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July 30th, 2010

Added Part 11 of Just A Breath Away by Colleen [Uber/Alt/Incomplete]

July 29th, 2010

Added Part 4 - The Conclusion of More Than Friends by tenderwolfe [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Xena's feelings for Gabrielle are getting out of control. Should she risk their friendship and come clean or just continue to be tortured by her lust?

July 27th, 2010

Legacy by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
Police officer Colleen Finn brings her partner home to meet her family of cops.

Announcement From Bedazzled Ink
Sorry for the wait but I hope you think it will be worth it. We have 4 new authors with 4 very different stories. Twenty-twenty Hindsight by Vicki Stevenson is an extremely thought-provoking story that will stay with you for quite a while. Trust me. Have you ever wanted to fly in an air ship? Amid the Steep Sky's Commotion by Josh Roseman is just the ticket! Maybe. Healer by Jack Mulcahy is a fascinating speculative fiction tale of magic and war. How lucky can you get to have a doctor as your partner? Lovers by Priscilla Rhoades gives new meaning to true love.
You can find these stores at: http://bedazzledink.com/khimairal-ink-magazine/current-issue/
Claudia Wilde

July 26th, 2010

How to Rattle An Outlaw by Silverwriter01 [Original/Alt/Complete]
A small town in the Old West is taken by surprise when outlaws come in and shake things up. However, nothing could prepare the town or the outlaws for what was heading towards them.

Added Part 4 of My Lord Conqueror: Changes by Kennedy Northcutt [Conqueror/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 3 of More Than Friends by tenderwolfe [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

July 21st, 2010

SDerkins - Bard in need of help
I'm afraid I'm out of work, broke, and in danger of losing not only this site but even buying the basics such as my blood pressure meds. If you could spare a few dollars it would be greatly appreciated.

(http://sdfiction.0catch.com/WhatsNew.html to make a contribution. Thank you. -ed.)

The Secret Life of Fables
by Fishermensrib [Original/Alt/Complete/Revised]
Wrapped in a skin of fur, we are together a long time on the floor. She holds me tight and close, whimpering as our bodies quiver and strain for release. I know you're heard the stories, but the truth isn't what you think. This is the fairy tale that the Brothers Grimm never dared tell.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver: The Third Adventure by silverwriter01
Brice must survive the most dangerous adventure ever: Christmas.

Added Parts 13 and 14 of Branagon Series Book 1: Better The Devil You Know by Cam Taylor [Original/General/Incomplete]

Added Part 5 (conclusion) of Desert Dreams by Kennedy Northcutt [Original/Alt/Complete]
The War in Iraq sets the backdrop for this tale of two lost souls who find each other, and a measure of happiness, amidst the violence and insanity around them. Captain Lacey Stephens is a disillusioned flight surgeon who wants nothing more than to escape the nightmare her life has become.

Chief Warrant Officer Mackenzie Papadopoulos is an ace helicopter pilot seeking action and danger, who gets assigned to Lacey's medical unit. When the two meet, sparks fly and they strike up a fast friendship that quickly turns into so much more, as war wages around them and the action heats up to dangerous proportions.

July 19th, 2010

A Helping Hand by olansamuelle [Classic/Gen/Complete/Post FIN]
This is an edited version of a ficlet written for the 10,000 lillies battle held at the LJ community femmeslash (prompt: Aphrodite, Gabrielle, a helping hand). Post-For him the Bells Toll; post-Punch lines; post-FIN fic.

Added Part 3 of My Lord Conqueror: Changes by Kennedy Northcutt [Conqueror/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 17 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 2 of More Than Friends by tenderwolfe [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]

July 18th, 2010

Added Part 4 of Desert Dreams by Kennedy Northcutt

Added Part 2 of Another Kind of Quest by KateKane

July 15th, 2010

We would like to welcome a new bard today! Hello tenderwolfe!

More Than Friends by tenderwolfe [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
Xena's feelings for Gabrielle are getting out of control. Should she risk their friendship and come clean or just continue to be tortured by her lust?

Unseen Forces by Drew Meyers [Original/Alt/Complete]
Quinn Pascal decides to leave the city for a small town and perhaps find a quiet life. Unfortunately the house she buys comes not only with a few pieces of furniture, but it's own ghostly resident. Or maybe it is fortunate. The quiet life can sometimes be so overrated.

Squire's Sunrise by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
A typical morning on Squire's Isle, taking a peek into the lives of some of our favorite residents. Written in honor of the First Annual Squire's Isle Day (July 12... I know, I know, I'm late. I'll do better next year!)"

