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last updated: March 13, 2015

Adrift - Kwipinky
Gabrielle tries to make some sense out of the events she faced in her last battle beside the Warrior Princess.

Afterwards - Adam Chiron
Over one year after the events of A Friend In Need , Xena's spirit has moved on and Gabrielle is alone for the first time since joining the warrior princess. Confused and moving down the wrong path she finds enemies from the past closing in to use her for their own desires.

Ancient Millenium - Annemaart
Xena and Gab chat about the approaching millennium.

Another Day in the Life (How Gabrielle got her Pink Nighty) - Barbara Davies
In which Xena and Gabrielle face yet another giant ... and Gabrielle acquires a new nighty.

Ares' Rift - Kwipinky
Families and friends of Xena and Gabrielle's come together in Cyrene's tavern to give eulogies for Xena and Gabrielle after they are killed outside Demeter's Acropolis.

Are You The Herodotus? - Simahoyo
A story about Gabrielle returning home from Eygpt to confront her father about his adventurous youth. A light-hearted look at her dysfunctional family, and how children seem to take after either one parent or the other.

Auction (The) - Killing Joke available in ebook format
This is a short story (about 5 pages long) I wrote for some contest for DAHX (Dutch Association of Herculeans and Xenites). It ended 2nd and wasn't published anywhere, so it's safe to say I can post it here among you fine fellow Xenites. What would happen, who would show up when our dear beloved warrior princess would be auctioned off to support an orphanage...

Bard in a Cage - Barbara Davies
Gabrielle discovers that fame as a bard brings its own problems - an obsessive fan.

Because I Love Her - Carina Q. Fuller
Ares examines his true feeling's about Xena in this short story told from his point of view.

Best Friend's Magic (A) - Advocate
Do you believe in magic? Join a very youthful Xena and Gabrielle in this children's tale about a fairy, faith, and the power of friendship.

Bittersweet Banter - Kwipinky
Xena and Gabrielle discuss Xena's inability to get a certain song out of her head.

Book (The) - David Duncan
When Ali and Eckhart get ahold of an old tome, awakening a common enemy from the past, how will Dave, Xena, and the others react? (xover: Forever Knight, Mutant X, Dark Angel, and Smallville)

Breath of Change - Katrinna
Xena and Gabrielle are dismayed to discover an Amazon village has been persecuted by local villagers. They assist a small group of survivors to safety, but must deal with the instigators of the assault first.

Call of the Wilderness - Warriorkat
A girl is due to marry her betrothed when she discovers a stranger asleep in the barn. Can she escape her fate and the outlaw her certain death?

Candy or Chaos - C. N. Winters
Gabrielle gets Xena to participate in some harvest fun which includes lanterns, treats and tricks.

Case of the Missing Snowmen (The) - Claire Withercross
A children's story using Little Xena and Little Gabrielle portrayed in Lucia's Comic Strips

Champion - Kamouraskan
Gabrielle and Xena meet in a different way, and Gabrielle is already an Amazon

Charmed - Katrinna
Xena dreams that Eve is being targeted by a sexual demon. She and Gabrielle travel to free her, but find themselves enchanted as well. Together, they must unravel the secret to the predators demise. Warning: Contains sexual scenes.

Claiming One's Own - David Duncan [xover/gen-uber/R]
(Dubois Chronicles 2.65). (Note: Takes place between "Father Doesn't Know Best" and "Under Siege".) Graduation day in Smallville brings surprises both good and bad to the future college students. In this case, a revived Yodoshi attacks the Talon, bringing her and Dave Dubois into the fray. However, what connections do Dave and the Child have to Yodoshi, Miranda Arighatto, and the Talon?

Comedy Tonight (A)- Lead Fox
Seeing the end of their life in the spotlight, Xena, Gabrielle and the other reoccurring Xena characters for the "Forced Into Early Retirement Players." The troupe rents a theatre and puts on one last show, with semi-successful results.

Compelling Associations - LZClotho
Rating: PG. A post-Chin history of the Warrior Princess. Ares discovers his mortal counterpart in a driven warrioress whose not exactly easy to reach.

Crusader: Twisted and Butchered - Silent Dee
This story is a re-working of the season 4 episode "Crusader" told as if Najara was a raving alcoholic, (full of the Gin) and in denial about her feelings towards Gabrielle. It includes some slight subtext moments, but nothing at all graphic, and quite a bit of swearing from Najara. Hopefully, it's quite amusing....

Dark Heart - Bacchae2
Shortly after their original eventful voyage to Chin, X&G attempt to once again find the uncommon grounding trust that had always infused their relationship previously; a first-person narrative scroll of the Bard.

