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Insane Englishwoman

Last Updated:  3/1/2013

Broken Doll   [Academy Valentines 2013]

The Day After   ebook version available

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Eight Months   [Incomplete]

This is the sequel to The Day After and continues the tale of Sam's life on the streets.

Part 1 

Drive   [Summer 2010 Challenge 200 Words]

Ergo Sum   [Incomplete]   [Academy Halloween 2009]

Frankie, I'm at the Garden Gate   [Academy Halloween 2008]

Home For Christmas   [Academy Christmas 2003]   ebook version available

A couple argue about where to spend their holiday, with family or on a romantic getaway.

rewrite version 

Home is the Sailor   [Summer 2010 Challenge 100 Words]   **  WINNER  **

I Saw the Light   [Academy Valentines 2012]

In at the Deep End   [Summer 2010 Challenge 1000 Words]

More Than a Game   [Academy Valentines 2006]

The Nature Of The Beast   [Academy Halloween 2004]

Murphy's Law   [Incomplete]   [Academy Valentine 2007]

Once In a Blue Moon   [Incomplete]  [Academy Halloween 2005/2007]

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The Rhymer   [Academy Halloween 2006]

Tin Soldier   [Academy Valentine 2009]  [Incomplete]

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Those Who Cannot See   [Academy Valentines 2011]

To Catch a Thief   [Academy Valentine 2008]  [Incomplete]

Until I Kissed Her   [Academy Valentine 2005]

Yin to My Yang   [Summer 2010 Challenge 1000 Words]