th, 2005

Blood of My Blood by KG MacGregor [vignette/complete]
In another vignette for the Kaklis family, Anna tackles Andy's doubts about what it means to be a family.
This was first posted at the Canadian Lesbian Fiction Addicts list as part of their Saturday Night Bedtime Stories feature. If you aren't a member of that list, you're missing out on some great stories.

Added Part 2 of Dreams of a Different Kind by Blue Moon

August 14th, 2005

Seven Days in Pompeii by DJWP [alt/classic/complete] ****Academy Recommended****
I want to thank you for giving me a push to re-edit these stories. I pleased with some of the changes I made as I've learned a bit about writing since I wrote this and some of my sentences were just plain bad. So, I'm glad I had a chance to change a few things and also catch some more typos.

Also, the "lost" chapter is no longer lost. It's in there for the world to see. Times change and I no longer fill the need to put disclaimers on my fanfic or make excuses about anything. The story is the story, and Xena loves Gabrielle and that's all there is to that!

So you have the latest version of 7DiP.

Thanks again for hosting my fanfic and also for the Lifetime Achievement Award. It's nice to be remembered :-)

Long live X&G Fanfic!


August 13th, 2005

From Fedelma

Hi all,

Didja hear about the new planet -- discovered beyond Pluto's orbit...its discoverers have named it ...(not official yet)...XENA!

I'm working on a Mel&Jan story that's not finished yet, and I'd like to know if someone would like to beta read it when it's done (very soon now). Please email me at Thanks...


Trouble After the Storm by Iro B. Hunter [classic/alt/complete]
Xena and Gabrielle hear that there is trouble in the jail of Nauplio and travel there to sort things out. Once they arrive, though, they understand thar the situation is more complex that they imagined and have to go and take a peek into the jail themselves.

August 12th, 2005

Dreams of a Different Kind by Blue Moon Writer [über/alt/unfinished]
It's the roaring 60s and the country is faced with many twists and turns. Meg Pryor is what one would call the all American girl, while Luke Darcy is what parents warn their children from.
Meg's curiosity gets the better of her and she gets her chance when the spotlight, for once in her life, is not fixed on her. She proceeds to get tangled in the rollercoaster of her life, proving to herself and to the world that there are Dreams of a Different Kind.

Added part 2 of Just Breathe by S.Lynne

Added part 12 of Second Son by A.K.Naten

August 11th, 2005

Added part 25 of In an Age Before by PhantomBard

August 10th, 2005

Random notes continued-

Thanks to all who voted for me and my series in the recent Academy Hall of Fame inductions. I wrote my first fan letter to DJWP just a few weeks after watching my first episode of Xena. Months later, I read Missy Good's work and got the idea of trying my hand at this new "uber" form of story. Being inducted with these two, as well as the other writers, was a big thrill. One I never would have imagined when I wrote that first note to DJWP (which she answered promptly and pleasantly!)
- S X Meagher

Much thanks to the Academy for all your hard work, for your contribution toward keeping the fandom alive, and for encouraging writers, both seasoned and new, with your innovative invitationals and challenges. I am honored to have my name hanging on your walls. And big congratulations to DJWP - a much deserved recognition for a wealth of wonderful stories.
-Linda Crist

Im humbled and thrilled to be counted among the wonderful storytellers who have recently been elected to the Academy of Bards Hall of Fame. Thank you for providing me a comfortable, and very supportive place to hang my hat.
Blayne Cooper

After two months of being locked off line while my computer died a very slow and painful death I went on line for the first time tonight and discovered the coolest thing. Okay I was looking to see if my favorite bards have updated and found out I've been added to the Academy Hall of Fame. To be mentioned in the same breath with the other bards is amazing to me. Thank you once again to the fans and everyone at the Academy.
- Mavis Applewater

August 9th, 2005

Added part 12 of Untitled (working title Iditarod) by Redhawk

-from Kim Baldwin

Hello friends,
I'm looking for someone who's fluent in written French to proofread a short story for me. Any volunteers?
Thanks much,
Kim <email:kim baldwin>

August 8th, 2005

I Will Find You by Irish [original/ALT/complete]
This is a story of life, love, healing, faith and belief. A heart is healed, a love returned and faith and belief restored.

