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December 31st, 2005

Welcome to the Academy, Nightowl

Early Morning Train by Nightowl[original/alt/complete]
A very, very bad day...

Added part 13 (revised) and part 14 of AK Naten's Second Son

December 30th, 2005

How Do I Mend a Broken Heart (Revised) - Ali Vali [alt/über/complete]
Do you remember your first love? Harry Basantes did. She remembered with vivid clarity the way young love could break your heart leaving you empty inside. Would seeing the object of her pain and desire sixteen years later drive Harry to forgiveness, or would it be her turn to walk away without explanations?

December 29th, 2005

Added part 3 of Unanswered Prayers - The Autobiography of Solange Boas by Leslaureate (aka Amy G.)

Added part 2 of Once in a Blue Moon by Insane Englishwoman (This is a continuation of her Halloween 2005 Invitational submission)

Added parts 3 & 4 of Triangles by Dreams2fly

December 28th, 2005

Added part 2 of Unanswered Prayers - The Autobiography of Solange Boas by Leslaureate (aka Amy G.)

December 27th, 2005

NANO #4: NEWTON'S SECOND LAW - GRAVITATION by Jules Mills [review from]
Jules continues one of the best series EVER in XWP fanfic with the fourth entry in her NANO SERIES. Set a few months after NANO #3: THE CARNOT CYCLE, the story has Grace and Dana taking it easy at the young doctor's beach house while her partner recovers from her recent bout with the beta virus. It's a wonderful time for the two of them as they revel in a new intimacy made possible by Dana's emotional as well as physical healing...but it is also a happiness fated not to last for there are forces at work determined to take it from them - individuals that know just how deadly and valuable Dana Papadopolis is and will never be willing to give her the peace she craves. If you haven't yet discovered this OUTSTANDING series you are doing yourself a CRUEL disservice. Jules has created in Grace and "Doc" two of the most appealing representations of Xena and Gabrielle to date - placing them in an uber scenario that is cleverly constructed and utterly fascinating! Hold on to that ticker too because judging from the first part of NANO #4 this one is going to be a heart-stopper. RUN don't walk to the NANO SERIES and catch up with the rest of us that are gobbling up this series :) NANO #4 gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

December 26th, 2005

Play it Again, Grey by Kim Pritekel [original/alt/complete]
Sequel to Dance With Me

Unanswered Prayers - The Autobiography of Solange Boas by Leslaureate (aka Amy G.) [alt/unfinished/über]
summary pending

December 25th, 2005

Simple Pleasures by D [original/alt/complete]
A little Christmas ditty

December 24th, 2005

Added part 43 of In an Age Before by PhantomBard

December 22nd, 2005


-from Phil

OH two days before Christmas the Bard Academy, gave you 17 new Solstice stories for you go and read.

Read them all once and click the link when done. Vote for your favorite but only vote for one.

NO cheating, no voting twice and this is not a hunch. Steph will come and find you and you will be shark lunch.

Winners get nifty prizes sent directly to their home... And if I had ambition I'd continue with this poem.

Go read, Go vote.
Voting period runs until January 12th.

- from Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie Wilson, a Xenite since birth, a card-carrying HCNB, and still and forever a member of the completely elusive Xenite mailing list, is about to embark on a 2,600 mile adventure: she's hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in order to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Inspired by the courage of her aunt who recently lost her battle with breast cancer, Stephanie wants to raise $10,000 for the Komen Foundation to help fund the fight for the future. She needs your help, though. You can pitch in and help Stephanie meet her goal before she leaves for the trail in early 2007, by donating through one of the methods listed at her website at, or contacting her at Thanks! [from the other steph - read more about Stephanie Wilson at]

December 21st, 2005

Past Tense, Future Perfect by Anne Laughlin [original/alt/unfinished]
In this sequel to House Shopping, Peg and Allison are together six months later, crazy in love, and talking about moving in together. An unexpected call brings Peg's past crashing into her present and Allison must fight to keep their new relationship from being destroyed as a result. It is not essential that readers have read House Shopping to follow the events in this story, but it helps in terms of the evolution of the characters.

Added part 3 of Renegade by Cheyne

Added part 6 of Just Breathe by S. Lynne

December 20th, 2005

The Carnot Cycle - The Nano Series part 3 by Jules Mills
Synopsis and review courtesy of Lunacy
Set a couple of months after NANO #2: EQUILIBRIUM MOMENT OF FORCE, this third story in the NANO SERIES finds a furious doctor Wilson refusing to accept any excuses from her now ex-partner Dana Papadopolis for her recent abandonment. Soon enough, however, her anger gives way to an acute despair when it becomes clear that the ex-con is not well - in fact, Dana is slowly becoming the victim of a killer she knows only too well but before surrendering to that darkness she needs to see the woman who gave her, if only for a little while, a glimpse into a life she's never deserved. This latest entry in the series is perhaps the most poignant as we see the extent of Dana's guilt for a past that once consumed a young girl and has never allowed her peace since. The hurt/comfort and futuristic qualities in this third story are particularly pronounced - presenting us with a premise that should make THE NANOVERSE a *very* popular web site in the weeks and months ahead. Another success in the making by one of the most welcomed additions to world of XWP fanfic this year. Jules' third entry in the series also gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

