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July 31rst, 2009

Today we would like to welcome TWO new bards at the Academy, K.S. Harrington and KMCE

What Dreams May Come by K.S. Harrington [Classic\Alt\Complete]
A displeased regent has banished an injured Eponin and a delinquent Solari to six days at hard labor on a remote work detail away from the main village.

In the Hands of Gaia by KMCE [Classic\Alt\Complete]
Set in the not so distant future. Everything has changed, Xena and Gabrielle are all that is left of a long gone era, and only they knew the way out.

PD Announcement:
First and foremost, Barb and I would like to send our congratulations to Anne Azel for her 2009 GCLS Literary Award in Short Story/Essay for //A Little Book of Big Christmas Tales//< http://www.pdpublis hing.com/ christmastalesen dpage.html >. This is a
wonderful compilation of short stories, each centering around the cold, wintry time of year.

New Books have been released!
/Iron Rose Bleeding/ < http://www.pdpublis hing.com/ ironroseendpage. html > by Anne Azel is the long-awaited novel concerning environmental concerns with a science fiction twist. Many of you may remember the online posted version. This story has been expanded and updated for the current scientific data as well as the development of the relationship between the main characters. It's another winner!
/World on Fire/ < http://www.pdpublis hing.com/ onfireendpage. html > by Geonn Cannon is a firefighter/ doctor story. Know it is MUCH more than the usual Geonn romance - the characters are flawed, yet intriguing. Another story not to be missed!//
< http://www.pdpublis hing.com/ nullendpage. html >

New contracts have been signed!
/Breaking Masks/ < http://www.pdpublis hing.com/ breakingmasksend page.html > by Josh Aterovis and David Schreiber
< http://www.pdpublis hing.com/ schreiber. html >
/Confused by Shadows/ < http://www.pdpublis hing.com/ confusedendpage. html > by Geonn Cannon
/Delphinus Contract/ < http://www.pdpublis hing.com/ delphinusendpage .html > by GV Nett < http://www.pdpublis hing.com/ nett.html >
/After Shadow/ < http://www.pdpublis hing.com/ aftershadowendpage.html > by Kim Pritekel

Josh has joined forces with a new author to put together a wonderful gay romance. We've also signed a new author, GV Nett, who has woven together a lesbian romance in an unusual, yet exciting science fiction world. Kim and Geonn have signed their latest novels. Thanks to all these authors trusting their work with PD.

As readers, my thanks to you for supporting these and all our PD authors. Even in tough economic times, there are great escapes to be found in the printed word. ~ Linda

July 30th, 2009

Added part 8 of Patient Zero By Andrea Doria

July 29th, 2009

Friend in Need by D [Facts of Life\Alt\Complete]
Jamie's actions bring Jo and Blair together after a 13 year separation.

You Can't Stop Love by D [Facts of Life\Alt\Complete]
Christmas for Jo and Blair - something of a sequel to Friend in Need.

Devil in Blue Jeans by D [SVU\Alt\Complete]
The Devil doesn't always carry a briefcase and wear the glasses of justice.

Merry Little Christmas by D [SVU\Alt\Complete]
A Law & Order:SVU Christmas story for Alex and Olivia.

Until by D [SVU\Alt\Complete]
Olivia thought she knew how things were between them.... until.

Live Like You Were Dying by D [SVU\Alt\Complete]
Together in New York once again, Alex and Olivia take the chance to really live. Sequel to Until.

What Hurts the Most by D [SG1\Alt\Complete]
Sometimes - once in a lifetime – what hurts the most is what, in the end, finally completes us and brings absolute joy.

Remember When by D [SG1\Alt\Complete]
Valentine's Day has special meaning for Sam and Janet. Follow up story to What Hurts the Most.

Bright Day by Phair [Original\Alt\Complete]

Announcement from Phair
Greeting folks,

Two weeks ago, I invited the nice folks on my mailing list to a sort of ‘a-day-in-the- life' event. Every hour or so I'd update with what I'd been doing since the last update. It was TMI to the extreme. The result was my most prolific writing day ever. I only counted the words set down for my stories and not the blog itself.

