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KW Jordan
(formerly jesse KW james)

Last Updated:  7/15/2015

Beautiful Oblivion

Woman's partner helps her forget the bad things in life for awhile.

The Birth of Lord Jesse

This is the tale of Lady Jessen, heir to a throne she's torn between despising and loving. To be continued in the sequel, "Sweet Salvation".

Sweet Salvation

Hot for Teacher

Samantha Morgan comes back to school after the summer break and her world is turned upside down when she meets the new gym teacher. What she doesn't know is that meeting her turned Coach Dianne Rainer's world upside down too.

My Morphiny

PS7. 1st in the Chasing an Addiction series. Marlboro cigarettes and Jack Daniels' whiskey first and last thing and it's my morphine. She's the one that taught me that combination. She taught me how to fly. But she's not my chaser now.

Quittin' Time

When a relationship turns abusive, there comes a time when you have to make a decision. Does Cass have the strength to decide when it's quittin' time? Warning: Contains domestic violence including rape.

Sand   [Incomplete]

In a post-apocalyptic world, itís living thatís hard. Questions go unanswered, needs go unmet, suffering goes unnoticed, and heroes are in short supply. But thereís always someone searching for answers and willing to go the distance-even if it is for a price.

Prologue  Part 1 

Taming a Skittish Horse

Shane McGabriel has come home for her father's funeral and finds that her first and only love, Lucky Carmichael has moved back to Georgia. Things have changed for both of them, can they find their way back to each other and over come the obsticles that Lucky's past has put in their way?

Two Steps Back

S1. No one could change half a lifetime's habits in less than a fortnight

Bed of Roses   Buffy Universe

Bitten   Buffy Universe

If I bury my teeth in her throat like Iím itching to, will she ever stop craving me?

(Buffy/Faith) Post S7. Relationships suck, the Chosen Two try something a little different for them, and the unlikely becomes likely.

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Dragon Fly   Buffy Universe

PS7. My heart is racing. The pounding of my blood in my ears is reminiscent of the beating of a dragonfly's wings-hard and anxious. I swallow hard. The look I give Faith is pleading.