New on the Reviews page:

BlackDaemon's Episode Reviews:
Xena: Warrior Princess, "Past Imperfect"

From the Mysterious Reviewer:
Awakening in the Woods by Katie Burnett
Inhuman, Immortal, Accursed by Michael Dobler
McKee By A.C. Henley
Full Circle by Michael Dobler
The Bounty by Michael Dobler

December 19th, 2005

Added part 15 of Hindsight by Lois Kay

Added part 3 of Lissa's The Return of Unity

December 18th, 2005

Dance With Me by Kim Pritekel [Über/alt/complete]
Summary pending...

Added part 8 of Lissa's A Journey of Love & Life

Added part 5 (conclusion) of Lena's Tides of Fate

December 17th, 2005

- from PD Publishing

Good Evening, All,

I just wanted you to know that D. Jordan Redhawk's book, Warlord Metal, is now back in print and ready for purchase.

It actually has been available for over a week. However, is having a difficult time getting it listed on its page. We were hoping to get it up on all the sites before our "official" announcement, but we've waited LONG enough. You can find it at our website, , to be purchased from all the other vendors (including all the other Amazon sites - just not the Canadian site).

Sorry for the inconvenience for those of you in Canada - if you don't mind ordering it in US Dollars, please go to for its purchase. It will still be filtered through our system to be printed in Canada and arrive without having to go through customs.

Take a look - a wonderful story back in print. (BTW - another wonderful cover by Steph!)


Added Chapter 12 (Prophecy of the Sword) of Daughters of Artemis by L.M. Townsend

December 16th, 2005

Updated the Ultimate Über List by Eileen Marks

- from Oz

Bard Challenge #14 is wrapping up...well, sorta.  Someone lost the tape.  LOL

The original deadline of the 17th has been extended to the 21st.

Why?  Ummmmm...the spirit of the season?  We wanted to be nice?  It's better to give than to receive?  

Forget that last one...or we won't get any more entries.  Give...give...give...BC entries....pul-eeeze.   <.snicker.>

Actually, 'cause a few bards have to travel this weekend and asked for tiny extensions.  

So those of you who make the original deadline (17th) will get a couple of bonus points in addition to the standard bonus points for the inclusion of X&G&Amazons.  However, the new deadline is the 21st.

The ones I have read so far are so very cool and so very clever in their use of candy names.  I think everyone is gonna love the stories.

Anywho...rooools/premise here:

Entries get sent here:

OZ, the tired little retail elf.

December 15th, 2005

Beginnings by Fingersmith [über/alt/complete]
Summer – 1974. Hot, sticky and filled with promise. Days filled with nothing but what my imagination could conjure up – and that could be pretty frightening.

Lou Turner loves Ashley Richards. Always has … always will. This is her story … a story spanning thirty years … from the innocence of childhood to the bitterness of adulthood.

But can Lou use her beginnings to shape her future?

December 14th, 2005

Quicksand by Blayne Cooper [original/alt/complete]
From Blayne Cooper, author of Unbreakable, The Last Train Home, Madam President, and many others, comes Quicksand, a story about sinking into trouble so deep, there's no way out. Deceit, betrayal, and resisting sexual temptation were never part of private investigator Belinda Blaisdell's daily life. Until now.

Added part 42 of PhantomBard's In an Age Before

The My Lord Series by Mayt

My Lord
Mayt's Conqueror is a woman who rules with a sharp mind and a sharp sword. Her justice is not "easy to watch" neither is it "grievous." A young slave enters her household and slowly earns her regard. A relationship develops between the two women as the Conqueror's realm is challenged by internal and foreign forces. Their, at times, unexpected terms of engagement, both spoken and unspoken, mark what becomes a fragile and enigmatic bond.

My Lord: Solstice
Following the events of My Lord, as winter Solstice approaches, the Conqueror is summoned from a hunting trip to care for Gabrielle who has fallen seriously ill. In the course of caring for Gabrielle, Xena revisits recent events that have enlightened their ever-evolving relationship.

My Lord: By The Fates
Mayt continues her saga of the Conqueror of Greece, Xena of Amphipolis, and her young Queen, former slave, gifted storyteller, and compassionate healer, Gabrielle of Poteidaia. In this third installment of the My Lord series, Gabrielle must come to terms with her past in order to realize her destiny as Queen of Greece. In turn, Xena finds herself entangled in a wager between the God of War and the Goddess of Love. Though the gods' actions challenge the lives of both Conqueror and Queen, it is the revelation of a past fateful decision that has devastating consequences upon their union. This is a story that explores the nature of love, truth and loyalty extending beyond Gabrielle and Xena to include their closest confidants.