I want to do it all again with just a few tweaks. It will start sometime Friday night and end sometime Saturday night – 24 hourish. There will be eating, sleeping and bathroom breaks for the dog and me. It is not an endurance test. It is an interactive record. If folks send feedback or questions I pass them along (keep it clean- I'm the sole monitor of good taste for this project). I will only blog for the folks who want to read it. So, if you want in then email me your addie at p.phair@comcast.net

I don't know if it will be fun or even interesting but it is different…I think…anyway, let me know if you want in…



July 28th, 2009

Announcement from Nene Adams
An action/adventure novel set in the late 19th century, this brand new offering from Nene Adams (to be published by PD Publishing - date to be announced) will thrill readers with its twists, turns and non-stop breathless action!

One chapter per week will be posted to the group. To reduce the possibility of spam, no one may send message to the group except Nene, but if you have a comment or question, you can write her directly: wynna1@yahoo.com

"Every Adventure Begins with a Single Step... and a Loaded Revolver"

Held at bay by an armed and desperate madman, librarian Felicity Smith thinks her troubles are over when she is rescued by the enigmatic Minerva Walcott, but within minutes of their meeting, Felicity is drugged, kidnapped, and whisked away from London to a stranger's house where she learns about a stolen book of prophecy and the cult led by a charismatic woman who will stop at nothing to get it, including murder. To save her missing father's life, Felicity crosses the Continent with Minerva following a string of clues that will lead her to the mysterious Maiden Prophecy... but only if she survives the journey."

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/miss_ smith_and_the_devils_library/

Muchos gracias!

Announcement from JM Dragon
JM Dragon is having a Storybook Challenge. Here is the link to her Writing Challenge with all the information:

http://www.jmdragon.net/challenge. html

You don't need to be a member of her group it's open to all.

July 27th, 2009

Drive Time by Therese Szymanski [Original/Alt/Complete]
The hunter becomes the prey‹being seen, noticed and caught before willingly giving in and topping the scene. The only question that remains is, who's playing what role when?

July 25th, 2009

Added part 18 of Badges and Needles By Warriorangel

July 22nd, 2009

Added part 2 of The Long Way Into the Light by Skald the Bard

L-Book ePublisher Announcements:
L-Book ePublisher produces quality books in the media of today and continually looks to the future for the newest formats and innovations.

We are proud to announce the following:

  • L-Book.com is now a Multi-Format eBook web site . This means you can purchase an eBook for download and receive it in all eBook formats produced by L-Book ePublisher. We have always had our format exchange policy and that is still the case for any past customers who may change there reader software or devices, now or in the future. See our Tech Support Page for details.
  • eBooks and Audio eBooks are available on Micro/SD Memory Cards (all formats) from retail stores, Ingram Book Distributor and our own web store. Book stores now sell our eBooks along with selling the dedicated readers.
  • Our books are now available in Paperback from our web store, other online web stores, book distributors and retail stores. Our paperback book covers are a little different than our eBooks for fast glance recognition between our eBooks and Paperbacks on web sites. Take a look on our home page. http://L-Book.com
  • Our paperback books are also available for printing from the Espresso Book Machin e systems located in retail stores and universities around the world.
  • L-Book ePublisher now has an online distribution ordering system for larger volume orders of printed and Micro/SD cards for retailer and distributors. http://L-Book.com/distribution/

L-Book is also proud to announce the New Release of our first Non-Fiction .

the Butch cook book
by Sue Hardesty and Nel Ward
The butches who contributed to this book come from as far away as England and the Netherlands and represent the many faces of our butchness. Some show the tomboy in all of us: short, casual hair easy to care for, no makeup, tennies, Levis . You know who we are. Some have added their own touch such as the "Tree-Huggers" who love the crusade (Goddess bless them) and are often vegetarians,or into Wiccan, spirituality, bird-watching, and flannel shirts.

We all find our own way to belong. Probably the most surprising thing is that butches can cook, REALLY COOK, as many of these recipes will show. We expected the joke recipe and got some. But for the most part, these butches are serious about their food. You will enjoy their food as much as we have!

Call for Submissions:

We are seeking all categories of lesbian and women-centric fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. L-Book has no story length requirements. Novels, commuter-length novels, anthologies, collections, and short stories are all welcome.
http://L-Book.com/authors.html - Submissions@L-Book.com

July 21rst, 2009

Added part 9 of Innocent Catch by Weebod

July 19th, 2009

Message from OZ:
Well, apparently EVIL J and I were more evil than we thought. Go figure. We heard the groans (and the death threats ‹.gulp.›) and will extend the deadline date to July 30th. If you already sent in a list of answers, I have them filed. If you want to add/change anything before the deadline date, just send me a new answer list. Good Luck Y'all...Happy Motoring.