Added part 3 of Organi by Mickey

August 7th, 2005

Another Hall of Fame winner random note:

DOUBLE WOW!!! <bbbbbg>

I don't know what to say, other than Thank You.

I knew that Snowbound was well received and well liked, but I never dreamed it would be put in the same category as so many great stories by so many great bards. :-O

Again, WOW!!!

Again, Thank You all so very much.

Humble Hugs


August 5th, 2005

Another Hall of Fame winner random note:
Wow. Thanks. What an awesome crew to share the Hall with! Oh, and I love the graphic for the August What's New page.
- Deb the prof (2005 Hall of Fame Fan of the Year)


Added part 18 of Desolation by Maderlin Bidmead

Added part 11 of Hindsight by Lois Kay

Hercules and Iolaus: Warrior Spies by Katie Burnett [X&G/alt/complete]
How do the big guy and his best bud react when they catch the warrior princess and the battling bard in the act?

August 4th, 2005

More Hall of Fame winner random notes:
Thanks to all for voting me into the Academy Hall of Fame, and for picking Shaken among your favorite stories. Special thanks to this year's fan inductee, Debbie the Prof, and to all those like her who encourage us to keep writing.
-KG MacGregor

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who voted for my HOF entry. I was flabbergasted-old expression, but apt. Mostly I was and amhonored to be among so many friends and authors on that list whose works I have always enjoyed. The Academy & their hard work makes me believe Xena FF will always be with us.
Always Read & Enjoy, LJ Maas

LJ Maas has joined Intaglio Publications. LJ and Intaglio Publications will be bringing back several of your favorite novels and releasing three new books in the Conqueror Series in the upcoming months.

August 3rd, 2005

Another Hall of Fame winner random note:

Many thanks to the fans for the honor and to the Academy for the Hall of Fame idea and all the work involved.


The Southwestern Scrolls by The Bard of New Mexico [alt/Mel&Janice/complete]
Mel and Janice make an extraordinary find in the desert of New Mexico. Real places and NM legends create the backbone of the plot.

Added part 10 of Twilight by Kim Pritekel

Added part 17 of Desolation by Maderlin Bidmead

August 2nd, 2005

Random notes from the Hall of Fame winners:

And it might not be an "Oscar", but it's probably the only time I'd ever get to say .... "I'd like to thank the Academy ... ;-)

Thanks to you and the others who make the site possible. I go out of town and come back today to an inbox gone mad. When I read how many people were nominated I had to pause and say WOW.
You guys are the best.
-Ali Vali

(g) glad you had a cool response to the contest, Steph.
-Missy Good

Thanks for taking care of all the balloting and what not
Appreciate it – great company to be sure
Best, Rad

For the fans-
Thank you so much, guys. I had no idea this was even going on, so it was a shock on many levels. I'm very pleased and honored to be placed among such amazing company. I mean, shoot, LJ Maas has always been my hero in the fan fic world, her work is brilliant, and to be placed in the Hall of Fame with her is awesome.
-Kim Pritekel


Added part 11 of Untitled (working title Iditarod) by Redhawk

Added part 24 of In an Age Before by PhantomBard

HELL FOR PASTIME III: AND A STAR TO STEER HER BYby Nene Adams (on behalf of Rohan the Thunder Chick)
This is the third installment of the Hell for Pastime series that I have commissioned from Nene Adams. Nene is such a great writer despite my lame ideas and I really enjoy what she has done with the characters and situations thus I hope to have her write several more stories in this series.


Cavalier Press is proud and excited to announce the acquisition of two new titles, Hesed by Maytee Aspuro y Gonzalez, which combines three stories, Hesed, Agape and Emet, into an expansive and impressive debut novel, and the wonderful fantasy story Banshee's Honor by Shaylynn Rose. These two very different but hugely popular stories have been extensively revised for publication, and will both be released in summer 2006.