Added Part 2 of My Lord Conqueror: Changes by Kennedy Northcutt [Conqueror/Alt/Incomplete]

July 14th, 2010

My Lord Conqueror: Changes by Kennedy Northcutt [Conqueror/Alt/Incomplete]
Xena has been Conqueror of the Known World, ruler of Greece and the most feared warrior in all the land, for a number of years. Bored with her duties at the keep at Surra, she takes a side trip to the small village of Potidea, where her entire world changes forever. She meets a feisty young village girl —an orphan storyteller with a heart of gold and the courage to stand up to her. The one person in all of Greece who will surely steal the Conqueror's heart and turn her world upside down is the one who will change her utterly and completely.

Gabrielle's life has never been easy. She watched helplessly as her family's livelihood was stolen by raiders and her father disappeared without a trace. After narrowly escaping slavers who took her friends, she and her sister then watched their mother slowly waste away and die. But little did they know the worst was yet to come. One day, their village was visited by the dreaded Conqueror and nothing could prepare them for the changes to come.

Added Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 and Part 11 of Branagon Series Book 1: Better The Devil You Know by Cam Taylor [Original/General/Incomplete]

Added Part 2 of Fair Trade by phair [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
A historically inaccurate tale of the woman who saved the Celts so that they could survive long enough to save civilization.

July 12th, 2010


1) What does Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman have in common?

Too easy, right? Almost a 'comic-al' question.

But what if I threw Stargate into the mix with them? Or Guiding Light?

2) Okay, then, how about Murder In Suburbia and Bad Girls? What do they have in common?
Or maybe JAG, Bones and NCIS?
Or Facts of Life, The Devil Wears Prada and L&O:Trial by Jury?

Location, Location, Location. <.g.>

3) Or try this... L&O: SVU, Nikki & Nora, Women's Murder Club, CSI and Cold Case? What do they share?

Occupational hazards, maybe? <.g.>

4) Little tougher, maybe...How about Popular, Crossing Jordan and Law and Order?
Or Criminal Minds and Charlie's Angels?

Can you connect the dots?

5) How about DEBS and Loving Annabelle?

If you don't know, it's detention for you. LOL

Now for the most important super deluxe bonus question:
What do you get when you add Xena and Gabrielle to all this?

You get an unbelievable MULTI-FANDOM mystery story called A Diva's Demise. It’s author is the one and only Academy Hall of Famer Bard: D.

The story’s setting is a weekend at sister conventions for Women in Law Enforcement and Women in Media that just happen to be taking place in...well...Florida… ummmm…<.cough.> Orlando, Florida.

I know what you are thinking. Nope, don't say it. <.g.>

Not even a murder can spoil the experience of being at ‘the happiest place on earth.’

I’m warning you… don't say it. <.g.>

A Diva’s Demise includes characters and pairings from over two dozen of your favorite or soon to be favorite fandoms. Read about their antics and interactions as they attend their specific chosen career convention at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort.

Okay, okay…parts of the story might sound a bit familiar to those of you who attended…well, y’know…<.SIGH.> BardCon. I have been lucky enough to be involved in both endeavors from the beginning. Trust me…you are going to LOVE this story. For those of you who never got a chance to attend a BardCon…I am so sorry. You are about to find out just what fun you missed out on.

Now…go get yourself some snackies and drinks, turn off the phone and pull up a comfortable chair.


It’s a good day for a murder…


You can either read the Complete Story

or in case you have a slow internet connection we offer the story in several parts

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

Part 11 Part 12 Part 13


Announcement From the Academy
Apologies to our new bard, Chrystal Henricksen. The name of her story is actually Love In Hidden Places and not The Naked Truth.

Added Part 11 of Just Breathe by S. Lynne [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

July 10th, 2010

I Kissed a Girl by CXW [Original/Alt/Complete]
Emilie Fitzpatrick is a strange girl; she still shares a room with her older sister, is obsessed with death, and is very dark and broody. Although she seems tough, we find her in a place where she is confused, and feels as though she's missing something in her life, watching it pass by her. Even with these pessimistic thoughts, Emilie surely sees a ray of hope, and it's name is Brigitte Sinclair. Within the story we see her pining away after the beautiful blond, but when something unexplainable and phenomenal happen between the two girls, will Emilie finally realize what was missing within her the whole time?

July 8th, 2010

Another new Bard joins us today. Welcome Chrystal Henricksen

Love in Hidden Places by Chrystal Henricksen [Classic/Alt/Complete]
A spoof on what it would be like if Xena and Gabrielle were to have met each other when they were little...with a twist of an ending!

Added Part 7 - The Conclusion of Force of Nature by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Complete]

Added Part 16 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Dorthea Furston is in her mid-50s and troubled. Raised by an aloof aunt, she has never felt wanted. Questions about her parents and the circumstances that separated them from her have gone unanswered. She desperately wants to know about her parents; and to know why she was left in the care of such an uncaring woman.