Announcement from Evecho:
To celebrate the launch of RTL on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Read-These-Lips/127226282323 , we're giving away an e-book of Year's Best Lesbian Fiction 2008 http://nuancebooks.wordpress.com/books/years-best-lesbian-fiction/ .

To win a copy, we're looking for a name for our baby kitty (to see pics of him, go to http://readtheselips.wordpress.com). Send in your suggestions (one entry per person) to info@readtheselips.com by midnight 2 August, to be in the running. The winner will be notified by email.


July 18th, 2009

Today, July 18th, marks the Second Annual International Day of Femslash, celebrating femslash in all its forms and fandoms - and showing the world that femslash is a force to be reckoned with. To show our support, the Academy issued Bard Challenge #21 and we are proud to post those entries as part of IDF.

Bard Challenge # 21 - Vacation

Read 'em, feed 'em, and vote for 'em - but only vote for one of 'em. <g>

And as part of the Academy's continued effort to be a successful part of the femslash community, we have decided to create the new Academy Annex. The Munchkin Construction Crew will be hard at work in the next few weeks creating this new wing to house fandoms unrelated to Xena, so those of you who read (and write) in other fandoms will soon be able to find those fandoms here.

This will be done incrementally, so as not to overwhelm our hardworking Munchkins as they build. First, those bards who are already housed at the Academy will be asked to submit their other fandom stories. When that initial transition is complete, the Academy will open its doors to all others who wish to have their work housed with us. We will be posting submission guidelines to help make this a smooth process for everyone. We are looking forward our new Annex and hope both readers and bards will make the next decade at the Academy just as successful as our first.

Added Part 4 - The Conclusion of Birdie - the Road Trip by OneSockBard

What We Did in the Big War by Hypatia Bard [Mel and Janice/Alt/Complete]
Buried deep in the Xena Scrolls, Mel & Jan discover a secret that can help defeat the Nazis, taking Jan to Xena's birthplace and Mel to a frightening other world.

From This Day Forward by Cheyne [Uber/Alt/Complete]
This is the sequel to In The Light of Day.

Cheating the Pocket by Cheyne [Uber/Alt/Complete]
This is the sequel to Two Cross Side.

July 17th, 2009

Announcement From Kate Sweeney
If you want to send a note, send it via Kate at msk0522@yahoo. com

Good Afternoon everyone,
I talked to AC yesterday and just spoke with Sherry. There is no other way but to just tell you what has happened. Yesterday, AC was rushed to the hospital.
The cancer spread and perforated her bowel. Her liver is no longer functioning; this will rapidly cause her kidneys to shut down.

AC does not want to stay in the hospital, so they are sending her home today with a hospice nurse and morphine. The doctor has given her 2 weeks.

Sherry wanted me to let all of you know what's happening; AC needs our thoughts and prayers more than ever. As Sherry said, "AC's been battling this for 3 yrs and she felt lucky to have had this last year. Soon, she won't be in any more pain." My heart aches for both of them.

I know this is sad news; expected, yes, but sad nonetheless. Please pray for AC and Sherry, this will be a very difficult time.

I'll keep you posted, ladies.
Take care,
Kate Sweeney

Added part 17 of Badges and Needles By Warriorangel


Announcement From ReadTheseLips.com
It's here!

Sweet Afters from ReadTheseLips. com < http://www.readthes elips.com/ > is our third collection of distinctive stories from talented lesbian authors. Joan Nestle—co-founder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives and iconic lesbian activist—honoured us with a fascinating story of one lesbian's joyous life celebrated by those who shared it. Janis Spehr sent in a breathtaking narrative of a housewife struggling to escape a dead-end life. J.E. Knowles, Georgia Beers, JD Glass and Amy McDonald each gave a glimpse into the complexities of significant relationships. Vicki Stevenson reminded us that happy beginnings can happen anywhere, and poet Natasha Carthew offered three short but intense poems for all who have longed and loved. For the first time, we are featuring a photographic exhibit by JRen, who also shot this issue's beautiful covers.

Sweet Afters is about the last course, the indulgent pleasure afterwards. We hope this issue of Read These Lips satisfies in the best way.

Now available for download from ReadTheseLips. com http://www.readthes elips.com/.
Enjoy the book.

