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August 31rst, 2009

PD Announcement:
Barb and I are very happy to announce that we have new titles hitting the store of your choice!

We have one lesbian title, Footsteps, by Mickey Minner. This is a wonderful merging of Mickey's characters from two different series. We hope you enjoy the off-season relationship developments of the Fastbreak characters, basketball head coach, Pat Calvin, and player/assistant coach, Sherry Gallagher, with the unexpected influence from the folks of the Sagebrush Saga series.

Two new gay novels have also been released, Magebound, by Katica Locke, a enticing fantasy of mages and magical creatures, and Remastering Jerna, by Ann Somerville, a fantasy that has a bit of BDSM that might entice a reader or two.

Don't forget the other recent lesbian releases, World on Fire, by Geonn Cannon, and Iron Rose Bleeding, by Anne Azel. These and other PD titles can be found at our website, www.pdpublishing. com, or at your favorite store.

Thanks for supporting the authors! ~ Linda

August 30th, 2009

Added part 20 (conclusion) of Badges and Needles By Warriorangel

The Slow Dance of Love By DJ Belt [Mel & Janice/Alt/Complete]
This thirteenth story of the series chronicles Mel and Jan's very eventful first year together, in 1940-41 Greece. No angry gods, no creepy tombs, no irritating salesmen from New Jersey; just a story about two gals falling deeply in love amidst exciting archaeology and the chaos of war.

Twist of Fate By Darkenedkarma [Birds of Prey/Alt/Complete]
With a simple twist of fate entire lives can change and destiny can be redefined. This is just one possible reality in a make believe world.

August 29th, 2009

Announcement from Claudia Wilde
Bedazzled Ink is delighted to announce the publication of our latest Dragonfeather Book . . .

If you're a kid or a kid at heart and you love softball, Bases Loaded by Barbara L. Clanton is the perfect end-of-softball-season read. In fact, it's the perfect gift for kids--and adults--who love softball and sports.

Sixth grader Mackenzie Kelly's first love was soccer until her best friend talked her into playing summer softball. Now Mack is eager to be on her school's softball team and dreams of playing in the Olympics with her idol, Cat Osterman. But first she needs to bring up her failing English grade to stay on the team. When she learns softball has been cut from the Olympics, she's determined somehow to get it back into the Olympic Games so she can fulfill her dream.

You can buy the eBook version at The Bedazzled Book Peddler: http://bedazzledink.com/bbp/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=18

Bases Loaded is also available at your all your favorite online bookstores, or order a copy from your favorite independent bookstore.

Visit http://bedazzledink.com/?page_id=76 for more information and to read an excerpt.

Thanks for reading!
Claudia Wilde

August 27th, 2009

Added Chapter 6 of A Change Encounter by Bobbie Halchishak

August 25th, 2009

The Cross I Bear By Kim Priketel [Original/Alt/Complete]

Added Part 11 of Grappling the Girl next Door by Antonia Matheson

August 23rd, 2009

We would like to welcome a new bard, Alice D.

Surviving the Storm By Alice D. [Original/Alt/Inomplete]
Alex and Jamie were an item in high school, but a choice that Alex makes separates them for years. Years later they meet again only to find their worlds colliding. Alex is now an ‘a-list' actress in Hollywood , constantly swarmed by paparazzi and rumors. Jamie a motivational speaker who leads a humble life with her best friend. When they meet up again will it be an easy reunion or a fight to get what they had back. It's all about surviving the storm.

Aces and Eights By Cheyne. [Ghost Town/Alt/Complete]
The story of Little Jack as seen through the crystal blue eyes of Madame Birdie's prettiest prostitute.

We don't need ‘17 reasons' why Bette and Tina should get back together By Antonia Matheson.
[The L-Word/Alt/Complete]
Antonia wrote this short story script before TiBette DID get back together as part of a larger campaign to the L Word script writing base. It received some great feedback, and who knows, perhaps it helped. It certainly didn't harm.

August 21rst, 2009

A new bard joins us today, welcome Annazon Fox

Bacchus Remembers By Annazon Fox [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Gabrielle and Xena are separating their belongings in preparation for Gabrielle's upcoming marriage to Perdicas. Meanwhile, Gabrielle can't stop thinking about when she and Xena were Bacchae. Having written about the Bacchae Incident in the Xena Scrolls, she can't shake the feeling that she has left out an important part of that story.

Mother May I By Akiela Xal [Voyager/General/Complete]
Whatever happened to Q’s baby?

Harry Potter and the Amazon Queen By Akiela Xal [Harry Potter/Alt/Complete]
When Harry gets a little stir crazy, things go awry and adventure ensues.

