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July 25th, 2014

Xena and the Scythian Spy by Phineas Redux [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Xena and Gabrielle chase a fugitive through the streets and buildings of Athens.

Revised version of Xena & Gabrielle: A Turn of Fate: Part 5 by Ahkiken [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

Revised version of The Conqueror & Ri: A Twist of Destiny: Part 5 by Ahkiken [Conqueror/Alt/Incomplete]

Announcement from Desert Palm Press
We are pleased to announce the release of a novel by S.L. Kassidy

Please Baby


e-book: $4.99

Paperback: $12.50

Available at:




July 25th, 2014

The Academy would like to welcome a new bard today. Hello CougarGirl!

I Can Still Feel You by CougarGirl [Original/Alt/Complete]
This is a Post-Fin first time story. Xena is dead but can still "feel" Gabrielle. (Wink, wink) The ghost is accompanying the Bard to the land of the Pharaohs. Sweet story, but there is an explicit sex scene.

July 23rd, 2014

Added Part 3 of Just add Love by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Spoils of War of Just add Love by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

July 17th, 2014

In A Heartbeat by Wendy Arthur [Original/Alt/Complete]
(Season 2 Part 1 of the After Montana Series ) very second we live is a gift. When your world turns upside down and you struggle to see meaning in the most heartbreaking of moments, it's tough to keep going. In Kate Carson's life, she's had many of these moments but as time moves on to approach another soul-wrenching precipice , she experiences a mere second… a single heartbeat… where she realizes with absolute certainty that living will never be the same again.

In Your Arms by Wendy Arthur [Original/Alt/Complete]
(Season 2 Part 2 of the After Montana Series ) The Carsons may be back together after their most devastating enforced separation to date but they can't relax just yet. As always, there's trouble lurking around every corner in their ever-eventful lives. Someone is out to hurt them, but this time they're looking in all the wrong places until CJ and Kate start to think the unthinkable…

Introspection by Wendy Arthur [Original/Alt/Complete]
(Season 2 Part 3 of the After Montana Series ) How do we reflect and come to terms with loss in our lives, and try to forgive those who inflict damage to our fragile spirits? What goes on in the heart and mind of each connected person after a dramatic and profound period of stress? Take a peek… you might be surprised.

July 15th, 2014

Revised version of The Crazed Ramblings of a Madwoman by Verrath [Uber/Alt/Complete]
A young present-day writer walks the narrow line between an impossible truth and insanity with an insubstantial Xena for a companion. Is the ghostly warrior real, or just a figment of Isabelle's imagination? Why is she there? And how does a supposedly insane ex-terrorist fit in? (Rated PG-13)

Added Part 25a to 25b of So Far from Home by Psyche_B [Andromeda/Alt/Incomplete]

July 10th, 2014

The Very Thought of You by Jenny Frame [Original/Alt/Complete]
England, 1942 - World War II, Squadron Officer Alex Dalton and Flight Officer Poni Woodward of RAF Intelligence are finalising preparations for their next secret mission. While attending a dance at a local church hall, the two dashing officers attract more than they bargained for. Unbeknownst to them, this one night will set off a chain of events that will change their lives forever.

Revised version of Xena & Gabrielle: A Turn of Fate: Part 4 by Ahkiken [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
A decision made by Xena on the bard's birthday sets the stage for untold events to unfold. Looking forward to settling down with Xena, Gabrielle's happiness is shelved when an old friend from the Warrior Princess past insist on their help to stop an evil daemon. Torn doing right by her soul mate, or sacrificing everything for the Greater Good, Xena is faced with tremendous obstacles. Not only has a wedge formed between her and Gabrielle, but unseen occurrences portend to tear the lovers asunder, as an even powerful enemy patiently awaits to play their hand. Not just threatening Xena's and Gabrielle's world, but another world that's equally important. The Realm of the Conqueror.

Revised version of The Conqueror & Ri: A Twist of Destiny: Part 4 by Ahkiken [Conqueror/Alt/Incomplete]
The Conqueror of the Realm, ruler of the Grecian Empire, has brought peace and prosperity to its lands after nine years of internal war. Now with new ideals happening in Rome, the Conqueror may have to put her thriving country in the woes of battle again. Ri, the Conqueror's hand-maiden, although she can't recall her childhood past, dreams of being a bard and renown around the known world. Almost getting the opportunity, she is at a pause, due to the fact that she feels she will be leaving something behind at the Corinthian castle. However, with a possible skirmish occuring, the Conqueror gives a farewell gift to Ri, whom she secretly loves, causing events to transpire, and forcing the Conqueror to come unknowingly in contact with a being from another world, who resembles her hand-maiden, Ri.