Evecho and Linda Lorenzo

Editors, ReadTheseLips. com http://www.readthes elips.com/

July 16th, 2009

Added part 5 of Infamia by Vivian Darkbloom

Announcement from Bedazzled Ink
Bedazzled Ink is very excited to announce the publication of Year's Best Lesbian Fiction 2008, the first annual collection of lesbian short stories published in 2008, selected from over eighty nominations by Fran Walker, author of Lavender Ink: Writing and Selling Lesbian Fiction and judges, Lynne Pierce, moderator of lesfic_unbound and Joan Opyr, author of Idaho Code.

This year's stories originally appeared in Read These Lips: Second Helpings, Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades, Periphery: Erotic Lesbian Futures, Khimairal Ink, and Toe to Toe: Standing Tall and Proud. These remarkable stories are by newly-published authors through veterans such as Nebula winner Mary A. Turzillo and Campbell Award for Best New Writer winner Melissa Scott, and range from literary to dark fantasy to light-hearted contemporary fiction. A little something for everyone for the perfect summer reading.

a.. "Sweet Baby Dyke" by Renée Strider
b.. "Silent Journey" by DeJay
c.. "One Horse Town" by Melissa Scott
d.. "The Abomination of the Blue Hibiscus" by Ovidia Yu
e.. "Gay Day" by Sandra Barret
f.. "Mind Games" by Tracey Shellito
g.. "Water Rites" by Mary Douglas
h.. "Games With Chance" by Andi Marquette
i.. "Ewaipanoma" by Mary A. Turzillo
j.. "Kissing on the Ferris Wheel" by Meg White
k.. "Words Like Candy Conversation Hearts" by Kathleen Bradean
l.. "To Dance With No Music" by Lois C. Hart
m.. "The One I Left Behind" by M. Christian
For more information visit:
http://nuancebooks. wordpress. com/books/ years-best- lesbian-fiction/

You can pre-order a copy from Star-Cross Productions:
http://www.scpbooks .com/YearsBestLe sbianFiction. html

You can also order a copy from the Bedazzled Book Peddler:
http://bedazzledink .byethost17. com/bookpeddler/ index.php? main_page= product_info& products_ id=18

Ebook editions are available at the Bedazzled Book Peddler:
http://bedazzledink .byethost17. com/bookpeddler/ index.php? main_page= product_info& products_ id=16

If you're going to the Golden Crown Literary Society Conference this next weekend, track down Andi Marquette and check them out in person. She has copies to sell.
They also need 5 more people to sign up to break a record.
Details: http://www.gclscon. com/

Thanks for reading!

July 15th, 2009

A new bard joins us today! Welcome Rae D. Magdon!

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of The Second Sister by Rea D. Madgon [Original-Uber/Alt/Complete]
In a kingdom where magic is feared, the orphaned Ellie is put to work by her sadistic elder stepsister, Luciana, and cheated out of her inheritance. With the help of a talking cat, a horse, a stableman, a cook, two servants, and especially her beautiful second stepsister, Belladonna, Ellie must stop Luciana from using an ancient sorcerer's chain to bewitch Prince Brendan and take over the Kingdom of Seria. You have never seen a Cinderella story this sexy before...

July 14th, 2009

Added Part 6 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner

Just a Breath Away by Coleen [Uber/Alt/Incomplete]
Broken Promises. Lies. Betrayal. Indifferance. When the human spirit is wounded by love, how long does it take to heal? As Carson Galloway starts a new life, those open wounds and painful memories may block the path to complete happiness.

July 13th, 2009

It's here, it's here, it's here...The latest EVIL Puzzle from J and OZ.

We came up with a little teaser puzzle <.cough. cough, cough.> to tie into the Vacation theme of the Challenge... well sorta. If you squint. Hard. <.g.>

You can find it and the instructions here: http://www.academyofbards.org/contest/challenge21/punzle21.html

Good Luck...Y'all are gonna need it. Buwahahahahahahahahaha

Announcement from Intaglio Publications
Intaglio Publications, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Survive the Dawn by Kate Sweeney

Survive the Dawn
By Kate Sweeney
Release: June 2009
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-935216-04-9
Genre: Thriller

Available at
www.bellabooks.com and www.scpbooks.com

With the serum now in her bloodstream, Dr. Alex Taylor must find a suitable laboratory to continue her work to help the woman - well, vampire - she loves, Sebastian. Together they travel to Devon, England, where Sebastian hoped her, old friend, the flamboyant vamp Gaylen Prescott will assist them. All the while, they try to keep one step ahead of Nicholae, the elder in the hierarchy, who wants Sebastian destroyed.

