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Last Updated:  10/14/2008

The Apartment   ebook version available

An Alternative Uber story of the hurt/comfort genre. A retired nurse with failing health and love of life takes in a nursing student to help her to the great benefit of both.

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The Honeymoon   ebook version available

The sequel to The Apartment finds the couple settling into domesticity.

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Aphrodite's Got A Secret   ebook version available

This little story takes place after the ep. Motherhood. It's one of those "What if..." stories.

The Awakening

This uber story deal with sexual abuse, it's aftermath, and the healing power of love.

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A Christmas Solstice   ebook version available

A new Xena/Gabrielle short story. It follows shortly after 'Return Of The Valkyrie'. It is Winter Solstice, Xena and Gabrielle return home to Greece in search of Eve. Rate this a strong R or weak NC17 for Sex.

The End

A new X/G short story inspired by my musings on the season finale of Xena.

The Fan   ebook version available

How can your biggest fan turn into your worst nightmare? Ask Anna. She knows.

Happy Ever After   ebook version available

Post FIN

A Haunting in New Orleans

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Identity [incomplete]

This story is based on the facts about hurricane Katrina, 2 years later.

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Motherhood Revisited, Again   ebook version available

Another look at the XWP 5th season episode, 'Motherhood'. This one offers an alternative, and much better (in my opinion) ending..another great read!

The Tides Of Fate

Thracy Chandler's beautiful young wife has been murdered and Tracy is the prime suspect. Can her attorney find the truth before the murderer strikes again?

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Ares' Gift Series

Ares' Gift

This is a hurt/comfort story, dealing with rape and its aftermath. And, how love can turn a horror into a blessing. I would rate it an NC17 story.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

Three Weeks Does Not A Lifetime Make... Oh Yeah

Xena and Gabrielle learn just how frustrating motherhood can be. Rated R for content.

Just The Beginning

The strain is affecting our girls relationship in more ways than one. Rated NC17 for sexual content.

Return Of The Warrior

Xena must revert to her warrior ways to save her family from raiders.