Dark Wood (The) - David Duncan
In an attempt to save Rowenshire and Belchertown, the Child, Xena, and Clark take on the Witch's demon while Cybelle, Deirdre, and Lana take on the witch herself. Meanwhile, Eve has a spiritual battle of her own to fight. (**HINT: Another enemy returns at the end. Read and find out!**) (xover: Forever Knight, Smallville, Dark Angel, and Mutant X).

Day In The Life (A) - Annemaart
The opening scene from A Day In the Life with a Homeric twist.

Dear Diary - Hermes
A tale is set as if the series had simply continued on into another year beginning in Egypt since that was where we were told Gabrielle and the spirit of Xena was headed for. The author describes Gabrielle's life while accompanied by Xena's ghost. However it is Gabrielle who does most of the work. But not all. It is written in the form of a diary kept by Gabrielle.

Deeper Waters Than Most Think - Alexiares
Like many fanfic authors, I've always found Eponin very interesting... probably because RenPics never did get around to building up her character, apparently because the woman who played her disappeared from the acting industry after playing the role. I bet she's running a dojo somewhere, because she sure could do wild things with that staff. Anyway, this story gives a bit of a life story of Eponin, and explains a few details from other stories, although you don't have to read them to understand what's happening in this one.

Different Peace - Sais2Cool
Gabrielle struggles to come to terms with life without Xena while defending a group of Elijians against the Emperor Nero. Post FIN

End is the Beginning (The) - Wilbur
"The End is The Beginning".....Gabrielle, traveling to Amphipolis to place Xena's ashes in the family tomb, learns of a way to bring the Warrior Princess back to life. Along the way, she meets a fellow female warrior who vows to help. Can the Battling Bard trust this stranger?  Should she?  Chapter One: Friend or Foe?

Episode 19 : Forced Encounters - Salina Cousins

Xena gone for the past three days on a "Fact Finding Mission" has left a tired, and somewhat sick bard in Amphipolis. Gabrielle has gone to the healer and discovered something extraordinary has occured. Will Xena be upset? How did this happen? How is Xena planning to confront Ares this time? Will this all be resolved? Please come and go on this journey with are favorite two women, and answer these questions for yourself. This is the 1st episode of the final 4 for Xena: Warrior Princess for Season 6, at least my interpretation of what could happen per the suggestion by ANA on the Merwolf Pack List. Stay tuned for Ep. 20

Episode 20 : Ares Time - Salina Cousins
Gabrielle now knows Xena's plan to defeat Ares for all time. Is she capable of it? Will she more importantly survive from it?! How can another Gods help insure Ares demise? Are you ready to find out how Gabrielle is doing. Will the love and friendship these two women share be enough to over come the odds stacked against them? This is the 2nd episode of the final 4 episode's of Xena: Warrior Princess for Season 6. stay with me for #3 Hope Everlasting.

Eternal Destiny - Socko
In an alternate season 5 premiere which takes place directly after the XWP season 4 episode 'The Ides of March', Eli and Amarice return to the Roman prison compound to mourn the death of their friends, however Ares doesn't accept Xena's death so easily. As concerns over the broken Chakram increase among the gods, it's true origins and purpose are revealed and a finale showdown with Callisto leads to the eternal demise of one of the lead characters. Based on my previous story 'Reciprocation'

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9     Part 10     Part 11  

Eternity - Ashley
Xena/Ares fiction

Everything Is Alive - Simahoyo
A continuation of Everything That Is. Xena and Gabrielle in Siberia. Alti tries to drive Gabrielle from Xena by telling her about the murdered Amazons. After fighting Alti, they meet the survivors of Xena's murderous rampage among the Amazons.

Everything That Is - Simahoyo (gen)
Gabrielle travels into the mountains of Chin to learn from a mystic who she believes can help her recover her sense of self and worth. (alt version of Everything That Is)

Farewell to a Hero - David Duncan [PG-13 (some fighting, language)(gen)]
Upon visiting his deceased wife's grave, Hercules faces Ares who uses hind's blood on him. How will this affect him, Xena, Gabrielle and Eve? And who's the ghost showing up at the gates of Althanor? Finally, how will Hope react when she actually has to do something good?

Father of All Evil - Annemaart
Xena gets called to Macedonia to help out an old friend. This leads to our two heroes getting caught up in one of the biggest wars of Ancient times. Once more they have to face up to a part of their past they'd though was over and done with.

Fear - Kamouraskan
Xena must struggle to retain her mind after being poisoned.

Final Redemption (A) - Nance Gice
Xena is haunted by the past, she thought had long-since been put behind her, when she battles a blood thirsty warlord who has vowed to take revenge by killing Gabrielle.

First Words - LZClotho
Atreus of Amphipolis tries to present his remarkable offspring to his patron god Ares.

Forgotten Sister - Amity
Having stayed with Yakut and the Northern Tribe, Amarice finds a new life for herself. A tale to bring a completion the unfinished story of the young Amazon.

