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September 30th, 2005

Added part 2 of Outfitter by M. E. Tudor

September 29th, 2005

Added part 5 of Gravity by Lucid Dream

September 28th, 2005

Added part 19 of Untitled (working title Iditarod) by Redhawk

Added part 2 of The Return of Unlimited Sexual Favors by MJ and Cephalgia

September 27th, 2005

Nirvana by Erin O'Rielly [complete/original/alt]
Nirvana sequel to Those Three Days. Winnie's life has taken a new and exciting turn - she has a new love and a promising new career. But, she is still haunted by the three days with Eleanor Powers. Will she be able to resist the pull of the woman?

An Amazon Tale - Tara's Reign by Irish Bard [alt]
This story is complete but characters continue.....
An escaped slave seeking a world without men, Chyrese bravely leads her friends to Forest Tribe. She brings word of imminent peril, and joins to fight against it. Not seeking any romance, she finds herself drawn to Tara's Second Elonia, a shy warrior devoted to her Tribe. Their happiness is threatened by her former master, a ruthless Senator who wishes to kill or enslave all Amazons.

Added part 10, part 11 and part 12 (conclusion) of Damek Keep by Sandra Barret

September 26th, 2005

Burning Flame by Koda Graystone [original/alt/complete]
Love trust and desire grow in a burst ofburning flames.

Added part 16 of Twilight by Kim Pritekel

-from Mickey Minner

I am very pleased to announce that my stories Bozeman and Rolling Thunder will be published by Regal Crest Enterprises in May and November 2007. I want to thank all the readers that have encouraged me to continue writing and I promise there will be more stories about Jesse and Jennifer Branson.

-from Xenacentro


It's that time of the year for Xenacentro to try to recruit new members to help us translate Xena related projects to spanish. Last year had a very successful recruitement, but we are always looking for new members.

Thank you on behalf of myself and Xenacentro.



Hello Everyone:
I belong to a group of Xenites that dedicate some of our time to activities that will help to preserve a space in the Xenaverse. We have translated the www.xwpvs.com and www.xwpsubtextvs.com virtual seasons and are currently translating some of great fanfic works by Advocate, TNovan, and several other great writers (with permission of course). If you are interested in maintaining this space alive by working with us by translating or planning future projects, we are looking for new members for our group.

We only ask for some minor prerequisites, which are as follows:

You must posses at least a 40% understanding of Spanish. It is not necessary to be able to dominate the language in order to translate since there will be someone available to help with language problems. (This would be a great way to improve you language skills).
You must posses a great desire to preserve the Xenaverse. You must be able to dedicate some time to translating a few pages of text that would be distributed on a weekly basis and translated within a specified time frame.

Please remember this is all done for fun and to preserve the Warrior Spirit in all of us. If you would like more information you may contact us at xenacentro@hotmail.com

Coordinator for Xenacentro


Hola a todos:

Pertenezco a un grupo Xenita de trabajo que nos dedicamos a realizar actividades que ayuden a la preservación de nuestro espacio Xenita. Hemos traducido al español las temporadas virtuales de www.xwpvs.com y www.xwpsubtextvs.com y ahora estamos traduciendo fanfic de varias escritoras como Advocate, Tnovan y otras buenas escritoras (con su permiso claro). Si deseas ayudar a mantener nuestro espacio vivo, colaborando en este trabajo como traductor/a y participar en la planificación de futuros proyectos, estamos buscando nuevos colaboradoras, que siempre son necesarios. Y bienvenidos.

Los requisitos para colaborar en el actual trabajo, son:

conocimientos medios de inglés (40% en adelante): no es necesario un dominio absoluto para su traducción al español, ya que contamos con la ayuda de nuestra asesoría en ingles. Muchas ganas de trabajar por preservar el Mundo Xenita. disponibilidad de tiempo para traducir un pequeño texto que se reparte cada semana y debe ser entregado igual.

Para mas información puedes escribir a xenacentro@hotmail, para cualquier duda que tengas.

