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Welcome to the 2023 Solstice Invitational!

December 25, 2023

The Inn by DJ Belt

With the winter solstice near, Xena and Gabrielle seek shelter at an inn, do a good turn, and are rewarded with a gift of priceless value.

December 24, 2023

Family Make Up by IseQween

Xena’s mother launches a multipronged offensive to counteract the gods’ efforts to kill her granddaughter during the 5th season AMPHIPOLIS UNDER SEIGE in the following submission to the Royal Academy of Bards 2023 Solstice Invitational.

Surviving the Saturnalia by Phineas Redux

Xena and Gabrielle become embroiled in an annual Festival in Rome which annoys one of the duo no end.

Oh Senticles, Will I Ever See You Again? by Norsebard

Under the Influence of Evil by Norsebard

We'll Be Home For Solstice by Norsebard

The Solstice I Can Give You by The Bard of New Mexico

Solstice Spirits by M.S. Wilson


2023 Royal Academy of Bards' Halloween Special!

Please join the Royal Academy of Bards Solstice Invitational!

IseQween has issued a challenge to all bards to write a Classic X&G story for Solstice! They don't need to be Solstice stories, but we would like to have them be characters from the show.

Please submit to: by December 23, 2023, midnight your time.

Please join us! No story is too long or short and all stories are welcome!

December 20, 2023

"THE PRINCESS AND THE QUEEN" Series by TrueT159 [Original/Alt/Complete]

With Xena forgiven for her past crimes against the Amazon's and Gabrielle's queenhood restored, Xena and Gabrielle decide it might be time for them and Aurora to leave the village. After a bittersweet goodbye they, along with the other non native residents leave. But not long after they find a battlefield and notice that the dead are women from the village they had recently left. This leads Xena, Gabrielle and Aurora back to the secret village as they race to save it from a returning foe. With the stakes at an all time high, can Xena and Gabrielle face the odds one more time and save the village or will this become the end for them all? 

December 13, 2023

Just One Bite by TrueT159 [Classic/Alt/Complete]

A retelling of the episode "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and what might've happened to Xena and Gabrielle afterwards if the ending had turned out very differently.

December 12, 2023


From Stein Willard -

My new book, Daybreak, 1st in a new 18th century supernatural series, is available for preorder on Amazon.

When Elena refuses to be converted on her 25th birthday, she not only breaks an age-old family tradition but does the unthinkable by running away from her fate. Her betrayal sets off a vampire hunt that spans from her hometown in Romania to the overcrowded slums of 18th century London, where, unbeknownst to her, she finds herself on the radar of a mysterious vampire.

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December 1, 2023

The Resurrection of Xena - The Director's Cut - Bat Morda [Classic/Alt/Complete]

This story is one bard’s attempt to make sense of a crappy ending to a show she loved and one American’s attempt to make sense of the crappy turn her country has taken.

Notes about The Director’s Cut: With the conclusion of The Poseidon Adventure, my fan fiction career is over, finished, finito. I think this final set of four (chronologically) Campfire Tales, Fifteen Years in America, Resurrection of Xena and The Poseidon Adventure are as good a swan song as I’m gonna get; I’m happy with Bat Morda’s gravestone. But upon finishing The Poseidon Adventure I realized I knew those characters better, knew the story better, I’d even rewatched a number of episodes to do Campfire Tales and there wasn’t any reason I couldn’t go back and fix the continuity problems in The Resurrection of Xena. Make room for the 25 year frozen thing, Eve’s existence, Joxer’s Death (thank you AW), to nudge this story to fall in line with the show it’s based on. It’s still just fan fic, but I saw no reason not to make this the best I can with the toolset I have. It’s not the best out there, but it’s the best I can do. Thank you to anyone who ever bothered to read my stuff, it’s appreciated more than you know. Also, I’m calling it The Director’s Cut because I thought calling it Taylor’s Version would confuse people.


New Release from Desert Palm Press

The Inevitable Singularity (Paladins of the Republic Book 1)
Molly J. Bragg

Sean, a mercenary, is the bodyguard of Grand Master Caila of the Order of the Paladins of the Republic. A fact that the entire Order, except for Caila herself, resents deeply since they kicked Sean out almost twenty years earlier. It doesn’t help matters that Caila has taken a vow of Celibacy, but everyone knows that she and Sean have feelings for each other.

Sean’s presence is only tolerated because Caila is the official Seer of the Paladin Order. While all Paladins can see the future to a limited extent, Caila’s gift with foresight exceeds even the head of the order.

But when a mine destroys Caila’s ship just as they arrive in the Ptolemy system to settle a dispute over a hyperspace route, it quickly becomes clear that someone doesn’t want their mission to succeed.

With only Reagan, a Paladin with a personal grudge against Sean for support, Sean and Caila make their way to Ptolemy, recruiting allies along the way. But each time they look into the future, Caila sees a vision showing her that Ptolemy will be reduced to a lifeless cinder if they leave, and Sean receives a warning that Caila will die if they stay.

Can they avoid disaster, or will Caila be forced to sacrifice herself to save an entire world?


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