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March 30th, 2011

Happy 11-year Anniversary Royal Academy of Bards!!! :D

Bent (Revised Version) by Nothing But The Rain [Battlestar Galactica/Alt/Complete]
My take on a certain scene. What if it had been someone else had been reprimanding Boomer for a bad landing?

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 9 The Path Not Taken, Part 2 by Bard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
The bill comes due and Gabrielle makes her last stand.

March 28th, 2011

Real Man by Annazon Fox [SVU/Alt/Complete]
This story is a re-write of the (in)famous SVU episode “PC.” It is also a sequel to my story “Propositions.” A lesbian has been murdered in New York City and several suspects emerge, including the woman's ex-partner. Meanwhile, Alex and Olivia try to negotiate their new relationship.

Added Part 4 of Broken Arrow by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Unfinished]

Added Part 7 of Mountain Memories by Kennedy Northcutt [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

March 27th, 2011

Annoucement from Blue Feather Books
After a long, hard winter, Blue Feather invites you to experience a refreshing breath of spring air in Kelly Sinclair's new romance, If the Wind Were a Woman.

If the Wind Were a Woman:

Tantona, Texas, in the 1970s isn't exactly a hotbed of women's activism and social turmoil. Barbara Wolfe lives in Tantona, and she's had her fill of wondering if any of the community's conventions will ever change. Local society has its expectations for all of Tantona's residents, and only a fool would dare to venture outside the well-drawn lines of what's considered acceptable conduct. So Barbara lives her life in the closet, and although it's dull to the point of inertia, it's at least predictable.

Then beautiful and secretive Darlene Fisher comes on the scene. The relationship that develops between Barbara and Darlene puts Barbara on a collision course with Darlene's violent fiancé. At times, it seems citizens in every social stratum in Tantona have a stake in what happens between Barbara and Darlene. And then there's the upheaval that transpires in Tantona's political arena, thanks to two women daring to believe they have the right to fall in love.

If Darlene were nothing more than a headstrong gust of wind, Barbara might have had a shot at getting a lasso on her and controlling the events that beset them both. Instead, with Darlene being an uncontrollable force of nature, Barbara finds herself on the verge of becoming a local legend and gay pioneer-that is, if she manages to survive.

You met these fascinating characters later in their lives in Kelly Sinclair's debut novel, Accidental Rebels. Make the journey back in time to see how it all began here in the pages of If the Wind Were a Woman.

If the Wind Were a Woman is available in print at www.bluefeatherbooks.com, and in e-book format from Bella Books.

March 26th, 2011

Annoucement from Roxanne
Congratulations to L-Book Authors for Three Separate Awards!

Winners of the "The eLit Awards" (illumination Digital Publishing Excellence) by Jenkins Group (same group that does the IYYP awards)

Second Place; Silver: Second Nature, Jae
Third Place; Bronze: The Butch Cook book by Hardesty, Ward, Lynch

Second Place; Silver: Poetry: The Window into One's Soul.


Winners of the "Rainbow Romance Award for Excellence"

Romance Suspense:
First Place: Conflict of Interest by Jae
Third Place: Next of Kin by Jae

Science Fiction / Fantasy:
Third Place: Second Nature by Jae


Finalist of the "EPIC"

EPIC, Electronically Published Internet Coalition TM, was established in 1998 to provide a strong voice for electronic publishing.

Finalist 2011

Poetry Non Fiction/Fiction:
The Window Into One's Soul by Shawn Blackhawk, T.Q. Sutton, D.K., Rrrose Carbinela

Science Fiction:
Second Nature by Jae


March 25th, 2011

Added Part 22 of January Thaw by CJ Wells [Uber/Alt/Incomplete]
(Part One can be found at our hosted website Cousin Liz)

Added Part 5 of Heart's Resolve by Carrie Carr [Original/Alt/Unfinished]

March 21st, 2011

The Pocket Watch by Cheyne [Uber/Alt/Complete]
Our usual X/G likenesses can be used but since there is really no character description, they don't have to be. This story concerns the deep love between two women. If that isn't your cup of tea, then move along, nothing to see here. Description: Jenna Coleman and her partner, Brynne, have a committed, loving relationship. A frisky beginning to a beautiful Indian Summer morning becomes one of continuous horror woven into the fabric of everyone's history. Content Warning: This is a fictional, detailed depiction of one woman's personal 9/11. It may not be for everyone.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Brice Johnson, Bus Driver: The Fifth Adventure by silverwriter01 [Original/Alt/Complete]
When Brice wakes up in the hospital, something isn't quite right. Matter of fact, nothing is quite right. Everything and everyone are different and she seems to be the only thing that hasn't changed.

