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DS Bauden

Last Updated:  3/3/2006

2007 Hall of Fame
Story - Tomahawk'd

Did You Know   ebook version available

A new X/G first time story that was inspired by the Pasadena Convention.

The Facts Of Life - with S. Lee   [Academy Must-Xe TV Challenge 2003]   **  honorable mention  **

Home   ebook version available

Meet Kelly Cavanaugh and Susan McGovern. Kelly is a Regional Manager for Saks, a posh chain of clothing stores. Susan, formerly homeless due to her prejudiced parents, is now working for ForOthers, Inc. a company helping others like herself and others still living in the streets. It’s the tender story of two women fighting internal battles of abandonment, loss and love. You continually pass by people who may or may not enter your life.  What if the person you are destined to love, sits on the very corner you pass everyday?

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Nurturing Souls: A Fresh Start   ebook version available

'Nurturing Souls' is a story of a young girl, Alicia Mc Kenna, who has lost her parents to a horrible car accident. She moves to Montana from Chicago to live with her Aunt Edna on her ranch to try and rebuild her life. There she meets, Sydney Thompson, an Australian woman who tends to the animals on Edna's ranch. The two become fast friends and soon after, lovers. Alicia must go back to Chicago to sell her parents home. Syd's past comes out to haunt her while in Chicago and puts Ally and Syd's love to the test.

Nurturing Souls: In Healing Arms   ebook version available

This Sequel to A Fresh Start has Sydney accompanying Alex back to her hometown to settle her parents' estate.

My Guardian, My Friend   ebook version available

Every good butch needs a story written about them and everyone needs a protector at least once in their lives. This is the first of a possible series.

A Sacrifice For Friendship   ebook version available

Frankie's life is altered completely with the help of her childhood friend Crystal.

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Something In The Water - with kd bard   [Academy Halloween 2002]

Ever get caught with your hand in the cookie jar? Well that's exactly how Tara feels when her neighbor Sarah catches her spying on her while hot tubbing in her birthday suit! The next thing she knows, Sarah is at her door laying the mother of all lip-locks on her - right there in her living room! Funny thing is, when the new day dawns, Sarah has no recollection of the encounter. Join these girls on a fun filled romp of discovery as Tara literally stumbles into one of the most confusing messes of her life - a mystery only Sarah can help her solve!

Somewhere In Time

This is a "Xena style" adaptation of the movie, "Somewhere in Time".

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A coming of age story that takes place at a Wisconsin resort. Follow Jackson and Erin from the time they meet as children, through their turbulent adolescence that finds them separated from each other until an emergency in Jack's life brings them back together in adulthood. Tomahawk'd is full of suspense and twists that will make you want to read from cover to cover in one sitting. You'll find characters to love and hate. You'll find the parents that every child wants and the ones that shouldn't have had kids. Most of all, you'll find an entertaining story with two girls you will wish you could know in real life.

Too Much   ebook version available

Short Vignette

Too Far   ebook version available

Companion piece to Too Much

Terri And Charlie Series

Ready For Take Off

Terri is a young woman nervously waiting to board her flight to Houston. She is seated at the gate, but she feels as though she is being watched. Her mind is racing from confusion and perhaps, arousal. A mysterious woman guarantees that this would be a flight Terri would always remember.

I've Never   ebook version available

Sequel to Ready For Take Off

Surprises Can Be Fun... Or Not   ebook version available

Another Vacation Attempt

After their last vacation fiasco, Charlie tries to create a memorable trip for Terri. What they find on their journey brings forth a better understanding of these women as they continue to grow in their relationship.