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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
??? ??? The Fallen End (The)
Jaimy/barbarian slaves phair Empire After The End Of Civilization
Alex/Grace Police Officer comes to woman’s rescue [90’s] Nightowl Early Morning Train
Dakota/Gabrielle Amazon mechanic/ attorney [90's] C.E. Gray Earth Angel
??? [Sci Fi] Hillsys Stalker Earth’s Savior
Brittany/Maya Masseuse/ client [90's] Mavis Applewater Easing the Tension
Kay/Billie Physician meets woman who inherited aunt's house [90's] Lois Kay Easter Hauntings
Various Tales of love [90’s] Susan Smith Eating Fire
??? Women meet [90's] Sparx Echo
Christina/Abigail Kitchen mgr. / server [90's] thenorm Edge (The) (1)
thenorm After the Fire (2)
Two shipwreck women Rescued by sailors decide to stay Wishes Edge of the World
??? PWP Mary Ann Brown Editor (The)
Ginny/Brock Writer tells of her encounter with a criminal [90’s] Kim Pritekel Eight Days in October
Aieron/Siona Pool player / writer [90's] Llachlan Eightball, Corner Pocket
Liza/Nan Two strangers trapped in elevator [90's] Crème Brûlée Elevated Interlude
Kellene/El Documentary filmmaker/ craftswoman [90's] Semper Evo Eleventh Day - The Project
Kay/Julie entrepreneur asked to be an elf by Mrs. Claus [90's] BluDreamscape Elf for the New Year (An)
Carla/Megan Doctor/ journalist & mother of dying child [90's] J M Dragon Eloise
Sheila/Theresa Waitress/ customer [90's] Grasshopper Elusive Woman
Elf Queen/ Addison Elf Queen/poor farm girl [Fantsy] J. Falconer Elven Queen
??? PWP Cherokee Echols Emergency Love
Cay/Emma Vacationing PI/ distraught woman [90's] Erin O'Rielly Emma's Journey
Sean/Cameron Physical therapist/ accident victim [90's] Larisa Emotional Paralysis
Alex/Kerry Detective/ writer [90’s] Alex the Cat Empath's Detective (An)
Quinn/Areyn Warrior sovereign/ amazon queen [fantasy] J. Obra Empires At Odds
Empress/ Gabrielle Comic book character [SciFi] LB Anderson Empress Dread
Em/Ren Mourns loss of friend [90's] J. Skiffington [aka Laststarlite] Em's Song
Tory/Day'Shaun Anthropologist/alien diplomat [SciFI] Gun Brooke En Raptured
Jordan/Lori Friends introduce them on a weekend outing [90's] Ronica Black Enchanted Beach
Kristinia/ Morgan  Jungle guide/ research doctor [80's]  Anne Azel Encounter series [1-7]
Gunnul/Jamie  Industrialist /young Amer. woman [90's]   
Jess/Mary  Doctor/journalist [90's] Security officer/ archaeologist [90's] 
Willy/Cheops  Ambassador / photographer [90's] 
Robbie/Janet Movie director/ teacher [90's]
Kate/Anna Love comes to the country in a sports car. C. Y. Watkins End Of The Drought (The)
BJ/Sarah Bookstore owner/ newspaper editor [90's] Kelly Aten End of Our Beginning (The)
Delaney/Hannah Editor/ corporate trainer [90's] Meghan O'Brien Endgame
Roxana/Rachel Two women get heavenly help [90's] Ri Endless Love
Xena/Alison Cop/archivist involves immortals [90's] Rainbard Endless Twilight
??? Friends part company [90's] Jera Endings and Beginnings
Bailey/Piper Ex-assassin & CEO/ Operations Mgr. [90's] Kiera Dellacroix Engravings of Wraith No Longer Available -- Beg for a copy
Tanya/Juliana Executive/ talent agent [90's] Lady Savay Enscorcelled
Eve/Meg Women on a cruise [90's] F.J. Davey Entering The Rainbow
Skye/Rasha Queen/ slave [Fantasy] S. Derkins Enthralled
Eleanor/Annie Publisher flirts with a fellow diner [90's] S.X. Meagher / Anne Brisk Entre Nous
Lani/Tani Stranded starship crew [SciFi] Ri Entwined Heart
??? Photo shoot/ role-playing/ shower etc.[90's] G. Roswell Erotic Vignette series [1-11]
Various Various erotic situations Various authors Erotic Tales [Sandbox 101] [e-scribblers]
??? Various erotic fantasy situations Various authors Erotic Fantasy Tales [Kindred Spirit Lodge]
Frankie/Kylie Young women Peewee Escaping the Shadows
??? PWP L Crystal Michallet Esta Noche
Xena/Gabrielle Immortals [SciFi] Dimples Eternal Love
??? Immortals [Fantasy] J. Falconer Eternal Mourning
Xena/Gabrielle Immortals and vampires Red Raven Eternal Night
Sarah/Michele Strange storm and ghost story meet [90’s] Gerri Hill Eve (The) Eve.html
??? Letter to a child about a garden Kamouraskan Eve's Garden
Rowan/ Alithea Warrior/ princess [Fantasy] Mavis Applewater Everlasting (1)
Mavis Applewater Eternally (2)
Gabrielle/Krista Lovers reunite [90's] Kimber Everything Fades in Time
Lane/Angeline Director/ actress [90's] KarenK Everytime (1)
Karenk Fool Again (2)
Joanne/Ricki Homicide Det./ newspaper writer [90's] Jera Evil
Casey/Nancy Gang member/ Super-agent Zee Evil Love
Lisa/Kelly Doctor has one more exam to do [90's] Black Dragoon Exam (The)
Logan/Kellie Reporter time travels to Ancient Greece [Fanatasy] Ambrosia Exclusive
Leo/Claudia Photographer/ school teacher [90’s] KG MacGregor Expectations (1)
KG MacGregor Remembrances (2)
??? PWP Eveh Experience of Dying (An)
??? Love musings [90's] Pisce McCoy Explanation
Dina/Anne Archaelogist/ sit-com writer Ri Exploring the Past
Gwen/Beth Teacher’s second job leaves her exposed [90’s] Ronica Black Exposed
Harper/Kelsey Camera woman/ Reporter [90's] T. Novan, / XWPFanatic / T. Muir [deceased] Exposure series [1-4]
Pax/Teela Karate Champ / Social Worker Jynaki Extension 147 (1)
Jynaki Extended Intentions (2)
Bryn/Cam Exec wants to hire a painter as a nanny [90’s] Lois C Hart Eye of the Beholder
Lara/Catherine Ship Captain/ Convict [1800s] Annemaart Eye of the Needle (1)
Annemaart Mutiny (2)
Francis/Katy Lawyer/psychic [90's] Taleweaver Eyes of the Past 
Chase/Maxine Struggling writer [90's] Damnation Eyes on Me (1)
Damnation Hero (2)