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December 10, 2017

Added Part 3 of If and When by Kamouraskan (Devil Wears Prada/Alt)

The Blushing Brides by Norsebard [Uber-Original/ Alt. humorous Yuletide romance /Complete]
Rockabye and Epilotta, Santa's A-Team Elves, return for the last time with further Elfin good adventures: Lotta loves big events, so she's over the moon when Santa asks her and Rocky to join him on a special parade. When they are accidentally separated from their food, they need to be clever-Elves to find a route back to it. Later in the Season to be Jolly, Rocky and Lotta spend a day as substitute schmutting instructors at Ye Olde Elfin Academie. There, they organize a realistic exercise for the current student-Elves who discover schmutting isn't as easy as it looks; and finally, the important Joining day gets off to a hectic start when the A-Team Elves are called out on an emergency assignment. The day only grows more hectic when the Pine Cone Villa is filled to the rafters with friends and family there to witness the sacred Joining of Rockabye Elf and Epilotta Elf... In short, there's action-adventure, humor and romance for the whole Elfin family.

Appointment In Eleutherae by Phineas Redux [Classic/Alt/Complete]
( 9th in the ‘ Xena's Exploits ' series) Xena and Gabrielle plan and carry out an attack on a bandit's headquarters in the wooded hills north-east of the Fortress of Eleutherae in Attica, with the help of Gabrielle's Amazons.

Announcement from Desert Palm Press
Introducing Jessica Yeh and her debut Young Adult novel

Something Tragic

When they met, it was not of their own accord. In fact, they never would have crossed paths if it wasn't for the school project. They were juniors. Addison was the quiet, new girl. Having to move in with her uncles after the fire was one of the most difficult things she had ever endured. Tragic, really. Life always seemed to turn out that way for Addison .

When Addison first started at Parkville High, she knew exactly who Crisa Grayson was, even if Crisa didn't know her. Crisa was the focus of hallway gossip, infamous for her wild parties and golden hair. On the surface, she seemed like the typical high school cliché. She was bubbly, fun-loving and sometimes even larger-than-life. But appearances can be deceiving, and Addison never expected to interact with the enigma, let alone fall in love with her.

Follow Addison Warren as she begins to unravel different layers of Crisa Grayson. Something Tragic is a coming of age, LGBT novel about self-discovery and finding love.

Available at:

Smashwords , Amazon , and soon at Bella Books and CreateSpace .

Announcement from Affinity Rainbow Publications
Just in time for the holidays:

8 Affinity authors bring together a stocking full of goodies in Affinity's Christmas Medley.
8 authors - 8 stories.
Featuring Del Robertson, Lacey Schmidt, Annette Mori, Erin O'Reilly and a sleigh full of other favorite Affinity authors. Curl up with your favorite warm beverage in front of a toasty fire and get cozy with your favorite authors: Available at Affinity Rainbow Publications Lesbian Publishers, Our company is committed to produce quality, affordable works of fictional literature

December 3, 2017

Added Part 11 of Traumatic Love by Capt_Esq (Original/Alt/Incomplete)

Announcement from Desert Palm Press
Introducing debut author CJ Murphy

frame by frame

Valkyrie Magnusson, a former Marine photographer injured while covering a goodwill interaction with Iraqi children in 2010, is haunted by flashbacks. She travels the U.S. as a photographer for Rider magazine. A self-proclaimed nomad, Val has little inclination to settle down. But something keeps calling her back to a little tourist trap called Cool Springs in rural West Virginia . The sign at the quirky little store boasts, “Good food, groceries, ice cream, hardware, feed store, taxidermy, gifts, and gas.”

Cool Springs is owned by Laurel Stemple and her grandmother Ree. Laurel is charged with the daily operations of the catch-all little store/diner and the care of her octogenarian grandmother. A frequent visitor, Val has become like family at Cool Springs. Interesting characters like Mule, aptly nicknamed for his braying laughter and Wunder, whose child-like questions keep everyone in stitches, create a unique tapestry of community in the little store.

Over the years, Val and Laurel have gradually fallen in love without acknowledging it. Personal secrets and scars have left the pair unable to move toward a relationship. While covering an annual Memorial Day Ride to the Wall, a near tragic accident forces Val and Laurel to confront their feelings and fears.


Available at:

Smashwords , CreateSpace , Amazon , and soon at Bella Books


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