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 8 The Path Not Taken, Part 1 by Bard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Tracus, the Las Vegas of Greece. Will it burn like Sodom and Gomorrah or stand the test of time? Place your bets!

March 20th, 2011

Added Part 3 of Broken Arrow by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Unfinished]

March 19th, 2011

Mask of the Highway Woman - Runaways by Niamh Murphy [Original/Alt/Complete]
The sequel to Mask of Highwaywoman, this second chapter explores what happened after Evelyn made that life changing decision early one morning in the Autumn of 1756...

The Frog Becomes a Prince? by Orhea [Original/Alt/Unfinished]
The sequel to The Princess and the Roady. Everything is going very good. Cork and Jesse haven't been happier. However, the usually go get em Corrine is having a bit of a problem... How do you propose to the woman of your dreams when the fates seem to want to put a wrench in your engine?

Added Part 4 of Heart's Resolve by Carrie Carr [Original/Alt/Unfinished]

March 15th, 2011

Added Part 3 of Heart's Resolve by Carrie Carr [Original/Alt/Unfinished]

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 7 Titan by Bard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Everything passes, memory remains. How will you be remembered?

Added Part 4 of The old Spies' Home by phair [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 6 of Mountain Memories by Kennedy Northcutt [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
The story you've all been waiting for is finally here. Mountain Memories is the much-anticipated next installment in the Mac & Lacey series that began with Desert Dreams and continued with The Journal of Lacey Stephens.

March 13th, 2011

Announcement from Blue Feather Books:
The Blue Feather family is growing! We're happy to announce that three new authors have joined Blue Feather Books:

First, we'd like to welcome Cheyne Curry!

Cheyne Curry was born in Vermont, raised in New York, and spent most of her adult life in California. She now resides in the Midwest with her partner, Brenda, and their two dogs, Nikki and Liam.

Her first novel, Renegade, was published in 2009. She spends her days writing stories and screenplays, creating art, and composing music. She and Brenda run 3 Grunts Productions and are working on the first of many short films.

Cheyne's new book, Clandestine, is due out early 2012.


Tia Ramone is an ex-CIA operative who seeks absolution in a bottle. Her once sharp and masterful survival instincts have deteriorated badly. Tia's life, previously defined by the professionalism of her job, is now little more than one drunken indiscretion after another. Her complacency is tested when she is forced into a situation with an innocent woman who may have to suffer the ultimate consequences of Tia's poor choices.

Jody Montgomery, heiress to a vast fortune, has led a sheltered life. Much to her mother's dismay, Jody prefers tending to homeless animals and performing other charity work rather than reveling in the social spotlight. She and her handsome husband, Anthony, a successful businessman, seem to be the perfect couple.

Anthony, however, is not what he appears to be. When his father-in-law threatens Anthony's livelihood, Anthony takes drastic measures to keep his illicit enterprise flourishing.

Tia's self-destructive behavior, Jody's lack of guile, and Anthony's greed bring Tia and Jody together in an unsavory game of cat and mouse. Their ultimate clandestine meeting might prove to be the defining moment of both their lives.

We're also extremely happy to welcome Laurie Salzler to our midst!

Laurie Salzler holds a degree in Natural Resources Conservation and Recreation. She has worked with and around animals all her life, including several years in the equine industry at training and breeding facilities in New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast whose activities include horseback riding, hiking, snowshoeing, and dog sledding. Laurie lives in western New York with her partner and their four dogs and five horses. A Kiss Before Dawn is her first novel, due out in early 2012.

A Kiss Before Dawn:

Country girl Chris Martel has struggled all her life to form strong, lasting relationships. For Chris, love, compassion, and trust are critical. In their absence, Chris has turned to her dog and her horse for the emotional fulfillment she craves. Then along comes Mary Jo Cavanaugh.

Fresh out of veterinary school, Mary Jo inadvertently antagonizes Chris with her overconfident assumptions about how to care for animals. She comes to learn that Chris's practical experience provides both a wealth of knowledge and a friendship unlike any she's ever known.

The carefully built walls around Chris's heart begin to crumble as she acknowledges the unfamiliar feelings evoked by being with Mary Jo. Just as she believes she's found the happiness that had always eluded her, someone from Chris's past comes back into her life, intent on winning Chris's affections, no matter what the cost.

Can the love between Chris and Mary Jo survive so that they can share A Kiss Before Dawn?

And last, but most certainly not least, Kieran York has also joined Blue Feather Books!