July 4th, 2014

Added Part 15 - The Conclusion of Two For One by K-Morgan [Original/Alt/Complete]
Is this the final story of the Karen and Addy series? Or could this possibly be another spin to the story? Or maybe a spin off? Or two? What could possibly happen here that might trigger something else?

Long Stay by Lucylee [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
A first time story back when Xena and Gabrielle first started traveling together. Gabrielle convinces Xena to go spend some time with her family. Will Xena be able to stand staying with Gabrielle's parents? This trip will test Xena's patience and her sanity.

Announcement from Sapphire Books
If you're looking for a book that will leave you breathless, check out Sapphire's debut author, Stephanie Kusiak 's newest release - Loved and Lost! Even at 564 pages, you won't want this story to end!

Loved and Lost
What would you do for a second chance at love?
by debut author – Stephanie Kusiak

Available at: Sapphire Books Amazon Barnes and Noble Kobo Smashwords


Blake Fortnier and Rachel Kaplan are the perfect couple. Fifteen years into a marriage that will seemingly last forever, a tragic accident tears them apart. After reaching the end of her rope, Blake is blessed with the chance to relive her life. She can right her wrongs, live life to the fullest and change the course of fate, or so she hopes.

Murder at the Con

by authors – Riley Adair Garret and Taylor James

Available at: Sapphire Books Amazon Barnes and Noble Kobo Smashwords


Landry Matthews, a slightly arrogant, yet buff and attractive author of murder mysteries, exudes sex appeal and charm. Her relationships until now have been like flash fires–hot, fleeting infernos.

Detective Ellery Quinn, on the other hand, is a serious minded woman with a penchant for inflaming her captain. Recently busted down to security guard, Quinn is assigned to the Southwest Desert Literary Conference in Flagstaff, Arizona. When a conference attendee turns up dead, Landry's knowledge of murder makes her indispensable to Quinn in more ways than one.

Could passion be clouding Detective Quinn's judgment while the murderer is hiding in plain sight?

July 2nd, 2014

Announcement from The Royal Academy of Bards
It's July and summertime! YAY!
Time for beach, BBQs and exploding...mailboxes!

It's Feed the Bards Month.
We ask that you sit still for a few moments (I know you are busy but this is important) and write a short note to your favorite Bard telling them how much you appreciate them sharing their talent with you. These are the folks who produce the wonderful stories for rabid readers (like YOU) and they do it for FREE. So take a minute and show them that you do appreciate their efforts.
We ask that you CC this email when you write them. We tally up all the feedback and the person who feeds the most Bards during the month of July is crowned FAN OF THE YEAR. That honor comes with a nifty personalized memento from the Academy.

It's also Hall of Fame Month.
We give you a chance to nominate your favorite Bards and Stories/Series for inclusion in the Academy Hall of Fame. The only criteria you must abide with when you nominate: the Bard and Stories must be hosted at the Academy. The Bard must have at least one story (any story) posted at the Academy. ALL Stories/Series nominated must be housed at the Academy or the Academy Annex. (The ONLY except to this roool is Missy Good--the Academy is technically on her site, so she isn't housed on ours, we are housed on hers <.g.>).

The Bards and Stories/Series do not have to match up. You may nominate 5 Bards and then 5 Stories/Series written by 5 different Bards. If the Bard is already in the HoF, you may continue to nominate other Stores/Series written by them if you deem them HoF worthy. The Inductees receive special recognition on their author pages and a nifty personalized tile (Story/Series) or tile box (Bard) as a memento to commemorate their induction.

You will find ALL the past winners here:

Sooooooooooooooooooo, which Bards tickle your fancy, drive you to dramatic distraction or keep you up all night reading? Which old favorites do you go back to read again and again.

New favorites...Old favorites...XWP...Uber...Other Fandoms? Now is the time to honor them.

Send your votes here (by July 27th):
We'll tally them up and the top 3 Bards and 5 Stories/Series will be inducted for 2014. Steph (Da Boss) will also announce (at the end of the month) her choice for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Go read, go feed, go nominate.

