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last updated: February 13, 2011

Magician - LZClotho
Rating: G. Xena and Gabrielle enjoy the presentation of a traveling magician.

Me Myself and I - Annemaart
Xena gets into a bit of an identity crisis, with some godly assistance...

Mr. Turnip Head Rides Again - Kristien Damon (a.k.a. Lawlsfan)
Xena finds herself lost in a childhood memory about a certain toy and special friendship.

Mummer's Play (The) - Simahoyo
This is a very old play reworked into the Xenaverse. It is being offered to fans for free performances.

My Daughter, My Nemesis - Kwipinky
This story occurs a few days after the episode Motherhood.

My Guardian Angel - Bardaholic [post FIN]
Continuing on from the very end of AFIN, written from Gabrielle's point of view. Xena comforts her friend from the other side.

New Angels - Amity
A short piece set that explores a missing scene in 'Fallen Angel' where an angel Callisto asks for Gabrielle's forgiveness.

Notes - RG Heller
There's a bard, a warrior, and a scroll and that's all I can tell you

One Fine Day - Rohan the Thunder Chick
A take-off of the sixth season Xena episode, "You Are There". Join Kendall Day as she finds out that everything is not as it seems on TV while interviewing Xena and Gabrielle.

One Last Breath - JLynn
This story takes place in the context of the "Ides of March" episode (Season 4) leading up to the final scene. If you haven't seen that episode yet and don't like spoilers, trust me; you won't want to read this story.

Opening Up With the Warrior Princess - Extra 22
An inebriated Xena relates her visit with a psychiatrist to a 'captive' audience.

Paradox of Dying (The) - Leslie Ann Miller
Gabrielle's thoughts after killing two attackers. It is basically gen.

Paternal Instinct - Phantom Bard
From her earliest days, the hand of the God of War was a factor in the life of the Warrior Princess. But what is a father's love, and what lengths will a soul go through to right a wrong done long ago?

Perspectives - Idryth available in ebook format
A short story involving Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, Amazons, a kidnapping and a rescue. Add in a traitor and you end up with a bit of a different view on things on a very rainy day in ancient Greece.

Place In The World (A) - Warrior Nutcase
Sequel to "In My Life". Based on the M. Chapin-Carpenter song and speculation about the outcome to events in SACRIFICE II.

Plight of the Amazons - EpTalk
Ephiny's former tribe is in trouble when Xena and Gabrielle travel to the Amazon camp for a visit. What they find is not good news and there is a warrior present that is mysterious and interesting. Something from Xena's past always adds suspense, surprise and danger. Gabrielle faces a challenge of her own and questions a feeling of jealousy. Wonder what happened to Ephiny's child? Wonder no more!

Pomera And The Price (The) - Simahoyo
Summary Pending

Prayer for You (A) - Lariel
A poignant prayer said over Gabrielle's grave.

Protecting One's Legacy - David J. Duncan
In this piece, Xena and Gabrielle ride to Egypt in order to save Eve from Alti. During the journey, several questions arise between the two friends. After the battle, Gabrielle makes a big decision....

Quality Dying Time - Temora available in ebook format
When an accident injures and traps the warrior and bard in a landslide on the side of an isolated mountain, an unpredictable, infuriating and disturbed nine-year-old girl, Tai, is their only chance for rescue. The problem is that Tai doesn't want to get help. She wants to talk. But their time is limited, and it is fast running out...

Set towards the end of Season Three, this is a dialogue-heavy piece with some interesting twists. Guaranteed to make you think, or at least creep you out.

Rat - Kamouraskan
Gabrielle has a pet Rat.

Reciprocation - Socko
On March 16th, Eli and Amarice return to the Roman prison to morn the loss of Xena and Gabrielle. However, the god of war does not accept Xena's death so easily as the origins of The Chakram are revealed in this alternate season 5 premiere!

Redemption - Extra22  available in ebook format
Two months into their adventures together, Xena and Gabrielle stumble into the tragedy of a war, and both come face to face with the warrior's dark past.

Reflections - Hamutal
On the second anniversary of her son's death, with a lot still unresolved in her heart, Xena seeks the answer to the most difficult question - how would have things turned out if only...

Requiem for the Warrior Princess - Kwipinky
Xena is arrested and tried for the murder of General Marmax.