They find themselves deep in the catacombs of Guys Hospital in London and to Kendra, a sultry vamp who knew Sebastian quite well a century before, too well for Alex. Kendra is conducting similar experiments of her own.

Alex becomes a reluctant comrade to this sexy vampire, and together they find a way for Sebastian and her world to survive the dawn.

Added Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and the Epilogue of Island of Belleza: For better, for worse by Cam Taylor

July 12th, 2009

The Long Walk Into The Light - Part 1 by Skald the Bard [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
After spending so many adventures together Xena and Gabrielle are feeling that the things became diferent between them. When life forces them to choose will they have the courage to change the path they have been walking and admit those new feelings or will they follow separated ways and forget about it?

Total Recall - Part 1: Is Better Left Unsaid by Twinker Hell [BSG/Alt/Complete]
It's no mystery that Three/D'Anna Biers knows the identity of the final five. But is that all she knows?

Sins of the Past - A Poem by Rick Miller [Classic/Alt/Complete]

July 11th, 2009

Announcement from Blue Feather Books
Just in time for the Golden Crown Literary Society convention, we're extremely pleased to announce our latest release, Jane Vollbrecht's brand new novel, Detours.

Detours, by Jane Vollbrecht

It should have been a typical day of trimming shrubbery and edging lawns, but Gretchen VanStantvoordt-known to everyone as "Ellis"-first gets caught in a traffic jam and then lands in the emergency room with a badly sprained ankle. Mary Moss, a new-found friend who was caught in the same traffic jam, convinces Ellis that trying to tend to her dog and negotiate the stairs at her walk-up apartment while on crutches isn't such a good idea. Without friends or family in the vicinity, Ellis accepts Mary's offer for assistance.

When Ellis meets Natalie, Mary's nine-year-old daughter, she's ready to make tracks away from Mary as quickly as possible, but her bum ankle makes that impossible. Ellis stays with Mary and Natalie while she recovers. Little by little, Ellis develops a fondness for young Natalie… and develops something much deeper for Mary.

Ellis and Mary work out a plan for building a future-and a family-together. Destiny, it seems, has other plans and throws major roadblocks in their path. Ellis is forced to reconsider everything she thought she knew about where she wanted to go in life, and Mary learns that even with the perfect traveling companion, not all journeys are joyous. No GPS can help them navigate the new road they find themselves on. Come make the trip with Ellis and Mary as they discover that when life sends you on a detour, the wise traveler finds a way to enjoy the scenery.

We're looking forward to meeting and greeting everyone at the GCLS in a couple of weeks, where you can pick up your signed copies of our Goldie finalists, as well as our recent new releases.

Remember Me by Drew Meyers [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Xena and Gabrielle come across an old friend that neither one can recall. Can they help someone they can not remember? Love, war, forgetfulness, it's all in a day for a warrior and a bard.

July 10th, 2009

Oz here again...

Only a few more days left to get your Vacation Bard Challenge entries in. Write a little, write a lot. Heavenly vacation story or vacation from hell story. Find the premise and roools here: http://www.academyofbards.org/contest/challenge21/roolz.html

Deadline for entries is Midnight (you pick the time zone) July 12th.

July 6th, 2009

Announcement from Crystal Michallet-Romero
Hello all,

As many of you know, my first professional novel, The Veil of Sorrow, was published this year and after some thought I wanted to do something special. Owing to my own plight of living with diabetes, and also having lost a grandmother to complications from this disease, I wanted to tie in both the publication of my novel with a charity that is working to end Diabetes, so the ADA was a natural choice. My publisher, PD Publishing, were kind enough to donate a novel for this chairty and I managed to get two important signatures that will make this novel truly unique.

Starting today, July 6, 2009, my first novel, The Veil of Sorrow, is up for auction and will remain active for six days, ending on Friday, July 13th. What makes the auction of this novel unique is that in addition to a personal signature from me, both artists who helped create the awesome cover have signed the book. If you are the winning bidder, what you will receive is a signed copy from the graphic artists who incorporated the images on the cover, Linda Callaghan and the photographer who took the picture of the statue,"The Weeping Angel," Jessica Michallet-Romero. Once the bidder is known, I will add a personalize autograph in the novel. This will be a one time only auction, so the chances of ever having a novel with the autographs of these two talented ladies, Linda and Jessica, will not be offered again.