July 1st, 2014

The Charioteer Insurance Co. Incident by Phineas Redux [Original/Alt/Complete]
This is the 5th in the ‘ Drever and Cartwright ' series. Fiona ‘Fay' Cartwright & Alice ‘Al' Drever are private detectives in an East Coast American city, in the 1930's. The ladies are asked to investigate when a series of curiously similar and expensive claims are made, under suspicious circumstances, to an Insurance Company.

Added Part 21a to 24b of So Far from Home by Psyche_B [Andromeda/Alt/Incomplete]
Year three in the Voyage of Andromeda. The adventure that started in Among the Stars, and Beyond the Farthest Planet continues in So Far From Home.

Announcement from Brisk Press
Brisk Press is pleased to announce that two new Susan X Meagher books are now available for purchase in paperback and eBook format at

Inside Out

ISBN 13: 978-09899895-3-4

380 pages, $16.00

In Washington, DC, a town hungry for gossip, it's political blogger Kit Travis's job to feed the beast.

A failed relationship with a high-profile politician taught Kit the beast has claws. For self-preservation, she retreats into the shadows of the internet. 

At a charity dinner, Kit meets Bailey Jones, a strikingly pretty software engineer who turns heads with her androgynous sense of style. Bailey challenges Kit's priorities and her preconceived beliefs about herself. As they begin to fall in love, Bailey reveals that being out and proud as a couple is integral to her happiness.

But once Kit gives up her cherished privacy, there's no turning back. Can a woman who values her anonymity like a treasure abandon it for the sake of love?


ISBN 13: 978-09899895-2-7

281 pages, $14.00

In Paradigm, the sixteenth book of the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series, there are plenty of short tempers and sharp words to go around.

Ryan's grouchy and unsettled over their looming graduation, and Jamie finds herself unusually suspicious of both Ryan and Catherine's actions. Things are so tense between Jamie and her mom that Catherine enlists Ryan's help to reach out to her. Then, while trying to rise above her petty feelings, Jamie performs a feat of self-sabotage that comes back to bite her.

It's not just the Berkeley house that's rattled. Martin and Conor nearly come to blows over Conor's flirtations, and even Maeve is affected by the discord.

But Mia's back in Berkeley, and she always adds a little cheer. If only Jordan were free to travel…


Announcement from Blue Feather Books
Finally, after so long, we're extremely happy to announce that Mavis Applewater is back with a new novel! Checkmate , the much anticipated sequel to The Brass Ring, is now available. Hurry up and get your copy of this must-read, gripping thriller. And if you're going to the GCLS, make sure you get your copy signed by the one and only Mavis, who will be there!

Detective Caitlin CC Calloway is happily married to the love of her life, Jamie. She and her family are settling into a new house, and life is good. Until things begin to change. Unexpectedly, CC finds herself having to break in a new partner, while someone is leaving a trail of bodies dangerously close to home, outwitting the police at every turn.

To complicate matters more, US Marshal Val Brown steps in, threatening to take over. CC can't bring herself to trust Val-with the case, or with her sister.

Not knowing who she can trust, CC is thrust into the most dangerous game of her life. In a desperate race against time, she fights to save her family, and herself, from the ultimate checkmate.

Checkmate is the exciting, long-awaited sequel to Mavis Applewater's first novel, The Brass Ring.

Available now at, and in a few days in e-book format and print from Bella Books.

And coming very soon -- The Blue Feather, by favorite author Karen Badger:

Cape Cod resident Willow McCord receives a package in the mail from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. In it is an intricately carved brooch in the shape of a sapphire blue feather mounted on a Celtic cross. Suddenly, her life plunges into a whirlwind of motion in which events from her past dictate her future and drag her into a world of danger, mystery, and spirituality.

Sawyer Hawksworth is connected to Willow through their joint ancestors. Sawyer has sought Willow out in order to fulfill a destiny left to them many generations earlier. Between past and present, Willow and Sawyer must battle the forces of evil in order to protect the world, while facing the growing attraction between them.

Can Sawyer make Willow understand how important the task at hand is to their futures? And will Willow be able to see beyond skepticism long enough to accept Sawyer for what she is? Will their love make them strong enough to win the battle?

Stay tuned for this, and more exciting releases, only from Blue Feather Books!


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