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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
??? ??? Bardaholic Way You Look Tonight (The)
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Hypatia Bard What We Did in the Big War
??? ??? Kim Pritekel Winning Touch
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Pat R Who's Who?
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Yellowjacket Where You Go, I Go
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick T. Harley What May Come
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Oowatie Winter Solace
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Paranoia What Dreams May Come
What Dreams May Come II: The Wrath of The Khan
What Dreams May Come III: Return of the Red-Eye
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick fu bard Wrath of the War God
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Debra Myatt (LaRin) Wild West Roots
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Enginerd With Good Intentions (1)
Southern Hospitality (2)
Duty (3)
Die Pflicht (4)
Letting Go (5)
Until Death (6)
??? ??? Norsebard White Fever
Norsebard White Fever II - Dames Dollars And Death
Norsebard White Fever III: Fever vs. The Carjackers
Amanda/Katie Electrician wins the lady in a wager [90's] Nyrdgyrl Wager (The)
???/ Nevada Woman fantasizes about her therapist DevenK Wait (The)
??? Two women in a bar [90's] Lela Kaunitz Waiting
Kelly/Sasha Woman awaits her partner's return [90's] J. Peterson Waiting
G.W./Piper Publisher meets a fellow American in Paris [90's] Ali Vali Waiting in the Wings
??? PWP Rio Wake Up
??? Author has a persistent muse [90's] PolRobin Waking the Muse
Kate/Gem Childhood friends reunited with aid of another [90's] Lois C. Hart Walking After Midnight
Alex/Megan Retired homicide detective/ landlady [90's] Jessica Casavant Walking Wounded (1)
Shane/Jamie  Writer/Cop [90's] Jessica Casavant Imperfect Past (2)
Riley/Foster Bouncer & Physical therapist/ cop Gabrielle Goldsby [AKA GabGold]  Wall of Silence
Elisibet/ Margaurethe Vampire ruler and a young maiden [Fantasy] D. Jordan Redhawk Want/Need
Xena/Gabrielle Singer/ young woman [20's] Starwarrior-Rie War and Love Gangster Style
Sarah Union spy/  [1860Õs] Nann Dunne War Between the Hearts (The)
Rexana/Elethea Army general/ docotr [fantasy] J. S. Stephens War of the Prophet
Lisa/Leandra Vampire/ high school student [90's] Katia N. Ruiz War of the Vampires (The)
Kris/Kate Guidance counselor/ history teacher [90's] CD McKendry War, Peace, Love & Understanding
Karen/Rennie Wounded Lt./ lover stateside [90's] Goesome War Zone
Casey/Tina Modern day rancher recalls ancestorÕs past jh Warlock's Shadow
Sonny/Jordan Teenager/ heavy metal singer [90's] Redhawk Warlord Metal
Xena/Gabrielle Life in the modern world Emily Mills Warrior...Princess... Housewife
Carolyn/ Jennifer Academic helps a woman seek her grandfather JM Dragon Waterfalls, Rainbows & Secrets
Blue/Sara Surfer/lifeguard [90's] Teagen2 Wave Runners
Xena/Gabrielle Antique Dealer/ Student [60's-90's] T. Novan We Never Say Goodbye (1)
Immortal/ ghost T. Novan Warrior Spirit van (2)
Baby finders T. Novan Price of Love (The) (3)
??? Nighttime antics [90's] Shadylady Watcher (The)
Brynn/Caitlin Warrior/ druid [235 BC Fantasy] Irish Watcher And The Protector (The): Samhain
??? Women meet playing rugby [90's] Gentle Rebel Watching Her
JoBeth/Bronte Woman at cabin helps another [90's] Mavis Applewater Water's Edge
Lisa/Sally Waxing yields passion Lisa Jade Waxing
Tayte/Lauren Evening talk about feelings [90Õs] G Brooke Way You Say Please (The)
??? College roommates share [90's] Jera We've Got to Talk
Nadia/Pip Soldiers in battle  JM Dragon We Said We Would All Go Down Together
Millie/Jen Nurse/psychic [90's] GirlBard We Wish You...
??? ??? Sherry Hassler Week I Won't Forget (A)
Nellie Guardian [SciFi] Marguerite Mullaney WEIR No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
??? Two people meet [90's] Mia Welcome Home
Randi/Ginny Travelers stumble on old haunted plantation [90's] Archangel & Sam Ruskin Welcome to Magnolia Manor
Eden/Gwen Neighbors get off on wrong foot [90's] Mavis Applewater Welcome To The Neighborhood (1)
Mavis Applewater Hearts and Flowers (2)
Teddy/Holly Resort bar mgr./ business mgr [90's] FlyBigD Welcome to Paradise
Allison Xena helps a reincarnated Gabrielle [90's] Zuke Well, If You Hum A Few Bars...