The Veil of Sorrow ebay #320394629216

In addition to my own novel, some fellow writers have graciously donated their novels for this worthy charity. The list of donors is:

Deborah Barry – 320394648321 The Life in Her Eyes

Anne Brook - 320394671005 Novel: Maloney's Law

Lois Cloarec Hart - Novels:
Assorted Flavours - 320394681740
Coming Home - 320394687311
Kicker Journey - 320394690253

Patty G. Henderson
So Dead My Love - 320394722538
The Burning of her Sin - 320394698424
The Missing Page - 320394718726
Chilling Tales Anthology - 320394704744

Andi Marquette
Land of Entrapment - 320394782424
State of Denial - 320394785297
Friends in High Places - 320394780893

Moondancer Drake Ancestral Magic - 320394788393


Frank Walker Lavender Ink - 320394792320

Remember, 100% of the proceeds for all items will go to the American Diabetes Association. If you would like to bid on mine, or any other novels, please go to the eBay page and look for the list under seller name: meerzoor2

Thank you, and good luck!

Crystal Michallet-Romero
Author of "The Veil of Sorrow"

NOTE: Feel free to cross post.

July 5th, 2009

OZ here...
Just a reminder, the deadline for the Bard Challenge is a week away...Sunday the 12th. Got a vacation story to tell...send it in. Newbie who has never posted before? C'mon and play. Newbies do very, very well in the Bard Challenges. Established Bard? It will be wonderful to see you strut your stuff. <.g.> We will be holding the entries until July 18th to coincide with IDF. However, EVIL J and I have a new puzzle (themed with the Challenge premise...sorta <.eg.>) for y'all to play with while you are waiting for the entries to be posted. It will go up on the 12th. Stay tuned.

July 4th, 2009

P.D. Publishing Announcement:
Barb and I are proud to inform you all that several long awaited titles are now available at SCPBooks.com and listed at other online bookstores. You can order these or any PD title at your local store as well.

First, Trish K's long awaited Hidden Enemies , continues Katie and Dean's life together which includes the tragedies of September 11, 2001, as well as other enemies that threaten them personally. This is the fifth in the Dean and Katie adventures, all now found in PD's catalogue. However, this novel has never been released and has been very much anticipated by many readers.

Next, Lois Cloarec Hart's Kicker's Journey , a full novel that was developed around her very popular short story, Kicker's Heart . There is nothing that Lois writes that shouldn't be read, but this one surpasses them all - very touching, poignant, and a story readers can relate to, even if you didn't dig up roots in England and move to Canada during the late 1800's .

Last, but not least, Sara Bell's The Way You Say My Name , is a gay romance that follows her very popular novel, The Magic in Your Touch . She really captures the experiences of gay youth in their last year of high school, but it surprisingly includes a murder mystery with various twists and turns.

In addition to these releases, we'd like to announce the signing of Geonn Cannon's Only Flame and Air which should be available a year from now.

As a reminder for those still thinking about their July schedule, PD Publishing is a proud sponsor of this year's GCLS convention in Orlando, FL. We are unable to attend due to family responsibilities, but we'd like those who can to attend and/or support this wonderful event and cheer on all the short-listed authors in their quest for a Golden Crown Literary Award. The titles from PD which are short-listed are the following:

Web , by JP Mercer, in the Mystery category
Chilling Tales of Terror and the Supernatural , edited by Patty Henderson, in the Anthology (non-erotica) category
A Little Book of Big Christmas Tales , by Anne Azel, in the Short Story/Essay category

If you cannot attend the GCLS, take some time and order a few new books for your personal library from any of the LGBT publishers. There are at least the three above mentioned PD titles to choose from as well as eight other PD titles since the first of 2009.