Kieran York worked as a reporter and reviewer for both newspapers and magazines and was a magazine publisher for three years. She has written mainstream works including poetry and general fiction and is the author of two Royce Madison mysteries, Timber City Masks and Crystal Mountain Veils. She also wrote a collection of lesbian short stories entitled Sugar With Spice. During the seventies, she wrote and performed songs with a woman's band.

Kieran has been a guest lecturer and panel member at various events, including Rocky Mountain Book Exhibition, Colorado Woman Musicians Series, and Sisters in Crime Mystery Writers programs. She has written for "Journal of Mystery Readers International." In addition, she has given numerous campus and coffeehouse poetry readings and taught poetry and creative writing workshops.

She graduated from a Kansas university and attended Mexico's University of the Americas her junior year. She has done graduate work at the University of Colorado.

Kieran lives in the Rocky Mountain foothills with her schnauzer, Clover. She enjoys gardening, music, literature, art, and theatre. She considers her valuables to include Clover and other family and friends, her library, her antique typewriter collection, her guitar, and her garden.

Her novel Appointment with a Smile is due out in late Fall of 2011.

Appointment with a Smile:

Artist Danielle O'Hara is reasonably content with her circumstances, even though romance is nonexistent and her art career has nearly stagnated,. Then, when she's nearly sixty years old, the greatest adventure of her life begins.

Danielle leaves her Colorado home to attend her first major solo art exhibit in London. While roaming through a street market, Danielle catches sight of her first and only true love, Molly, who had left Colorado and their relationship thirty years earlier.

Danielle never accepted Molly's explanation that the reason their relationship had dissolved was Danielle's compulsion to paint. Although the art world has provided Danielle only minimal recognition, an undying belief in herself has kept her moving forward.

Her encounter with Molly forces Danielle to revisit the past and to confront an uncertain future. In addition to finding Molly again after three decades, she meets Bethany Cortland, a beguiling, confident woman, who is all that Danielle desires in a woman-everything, that is, except that she's not Molly.

The London journey takes Danielle on a trip to the interior of her heart, a place where previously, only her art had been allowed. Now, against her will, she discovers that love and professional success have their own agendas and timetables.

March 12th, 2011

On My Desk By Friday by Niamh Murphy [Original/Alt/Complete]
Laura has a crush on her lecturer, and has been quite happily admiring her from a distance, until one day Laura is asked if she would like to help out on a project, after hours, in the Doctors office, just the two of them...

Home by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Complete]
Synopsis to follow...

March 11th, 2011

Added Part 2 of Heart's Resolve by Carrie Carr [Original/Alt/Unfinished]

March 6th, 2011

KC and Grumps 6 by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Complete]
The 6th in a series of short Sweetwater Saga stories

March 5th, 2011

Heart's Resolve by Carrie Carr [Original/Alt/Unfinished]
Gibson Proctor, a Park Police Officer for the Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife, has returned after twenty years to the rural area she once called home. She's able to easily adapt to the slower pace of the farming communities that surround the town of Benton, Texas, and tries her best to handle the expectations of her family, as well. Gib's comfortable existence is sent into a tailspin when she unwittingly offends Delaney Kavanagh, the fiery-tempered architect who's in charge of repairing the dam at Lake Kichai.
Although Delaney is currently in a relationship, she can't seem to get the amiable officer out of her mind. Not used to the type of attention she receives from the chivalrous woman, Delaney keeps waiting for the "real" Gib to show up. Will she ever accept Gib's acts of kindness as truth, or will she be content to stay in a relationship where she has to constantly fight?

Sacrifice by Niamh Murphy [Original/Alt/Complete]
Jada is a warrior and a sorceress from across the marches; she wanders from town to town seeking excitement and adventure. So far she has found little of either, until one night she runs into a mysterious fortune teller...

March 4th, 2011

Passenger Seat by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
In 2004, San Francisco began granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This is the story of one couple who took advantage of that window of opportunity.

March 1st, 2011

Added Part 16 and Part 17 - The Conclusion of A Guardian's Salvation by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Complete]
Book Four of the Guardian Series

Added Part 2 of Broken Arrow by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
(Sequel to Sweetwater, Rolling Thunder, and Fireweed) Jesse and Jennifer Branson are back in Broken Arrow, the next installment of the The Sweetwater Saga. More changes are coming to the valley they call home. What effect will these changes have on Sweetwater and on Jesse and Jennifer? And how will they cope with another change to their family?

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 6 Cradle of Hope by Bard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Prophecy, murder, and a baby, oh my! Autolycus in guest appearance.


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