August 1st, 2005


Wow! Y'all seemed to embrace the idea of the Hall Of Fame (Y'all blew out my mailbox twice) as a way to honor those who have given so much of their time and talent to provide you with reading entertainment. And yes, I agree, holding y'all to picking only 5 for each was mean. Y'all let me know that...alot. So I believe you. However, I plan on being that mean again next year when we induct the class of 2006. ;o)

I had been carefully keeping all the ballots in pickle jars, guarded by Pitpony, out on my back patio until the time that I needed to count them.

Note to self...remove the pickles first next time. ;o)

Anyway, the votes have been counted. The votes have been counted again. I am a Floridian afterall. Then I had my brother count the votes too and certify that I did count correctly. We even checked for hanging chads.

No chads were found hanging in the vicinity. Whew!

So without further ado...the envelope please...

But before I announce the inaugural inductees of 2005...let me say...I can't argue with one choice...y'all did great picking...every last one is a winner, as are all the ones who were nominated.

And btw, there were a total of 102 Bards nominated and 240 Stories/Series nominated. WOWSA! envelope please...

Your top 10 choices (in alphabetical order) of Bards...
Please welcome to the Academy Hall Of Fame...

Advocate/Blayne Cooper
Mavis Applewater
Linda Crist
Missy Good
LJ Maas
KG MacGregor
SX Meagher
Kim Pritekel
Ali Vali


But wait...we have one more Bard induction...the Academy will also be adding a Lifetime Achievement inductee. Someone the Academy Staff believes has tirelessly promoted the cause of X&G fanfiction and whose classic collective body of work is an incredible and unarguable testimony to that fact...

The 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to...



Whoo the Stories...

I am going to tell you which story came in at #1...your absolute favorite and then the rest will be listed in alphabetical order.

The envelope please...

The NUMBER #1 Hall of Fame Story:

Madam President by Blayne Cooper and T Novan


And now the rest of the BEST of the BEST, as chosen by you, the readers/fans:
Blood Bond by D
The Bluest Eyes In Texas by Linda Crist
The Conqueror Series by LJ Maas
Control by Kim Pritekel
Honor Series by Radclyffe
I Found My Heart In San Francisco by SX Meagher
None So Blind by LJ Maas
Seasons Series by Anne Azel
Shaken by KG MacGregor
Snowbound by Queenfor4
The Light Fantastic by LA Tucker
The Story Of Me by Advocate/Blayne Cooper
Wild by Kim Pritekel

Congratulations to Blayne Cooper, LJ Maas and Kim Pritekel who each have 2 stories in the top 15.



I know what you are thinking...that's only 14 stories...we are one short. be right.

This story was technically ineligible for nomination (we don't host hosts us <.g.>). And whooooooo, did you let me hear it. However, it also didn't stop a large majority of folks from nominating it either (it would have been in the top 3) who am I to argue with the majority:

The 15th story inducted will be:

Tropical Storm by Missy Good.


Now, we have one more award to give out. The Hall Of Fame recognizes achievement in WRITING...well, the Academy also promotes READING (and FEEDING).
So Steph has added a special wall in the Hall Of Fame to honor the ones who take the idea of feeding the bards closest to heart and just stuff them Bardie mailboxes full.

The Hall Of Fame also inducts it's FTB winner as the #1 Fan Of The Year:

Debbie the Prof


Way to go everyone.
Thank you Readers/Fans for taking the time to vote.
Thank you Writers for giving them something to vote on.
Thank you Munchkins for doing all the Academy Techie stuff and building the room so quickly...I hope you remembered the ceiling this time. <.g.>
Thank you Boss for indulging the idea.

Next year we will induct 5 more Bards,10 more Stories to the Hall Of Fame (and another fan). Will it be you or one of yours? Will it be a classic favorite or a hot newbie? We'll see.Check it out at


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