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February 27th, 2011

The Academy would like to welcome a new bard. A big hello to Orhea!

The Princess and the Roady by Orhea [Original/Alt/Complete]
Jesse Kramer, daughter of a wealthy lawyer is the princess of her small town. The theory that opposites attract is clearly expressed when she runs into Corrine Nichols. Corrine spent most of her life with her heavy drinking, bull riding, rodeo clown father. Corrine never had much, never expected much, until she meets the curvy, golden skinned Jesse Kramer. It started out as a sweet summer romance, but ended up on a sour note when Corrine ran away. Ten years later Corrine has come back, unable to forget how good it felt in Jesse's arms. Problem is, it's going to take allot of convincing on her part to get the ice princess to melt. Well, Cork always did like a challenge...

Added Part 5 of Mountain Memories by Kennedy Northcutt [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Sequel to Desert Dreams and The Journal of Lacey Stephens.

February 26th, 2011

Announcement from Blue Feather Books
Blue Feather Books is happy to announce that the first volume of Anne Azel's perennial favorite, Encounters, is once again available in a reedited, revised, paperback format.

Anne Azel's Encounters entertains you with six separate tales of unforgettable women in an unusual array of circumstances. In this volume, we bring you the first three captivating stories:

In the deadly jungles of the Amazon a young doctor searches for a mysterious plant with the help of a dangerous, native-born beauty. She discovers more than she bargains for.

Jamie Dedemann is looking for her daughter, taken from her as a baby. Follow Jamie's journey through the ancient, exotic land of Turkey. Savor the mystery and witness the eternal love she discovers.

And in lush, primitive Papua New Guinea, two stalwart, headstrong women learn to reconcile the differences of their past, while facing the deadly dangers of the present.

Webster's Dictionary tells us that an encounter is an unexpected or unplanned meeting. With master storyteller Azel at the helm, you'll be glad you experienced these.

Don't miss these wonderful stories, and stay tuned -- Volume II coming soon!

Mask of the Highway Woman by Niamh Murphy [Original/Alt/Complete]
The year is 1756, and Evelyn is on a long journey back to Bristol when her carriage is stopped by a gang of highway robbers - including a mysterious woman. A powerful experience makes her changes the way she thinks about her life.

Her Story Retold by Winnie [Classic/Alt/unfinished]
Remember nothing about the past and one is free to rewrite it. So this is an alternate Xenaverse a little different from the canon; the story of the early lives of Gabrielle and Xena and the misfortunes of war that led them to meet.

February 23rd, 2011

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 5 Dreamworker by Bard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Brides and sweet kisses. Darkness and pain. Such is the way of the world.

Added Part 14 and Part 15 of A Guardian's Salvation by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 4 of Mountain Memories by Kennedy Northcutt [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Sequel to Desert Dreams and The Journal of Lacey Stephens.

February 21st, 2011

Announcement From Kim Pritekel
Hello all! 'New Dance' is now available for purchase at www.kimpritekel.com/ebooks . 'New Dance' is the fourth story in the Christian and Grey series. Come check it out!

Stronger Than Us by Lady D. [Original/Alt/Complete]
This is the third story after The Bet on Madison and Syd's Choice. Syd and Madison have finally found each other again after many years and things are perfect. Syd is a WNBA star and Madison is a successful sports medicine doctor. However, something or someone unexpectedly threatens their relationship. Will they be able to overcome this overbearing obstacle that enters their newly found happiness?

Broken Arrow by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
(Sequel to Sweetwater, Rolling Thunder, and Fireweed) Jesse and Jennifer Branson are back in Broken Arrow, the next installment of the The Sweetwater Saga. More changes are coming to the valley they call home. What effect will these changes have on Sweetwater and on Jesse and Jennifer? And how will they cope with another change to their family?

February 18th, 2011

Added Part 6 of Gone by Onesockbard [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
(Part 10 of The Birdie Series) Birdie left Amphipolis to follow Rachelle to her home tribe in Abdera when that tribe needed Rach to be queen. True to her nature, Birdie just left to follow, despite the fact that she knew it was wrong to worry her family, and even Zephyr didn't approve.

February 17th, 2011

F. The Muse by fishermensrib [Original/Alt/Complete]
The woman is dressed in a full dark mink, left carelessly unbuttoned all the way down, and she cannot help but notice from the corner of her eye that, other than a black leather harness studded with polished silver rivets that hangs snugly around boyish hips, the woman wears nothing else underneath the great coat, except for a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels.

On The Fast Track To Love 2 by Norsebard [Uber/Alt/Complete]
After sharing a home for several months, the bond between the biographer Kathleen O'Malley and the professional race car driver Francesca Carrara has grown very strong. Unfortunately, the new season brings new problems and as Francesca embarks on the world championship tour, unexpected - and very much unwanted - issues arise that may threaten their relationship and Kathleen's peace of mind.

Added Part 14 of Just A Breath Away by Colleen [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Broken Promises. Lies. Betrayal. Indifferance. When the human spirit is wounded by love, how long does it take to heal? As Carson Galloway starts a new life, those open wounds and painful memories may block the path to complete happiness.