Katka/Alice Vampire rescues destitute governess [1895] Nene Adams Well Met by Moonlight
Devon/Liria Knight /bard [1100's] Blitzgal Wellspring Legacy
Josie/Rebecca Outlaw/ farm woman [1870's] B L Miller and Vada Foster Western Chronicles (The) 
BJ/Deborah rancher/ city girl [90's] Patty Pat Western Story (A)
Kate Woman likes rain [90's] Heather Kane Wet
Hannah/ Amanada Soldier/ embassy daughter [80's] Compansort What Are the Chances
Devlin/Terri Prisoner/ Prison Gov. [90's] Infinitely Abstruse What Goes On Behind Closed Doors
??? PWP Daemon Rider What She Needs
Blake/Dailey Tv editor/ out of work woman [90's] Teagen2 What Would You Do To Me
Connie/Aggie Doctor at reunion [90's] Penelope Downs What You Ask For
??? [fantasy] Insane Englishwoman What You Wish For
Whitney/Holly Lawyer & exec schoolmates catch up [90's] Mavis Applewater Whatever Happened To? (1)
Mavis Applewater One (The) (2)
Edxena/Gabby Two party girls [Ab Fab Parody]  Baermer Wheels On Fire
Claire/Lee Artist/ greeting card copy writer [90's] Julie Baker and LA Tucker When Arts Collide
Amelia/Olivia Psychologist is asked to counsel a nun and aided by a PI [90Õs] JM Dragon When Hell Meets Heaven (1)
JM Dragon Fatal Hesitation (2)
JM Dragon & Erin OÕ Rielly Echoes of the Past (3)
Aimee/Caley Unresolved feelings are finally acknowledged [90Õs] Red Hope When I Lost My HeartÉ?
??? Co-workers [90's] Anon When She Walks In
Ange/Lauren Courier/ accountant [90's] Kim Pritekel When Souls Collide
Jo/Mickey Futuristic refugees [SciFi] Day When The Land Is Dark
Kim/Seana Singer/ wardrobe assistant [90Õs] Texbard When the Lights Go Down (1)
Texbard Hoodoo You Voodoo (2)
Robyn Lonely woman finds love? Lorna Wilson When The Tide Turned
Lonnie/Ruby Pregnant woman gets help in a cafˇ [90Õs] Bsoiree When We Met
Carla/Sara Friends discover more [90's] CarmenKid When We Were Together
Ashley/Jessie Massage therapist / bartender [90Õs] M.S. Anderson & G.S. Binkley When You're Near Me
Del/Claire Consultant/ office clerk [90's] Cephalgia Whenever You're Ready
Lark/Hattie Federal agent/ judge [90's] Saggio Amante Where Eagles Fly
Perry/ Caroline Vacationer picks up hitch-hiker [90Õs] Alex Tryst Where the Road Meets the Sky
Jo/Miranda Firefighter meets new neighbor [90's] Angelrad Where There's Smoke
Reese/Peyton Estrange daughter/ step daughter [90's] Sage Hamilton Where There's Smoke
??? ??? Balticbard Whereabouts of Love (The)
JD/Yancy Rock guitarist/ veterinarian [90's] Larisa Whips and Chains
Julianne/Jayne Pharmaceutical rep/ rental agent [90Õs] Damnation Whirlwind
Jackie/Dannie Twin/ friend become lovers [90's] Darlin Whispers in the Wind
Faith/Shawn Researcher/psychic encounter ghosts [90's] Mavis Applewater Whispering Pines
Bobbi/Michelle Fleeing woman meets burned-out doctor [90's] Minverva White Nights
Zina/Gabrielle Firefighter/ poet [90's] Vivian Darkbloom White Trash series [1-6]
Kte/Annie Kayak trip guide/ Broadcasting VP [90's] Kim Baldwin Whitewater Rendezvous
Anya/Colleen Friend attends wedding [90's] Mavis Applewater Who Knew? (1)
Mavis Applewater I've Always Known (2)
Kendra/Jess Moment of anger has repercussions [90Õs] Meghan O'Brien Who We Are Not
JP/Ay'nin Hiking accident leads to isolated woman [SciFi] SB Zarben Whole Burnt
Saria/Dusa Blind servant/ young charge Pamela Lord Whom The Gods Would Destroy
??? Vignettes about love and relationships [90's] Jera Why?
Hannah Patient sense she knows her doc from the past AJ Carr Why Do I Know You ?