The Animagus Pact By Akiela Xal [Harry Potter/General/Complete]
Just how did the Marauders decide to become Animagi anyway?

August 20th, 2009

Cautiously Optimistic By Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Complete]

August 19th, 2009

Added Part 3 of The Long Way into the Light by Skald the Bard

We would like to post a belated welcome to a new Bard, Cyberdyke

Sex, Death and Rock'n'Roll By Cyberdyke [Original/Alt/Complete]
Kristen Cutler is the drummer for the internationally known rock band Scarecrow, that she and her younger brother Rick and niece/surrogate sister Tony formed. She is totally dedicated to the music and the fans. Living in a career-imposed closet, her family is very much, 'don't ask, don't tell.' Her overly conservative parents having disowned her years before, she ended up living with her oldest brother and his wife.

Suddenly everything is going wrong on this tour. Accidents, people getting hurt, concert dates getting canceled, people dying. This has to be the most jinxed tour in history. In the midst of all of this, Kristen finds herself falling in love. Given her disastrous track record with relationships, she thought this was out of the realm of possibilities. But in order to truly let this woman in, she's going to have to divulge her secret - will she be able to trust her lover not to go to the media with it?

It seems that Kristen isn't the only one with secrets - one of them could get you killed!

 Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7 


August 18th, 2009

I Regret To Inform You by S. Berry [Voyager/Alt/Complete]
I Regret To Inform You begins about half an hour after the end of the sixth season episode Unimatrix One, and basically rewrites the rest of the series. It involves good Borg, weddings, sex, medical miracles, and really bad jokes -- not necessarily in that order. I'm afraid no consoles lost their lives for the greater good.

Cupid's Angel by Del Robertson [Charlie's Angels/Alt/Complete]
The Angels go undercover at a flower shop to investigate a rash of murders.

August 17th, 2009

Added part 19 of Badges and Needles By Warriorangel

August 16th, 2009

Announcement from Carrie Carr
Here's a fantastic deal! Not only can you get Piperton *before* it's officially released, but you can get it at a discount!

Piperton by Carrie Carr is available now thru the official release date - September 10th - only from the Allied Crest Editions web store. Not a pre-order - we will NOT hold your shipment for the release date. Get your copy early by ordering now directly from the RCE affiliate bookstore, http://www.rcedirect.com.

August 15th, 2009

Added parts 12-16 (conclusion) of Patient Zero By Andrea Doria

August 14th, 2009

Added Part 2 of Trust our Tomorrows By Carrie Carr

For A Song By Sapphire Bard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Andi Winters is a barista and college student by day, and a professional opera singer by night. When a mysterious brunette with gorgeous green eyes appears backstage, Andi's world gets turned upside down, in more ways than one.

Girl In the War By Geonn Cannon [Stargate:SG1/Alt/Complete]
Sam recommends Janet for a place on SG-1, but her trial mission turns out to be a trial by fire.

August 13th, 2009

Message from OZ:
Calling All Academy Bards...Calling All Academy Bards... The Academy wants you!
Actually we already have you AND your XWP/J&M/Uber fic. But we want more, More, MORE!
If you currently have stories archived at the RAOB AND you write other fandoms...ie: Buffy, Voyager, L&O, CSI, GL, WMC etc...
The NEW Academy Annex would love to give those stories a place to call home.
We are currently grandfathering in Bards who already have author pages at the Academy. Shortly we will open the Annex doors to ALL Bards.
Get in on the ground floor...pick a room with a view...snag a primo parking space.
Send us your other fandom stories.

Pssstttt...Besides a bored Munchkin is not a happy Munchkin. They need lots of stories to code and post. Won't you help them out? Please?

Submission guidelines/directions can be found here: http://www.academyofbards.org/submit.html

If you would like to see the new building and check out what we have so far...come on in: http://www.academyofbards.org/ annex.shtml
Any and all fandoms are welcome. We will be putting up new individual fandom pages as the stories come in....so check back often.

August 12th, 2009

Added chapter 2 of Just A Breath Away By Coleen

August 11th, 2009

Added chapter 6 of Taming the Wolf By Sammet

The Gods of War: A Janice and Mel Adventure Part 1 - And So It Begins By Capt'n Cat [Mel & Janice /Alt/Complete]
Picking up where "The Xena Scrolls" left off, Doctor Janice Covington is faced with a tough decision - should she accept Melinda Pappas' offer of partnership? Maybe Gabrielle can help her decide...