Settlers - Kwipinky
Xena gives Gabrielle a home after years of traveling.

Silence - Vutzyluv
A short story in which Gabrielle reflects on her past and on the state of her relationship with Xena. It takes place in the middle of season six, before FIN.

Sister Act - Barbara Davies
Lila joins Xena and Gabrielle on the road. At least it *looks* like Lila! Needless to say, the gods are involved.

So It Goes... - Jody Leak
Follow up to FIN

Solstice Miracle (A) - Dawn
Post FIN story

Sons of a Bacchae - EpTalk
More than twenty-five years later, Xena & Gabrielle learn the music from Orpheus has ceased again in the forest. Apparently there were Sons of a Bacchae which survived after Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer's last visit to the Bacchae cave. Despite the story having danger, action and peril for the heroines, there is love in the night air. OOOoooooh......., prepare yourself and enter at your own risk.

Song of Sun Child (The) - Lariel
An ancient folkloric tale, telling the myth of the Dark Warrior and her redemption by the Sun Child.

Strands of Friendship - Tovie
A flashback to the early days of Xena and Gabrielle's journey together when Gab and Xena first braid each other's hair.

Tell Me Series - Verrath

Tell Me, Gabrielle available in ebook format
Man-eating giants and a big siege engine delay two girls on their way to school. Only Xena the mighty Warrior Princess and her mighty steed Argo can save the day (though Argo's wheels do tend to skip and skid on that gravel)!

I'm Bored, Gabrielle available in ebook format
Sina struggles to while away the days until Gabby is ungrounded. This kid just cannot stay out of trouble. And of course, Sina wouldn't be Sina if she didn't find a way to pull little Gabby into it as well.

What's With the Sun? available in ebook format
Sina and Gabby round up all their friends to battle an unseen force that threatens their existence! Will Xena yet again save the world? The premise for that story was taken from a children's tale titled "Someone Is Eating The Sun" by Ruth A. Sonneborn, where a bunch of farm animals experience the same horror. I read that while sorting through some of my old stuff at my parents' house, and found it too cute to pass up. :-)

Pillow Talk available in ebook format
Some serious soul-searching and a pillow fight during a sleep-over at Gabby's.

We Got Him, Gabrielle! available in ebook format
Sleep-Over II - a bad b/w horror movie in the middle of the night has the girls in a stir. Rated PG for messy violence against murdering monster

Summer Slave Camp available in ebook format
Finally! Summer Camp is here! But what would a camp be without proper supervision...? More fun for the kids, in Sina's opinion.

Summer Slave Camp 2 : Slave Hunt available in ebook format
A daring team of adventurers sets out to find a hidden treasure, while a miserable little Warrior Princess is toiling in the kitchen. Maybe the scheduled afternoon activities will bring a few surprises.

Flukes, Fauns & Griffins available in ebook format
Who would have thought what weird and wonderful creatures this world holds...?

Battle Kicks available in ebook format
A wise general always keeps to the back of the battlefield - no matter how badly the battle is going...

The New Kid available in ebook format
Summer is taking a new turn as a huge truck unloads furniture down the road from Gabby's house.

Run Alice, Run! available in ebook format
The hidden horrors of a lonely path through the park unexpectedly work in the girls' favor. Rated PG.

A Hard-Headed Hound available in ebook format
Dogs will be dogs, no matter how many heads they have...

Wardrobe Warrior available in ebook format
What happens when a little bard gets way too caught up in a book? What's a warrior to do? And Sina's mom does have this ancient wardrobe sitting in the attic...

A Bowl of Tsunami available in ebook format
The sea is a formidable opponent. Especially when it's a certain little Warrior Princess who is braving its storms... Rated G.  It takes place some time after "Wardrobe Warrior".

Remember When, Gabrielle? available in ebook format
An unexpected reunion after many, many years does not turn out the way either Sina or Gabby imagined. Rated PG.

Always, Gabrielle available in ebook format
Lana discovers that it's not always easy to stick to an old childhood promise when Sina disappears, leaving only a cryptic e-mail message.

As The Dragon Flies by Verrath uber, rated G available in ebook format
Here is the 15th story in the Tell-Me-Series. Xena and Gabrielle realize it is better to let sleeping monsters lie, and more importantly, not to mess with their toys. Sina, however, refuses to learn ANY lesson at all.