Kimberly Chadwich has been DortheaÌs best friend since the day they met in high school. Unlike Dorthea, who has never seemed interested in relationships with men, Kimberly has had many suitors over the years. Her most recent has proposed marriage but something is holding her back from accepting. She wonders why she canÌt bring herself to agree to something she has always said she wanted. The two women share an apartment and struggle to make right out of their wrong worlds. Will the anniversary of an event that took place when they were children bring the answers they are seeking?

July 6th, 2010

We would like to welcome a new bard today! Hello Sonya Ford!

The Naked Truth by Sonya Ford
A woman reminisces about her lover while looking at a beautiful painting.

Added Part 6 of Force of Nature by Kim Pritekel

July 4th, 2010

Added Part 3 of Desert Dreams by Kennedy Northcutt

Added a revised version of Part 4 of Dreaming In The Pit by Everett Deane

July 3rd, 2010

Added Part 5 of Force of Nature by Kim Pritekel

Added Part 2 of Unexpected by Phair

July 2nd, 2010

Announcement from The Royal Academy of Bards
Message from OZ:
It's July and you know what that means...time to FEED THE BARDS! Really. Time to stuff their mailboxes until they explode. KABLAMMO! <.g.> Blow'em up...Blow'em up real good.

As y'all know, every July the Academy hosts a FEED THE BARDS endeavor. We ask that you take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to write a few lines to Bards who have written stories for your entertainment/ enlightenment.
A favorite Bard just posted a new story...FEED THE BARD.
Have you just discovered a new fandom or series...FEED THE BARD.
Rereading old favorites... FEED THE BARD.

Just take a few moments of time and send out a note of thanks to those who are sharing their talents and providing you reading entertainment (FOR FREE).

If you CC the email address: feedthebards@yahoogroups. com when writing to these bards, you will be entered into the FTB/FOTY contest. The one who feeds the most bards between now and the end of the month will receive the title of Fan of the Year 2010 and will be eligible for a prize or two.

Now if that wasn't enough, the Academy also accepts nominations this month for Stories and Bards for induction into the Academy Hall of Fame. You may nominate 5 Bards and 5 stories or series. Please review the previous winners (from 2005-2009) here: http://www.academyo fbards.org/ halloffame/

Once a Bard/Story is inducted...it' s for life. No need to nominate them again.
The only criteria is that the Bards and stories nominated must be hosted at the Academy or Academy Annex. The Bard must have at least one story (any story) posted at the Academy. The nominated stories must be housed at the Academy. The exception to this is Missy Good. (She houses the Academy---her stuff is in a different room but the same building which, btw, she owns. Yep, she's the landlord.)

Also, the stories and Bards do not have to pair up. That is to say, you can nominate five Bards and then five stories written by five other different Bards. In addition, if the Bard is already in the Hall of Fame, you may continue to nominate other stories written by that Bard, if you deem them HOF worthy.

Which Bards tickle your fancy, drive you to dramatic distraction, or consistently keep you up all night reading their latest offerings? Which stories are so well written you go back to reread them again and again even though they are engraved in your memory forever? New favorites? Old favorites? Now is the time to honor them. We will take all your votes and tally them up.

The top 5 Bards and top 10 Stories receiving votes will be our inductions for 2010. The Academy Munchkins will also honor a someone with a Lifetime Achievement Award as well. But you won't find out who that is until the end of the month.

These Bards and Stories will receive a special banner on their pages indicating they are the your Hall Of Fame choices, as well as listing on the Hall Of Fame main page. In addition, the Academy will be sending each Bard a special personalized item to commemorate their induction. The voting period will run until July 31th. Then we will count up your selections and announce the new Hall Of Fame members. Please list your choices (5 Bards/5 Stories) in a single email and send it here: academy_contest@ yahoogroups. com .

Why a single email? Because I am the designated counter-upper and it's easier for me to keep track that way. A single vote/nomination could mean the difference in whether or not a Story or Bard makes it in this year or has to try again in the future. I want every cast vote/nomination to be counted.

Alright...you know what we are doing and how to do it...now go...read, feed, email, vote/nominate.


Added Part 4 of Dreamin In The Pit by Everett Deane [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
An urban tale of Karima Jenkins, a female ex-criminal who clashes with her tenant Sienna Joffe, a dedicated public school teacher who is instrumental in helping Karima to resist the “pull” of Sincere, a man who has returned from the dead to reclaim his most treasured acolyte, Karima.

July 1st, 2010

Added Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7 of Branagon Series Book 1: Better The Devil You Know
by Cam Taylor [Original/General/Incomplete]
Better the devil you know is set in a fictional town in the South of England, called Honeyport. Colonel James Anders has set up an investiagtive agency which will take on cases the police can't or wont do. In Better the devil you know, the agents are working for an old friend of the Colonel's. Doctor Kate Levens has a stalker. While working to protect the doctor, one of the Colonel's agents, Chris Branagon, starts to question her sexuality, when she starts feeling something for the doctor's daughter. Chris has to continue to be professional while trying to come to terms with her feelings.


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