Coordinadora de Xenacentro

September 25th, 2005

Welcome to the Academy, RP Michaud!

Amazon Rite of Trust By RP Michaud [complete]
Daria has reached her coming of age and her final rite of passage as an Amazon woman. Follow along as she is guided through the ceremony and share the revelations that come to her as she does.

Added part 15 of Twilight by Kim Pritekel

September 23rd, 2005

An Amazon Tale - Janye's Song by Irish Bard [alt]
This story is complete but characters continue.....
Rescued from Slave Traders at 17 turns, Janye enters the Amazon world of Forest Tribe. Saved by Queen Conori, she falls in love and becomes a Forest Tribe Healer. When Forest and Sea Tribes unite to fight invasion, she finds herself torn between two women, and facing the fear of death herself.

The Return of Unlimited Sexual Favors by MJ and Cephalgia [alt/über/unfinished]
Darcy and Wilder are back and taking their unlimited sexual favors north of
the border.

Added part 4 of Gravity by Lucid Dream

Added part 17 and part 18 of Untitled (working title Iditarod) by Redhawk

September 21st, 2005

-from Trigar

The devastation created by hurricane Katrina has left thousands of people homeless and pets stranded. Hurricane Katrina destroyed 90,000 square miles along the Gulf Coast.

The XWPVS, in the spirit of The Greater Good... would like to conduct an auction in order to raise money to help the people and animals. Those winning the bids for the auctioned items will have a choice of who they would like to make their money orders out to. They are:
The American Red Cross and The American Humane Association Animal Emergency Services. To learn more about the American Humane Association go to:

Among the items to be auctioned will be original artwork donated to this cause by the illustrators of the XWPVS as well as autographed photos that have been donated to this worthy cause by loyal Xena fans and a DVD compilation of Xena video's created and donated by Roach.

Visit the XWPVS at: for up to the date information on the auction

Battle On and Let's show the world the generosity of Xenites Everywhere!!!

September 20th, 2005

Welcome to a new bard at the Academy of Bards! Irish Bard!

Conori's Rise by Irish Bard [classic/Alt/complete]
When her Queen dies under mysterious circumstances, placing her immoral Second in command, Conori must decide to challenge her rule. Obstacles include fellow Amazons and an evil Shaman. With her loyal friend Teneis, and beloved Cylene, she confronts potential death for her Tribe's future.
Note from Author - I picture Conori as Susan Sarandon.....I'm sure she's be flattered to be an Amazon Warrior!

Added part 31 of Phantombard's In an Age Before

Added part 14 of Kim Pritekel's Twilight

September 19th, 2005

Added part 7 of Organi by Mickey Minner

September 18th, 2005

The House Call by JLNicky [über/alt/complete]
Ms. Walker meets the doctor and only thinks she is being flirted with. But, four days later the Doc makes a house call. "I need to examine your body!" she smiled as she pressed me down onto the couch. I was more than willing. I just hoped she'd take her time and check really carefully! I didn't want her to miss anything.

Femme Theme For The Butch Gene by JLNicky [über/alt/complete]
Dal and three friends meet a whole lot of women...when they open their business Dyke Femme Down:

Is she too butch?
Need to femme her down?


A professional lipstick lesbian quartet is at your Femme(ing) service.
We can be at your door in minutes.
Give us a ring or shoot us an email and we'll have that butch woman dolled up
in less than 24 hours.

CALL DFD (Dyke Femme Down) at
(559) 555-1512 or 1-800-fem-inin

September 16th, 2005

New Reviews at the Academy!

"The Coward" by Mark Annetts
"Revolution" & "Old Wounds, New Beginnings" by Kim Pritekel
"And Playing the Role of Herself" by Dabkey

Send us your feedback about the Reviews page!