Trust Our Tomorrows By Carrie Carr [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Set a few years after To Hold Forever, Lex, Amanda and their family are back. The last year has been hard on the family - drought, the loss of someone dear, and raising two children had kept both women on their toes. Lorrie is now ten, and she gets into as much trouble as Lex ever did. Melanie is in first grade and is much less likely to get into things, at least without her sister's help. Amanda is busy trying to juggle work and taking care of the house, while Lex struggles to keep the stock they own alive.

August 10th, 2009

Added chapter 1 of Sand By KW Jordan

Birdie's Song X - Gone - Part 1 By OneSockBard [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
(Remember when you were fourteen? Your parents knew little about life, if anything at all, you and your friends were the only people who were wise, and goddess help everyone if you were in love….. ) This one is about utter rebellion and the repercussions, so hold on to your horse. The Bird is back. Big thanks always to my beta reader Trace, who kicks butt and takes names till it’s right….

August 7th, 2009

Statements from the HoF Inductees:

From Julia Noel Goldman:
What fabulous news! So exciting that people are still reading and appreciating my interpretations of Xena and Gabrielle's world, after so many years! It really means a great deal to me, so thank you so much to everyone involved!

Julia Noel Goldman
Xena's Little Bitch
http://www.julianoe lgoldman. com

Added part 9 of Patient Zero By Andrea Doria

Added part 10 of Patient Zero By Andrea Doria

Added part 11 of Patient Zero By Andrea Doria

August 6th, 2009

Added Part 7 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner

Statements from the HoF Inductees:

From Aurelia:
Thank you so much for the honor. I'm tickled pink!

From B Soiree:
Thank you. It's a great honor.

From Robin Alexander:
To all Merpups and fellow lovers of the Academy of Bards, it is truly an honor to be inducted into the hall of fame. I wouldn't be where I am now without the Academy, and for that I am eternally grateful.
With love, Robin Alexander

From Barbara Davies:
How cool! Thank you very much. :)

From D:
WOW! Thank you guys so much! I really enjoyed writing Drifter and think it is one of the best stories I have written to date. It is gratifying to know so many of you think the same. Thank you all very
much for taking the time to vote Drifter into the Hall of Fame as well as sending feedback. I really do appreciate it... and I really like having a five year streak going too <g> Thanks! To Steph and all the Academy Munchkins, thanks for all you do to keep
the Academy up and running! And to OZ... for lots of reasons! :-)

From Del Robertson:
Wow. Seriously - WOW. Bold that and underline it, please. I'm blown away. Speechless. Floored. (insert any additionally appropriate descriptive words here) I'd been waiting all day to get a chance to check the results and I didn't have any idea..... Thank you.
P.S. - Share this with Steph and the munchkins and everyone else at the Academy. The bards get the credit for writing the stories, but without the Academy, there wouldn't be such a great place to read 'em all. thank you.

Announcement from Bedazzled Ink:
Hi! Did you think that Monica was finished with Devlin and Cassie in Several Devils by K. Simpson? She's not close to finishing her job of bringing devilish havoc to our favorite ad agency employees. The Average of Deviance, Book 2 of The Devil's Workshop Series is the crazy aftermath of Several Devils.

Devlin Kerry isn't your average associate creative director in charge of sex. Not only does her personal demon, Monica, turn the ad agency's Halloween bash into her coming-out party, but now she has to deal with her best friend Cassie's demon, Vanessa. Consider this a warning against mixing sex, advertising, and demons: One is bad, two is worse, and three is the state of Dev's life.

The ebook version of The Average of Deviance is now available at Bedazzled Book Peddler(http://www.bedazzledink.com/bbp ). We have rebuilt the Book Peddler to take care of a glitch in the shopping cart. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it's back to normal again. Try it out and order The Average of Deviance:

The print edition is currently available at Amazon and will be everywhere within a week.
Thanks for reading!
Claudia Wilde


August 4th, 2009

Added part 10 - The Conclusion of Innocent Catch by Weebod

Added Living in the Past, Book 2: Chapter 8 by Xenamungrrr

Announcement from Linda Crist
I was stunned at this honor of the Royal Academy of Bards lifetime achievement award. It has been some of the best years of my life and a grand time of doing something I truly enjoy.

Twelve years ago I went online looking for something good to read and stumbled upon the magical world of Xena fan fiction. That led me to watch a television show that has touched my heart like no other. It ignited my imagination and inspired me to write. And it brought me to this crazy, wonderful Xenaverse community that has bestowed more richness in friendship and opportunities than I can ever possibly repay.