Future Shock - David Duncan [xover/gen-uber/R]
(Dubois Chronicles 2.63). When the Magog attack Earth once again, Xena, Gabrielle, Eve and their friends have to fight to save two worlds. How will this affect things? And what do the students from Smallville have to do with it?

Gabby Gets Some - Nalysia
Summary Pending

Gabrielle: The Ancient Scrolls series - Michael Dobler


Full Circle - Michael Dobler
One year after the death of Xena in Japa, the spirit of the Warrior Princess sends the young bard on a quest to recover a powerful artifact. The journey takes Gabrielle two thousand years into the future, and pits her against an old enemy, hungry for revenge.
First in a new, post FIN series entitled Gabrielle: The Ancient Scrolls.  

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8     Part 9     Part 10

2. The Bounty - Michael Dobler
Gabrielle said yes! Before they can make plans, however, they first must deal with the price on Gabrielle's head, complements of the enigmatic warlord, Gurkhan. Second Story in the "Gabrielle: The Ancient Scrolls" series (GTAS#2)

Gabrielle's Choice - LZClotho
A post-"Destiny"/pre-"The Quest" story of Gabrielle's journey from Mt. Nestos.

Gabrielle's Fable Series - Cassandra and Bik

New Friends
The story begins and ends with a Xena/Gabrielle vignette. The fable has an eager, young chicken meeting a free-range warrior chicken who helps the young chick rescue her family, with the help of a farm horse. The young chicken decides to travel with her new-found friends.

Sometimes You Get The Bear
The three companions see a caravan with a performing bear. Billie, the young chicken, wants to help him get away, and her companions reluctantly agree to help. Their plan succeeds; the bear returns to his family. Billie visits her family, and learns that her home is with her friends.

Ergo's Tale
Told from the point of view of Ergo, the horse. Our three friends expose a corrupt mayor and save a town from flooding. And if you don't think chickens and a horse can cleanup a town, read the story.

Dazed Life (A)
Chronicles a day in the life of Billie, the young chick, Aquila, the warrior chicken, and Ergo, the former farm horse, who has to fight off the advances of a donkey. We lost count of how many X:WP episodes are hinted at in this fable. We do cover the entire rift in about two paragraphs; too bad the series writers couldn't have done the same.

The Rabbit and the Hawk The three adventurers meet a rabbit who is after a con hawk who cheated his mother out of her savings. They come up with a plan to con the hawk, with the help of a travelling sales bear. Revenge of the Hawk
The hawk is out for revenge on those who fooled him. But his foes are more resourceful than he realizes.

Day at the Fair... and What it Leads To
Aquila gives Billie and Ergo a treat by taking them to a town that is having a fair. They are tired after their first day of seeing all the sights when they come across a chipmunk who loves a rabbit. But neither family approves of the union. The three companions decide to help the star-crossed lovers

Pecking Order, or, Hoist on her own Petard
Has the warrior chicken met her match? Can Aquila be defeated? Whose swan song will it be? On their way east to Ergo's ancestral homeland, Aquila, Billie, and Ergo meet up with an old friend who is helping the local folks fight a swan and her gang. One of the interesting things about writing these Fables is how easily some of the characters from the television show can be portrayed as animals. It's frightening sometimes!

A very short story in which we find out that warrior chicks just wanna have fun!

Pei Back, or, Two Chickens in a Basket - Cassandra and Bik
The warrior chicken and her sidekicks go East in search of Ergo's heritage. A royal duck crash lands in the middle of their quest, and another adventure begins. The fate of a dynasty rests in their wings.

Gabrielle's Fables 10: Life is a Prairie - Cassandra & Bik
The next thrilling installment in the warrior chicken chronicles. The journey to rejoin Ergo takes a treacherous turn when Billie and Aquila are stalked by a snow leopard. They join forces with the snow leopard to help a moose who thinks hes a reindeer, in a fight for their lives. And Billie discovers a secret weapon and makes a fashion statement.

Gabrielle's Secret - Simahoyo
Written just after Lucy's accident, this story reveals one of Gabrielle's long guarded secrets.

Gabrielle and Xena (Deceased) - Mark Annetts
Post FIN

Game of Love (The) - Kwipinky
Ares and Aphrodite talk about his future and his love for Xena.

Golden Moments - LZClotho
An adventure tale of the newly reformed Xena trying to figure out where her life is going, and gaining a friend along the way.

Growing Pains - Lariel
The innocent eyes of a child see less than they should; can one such child tell the difference between good and evil, and make the right choices? A child's account of a fateful meeting with a certain blonde hiding up a tree.

Growing Up "Livia"
This is the story of the tragic events that turned Xena's innocent daughter Eve into the monster known by the world as Livia, Champion Of Rome.