Added part 13 of Twilight by Kim Pritekel

Added part 2 of Evecho's Feel Like a Woman

Added part 3 of Gravity by Lucid Dream

Deepest Ocean Green by JLNicky [über/alt/complete]
Captain Dean Tanner, retired from the NAVY, finally comes aboard her Uncles' Tanner Industries Cruise Line. The maiden voyage of the Queen Victoria begins for a 10-day holiday cruise to various exotic ports. Read how Dean and her first officer, Chris Parker find themselves afloat in a swelling romance that can only be cooled by the Deepest Ocean Green waters.

Spanish Eyes by MaryG [über/alt/unfinished]
Taking place in the 1700's a young woman desperately searches for an escape from the life her father has carefully planned for her. During a voyage to France with her family to visit her betrothed she is thrust into and adventure that leads to her freedom. She learns all too quickly that things are not always what they appear to be and that heroes and love can be found be in the most unlikely places.

-from Linda Crist

Borderline Charity Merchandise Announcement:
For those of you who are on my chat list or updates list , you know I post in parts.

Some crazy friends of mine latched onto Part 12C of Borderline , ran with it, and came up with a graphic. From there, they created a shop at Cafepress and placed the graphic on a variety of items. All profits from Borderline products will be split between two charities, both benefiting victims of Hurricane Katrina. The charities are The North Texas Food Bank, and Noah's Wish.

The North Texas Food Bank has been around for a long time. Some 25,000 victims of Katrina are being housed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and the food bank is helping feed them. They have pledged that 100% of funds ear-marked for Katrina will go directly to help victims. Noah's Wish is an organization that goes into disaster areas to rescue animals and pets.

So, enjoy Part 12C of Borderline , and then check out the merchandise at the Cafepress shop.

Linda Crist

September 15th, 2005

Welcome to two new bards entering the Academy of Bards! Lissa and JLNicky!

The Journey of Love and Life by Lissa [X&G/Alt/unfinished]
Set afterSuccession in the beginningofSeason 5 Xena and Gabrielle's homes are being threatened by war, and Athena comes to their rescue, this is a first time story that becomes a series about the love and life of Xena and Gabrielle after the events of the first few episodes of Season 5, yes Xena still ends up pregnant and there are still some pivotal things in Season 5 that must happen, but this takes their travels too different places and answers a lot of questions that I think were left unanswered by the series.

Sydney's Serenade by JLNicky [alt/über/complete]
Sydney's younger brother Sammy is a radio contest winner of a week long trip to stay at JT and the Stars home in Nashville, Tennessee. Sydney takes the announcement calmly in stride until she is given a CD to listen to a few songs from the band. Suddenly the years fall away and she is once again mesmerized by that sensual, husky voice crooning out lyrics of love. Justine Salinger has returned. Too bad their romantic encounter when they were younger had ended so painfully. Well at least now Sydney gets to see how Justine grew up. Good Lord that sexy voice!

September 14th, 2005

Added part 30 of Phantombard's In an Age Before

Added part 11- 13 of Cruise's Double Play

September 13th, 2005

Added part 12 of Twilight by Kim Pritekel

September 12th, 2005

The 2H'ers by Phair [unfinished/original/alt]
Conner is a struggling actress having a bad day which gets worse with more than a little help from her friends.

September 10th, 2005

Gravity by Luciddream [unfinished/original/alt]
Love comes quicker for some than others, but just like gravity, we all have to obey its will eventually.
A seemingly innocuous encounter between a lonely bar manager and an overworked crisis negotiator slowly evolves into a journey of self discovery for one and the life saving of the other.

September 9th, 2005

Added part 2 of Those Three Days by Erin O'Rielly

Added part 3 of For Love by Karyna

September 8th, 2005

Added part 8 and part 9 of Damek Keep by Sandra Barret

Added part 11 of Twilight by Kim Pritekel

September 7th, 2005

Added part 6 of Organi by Mickey Minner

Added part 16 of Untitled (working title, Iditarod) by Redhawk

Added part 29 of PhantomBard's In an Age Before

September 6th, 2005

Added part 2, part 3, and part 4 (conclusion) of Third Time Lucky by Joanne Boyle

Added part 12 of Pathfinder by Windstar and sparky

September 4th, 2005


From Denise

OK Folks... now here's the announcement we're excited to make - something that was only just verified earlier this evening. Barring any unforeseen scheduling conflicts -

RENEE O'CONNOR will be joining us for our final Orlando BardCon.