Temptation of Eve - Phantom Bard
This is a general story with Eve on a God given mission, without Xena and Gabrielle watching her back.  The setting is Judea, twelve years after "Path of Vengeance".  God calls Eve to Jerusalem to protect a special boy, and she fears she may have to forsake Eli's teachings to save him.  Based on a short passage from the gospel of Luke.

Third Time Lucky - Joanne Boyle [unfinished]
This story is set between the fifth season episodes "Succession" and "Animal attraction". Xena and Gabrielle are enjoying a quiet moment between battles, but little do they know some unfinished business is about to interupt this brief moment of peace. Ares makes his presence felt, as does an old adversary. Gabrielle gets stoned (again!).

Truth Be Told (The) - CJ Shoup
Xena "helps" Joxer drop his warrior look, but is it for the better?

Truth Shall Set Us Free - Mikki Hibbens
This is Mikki's answer to the finale. It's a little angst, a little venting, a little wishful thinking and a lot fantasy. There's no major spoilers but there are references to events depicted in AFIN.

Turning a Corner - Web Bard
This story picks up at the end of the "Is There a Doctor In The House" episode. Xena comes to grip with the fact that she almost lost her bard for good and how much their friendship really means to her. Rated G.

Twilight of the Gods - Phantom Bard
In this sequel to Xena: Goddess of War , Ares and Xena are the God and Goddess of War. They fight invading Gods for Earth's future, and we learn how the cyclic nature of history is bound to the Chakram.

Under Other Circumstances - IseQween
Initially trying to relax and solve a mystery, Xena and Gabrielle end up discovering more than they wanted to know about the meaning of justice, sacrifice and friendship in this pre-Season Three adventure.

Underworld Adventures - LZClotho
A post-"Destiny" pre-"The Quest" story of Xena's journey from Mt. Nestos.

Untouchable - Sarah
This is the story of Nyx, a girl who, at a very young age, finds herself alone and fending for herself in a hostile environment where not only the people, but the planet seem to be fighting against her.
Can a lifetime of prejudice and hatred ever lead to trust? Billie becomes the one person that Nyx opens her mind to, as they build a relationship in the midst of a hostile alien invasion that threatens to end the world once and for all. Will Nyx ever find the stability and solitude she longs for as she becomes caught up in a battle to save the very people who tried to destroy her? Will Billie ever understand why Nyx is only fighting to save herself?
Environmentally, socially and economically, the earth is crumbling, in the final stages of dying. With the remaining inhabitants either immoral elitists or subhuman foragers, is there any hope of survival? Escape? Redemption? The story follows Nyx's journey of self discovery, as she struggles to uncover the secrets of her past and learn the reasons behind her world's destruction.

Very Innteresting - Kwipinky
A very tired Xena and Gabrielle decide to stop in a town

Vows - Kwipinky
Herodotus brings Gabrielle home to stay; Xena considers leaving her there.

War Story - Elad Avron
Summary Pending

Wardrobe Warrior - Verrath
What happens when a little bard gets way too caught up in a book? What's a warrior to do? And Sina's mom does have this ancient wardrobe sitting in the attic...

Warrior...Conqueror...Queen...Bard - Mark Annetts
This story is set after the 5th season ep "Amphipolis Under Siege". It involves alternate realities, a face-to-face confrontation between Xena and the Conqueror, and Gabrielle and an Amazon Queen of the same name, plus an assortment of Olympians, Amazons and other hangers on.

Warrior...Princess...Klingon? - Nance Gice
Xena is forced to contend with senseless tribe rituals when Gabrielle takes on her new roll as Amazon royalty. The situation quickly escalates - the appearance of some very unusual strangers.

Warrior's Journey (The) - EpTalk
A story which takes place after the final episode of season five, Motherhood. Xena leaves Eve with the Baptist and Gabrielle with Aphrodite as she begins a journey to find out what has happened to their families. Xena's journey takes place on land but the story's journey takes place in Xena's mind.

What If... - Annemaart
Gabby elaborates on one of her theories once again...

When Cutting Off a Serpent's Head - Annemaart
Xena gets a summons from an old 'friend' to come and repay her debt. I wrote this for a 'max of five page' story competition bij the Dutch Fanclub DAHX.