Gummy Bears - Marie Gilbert
This is a story about Gabby and Xena who are in the present time and act like teens!

Hanging Gabrielle - Claire Withercross
Hanging Gabrielle is a little vignette that does exactly what the title suggests. Except Claire says she doesn't go all the way to protect the squeamish.

History Cast in Amber - LZClotho
Rating: PG. An adventure tale wherein a simple mission to free a valley from a slave warlord turns on one god's desire to reclaim what he once lost.

   Part 1     Part 2     Part 3    

Home - Warrior Nutcase
Xena and Gabrielle (of the second season) embark on a mission for King Gregor. Circumstances force them to separate with unexpected results. Lots of hurt/comfort, some violence, some humor. Lots of spoilers for past episodes.

Home - Extra22
Summery Pending


Hope Full Series - Bill the Semi Bard

Book One: Sacrifice Survived
Book One deals with what happened after Gabrielle fell into the volcano with Hope in Sacrifice 2. It attempts to answer all the questions which the show never did as to where she was, and why she did not remember what had happened to her when she reappeared in Family Affair.

Book Two: The Bound Bard
The Bound Bard takes place during A Family Affair, and goes through that story, adding things that were not shown during the ep and giving insight into Gabrielle's thoughts and actions as based on Book 1 of Hope Full, Sacrifice Survived.

Book Three: Devi's, Demons and Deceits
Devi's, Demons and Deceits takes place during Devi. The story takes a quick look at all of Season 4 up to the India Arc, and then follows Xena and Gabrielle to India and through the story of Devi, but with extra scenes and delves deep into Gabrielle's mind as well.

Book Four: The Cross Roads
This story is my own look at what happened in Alti's vision of Xena and Gabrielle being crucified, and differs substantially from what happened in the show.

Book Five: This March to a Different Drum
Continues and finishes the story Hope Full, by again departing the cannon of the show to tell my version of Xena and Gabrielle's final meeting with Caesar and a little bit more.

Horse Thieves - LZClotho
Rating: G. An adventure tale early in Xena and Gabrielle's friendship, with the warrior and bard having to track down a stolen Argo.

Houston - We Identified the UFO - EpTalk
Xena gets a little restless and with some time on her hands, she decides that she can launch more than a fish into the heavens. EEEeek! She launches herself and Gabrielle into the constellations for a close look. The groups of stars called a Greek warrior, Argo. big and little bear and milky way are all confirmations of their journey.

I Try - Amity
Set before 'Ides of March', Ephiny finds her lover dead at the hands of Roman soldiers. A short vignette of loss and acceptance.

I'll Take the High Road - Annemaart
This story sort of hit me in the face when I got stuck in yet another trafficjam ;) X&G try to get into Athens... 

Ignatius - Kwipinky
Unaware they are on the verge of a catastropic volcano eruption, Xena and Garielle find an infant dragon and discover he is the key to the salvation of Greece and the island of Thasos. Many enemies including Poseidon, want him stopped and the only way to get him to his destiny Xena has to go face to face with the sea god.

In My Life- Warrior Nutcase
Inspired by the Lennon/MacCartney song and the events of SACRIFICE II.

Initiation - Temora
A short story about the beginnings of violence as an antidote for pain.

Interlude: Past as Present - David Duncan
More light is shed on these issues in this "bridge piece" which is a songfic set to 'Gollum's Song' from "The Two Towers".

Joxer's Solstice Quest - J Gardner
Joxer has Solstice presents for all his friends.

Just Another Day For Xena - Bardaholic
A slave girl that Xena & Gabrielle saved reflects on all that the Warrior Princess and the Bard were able to achieve in one day. *Very short story.

Just Once - David Duncan
What if Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve had died at the beginning of Motherhood? In this "Duboisized" spin off, the Olympians do just that. However, as they discover, their actions has an unanticipated consequence: the Child is very, very angry and ready to deal with them. Will he and the others be able to bring Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve and set things right? (xover: Forever Knight, Smallville, Mutant X, and Dark Angel)

Kindred Hearts - Web Bard
A short and very sweet tale of Xena, Gabrielle and baby Eve.

Like Pegasus - Barbara Davies
Argo to the rescue (in spite of Gabrielle's whistled commands)!

Little Gabby and the Moose - Angharad Governal
A photojournalist finds more than she bargains for in a forest. Written in verse.

Love and Vengeance - Ashley
Xena/Ares fiction

Love That Heals - Thrace
Xena, after finding healing in Hercules' love, must end two wars: one between two states, and another within herself. Additionally, her other friends rally around her, including Gabrielle, Iolaus, Auto, Joxer, Salmoneous etc, all supporting her when she is both emotionally and physically hurt. While Hercules works to recapture her heart, Ares works to wipe her off the face of the earth. 

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