My Lord: Megara
Megara has become more than a place for the Conqueror and her Queen, it has become a symbol of the unique bond they share. Mayt continues the story of the Royals as Xena returns to Corinth to once again rule Greece with Gabrielle. Though there is peace and prosperity in the realm, regions of discontent remain. The actions of an enemy of the state, as well as unrelated events, alters the relationships between the women, and a number of their closest confidants. By story's end, both the creative and the marring forces of the Fates will be felt by all.

My Lord: The Chosen's Promise
As a God's Chosen, Gabrielle and Xena feel the burden of being within the attentive sight of Aphrodite and Ares, respectively. A promise redeemed causes each woman to revisit promises made to one another and to abide by their consequences, no matter how difficult. Also, during this time Xena is presented with an opportunity to revisit her greatest sacrifice.

December 13th, 2005

Moment of Force - Nano Series part 2 by Jules Mills
I can't do this as well as Lunacy so, with her permission, I'm going to use her words
Jules picks up the incredible uber tale she began with NANO #1: EQUILIBRIUM NEWTON'S FIRST LAW immediately where that one left off - with Grace having to return home after news of her father's illness. It's an opportunity for Dana to meet the folks and for the two women to continue healing the ex-con's fragile psyche, but the pressures of family can get overwhelming - particular for someone whose past never seems far behind and whose fears are always lurking just beneath the surface. If these two haven't grabbed your heart yet - they'll have it solidly in hand throughout this sequel as they struggle to fit into one another's worlds, as they struggle against insecurities and at times even their better judgment to try to make a life together against all odds. Yet the present sometimes pales in comparison to the challenges of the past - and the darkness which always seems to reside there for one of them. This is a sequel which EASILY maintains the quality of its predecessor. Great characterizations, great story, great drama, GREAT writing. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

Added part 3 of Riding Out the Storm by Kim Pritekel

from Oz

The Academy's current Bard Challenge: I WANT CANDY!
is approaching the deadline of December 17th. We aren't exactly approaching rapidly, but we are approaching. ;o)

If you think you are going to need a little extra time to finish your masterpiece...let me know. I'm easy. We can negotiate what "little extra" means.

Roools and premise are here:

Answers to questions about Roools and premise can be found here (email me):

The premise, in a nutshell...ummm...candy wrapper, is an easy one. All you have to do is work in a few special words in the content of your story. Easy right? See the Roools to see the words.

Cool prizes for the winners and runners-up. Winners will also receive a gift certificate for their addiction of, B&N, Starbucks or Godiva.

Good Luck

December 12th, 2005

Added part 5 of Just Breathe by S. Lynne

December 11th, 2005

Added part 6 of Conflict of Interests (Sausage Sizzler) by Weebod

December 10th, 2005

Added part 5 of Feel Like a Woman by Evecho

December 9th, 2005

Added part 2 of Riding Out the Storm by Kim Pritekel

Added part 11 of Daughters of Artemis by LM Townsend

December 7th, 2005

Added part 8 of Intuition by KM

December 6th, 2005

The Academy of Bards is honored to add to our collection of stories one of the best early übers out there.

The Nano Series by Jules Mills
Equilibrium - Newton's First Law
[über/kinda finished/definitely alt]
As Lunacy said way back in 1998, this is a story that will make you keep reading through the night. Dana "Doc" Papadopolis and Dr. Grace Wilson meet and face trials and tribulations yet keep finding themselves back with the other, unwilling and unable to let the other go. Please if you read this, remind Jules how much we miss her writing! Adding the first 'book' of eight completed. The rest will follow shortly.

December 5th, 2005

Riding Out the Storm by Kim Pritekel [Über/Conqueror/alt/unfinished]
Summary pending...

Added part 14 of Hindsight by Lois Kay

Added part 4 of Just Breathe by S. Lynne

December 4th, 2005

Shakespeare's Cure for Wedding Anxiety Disorder by Michael Dobler [classic/general/romance/complete]
W.A.D. (Wedding Anxiety Disorder) A condition that precludes a marital ceremony. Common symptoms include, depression, severe mood swings, persistent nightmares, and dead chickens. Can be aggrivated by overly michievous fiancees.

Dinner and a Memory by Michael Dobler [Mel & Janice/general/complete]
A little two piece regarding JC at the beginning, and some aquaintences that she had. Just a fun little short written as a result of a challenge from friends.

Added part 7 of Lissa's A Journey of Love & Life

December 3rd, 2005

Added part 4 of Spanish Eyes by Mary G

Added part 41 of In an Age Before by Phantombard

December 2nd, 2005

Added part 2 of Renegade by Chenya

Added part 2 of Triangles by Dreams2fly

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