When It Hurts The Most - RG Heller
Gabrielle falls ill, and asks Xena to take her home.

Wishing For a Warrior For Christmas - Ri available in ebook format
Tabitha was very lonely on Christmas Eve, she wished for someone to talk to. Puffs of smoke appeared and her friends Xena and Gabrielle were before her. Hands on hips and maternal frown on the warriors face she asked the little girl, "Tabitha, did you bring us here?"

Winter Dreams - Annette
It is the night of Winter Dreams, when that which we thought unattainable can be ours.

Xena and Gabrielle's First Easter - Celine
Imagine if you will, that Xena and Gabrielle celebrated Easter in their time of ancient warlords, gods, and various people with bad hair you always see in the openings of the 6th season shows. What would their first Easter be like? Here's one possible scenario.

Xena and the Flight of the Phoenix - Michael Dobler
Gabrielle recorded all of her adventures with Xena. These records became known as the Xena Scrolls. But what about the adventure neither one of them remembers? This is a bridge story with a Sci-Fi twist, set between S1 finale "Doctor in the House" and S2 opener "Orphan of War".

Xena and the Terror of Andros Island - Michael Dobler
Xena gives Gabrielle a suprise birthday gift! Two weeks on the beautiful Isle of Andros. She even invites a couple of old friends to join in the festivities.  The vacation takes a sinister turn when an ancient horror begins to stalk the island, and brings Xena, Gabrielle and their friends face to face with their greatest challenge yet!  A Xena/Hercules/ Predator crossover. May be a bit gory for younger readers - be warned!

Xena: Defender of the Faith - Phantom Bard
Xena is requested by the archangel Michael to return from the Elysian Fields to guard the Ark of the Covenant in modern Washington, D.C. There she must lose a battle to win a war. (Includes a Janice and Mel intro).

Xena: Goddess of War - Phantom Bard
Xena became a goddess during a second season episode, but kept it a secret. Following her intuition, she has spent centuries preparing mankind for a future war against an enemy no one knows. Sequel to Xena: Defender of the Faith

Xena: Little Warrior - Little One - Hamutal
Younger brother Lyceus touches little Xena's heart as only he can.

Xena : Little Warrior - The One - Hamutal
Join ablaze little Xena on her first runaway from home and her meeting with a mysterious stranger.

Xena : Young Warrior - Love Thy Neighbor - Hamutal
Teenager Xena experiences feelings and thrills completely new to her.

Xena : The Betrayal
Wild teenaged Xena gets her first taste of love, betrayal, power struggles and revenge.

Xena Come Back - L.M. Townsend
Gabrielle sets off on a journey down the Nile to find the secrets of bringing Xena back from the dead. Along the way, the Bard meets with opposition - and assistance from unexpected sources. Meanwhile, Xena has her own trials to face in that land between the living and the dead.

Xena : Warrior Princess Dog - Melissa Thrasher
Mary GoLightly- animal communicator, interviews Xena:Warrior Princess Dog. Xena talks about her arch rival Violet, life in Gooberville, and shares some insights into her clueless human, Melissa. Impressed with Xena's wit and intelligence, Mary concocts a plan that just might make Xena: Warrior Princess Dog, the next action hero superstar.

Xena Warrior Poodle Series

  Xena: Warrior Poodle
Xena is reincarnated as a black poodle. She soon learns that her companion is really Gabrielle and together they take on an intruder
  Poodle To The Rescue
Gabbi is dognapped by a lab for experiments. Xena must come to her rescue, while Gabbi works to escape with a little help.
  Romancing The Poodle
Xena meets a love from her past at a dog show, as well as an enemy. Together, they must work to save the day.
  Poodle In The Dell
Xena and Gabbi go to the farm and meet a calf they knew in a prior life. They romp around the barnyard and foil a late night caper.

Xena's Choice - LZ Clotho
Rating: PG. A post -"Sacrifice 2" story of Xena's struggle to go on.

Xena's Day Off - Annemaart
Gabby decides Xena needs a day off and takes over the warrior's job. Wrote this one for a 'challenge' from the Elysian Bard's mailinglist

Yield by Olansamuelle
The warrior surrendered as much as her broken soul would let her. Story set during The Debt II flashbacks.

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