We have been blessed by the talented, gracious individuals behind Xena: Warrior Princess -- all the cast and crew and particularly Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless, and Renee O'Connor. The Xenaverse was one of the first TV-based fan communities to grow and thrive in the Internet environment. One reason for that is because Rob, the studios, and others who could have rightfully screamed "mine, mine, mine!" chose instead to "spread more joy" (to quote Lucy). At the time the show was getting started, a few other shows were having fan fiction sites shut down, but the folks behind Xena allowed our community of fans, bards, artists, musicians, web masters, beta readers, videographers, photographers, and readers to live. They gave us an opportunity to share our talents and connect with each other in ways no one dreamed of when all of this began.

That is what this award and this community is all about: People reaching out to other people and giving them a chance to share and
enjoy their creative product, form friendships, go amazing places, do crazy-fun things, and give to those within and beyond our own community via charity events, raffles, and auctions. It is about giving and receiving and then giving back again, on many levels and in many ways. And as my Texas Pups buddies so often do, it is about continually making room for one more at the table, knowing there is plenty to go around.

We are a family. We come together at the annual convention in LA to celebrate that, and we visit each other in person and online
throughout the year. We collectively support the ongoing endeavors of those behind the show that brought us all together. We share in each others' lives and dreams. We are strong because we support one another. Part of what ties us together and keeps us going are the stories and other creative means of expression we share with each other.

We are here because we have been generous and open to one another, and because back in 1995, the folks behind Xena chose to lead and continue to lead us by example in that generosity and openness. If not for their acceptance of this fandom and if not for those bards who have shared their stories, my cup would not be nearly as overflowing as it is today.

I must tip my hat in gratitude to all those folks who at one time or another welcomed me and gave me so many fantastic opportunities, who shared of themselves, their time, and their talents. Thanks to The Academy and its team of hard-working Munchkins. Thanks to Rob, Lucy, Renee & the Xena Cast and Crew. Thanks to the web masters, artists, writers, list owners/moderators, convention organizers, reviewers, publishers, and editors, who've worked with and supported me. Thanks
to the Xenaverse family. Thanks to the many friends I've made along the way. And thanks to the Readers. Y'all rock! If the next 15 years is anything like the last 15, we're in for a wild, wonderful ride.

Enjoy the Journey
Linda Crist aka Texbard

August 3rd, 2009

Hellll-oooooooooo August.

Whew! Am I glad July is over. July is always the busiest month here at the Academy. We normally have a Summer Challenge (check-#21 Vacation), the Feed the Bards Project (check-and the Fan of the Year honors) and the Hall of Fame Inductions (check-5 Bards and 10 Stories). Plus this year, we added the establishment (and construction) of the Academy Annex. The Academy Annex is where we will house fanfic from other fandoms. Is that cool or what? However, we ask your patience as we tinker and tinker and tinker some more with the pages and indexes as the stories start coming in. I think y'all are going to enjoy the new stories by some of your favorite Bards and some of your soon to be favorite Bards. <.g.>

Okay, but we need to wrap up July's business first.

Let's start with the Challenge.

Bard Challenge #21 ' Vacation had a relatively simple premise…write a vacation story. Those stories must have jogged some favorite memories. This Challenge generated a ton of votes and the closest margin (ever in the BCs) between first and second place.

Honorable Mention: Story #2-Crisitunity by Geonn Cannon. Awesome.

The WINNER: Story #1-Are We There Yet? By Del Robertson. YAY Del!

Congrats to you both. <.applause.>

Themed with the Bard Challenge…EVIL J and I put together a devilish little license plate PunZle. It was fun watching folks come up with vehicles for the phony license plates that J and I made up. Hence we uphold the EVIL part of our reputation. Buwahahahahah

The answers will be posted on the PunZle page but I can tell you right now that our WINNERS are the FlyBigD team of Troublemakers. This group takes great pride in annihilating my punzles/puzzles and scavenger hunts.

Killer job again, y'all.

Next up, the Feed the Bards endeavor.

Every July we ask that folks take a few moments and send out feedback to Bards. Our mission…to show the Bards how much we appreciate them…to thank them for sharing their talent…to explode mailboxes…to make them cry mercy…to…oh you get the idea. <.g.> We also ask that those participating CC our FTB list. The person who feeds the most Bards…we bestow upon them the honor of being named the Fan of the Year.

Our Fan of the Year's name should sound very familiar…she is our first back to back WINNER.

Fan of the Year 2009 is Sandy Serf March231994802@aol.com

Incredible! Congrats Sandy.

Now, onto the Hall of Fame.

I am extremely happy with this year's pick of Bards for the Hall of Fame. Y'all readers/voters did an amazing job in the selection.