Sam/Cheryl Woman laments lost friend [90's] Sam Ruskin Why I Say It So Often
??? PWP Red Hope Wicked Interlude (The)
Remy/Taryn Women are drawn to each other [90's] Kim Pritekel & Alexa Hoffman Wide Awake
Alison Museum security guard encounters artifact [Horror] Jane Fletcher Widowmaker
Zac/Abel Independent spirit returns home [90's] Kim Pritekel & Alexa Hoffman Wild
??? A fairy tale of sorts Leigh McEoghan Wildflower
??? Separated lovers reunite [90's] Chantal Wild Horses (1)
Chantal Free To Wonder On This Earth (2)
Chantal Guiding Light (3)
Sarah/Katie Frontierswoman/ Journalist [1880's] LaRin Wild West Roots
Maia/Sarah Injured woman / artist [90's] Absinthe Will We Burn in Heaven? (1)
Absinthe Yes I Am (2)
Rhiannon/ Angela Women attend high school reunion [90's] H. M. Macpherson Will You Remember Me?
??? PWP Patricia Winterburn Win, Loose, or Tie
??? Mentor dies [90's] Shadylady Wind Beneath My Wings
Kathryn/Ria Window washer/ sad woman [90's] nancy Window Washer (The)
??? Sports and sex [90's] Mayhem Incarnate Winning Season
Red/Al An alien for solstice [SciFi] Claudette E. Dillard Winter Solstice
Toni/Judy Doctor/patient are reincarnated souls [90's] Zeta Winter's Prescription for Passion
Darcy/Shannon College students reunited [90's] Mavis Applewater Wishing Well (The)
Elina/Sarah Publisher/model [90's] Syn Wistful Remembrance
Lisa/Celine  Modern ghosthunters help witches' spirits[90's &1600's] Crow and Laes‘ [aka LM Townsend] Witch Warrior Chronicles series [1] [aka Ghost Writer]
??? Speaks of passion Jess With & Without
Lacey/Rachel Mafia henchwoman/ horse trainer [90's] Tonya Muir [deceased] With Faltering Steps(1)
Tonya Muir [deceased] Making Strides (2)
Amos/Ebba Ex-Prisoner/ author [90's] Harlequin Within Her Eyes
Lacy/Gage TV actress/ writer [90's] G.S. Binkley Woman I Love (The)
G.S. Binkley Woman Like You (A) (2)
G.S. Binkley Here Comes My Woman (3)
G.S. Binkley Here Comes My Woman - Epilogue (4)
G.S. Binkley Woman In Love (A) (5) 
Maeve/Jan Women get comfy during arctic tour of duty [90's] Mavis Applewater Woman in Uniform (A) (1)
Mavis Applewater Call To Service (A) (2)
Casey/Jamie lawyer/ garage owner [90's] Debbie Dee Woman of My Dreams
??? Wrtier/warrior [90's] WordWarior Woman With History (A)
Xenia/ Kid Guard/ prisoner [90's] Elaine Sutherland Women in Prison
Theamh/Aine A sorceress and apprentice [fantasy] The Plaid Adder Women on Fire series [1-4]
Alex/Kerry Unstable married woman/ caregiver K.C. Kirkwood Women on the Rebound
Charlie/Rebecca Yankee offficer/ Southern widow [1860's[ T. Novan & Taylor Rickard Words Heard In Silence [rewrite aka Southern Comfort] No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Brooke/Dana Board game gets women going [0-Ōs] Saggio Amante Wordsmith (The)
Taylor/ Stephanie VP is defended against harassment by CEO [90Õs] Panther Workdays (1)
Panther Christmas Shoes (2)
Panther Professions (3)
Billie/Chris Working class girl meets young mom [90's] Nyxie Working Class Hero
Xena/Gabrielle Call girl/ business woman [90's] K. Malevich Working Lunch
Allie/Juliet Executive initiates an assistant [90's] Alex Tryst Working Relationship
Carolyn/Terri Escort given to a business woman [90's] Daemon Rider Working Girl
Kaia/Alean General/ scout  Sparx World of Change
[Sci fi]
Gabba Palentologist discovers frozen human remains [SciFi] Archaeobard and Verrath Worlds Apart Book One: Below 
??? Women struggle to get together [90's] collaboration Worst Romance/Sex Story Ever (The)
Lanie/Jessi Ride in an old acquaintanceÕs cab [90Õ] Verda Foster Worth The Wait
Chelsie Young mother breaks up with her lover [90's] Zoe Wound So Deep (A) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Mel/Janice English major/ Computer major [90's] Croaven Wow
Rex/Pepper Ranch partners [90Õs] Debbie Dee Wrestling for my Love
??? Writer struggles Jane Fletcher WriterÕs Block
Daryn/Lyn Vacationers meet at Christmas [90's] Allyson Scott Wrong Place, Right Time
Chip/karyn Ranger Sgt. / recruit [SciFi] Jane Fletcher Wrong Trail Knife (The) 
Mary/Emma Driving Instructor/ Student [90Õs] Mavis Applewater Wrong Turn
/Lorraine Women meet in pub [90Õs] Siel Le Dain Wrung
??? Woman recalls WTC Anne Azel WTC Story (A)
Jennifer/Sorka Principal/ gym teacher [90's] RedHawk Wyoming
Kira/Eloise Wanderer/ mage [Fantasy] Windstar Wyrm