Thanks for supporting all LGBT fiction! ~ Linda

July 2nd, 2009

Riley Parra: Open and Shut, No. 3 - Beautiful Night by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
In the third "Open and Shut" story, the world of Riley Parra is shown through the eyes of someone completely unrelated to the battle between angels and demons. Cabbie Ingrid Elliot has no idea of the supernatural war waging behind the scenes of her city, but that doesn't mean she doesn't find excitment of her own.
All of the Riley Parra stories can be found as free PDF downloads on my website: http://www.geonncannon.com/riley_parra.html

Announcement from Bedazzled Ink
Get out of the hot sun! ...or cold rain, depending where you live <g>... and snuggle up with the latest issue of Khimairal Ink. This month's magazine has a cheatin' heart theme...need I say more?
Welcome first time contributors, Jove Belle with her eye-opening "Morning Coffee," escape "Into the Heat, Into the Light" with S. J. Powers and experience "Big Love" with Stacey Darlington, Our other contributors this month are Year's Best Lesbian Fiction 2008 authors and Khimairal Ink alumni, Andi Marquette and Barbara L. Clanton.
You can find all these great stories at:
http://www.bedazzledink.com/ khimairal- ink/khicurrent. html
Thanks for reading!

July 1rst, 2009

Hi Y'all... It's that time of year again...it's JULY and you know what that means...y'all get all kinds of fun stuff to do and the Munchkins get worked to a frazzle.

First...It's FEED THE BARDS month. We ask that you rabid readers go on a feeding frenzy and stuff those Bardie mailboxes until they burst. Let the folks who continue to write and share their talents with you (FOR FREE) know how much you appreciate them. We ask that when you send your emails to the individual Bards, you CC us at feedthebards@yahoogroups.com The person who feeds the most Bards, in July, will get a personalized prize designed by the world famous Academy Artists and be named FAN OF THE YEAR.

Second...It' s HALL OF FAME time. We ask that you vote for your top 5 Bards and your top 5 stories or series .

Please review the previous winners (from 2005-2008) here: http://www.academyofbards.org/halloffame/

The only criteria is that the Bards and Stories nominated must be hosted at the Academy. The Bard must have at least one story (any story) posted at the Academy. The nominated Stories must be housed at the Academy. The exception to this is Missy Good. (She houses the Academy---her stuff is in a different room but the same building which, btw, she owns. Yep, she's the landlord. Note to self...I need to talk to her about the leaking pipe in the Graphic Artist's Office aka the Dungeon). Also, the stories and Bards do not have to pair up. That is to say, you can nominate five Bards and then five stories written by five other different bards. In addition, if the Bard is already in the Hall of Fame, you may continue to nominate other stories written by that Bard, if you deem them HOF worthy.

Which Bards tickle your fancy, drive you to dramatic distraction, or consistently keep you up all night reading their latest offerings? Which stories are so well written you go back to reread them again and again even though they are engraved in your memory forever? New favorites? Old favorites? Now is the time to honor them. We will take all your votes and tally them up.

The top 5 Bards and top 10 Stories will be our inductions for 2009. The Academy Munchkins will also honor a Bard with a Lifetime Achievement Award as well. But you won't find out who that is until the end of the month. Neener, neener, neener.

These Bards and Stories will receive a special banner on their pages indicating they are the your Hall Of Fame choices, as well as listing on the Hall Of Fame main page. In addition, the Academy will be sending each Bard a special personalized item to commemorate their induction. The voting period will run until July 30th. Then we will count up your selections and announce the new Hall Of Fame members. Please list your choices (5 Bards/5 Stories) in a single email and send it here:

academy_contest@yahoogroups.com .

Why a single email? I have to count them and I'm from Florida...'nuff said. Thirdly...a reminder...The International Day of Femslash is July 18th. If you would like to show your support for femslash...we ask that you submit a story (drabble/short/ long/epic- fanfic/uber/ original) for posting on that day. Just mark your submission that you want it posted on July 18th.


The Academy's Summer Challenge is currently underway and will deadline on July 12th and the entries will be posted up on the 18th to support IDF. Enter the challenge... submit a drabble, a short, an epic, XWP, original, uber story (within the roools/premise of the challenge) and show your support of IDF. The Challenge premise/roools are posted here:


The Academy of Bards Staff would like to once again express their deep appreciation to all the Bards who continue to share their talents and provide entertainment and, in some cases, enlightenment to readers everywhere.

Now...go read, go feed, go vote, go write. :o)


Riding the Tide by IseQween [Classic/Alt/Complete]
On a leisurely trip home, a middle-aged Xena and Gabrielle confront reminders of their distant past, in the process acknowledging questions that might always intrigue them. This story refers to episodes from Season Six, as well as some events introduced in my post-finale stories “A Fly in The Ointment” and “Suns of The Passed.”

Added Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 of Island of Belleza: For better, for worse by Cam Taylor


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