Yes, barring any unforeseen scheduling issues, Renee has agreed to come and participate at BardCon 2005. She will have some of her paintings and prints for sale and she will also be up on stage for a bit. She has even agreed to MC the talent show! :-)

So if you were looking for one more GREAT reason to be here before, now you've got it! --

Orlando BardCon October 21-23,2005

The Lesson by MerryAngel [complete/classic/alt]
This idea came from another writer's story and the idea is used/expanded upon with her permission. Gabrielle tries to teach the "Warrior Spies", how to make love to Xena so that she screams like a banshee. If you haven't read Hercules and Iolaus: Warrior Spies by Katie Burnett, you might want to do so. This idea came from her ending of this story. It can be found at the this address: http://www.academyofbards.org//fanfic/k/katieburnett_warriorspies.html

Third Time Lucky by Joanne Boyle [unfinished/classic/general]
This story is set between the fifth season episodes "Succession" and "Animal attraction". Xena and Gabrielle are enjoying a quiet moment between battles, but little do they know some unfinished business is about to interupt this brief moment of peace. Ares makes his presence felt, as does an old adversary. Gabrielle gets stoned (again!).

September 3rd, 2005

from Cephalgia

I am extremely proud to announce the publication of a collection of my short stories by Blue Feather Books. It's entitled "Pearl Had to Die" and features that story and a host of others, including the Unlimited Sexual Favors stories, written with MJ. Also in the collection is the Swollen Bud Award winner, "Sin City Confidential," a story that premiered here on the Academy in a bard's contest. The books will be available first at BardCon in Orlando, so be sure to stop by and chat with me there.

Revised Ending by Cephalgia [complete/original/alt]
There are lessons to be learned in the afterlife and Becca Bean's journey is designed to help her learn them. With a very familiar face to assist her, she might just survive her death.

Those Three Days by Erin O'Rielly [unfinished/original/alt]
Winnie James' life was finally taking professional shape when she got her first big break...a client of her own. Now, all she needed was to have that someone special in her life to share it with. Her search for love lead her to three days that changed her life. After that nothing would ever be the same again.

September 2nd, 2005


A lot of people have asked about certain people in the Xenaverse. We are happy to try and make sure everyone is ok and to let people know if anyone needs help. I have a few ways to accomplish these things. By the way, I have heard from Ali Vali and she's safe. She has three days worth of clothes and seems in good spirits. Heck, she's even considering rewriting a story. She's a trooper.

We've heard of someone who has posted stories on the Academy and is a published writer and most importantly someonee who is helping out others in need with shelter, etc. If you can, send goods such as diapers, pedialyte, non-perishables, toiletries and clothing. Apparently, the big need is clothes, water, soap, and food that doesn't need to be cooked. These are the true heroes in this horrible mess.

Here's the info -

Robin Alexander
13623 Prairie Lane
Walker La. 70785

And another hero doing the same thing -

Tina Peak
403 N College St E
Denham Springs La 70726

Send anything you can spare, clothes you don't use, sheets that were going to be given away...anything.

-from MaryD


Keeping Track of a Our Xena Family after Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina has blazed a trail of devastation throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Across the Gulf Coast, Katrina engulfed thousands of homes and decimated the landscape in what could become the most destructive storm in U.S. history.

Many of our friends have been affected. This section of AUSXIP is to keep track of those friends, to alert others of ways that we can help and to do our little bit for The Greater Good.

There is a Xenite Safe List for those that have checked in with friends that they are okay

There is a Xenite Waiting Info - we haven't heard from these people so far

If you know of anyone still missing or if friends have contacted you please let us know.

There is also an announcement list where you can subscribe to at yahoogroups


This is only for announcements not chat.

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