February 15th, 2011

The Academy would like to welcome a new bard. A big hello to Marcia!

Bliss by Marcia [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Xena and Gabrielle take advantage of a generous offer for accommodations at an inn. They share a blissful evening rediscovering each other, mind, body, and soul.

The Chosen Path by Adam Allison [Classic/Alt/Complete]
There are ertain aspects of Season 6 that always rubbed me the wrong way. Plots a bit misused or not used at all. Xena was given the power to kill gods by God and the archangel Michael. Why was se able to kill the Furies? They were not gods. They were dread creatures birthed by the blood of Uranus after he was maimed by his son Cronus. And would Xena be able to kill angels? It was an angel that gave het that power?
Caigula was never fully explained. How was he able to seduce Aphrodite and steal her power?
And to me the most glaring omission was what should have resulted from Xena's actions in "Motherhood." How many times have e seen her use her chakrum to knock someone unconscious? Does she do this to stop Gabrielle? No. She splits her soul mate's skull open. This should have developed into a powerful plot line at the least. Another Rift at the worst. Instead it's batted aside with an apology from Xena that is more of a throw away line than anything. So I have decided to write my own season 6 redux. Where I run with the ideas that maybe should have been used to better effec in season 6.
Hope you enjoy.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Added Part 3 of The old Spies' Home by phair [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 4 Chariots of War by Bard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
What is power? One person makes a choice and another has it made for them.

February 13th, 2011

Added Part 11, Part 12 and Part 13 of A Guardian's Salvation by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

February 12th, 2011

La Chauffeuse by Barbara Davies [Über/Alt/Complete]
When a mob boss targets businesswoman Heather Myles, in Nice for a technical symposium, it's fortunate former peacekeeper Alex Rogers is her driver for the duration.

February 10th, 2011

Two new bards join the Academy today. :) We would like to welcome EB Hyatt and Holly Rose!

A Lifetime of Mental Snapshots by EB Hyatt [Original/Alt/Complete]
A Lifetime of Mental Snapshots is just that...a quick glimpse into important events in a woman's life.

Rapturous by Holly Rose [Classic/Alt/Complete]
An aftermath for the episode A Family Affair. A first time story.

February 8th, 2011

The Beginning Starts At The End by AC [Original/Alt/Complete]
One life begins where another ends. Sometimes you have to travel off of your path just to find your way back. Sometimes less is more. A short story about the end of Mattie's life as she knows it and the beginning of the life Jean dreamed for her to have.

February 6th, 2011

Three-quarter Time by Cap'n Cat [Mel & Janice/Alt/Complete]
They've been working and living together for two years now, and Janice Covington has come to the realization that she's either got to Warrior-Princess-up and tell Melinda Pappas that she's dizzy for her, or spend the rest of her life with her head in a bucket of ice water. Now to find just the right setting for such an important announcement... and just the right music...

February 4th, 2011

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 3 My Friend Part 2 by Bard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Trouble has company. Lots and lots of it. Just the way they like it.

Added Part 8, Part 9 and Part 10 of A Guardian's Salvation by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Book Four of the Guardian Series

February 3rd, 2011

Sarah's Choice by Norsebard [Uber/Alt/Complete]
An introverted, lonely secretary and an extroverted actress... how is that ever going to work? That's the question Sarah Madeleine Michaels asks herself when she meets her dream girl while on holiday at a fitness resort. To some, the answer is blatantly obvious, but for Sarah, finding out takes her on a very bumpy journey where she learns more about herself than she really wants to know...

Added Part 3 of Mountain Memories by Kennedy Northcutt [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
The story you've all been waiting for is finally here. Mountain Memories is the much-anticipated next installment in the Mac & Lacey series that began with Desert Dreams and continued with The Journal of Lacey Stephens.

Alternating Currents by Rae Madgon [ L&O: SVU/Alt/Incomplete]
(Sequel to Magnetic Resistance) Olivia Benson tries to balance a long-distance relationship with Alex Cabot, help her friend Abbie woo the gun-shy Serena Southerlyn, rescue a child, and assist a very different Casey Novak than the ADA she once knew. Will she be able to protect her friends?

Part1   Part2   Part3

From The Outside by Rae Madgon [ L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete]
From the outside... looking in. The sight of Alex and Olivia sleeping makes Abbie reevaluate some of her decisions. Is it too late for her to change her ways? Magnetic Resistance Universe.

Tricks and Treats by Rae Madgon [ L&O: SVU/Alt/Complete]
Halloween hijinks ensue at Abbie and Serena's costume party. Olivia and Alex get their treat, but poor, embarrassed Casey ends up with a trick. Magnetic Resistance Universe, Halloween one-shot

February 1st, 2011

The Best in Me by Iseqween [Classic/Alt/Complete]
In the Season 3 Solstice story “Raindrops on Roses,” Gabrielle and Xena try to make the best of their near-death experiences in THE BITTER SUITE and ONE AGAINST AN ARMY. This continuation explores different ways others take the heroic partners' presumed demise as a gift.

Added Part 6 and Part 7 of A Guardian's Salvation by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Book Four of the Guardian Series


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