The 2009 Inductees are:

Robin Alexander
Barbara Davies
Julia Noel Goldman (aka Xena's Little Bitch)

AC Henley


The 2009 Stories/Series Inductees are:

An Amazon, a Warrior and a Bard Walk into a Bar by Del Robertson (1)
Borderline by Linda Crist aka Texbard
Drifter by D
Fetchin' Cousin Minnie by B Soiree
I Saw Gabby Kissing Senticles by Del Robertson (2)
McKee by AC Henley
My Xena, What Big Teeth You Have by Del Robertson (3)
Priory & Jacey/Ghost Series by Aurelia
What Do You Do? by Imagine

And the top vote-getter this year:
Romancing the Bard by Del Robertson (that would be #4 folks)

Yep…Del put four more stories into the HoF. They join the three that went in last year. YOWSA!

Also D keeps her streak going. D has put a story into the HoF every year since we opened the Hall.

Oh wait…We have one more announcement and for this I am going to turn the post over to Da Boss, herself. Take it away, Steph…

Every year the Academy chooses a special person to whom to present the Academy Lifetime Achievement Award. Here's a bit about this year's winner.

Ten years ago, on May 15, 1999, our 2009 winner watched the Xena: Warrior Princess episode “The Ides of March.” The powerful acting in the prison and crucifixion scenes of the season ender inspired her to write a resolution. (Like so many others, she couldn't wait until the next season started!) By December she had submitted her story to our predecessor, Tom's Site, to rave reviews. It was the first of what became a steady stream of well-received works that have delighted readers for a decade now.

Since 1999, she has written and posted 27 stories and two series, the Xena/Gabrielle series started by the aforementioned story, “March the 16,” and the Between the Lines series which explores what went on ‘between the lines' of the episodes of (to date) the first two seasons of XWP.  Three of her published books also began online: The Bluest Eyes in Texas (HoF 2005), Borderline (HoF 2009) and Galveston 1900: Swept Away (HoF 2006).

This year's Lifetime Achievement winner has often said how important it is to make a positive influence in the lives of others and that she hopes to be remembered as someone who gave something back to the world. She certainly will, for she has given so much to the ‘Verse and to lesbian fiction as a whole through her stories, done for the pleasure of writing and in order to simply spread joy, through other media, and through her volunteer work.

In addition to the previously mentioned online stories and three published books, her impressive writing résumé includes:
**Contributions to two anthologies
**Two Xippy Awards
**Two Bard's Challenge Awards
**Two Swollen Bud Awards
**Selection as a Goldie Finalist

Other contributions and honors include serving as a member of
**the Orlando BardCon staff and
**the Xena Subtext Virtual Season staff

She has also to her credit
**One Argo art contest win and
**Three Creation Xena music video wins

Whew! So you can see why The Academy of Bards is proud to announce as it
2009 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, the incomparable…Linda Crist akaTexbard!

Way to go, LC!

Thanks Boss AND a big THANK YOU to the hardworking Munchkins who take this techno-moron's (that would be me) ideas and make them work.

Y'all are the best.


Remember Folks…if you read'm, then feed'm. Let the Bards know how much you appreciate them sharing their time and talent to provide you with stories…free for the clicking.

OZ, over and out.

August 2nd, 2009

Maybe It Was the Rooster by IseQween [Classic/Alt/Complete]
When Gabrielle accepts a mission Xena hates, they learn how quickly a middle-aged hero can slide to the level of a 10 year old.

The End by The Fallen [Über/Alt/Complete]
A stolen ancient artefact and a riddle that begs to be solved. Zoe Mercouri came back from the dead in the hopes of finding an answer and answers are all Cassie Wayward has ever wanted. But where will the riddle lead them and what dangers will they face? And most importantly of all, will they face such dangers together? It's one thing to defy death, it's another to defy the end.

August 1st, 2009

Note from OZ...
The winners of the Challenge, the PunZle and the Hall of Fame Inductees will be announced on Monday. I'm from Florida, you know how we feel about voting and recounts. I thought I saw Chad hanging around. LOL This Challenge was a very and I do mean VERY close race. I want to make sure that yahoo didn't eat any of the votes coming into my mailbox, so I am going to double check everything. Stay tuned.

Dark Matter Corps Two: Dark Matter Enemy by Anne Azel [Original/Alt/Complete]
Commodore Anna Cyborn's first mission had been a great success, making a name for the young Dark Matter Corps. Can Anna's skills and luck hold on their second mission as the DMC faces a massive, unfeeling enemy? On this mission Anna and Jill's relationship deepens only to be challenged by death itself.


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