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June 21, 2021


extract from The Future Beckons by Stein Willard

The fifth book in the Regency series is available on Amazon.

Back Of The Book

The threat of discovery pot friends against friends and in the process reunites former enemies.

To access the future the past becomes a door that needs to be shut forever.


Mary Eicher

I hope you will tell the group that the Artemis Series is now complete. What began with The Harbinger and continued with Perceptions is now concluded with the release of Revelations.  The books are available at, Amazon and booksellers everywhere. They recently received the Gold Award for LGBT fiction from Kops-Fetherling.

Here is what a recent reviewer posted:  "I am crazy about this book. Finally a hero I can adore and obsess over, Artemis is a sexy, ass-kicking, brilliant, true thrill of a woman."

I believe the group will be glad to learn the third book is now available.

June 7, 2021

Heart of Darkness by Gerald Pavano [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Xena helps Gabrielle explore her fantasy and what did happen on Gabrielle's wedding night.


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