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October 31, 2021

The Royal Academy of Bards is please to announce our 2021 Halloween Special!

Happy Haunting Ground - Johnette Loefgren

Halloween Miracles by Bad Squirrel

Venom - ManiacalShen

On an idyllic country hillside rests a grandiose cottage - one that tries to kill everyone who tries to spend the night inside. Can Xena and Gabrielle uncover the source of the carnage and put a stop to it?

Dragon in the Mist - Phineas Redux

‘Dragon in the Mist’ is a classic ‘Xena’ tale – Gabrielle meets one of the many Demons which inhabit Japa’s Upper Air; a Lamia-Dragon dwelling on the misty slopes of Mt. Fuji. Xena, on the other hand, is enveloped elsewhere in Japa’s famous social etiquette.

The Wraiths in the Woods - Phineas Redux

‘The Wraiths in the Woods’ is a modern day tale of spooky adventures in New Hampshire, USA. - Connie Earlston comes to the quiet backwater of Potidaea, New Hampshire, USA, to write her latest bestseller. She meets Lys Barclay, owner of a small restaurant on the outskirts of the village, and together they investigate a strange occurrence presently affecting the local community.

Freaky Trees and Knocking Knees - Norsebard

Xandra, Gail and Jonas return for a third round of Halloween zaniness. This year, the young, Xena-worshipping friends trek through a park straight out of the deepest level of Tartarus as they try to help the police find a shoplifter…

Castle of the Damned - Norsebard

For location scout Mattie Eckhardt and her assistant Adam, it was just another job: they were to fly overseas, visit a selection of Gothic castles and assess whether or not any or them would work as a filming location for the remake of a classic horror movie. What they didn't take into account was that in some corners of the world, real horror was never far from the surface - especially not at Lady Constance's Wolfenburg Castle…

An Elfin Spooky Time - Norsebard

From: Santa -- To: Yuletide Elves Rockabye Elf and Epilotta Elf of Elf Springs in the Norselands -- C/O: The A-Team Elves, the elite squad of Elfin problem-solvers -- Assignment: Spooky-Elf Lantern Elf has suffered a pumpkin-related accident. Your mission is to fly to the realm of the Humans and help Lantern Elf and his associate Laizeebohnes Elf with the final push so they can get their haunted house ride up and running for Halloween -- Ends. In short, Rocky and Lotta return with more Elfin-good adventure, humor and a touch of spookiness for the entire Elfin family…

Going Home - Kim Prikel

A Howl-O-Ween Story - D. J. Belt 

The Filmmaker - Bard of New Mexico

Zea circa 1980s - LightAVampireSY

The vampire known as Zea has decided it’s time to get herself re-educated in the 1980s. However, things aren’t simply trying to pass a math class as she soon discovers there is something sinister happening on campus….

October 28, 2021

Sins of the Past by M.S. Wilson

This is kind of an adaptation of the first episode (Sins of the Past), almost like a novelization (although it's much shorter than a novel ... more like a novella-ization) where I try to get inside the characters' heads and flesh out some of the scenes. I used the dialogue from the episode (and some cut scenes from the shooting script I found over at Whoosh), adding my own interpretation of what the characters might be thinking or feeling throughout the story. I also added some new scenes to fill in some gaps, especially near the end with Xena, Gabrielle, and Cyrene. Sins of the Past is one of my favourite episodes (top five!), so I hope I can do it justice. 

"War God Interludes" by D.C. Parker

Just some little scenes and thoughts that occurred to me while watching the show, that might have happened before, inbetween, or after the named episode. Enjoy!!!

3. Eternal Bonds [Classic/Gen/Complete]


Announcement from Stein Willard:

Please find attached an extract of my book, Lycan, the sequel to Claimed,  which will be available on Amazon soon.

October 13, 2021

"The Hidden Scrolls" by D.C. Parker

Just some little scenes and thoughts that occurred to me while watching the show, that might have happened before, inbetween, or after the named episode. Enjoy!!!

7. The Bitter Suite [Classic/Alt/Complete]

October 4, 2021

Warriors of the Heart by BadSquirrel [Original/Alt/Complete]

Rachel is an undercover cop working as a stripper to infiltrate a drug ring. She feels alone, isolated, and inadequate to the task, but she is driven to succeed despite her fears and uncertainties. Stevie is a successful young woman, but she is an innocent when it comes to the world. She is struggling to keep the love of her family, but she is making her way alone: inventing herself as she goes along. Deception, secrets, intolerance, and evil are conspiring against them. Can they fend off the shadows and make a connection? It all starts with a lap dance.....

Dear Diary: Live From The Ghouls-Rulz Convention by Norsebard [Original/Alt/Complete]

Visiting a fan con is always a magical experience - the 214th annual Halloween Ghouls-Rulz Worldwide Convention is no exception. Although some of the events described in this report may seem surreal or even grotesque to the uninitiated, most of the things witnessed by the intrepid con-goer J. Ockser will be all too familiar to anyone who's ever been to one of the major cons. As we eagerly await the official 25+2 XWP con, sit back and read about a convention that may seem wildly different at first glance but that really isn't...


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